2 More in the Valley

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A few weeks ago in Late September I went back down into the valley for a little walk and to see if there might be some fun down there. As the fall progresses and the leaves drop off the trees it becomes too easy to see distances through the woods and the activity drops off. On the weekend in question we got one of those great fall days when the weather warms up and the sun is shining. I was happy to see when I got there that most of the leaves were still on the trees and the privacy needed to screen me from view was still in place.

There is a spot there I have been going to for years now. It is part way up the hill just above a small pond off the main river and although a bit difficult to get to there is an large concrete block on the ground there that provides a nice place to sit and a view of anyone approaching on the path. The path there dead end a few yards farther along so there is never any traffic past the spot unless it is someone looking for adventure.

I got to the block and found it empty so I sat down and watched some of the small birds in the area for a few minutes. One of the nice things about this time of year is that there were no bugs flying around as the recent cold weather had sent them on their way. As I expected within 10 minutes I saw a man walking up the path towards my position. He looked to be in his early 40’s and quite trim dressed in Jeans and a windbreaker. bahis firmaları I’m in my mid 60’s now so there is never any guarantee that someone will want to fool around but I just sat there and waited for him to come by to see what would happen.

As he got there we acknowledged each other and mentioned what a wonderful day it was. He asked if I came there very often and I said that I had been there lots over the years but not so much lately. He seemed friendly enough so I asked what brought him into the area. He told me he had been hiking in the valley and was looking for a place to take a piss without offending anyone. I smiled and said it wouldn’t offend me and he took out his cock and pissed down the hill away from where I was sitting.

As he finished, while still turned away from me he asked me what brought me out there and I said I was just wasting a bit of time, enjoying the weather and seeing if anything interesting came up. While this was going on I could see that he was still playing with himself and the turned towards me so I could see him handling his cock. I smiled as he slowly stroked himself noting he was getting hard and while he was watching me I licked my lips. He turned to face me and from about 3 feet away continued to stroke his cock at which I leaned forward a bit and opened my mouth.

Without another word he stepped towards me and I took kaçak iddaa the end of his cock into my mouth licking all around the head. He put a hand on the back of my head and started thrusting slowly in and out of my mouth. I concentrated on sucking hard on his cock every time he pulled back from me and letting my tongue press the underside of him as he pushed forward. In a few moments I was feeling him push all the way into my mouth and run up against the back of my throat.

About then I noticed another guy coming up the path towards us. I’m not very shy about performing in front of another man but I know some people are so I told him about the approach. He seemed to know, like I did that there was little chance anyone climbing up there was doing anything other than what we were doing so he just stayed where he was in front of me. I went back to sucking on him as the new guy approached.

About 10 feet from us he stopped having obviously seen us and I saw that he was quite a bit younger, probably in his early 20’s. I continued sucking on the cock in my face and it was obvious that he could see what we were up to when he took his own cock out and started playing with it. The guy in my mouth was rock hard now and I could taste the precum leaking out of his cock. He had taken hold of my head with both hands and was stroking in and out of my mouth. I waved the new arrival closer and kaçak bahis then putting my hands on the hips of the guy fucking my face I pulled him closer till I felt his cock squeeze into my throat as I buried my nose in his pubic hair. Our watcher had by then climbed up right beside me and the guy in my mouth moaned as I throated his cock. He pulled back again and then slowly pushed his entire cock into my mouth and down my throat. While I held my breath he made little half inch thrusts in my throat holding my head and grunting. I pulled back again to get some air and then knowing he was getting close I once again went down on him till he was buried in my throat. I felt him tense up and then felt his cock start to spasm as he unloaded in me. I pulled back so I could taste his cum and he grunted a few more times as he finished cumming.

When he was done he pulled back and took out a Kleenex to wipe off his cock. The other guy without saying a word stepped right in front of me and so I opened my mouth and leaned forward again. He quickly shoved his cock into my mouth and began aggressively fucking my face. I didn’t even have time to take him all the way in before I felt his cock start to pulse and he shot another big load of cum into me. I swallowed it all down and he pulled back after probably being in my mouth no more than 30 seconds. The first guy was tucked away by then and the younger one shoved his cock back in his pants and left without uttering a word. The first guy said thanks and left then too leaving me still sitting on the block and wondering if there would be any more action for the afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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