1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 03

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“You want me to do what with you?” Jean responded when I first laid out my thoughts about her and I ‘doing’ Dr.Willie.

We had met for lunch at one of the student dining rooms, the two of us sitting at a two-top along one of the side walls. She had just taken a bite from her sandwich and almost spit it out in surprise at my proposal.

“Well, I was thinking,” I quickly replied in an effort to calm her shock, “It wouldn’t really be a bad idea for you to experience lez-sex with someone other than me, you know, just so that you can gain that experience. I mean, I guess that you enjoy our fun times, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. You know I do. You’ve been the best time I’ve ever had with someone else,” Jean quickly replied. She had told me of a few fumbled attempts at sex with a boyfriend in High School that was, well, horrible. Both were inexperienced and neither really knew what they were doing.

“Okay, then; Does what we do together please you enough that you’ve at least thought about having sex with other gals?” I pressed.

“Well…yeah, I suppose,” She reluctantly admitted, “There is a girl in my biology class that keeps undressing me with her eyes when we’re in lab, and it does kinda’ make me feel good that she finds me attractive.”

“There ya’ go! But, you would never do anything to start something with her, would you? You would just wait for her to say or do something, right?”

“Well…yeah,” She answered as she returned to eating her sandwich.

“All I’m saying is that doing something like this, you know, a threesome with two experienced people would add to your confidence, that’s all I’m saying,” I answered her, chewing on a french-fry afterwards.

“You really think so?” Jean asked earnestly of me.

“Yeah, I do; I wouldn’t ask you to do something that I thought would be bad for you, Jean, I like you too much to fuck you over by doing something like that,” I replied in hopes it would calm her fears and doubts.

“How does it work? You know, a threesome?” She asked.

Good! She hadn’t shut her mind to the idea, I thought when she asked that question.

“Kinda’ like a twosome, like when you and I play with each other except that there is another person to do things to, and who can do things to you as well. Quite exciting, actually,” I opined in answer to her question.

“And you want me? You chose me to do this if I agree?” Jean said further.

“Why wouldn’t I? You and I have a great time in our room when we’re horny, don’t we?”

“Yeah, we do, we really do,” She smilingly agreed.

“So, will you at least think about it?” I asked.

“No. I trust you; if you think I’d like it, I’m sure I will, so I’ll do it,” She answered, surprising me that she didn’t want to ‘think’ about it for a while.

“Let me talk to Dr. Willie and I’ll let you know what the plans will be and when, okay?”

“Okay…,” she said, then added, “Any plans for this afternoon, after your last class?”

“Nope, probably just go back to the room and veg for a while,” I answered as I finished my last fry.

“Wanna’ fuck?” She asked, surprising me that she actually asked me if I wanted to fuck rather than wait for me to make the first move on her, which I usually did.

“Are you propositioning me, you little slut?” I teased back to her.

“You’ve taught me well,” She chuckled, flashing a big shit-eating grin to me, afterwards…

On my way back to the dorm I detoured to stop by Dr. Willie’s office to see if she was in.

She was.

“That’s sounds promising,” Willie said after I told her of Jean’s willingness to join us for fun and games in Dr. Willie’s bed, “But, after we talked the other night, I had another thought that I’d like to share with you…”

“So, about that threesome with Dr.Willie,” I said to Jean that afternoon as she finished licking my juices from my freshly-eaten pussy.

“How would you feel about a weekend up in the mountains, at her cabin?” I asked as I pulled her from between my legs to lay against me, my arm holding her to my body.

“Really? The three of us in the mountains at a cabin? That sounds like fun,” She eagerly replied.

“Well, that’s the thing; it wouldn’t be the three of us, it’d be the four of us,” her look of confusion quite cute on her face after she heard me say it.

Willie had suggested the weekend in the mountains and informed me that an old friend, a former lover, was flying in to spend some time with her in a couple of weeks.

“She’s a couple of years younger than me, forty-one or two, I can’t remember but she is extremely attractive and, like you and I, Tess, she’s rather adventurous sexually. She’s married now and is only able to get away a couple of times a year and before you ask, no, she’s not bi-sexual. She’s ‘married’ to another woman, but married is married and sometimes, she feels the need to ‘roam’, so to speak,” Willie said to me that day.

“Okay,” I replied, “The four of us it’ll be.” Now all I had to do was re-sell Jean on a foursome instead of a threesome.

Turned bahis firmaları out that it wasn’t hard to do. Jean had gotten herself so worked up at the thought of a sexual adventure with me and Dr. Willie that adding another pussy to the mix only enticed her more.

Jean and I signed out of the dorm for the weekend when the magic weekend rolled around. Walking to Dr. Willie’s with our backpacks packed with clothes for a couple of days, we rang the bell and waited on the stoop.

“Nervous?” I asked Jean.

“Excited is more like it,” She smilingly replied.

“Ah, it’s the girls, Mags,” Dr. Willie called to someone when she opened the door, “Come in, darlings, come in; I want you to meet a dear friend, Margaret.”

“But, if you call me that, I’ll hurt you,” the tall, stunningly beautiful redheaded woman said as she walked to meet and greet us, “Please, call me Mags, call me bitch, call me anything but Margaret,” she finished saying as she took our hands in hers in greeting.

“Well, are we ready to hit the road?” Willie asked as she checked her locks on her windows and the like. Walking out to her car before her, Willie set her alarm and joined us at her Escalade.

“Jean, sweetie, why don’t you sit up front with me so we can get to know each other a bit,” Willie said as her eyes sparkled in appreciation of Jean’s rack.

“Well, I guess that leaves you and I sitting in the back,” Mags said with a seductive smile, “Promise, I won’t bite,” laughing afterwards.

“What if I want you to?” I teased in a low voice as I passed next to her to get into the backseat of the spacious SUV.

“Oh, I can see that we’re going to get along just fine, sweetheart,” Mags said in reply.

The trip to Willie’s cabin took about two hours. The weather was beautiful, the temperature just right, the traffic rather light. Conversation between the four of us was light, funny and without tension which could only help Jean feel more comfortable about a tryst with two women that she’d just met.

At some point, I’m not sure when because I was involved in low, private conversation with Mags, I noticed that after exchanging some sideways glances, Willie reached towards Jean with her right hand. From the backseat it ‘appeared’ from the movement of Willie’s arm and shoulder that she was feeling and fondling my roomie as Jean laid with her head on the backrest, her eyes closed.

Motioning to me to come closer so that she could whisper in my ear, Mags leaned to meet me half-way.

“Looks like they’re getting along nicely,” She whispered while trying to stifle a bemused laugh at her ironic statement.

My answer was to undo my seatbelt and, turning my body so that my front was to her and my back to the front of the car, I moved my legs up on the seat as I lay across Mag’s lap, her arms coming around me to support me.

Eyeing me with curiosity at what I was doing, the look of clarity came to her face when I, silently, started undoing the buttons of her blouse, revealing a rather nice set of boobs, small, but, nice. Taking her right hand in mine, I placed it under my tee and onto my breast, after which I pulled her blouse apart and dropped my mouth over one of her tits.

“I like how you play, girly,” Mags said softly, sensually, as she fondled my breast, her fingers skillfully pinching my hard nipple, pinching just ‘short’ of pain which sent spasms of fire to my love-box.

We arrived at the cabin about a half-hour later, Mags’ breasts red and wet from my mouth and tongue and my nipples, red from her fingers.

Opening Jean’s door as a courtesy, she smiled sheepishly at me as she fought to refasten her shorts with one hand, while the other fought to hold her opened blouse together.

Looking over the top of her car at Willie when Jean turned her back to put herself together, Willie simply smiled back at me as she sucked, suggestively, on one of her fingers.

Well, okay then!

“Find a place to put your stuff in one of the bedrooms, I’m sure it really doesn’t matter which one because I have a feeling that we will all be spending some time in both of them,” Willie announced after we followed her into her very nice, modern, cabin.

We quickly unloaded the provisions that we had brought from Willie’s house. That task done, Willie led us out to the deck which overlooked a beautiful valley below.

“I’ll turn the hot-tub on and it’ll be just right for us to enjoy after a quick dinner,” Willie said to our group as we stood, marveling at the beauty of the vista in front of us.

Feeling Mags move behind me, I leaned back into her as she hugged me to her body by putting her arms around me. Kissing the side of my face, she moved her mouth close to my ear and whispered.

“Let them fix dinner tonight; you and I will do it tomorrow night, okay?”

“That’s fine,” I whispered back to her by turning my head so that only she could hear me, “Got any ideas how we can fill the time before dinner?” I asked, teasingly. Oh yeah, I knew where her head was at the moment.

“I kaçak iddaa was thinking about eating a little bit of nineteen year old pussy,” She teased back with a seductive grin.

“Well, it just so happens that I have one of those,” my grin now matching hers.

“Must be my lucky day,” Mags replied, softly, placing a soft kiss to my lips, afterwards.

Well, okay then!

I’d like to say that we snuck off secretly, without making a big deal of it, you know, just casually walking away to one of the bedrooms.

I’d like to, but it wouldn’t be the truth.

No, Mags, instead, said to Willie and Jean, who were sitting on a lounger, “Hey guys, y’all make dinner tonight and we’ll do it tomorrow night, okay?”

Jean and Willie looked to each other for a second and turning to Mags, both nodded their agreement with Mags’ suggestion.

“Good, that’s settled; now, if you’ll excuse us, I’m going to have an appitizer of ‘Tess Tartar’,” grinning as she took me by the hand, walking us from the deck into the house.

She was tall. She was sexy. She was a ‘true’ redhead. But, most of all? She was really, really good at eating pussy.

We had almost run down the hallway into the second bedroom, not Willie’s master suite, Mags and I giggling like school girls as we did so.

“Mmmm, oh sweetie, have I got plans for you this weekend,” Mags said after she closed the door behind us, almost ripping her clothes from her body afterwards as I did the same with mine. Her green eyes eyed me as I stripped, the lust and desire blazing their approval of my body as I crawled onto the bed to wait for her to join me.

Mags’ body looked ten years younger than her forty-one years, obviously the result of some serious running and work in the gym. Her breasts were perky, not needing a bra for support, the nipples almost freakishly large. Her ‘landing-strip’ of red pubic hair appeared to be glistening with dampness, I noticed as she crawled into bed with me.

She moved her body until her breasts were near my mouth as I lay with my head on a pillow, bending to tease my lips with her hard, erect nipples. Reaching with my arms to pull her closer, I lifted my head to suck one of her tits into my mouth, sucking hungrily on her offered nipple.

“Oh, that feels good, sweetie,” Mags cooed as I increased my lustful sucking, the feel of her nipple to my mouth and tongue sending waves of fire to my, now-wet, snatch.

As I made love to her breasts with my lips and tongue, she cupped my naked pussy with one of her hands, slowly caressing and rubbing it, her middle finger slipping between my pussy’s lips, moving in and out in a fucking motion.

Pulling her breast from my mouth, Mags leaned down and kissed me passionately, her tongue diving deep into my mouth, almost down my throat it seemed, her finger buried in my pussy, fucking me slowly and sensually as we kissed.

Breaking our kiss, Mags moved and knelt over my head as my hands on her hips guided her pussy to my mouth.

“Ummmmmm,” a muffled moan of arousal escaped my lips as I stretched my tongue to taste her, to fuck her, her scent of sex driving my desires even more so.

“Aaah, sweet Mary,” Mags cooed as I dined on her delicious pussy, “Willie said that you were experienced beyond your years, but what an understatement,” she said between gasps of excitement at what I was doing to her, one of her hands holding my head to her pussy as she rubbed furiously against my mouth and tongue.

“Holy shit,” Mags loudly proclaimed when her orgasm racked her body with waves of pleasure, her hips bucking hard against my face as she rode my face.

Lifting her pussy from my mouth, Mags positioned herself to kiss me, her tongue driving deep into my mouth and throat, searching, it seemed, to capture her juices with it. Smilingly, she broke our kiss as my legs spread to allow her to lay between them, her mouth on my now, very-wet, pussy as my legs trapped her to my body, pulling her against me as I moved my hips in concert with her mouth and tongue.

Don’t know what it is about older broads, must be the years of experience, I quickly thought as I exploded with my own climax a short, few mintues later. Willie, Mags, one of my classmate’s mom, they were all much older than me and each were able to get me off quicker than any gal of my own age.

Something to aspire to, I had decided, as I quickly caught another, smaller, orgasm just as we heard the soft tapping on the bedroom door.

“Come in,” Mags called out in response to the knock, returning her mouth to finish licking me in post-coital play.

“Willie said that dinner will be ready in ten minutes,” Jean announced in an almost robotic fashion as her eyes took in the scene before her, her eyes bright with excitement at the sight of Mags’ head between my legs, at our nakedness.

“We’ll be right there, sweetie,” I answered as Jean slowly backed out of the room, her eyes not leaving our naked bodies. Mags and I kissed once more, the taste of my pussy fresh on her lips and tongue, a taste that I found kaçak bahis rather enjoyable. Quickly dressing, we soon joined Willie and Jean just as the meal was ready to be served.

“Why don’t you two ladies go outside and enjoy the view while Jean and I clear the table and get the dishwasher going?” I suggested as I topped off our wineglasses, “It won’t take us long and we’ll join you afterwards.”

They did just that as Jean and I, working like a well-oiled machine, finished the tasks quickly, the whir of the dishwasher now softly humming as I topped off our glasses. Leaning against the kitchen counter, Jean and I clinked our glasses together in a toast to a job well done.

“Looked like you enjoyed the ride up here,” I casually commented to Jean, my eyes watching her over the top of my glass as I sipped my wine.

“Willie must be a witch or something,” Jean answered in reply, “I mean, one minute we were talking quietly, her voice almost hypnotic, and the next, her hand was in my blouse, in my bra and doing magical things with her fingers. Next thing I knew, she had undone my shorts and had her hand in my panties, fingering me.”

“You enjoyed it, didn’t you?” I teasingly asked.

Looking at me as if I was the village idiot, she answered, “Well, yeah.”

Grabbing the wine bottle to bring out with us, I motioned with my head, towards the deck, saying, “Come on, baby, let’s go play with our dates.”

“Aaah, good, you brought some more wine,” Mags said as she and Willie held out their glasses for me to top off.

Placing the bottle on a table on the deck, I moved behind Jean, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her into my body tightly. I began nibbling and licking on her ear and the side of her neck knowing, from experience, that it was a ‘hot’ button for her, getting her horny quickly.

I continued nibbling at her while my hands slowly unbuttoned her blouse, then her shorts, slipping them from her body to fall onto the deck. Unsnapping her bra from behind her, I cupped her breasts with my hands as it, too, fell to the decking.

Fondling her tits from behind as I noshed on her neck, I whispered into her ear, “Ready to let the ladies play with you, sweetie?”

Jean just nodded her response as she leaned her head against me, her eyes closed, her hand reaching behind her to grab onto my ass, squeezing hungrily at my ass-cheek with her hand. As she played with my ass through my shorts, I slipped her panties from her hips, letting them to join her clothes at her feet.

Nudging her towards, then into the tub, Jean’s hands were taken by Mags and Willie, their lust bright in their eyes from the small show I had put on for their benefit. Leading Jean to sit between them, Willie leaned in and began kissing Jean while her hand fondled one of her breasts. Not to be left out, Mags lowered her mouth and started sucking, rather nosily, on Jean’s other tit while her hand slipped between Jean’s legs.

Watching for a bit before I shed my clothes to join them in the tub, I indulged my streak of voyeruism, enjoying the fire that was building in my crotch.

Oh yeah, I liked to watch, having discovered that fact about me when my step-sis and her BFF introduced me to threesomes that weekend, a few years ago. They had me watch them after I had first pleasured them, one after the other.

Have to say, I enjoyed it.

Climbing into the tub with the three of them, I moved Mags from Jean’s tit, placing her sitting on the tub’s edge, kneeling afterwards so that I could eat her trimmed, red-haired pussy, again.

Moving Jean to sit next to Mags, Willie joined me as we explored Mags and Jean’s pussies with lust and gusto, the moans and groans of excitement filling the silence of the night.

Both Mags and Jean came at nearly the same time and, as their climaxes ebbed, Willie nudge me with an elbow, asking, “Switch?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied, moving in concert with Willie until I was eating Jean and she, Mags.

Of course, they climaxed again, how could they not?

Caught up in a sexual frenzy now, we quickly exited the tub, drying off before re-entering the cabin to continue our fun and games in Willie’s large den/living room/media room.

To my surprise, Jean became an active participant by taking Mags by the hand and sitting her on a couch, kneeling between Mags’ legs to taste the redhead. Lying on her back, Willie pulled herself until she was between Jean’s legs, holding them in her hands for balance as she lifted her head to eat my roomie. Not to be left out, I immediately lay between Willie’s opened legs and did the same to her.

We played that way for a few hours and when it was time to pair off for the evening, Willie took Jean with her into her master bedroom. Telling me so earlier, I knew that Willie planned to introduce Jean to the joys of the strap-on. Turned out that Mags had similiar plans for me, but not with a strap-on; no, she used a long, thick dildo on me for several wonderful orgasmic explosions.

Of course I returned the favor, the two of us finally falling asleep in each other’s arms after we had thoroughly fucked each other with the dildo. Hearing Jean’s cries of delight just before I drifted off to sleep, I knew that Willie was fucking her royally, still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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