1st Time With Mother In Law

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A few months ago, my fiancé and I traveled from Chicago to San Juan, Puerto Rico to visit his mother for a holiday. He’s a lawyer in the city of Chicago and I am a social worker. We thought that it would be a nice experience to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and thought that if we go visit his mother in Puerto Rico that it would be awesome for us, we only get to see his mother for Thanksgiving and Christmas and since the weather in Chicago was bad, we thought the nice weather in Puerto Rico would be very good for us and that the good Puerto Rican weather would be a stress release for us.

We booked out trip for the following week and we had planned to stay there from Friday until Monday evening. After we got off of the airplane in San Juan, the airline lost one of my fiancé’s bags and he was upset because a lot of his personal items were in there. When we got off of the airplane, his brother picked us up and canlı bahis took us to a fast food restaurant to eat lunch and then we went back to their mother’s house. Later that evening, everyone went out and we made it back in after 1:00AM. My fiancé’s mother was home with her grandchildren.

The next evening my fiancé wanted us to go out again, but this time I said no, because of the language barrier, he is Puerto Rican and I am African American and I speak with limited Spanish and I had to depend on him and his family to communicate where I couldn’t.

We got into an argument because I did not want to go out and my fiancé accused me of being difficult and I called him childish and he did not like that and then he pushed me into a door and then stormed out of the house. I cried because he was never violent towards me and the fall hurt my leg and his mother told me that she was upset with him for pushing me and when everyone bahis siteleri left her house, she made me a cup of hot cocoa and some chocolate chip cookies and we watched TV and then she told me in the 1970s when her sons were younger that she was in an abusive relationship, that the man that she was seeing when she lived in New York used to punch her in the face whenever he wanted to, I felt so bad for her and then she massaged my bruised leg and it felt very good. Then as she was massaging me, her hand went further and further up my leg and it rested on my thigh. I tensed up a little and she told me that she would make me feel better and then put her hand in my panties.

I jumped and with her other hand she massaged my nipples! It felt so good and when she noticed I was relaxing and enjoying it, she took my large breast out and she complimented me on how “delicious” my chest looked and then she put her mouth on it and she sucked bahis şirketleri it until milk came out, it felt so good that I started rubbing her back. When she was finished with the first breast, she started on the second and made milk leak from that one also. I felt like I was on top of the world and when she eased up off of my breast, I unconsciously put my hand in her night gown and pulled out her breasts and started sucking them, she moaned very load and when I was finished with her breasts, she took down my pants and put her tongue in my pussy. She ate and licked and lapped for hours and I came about 4 times that night.

After we both came, I laid in her bed and when my fiancé came in early in the AM, he thought that I slept in her bed because I was still angry with him. When we packed to leave Monday, she and I French kissed and then she told me that she was planning to visit Chicago in two weeks, I left Puerto Rico feeling like gold and I was not angry with my fiancé anymore. He thought his mother had talked me out of being upset with him and he stated that he has a wonderful mother! I smiled and said yes you do. I am horny thinking about next week!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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