8th is Enough

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A Family Affair: 8th is Enough

As the title indicates, this is the last story of this series on incest. It’s the only one that deals with the subject without a twist or a punch line. It’s meant to be fun and uplifting, but it is squarely and graphically about familial incest. If this offends you, please switch to another of my stories.
     This story was supposed to be completely different, but to get from the original starting point to the conclusion I had planned would have taken me through a sad place I really didn’t want to visit at this time.
     So I stayed with the happy section. As I always try to end a chapter on a positive note, so does this story, which would have been part one of the original story. Too bad, the ending was really beautiful.
     My gratitude to my editor, Valphund, for his hard work. I hope I didn’t mess it up too much.


Long before their arrival, the room was tastefully decorated in a princess motif with two single beds for the twins.

They cried themselves to exhaustion as long as they were in the hospital and did the same when they were put in their separate cribs at home. The only times they didn’t cry were when they were put together in the two-seater stroller or when they were laying side by side on the changing table. It took a while for their parents to notice, but their desperate need for undisturbed sleep may be to blame. Once they did, they tried putting both in the same crib.

When they were old enough to sleep in a bed, there was only one left in the room.

They needed to be in physical contact with one another, or at least within easy reach. They played together and, if they played different games, they did so sitting side by side. Nobody ever saw them argue or yell at each other. Not that they were more even-tempered than any other children, but the tantrums were always directed outward and in tandem. A very effective strategy they used mercilessly until an aunt, babysitting them, had the patience and fortitude to wean them of it once and for all by the simple expedient of letting them scream themselves raw until they fell asleep, having expended all their energy uselessly.

By the time they were enrolled in elementary school, their parents didn’t have to insist very much for them to be in the same class. Everybody in the small town knew they were inseparable. You never saw one without the other.

They were bright young girls, always at the top of their class. So much so that they were suspected of cheating from the very start. Their identical answers could be explained on their homework assignments, but not on the tests. Year after year, teacher after teacher tried to catch them at it, but none ever could. Since there could be only one first of class, their grade one teacher decided to alternate them in first and second places, and the tradition continued through grade seven.

Problems started when they started at county high school.

For some reason they were put in different classes. When they learned of it, they didn’t say a word, to their parents’ surprise. Their mother wasn’t convinced by their acceptance. She tried all she could think of to have their assignation changed, to no avail. The system had spoken and nothing could be done. She was apprehensive when they got on the school bus the first morning, but there was no argument, no resurgence of the tantrums. After the first week, she began to hope that everything would work out. Then, one day, she got a call from their teacher.

The girls were attentive in class. That is to say, they didn’t so much as move a muscle until the bell when they would rush out to meet each other, separating only when the next bell rang, which meant they were last in at each and every class. But that wasn’t the reason for the call. They had failed to do any homework assignments at all and they had answered none of the questions to any of the monthly tests. Not only were they failing every course, it was strongly recommended to the parents that their daughters be sent to a psychological counselor or they would be expelled from school forthwith.

Their parents knew better. They sat down with the sisters and explained the situation to them. As long as they stayed in the public school system, the same problem would repeat itself simply because of the bureaucracy. There was an option, if they were willing to give it a try. There was a boarding school two hours away. First contact had been made and they were willing to accommodate their special needs as much as possible: they would be in the same classes and they would have side by side beds in the dormitory. The girls looked at each other and said it would be an acceptable compromise.

By their first report card, they were again at the top of their classes for the period. By Christmas, they had almost caught up in the combined scores and they finished grade eight well ahead of the rest of the class. And they did so through to grade twelve.

They played sports izmir escort bayan on the same teams. They enrolled in the same after-class activities. They participated in the same social events. When you saw one, if the other was not at her side, all you had to do was turn your head, and there she was. At first, this worried the teachers, but, aside from this idiosyncrasy, they were doing very well in class, they were socially active in their peer group, and nobody ever had cause to complain about their behavior. By every standard, they were well-adjusted young girls, and their one peculiarity was put down as an extreme case of identical twins attachment.


Usually one to waken all at once, Caroline awoke gradually, on this, her first day as an adult.

She was the more outgoing of the two, and could have been in, if not the leader of, the in-crowd, but that would have meant being separated from her more reserved sister. The choice was a no-brainer, so neither really belonged to a specific social group. In fact, unknowingly, they formed their own. The bright students who were not popular gravitated to the twins.

With a tender smile, she brushed the hair from Virginia’s face and kissed her. She chuckled softly when it failed to wake her. She firmly believed that an earthquake wouldn’t either, though she knew an orgasm did.

As tempting as it was, Caroline was too excited by the big plans the family had, for this, their last summer together, before they left for College.

She looked oved to where their suitcases stood, first packed last week, then re-packed over and over until they were certain they had all they would need for the next two months at the cabin.


Later, as a birthday gift, their mother took them shopping and allowed them to choose their bathing suits, promising to respect their choices. As expected, Caroline went straight for the bikinis while Virginia inspected the more conservative one-piece apparels.

When neither could find what they wanted, they called a young saleswoman over. Both girls pulled a page they had printed off the internet. There were lots of giggles as they discussed their choices. The older woman got a little apprehensive when the three would look her way, then go back to their joyous huddle.

She watched as the three closeted themselves in an isolated changing booth, at the back of the store, after pulling a few items each from the shelves. There was much laughter, and she could swear she heard some moans before they came out.

Caroline was wearing a skimpy two-piece. The bottom was riding low on her hips, but was acceptable for the little it covered. The top… Two small triangles covered the nipples and not much else. Not only did it display the expected cleavage, a lot of under-boob showed too. She had her doubts about the strength of the strings holding the things in place.

Technically, Virginia was wearing a one-piece suit… technically. It consisted of two three inch wide bands of material beginning above her breasts and joining at her navel, covered half of her belly and narrowed before if passed between her legs and ended as a string buried in her ass crack, leaving her cheeks and back bare. It was a good thing the three of them had gone to get epilated the day before, because it only covered her lips. The plump edges of her pussy were exposed. Thin strips somehow held the ensemble together.

“It’s a good thing we’re used to seeing you run around the house naked or you’d be the death of your poor father in those things. But what about the other men and boys? You’re going to cause a riot at the beach.”

“That’s their problem. We’re not going there to pick up men. This is our family vacation.” Virginia said firmly.

“That’s right. Speaking of dad, we chose a bathing suit for you as our gift to him.” Caroline added.

Despite her protestations, she joined the three young women in the changing room where she was promptly stripped. She didn’t mind being naked with her daughters, but she didn’t know about the other… She had kept her lesbian escapades away from home. Her husband had been aware of her particular needs, even as they first dated. He had even been invited to watch a few times as she made love with another woman. The last time, it had been with a twenty-four year old blonde who looked a lot like the one who was being so professional as she looked at her from head to toe. Suspiciously like her, in fact.

Eriko thought her daughters’ hands were unusually lingering as they helped her into a white see-through two-piece number. It must be beachwear. The gauze-like material would be ruined if she went in the water with it.

The top was just that, a top. It was a chiffon crop top which started right below her breasts and had loose layered short sleeves. The sides were held closed by pale pink bows. It would have been even better if her puffy nipples weren’t clearly visible, as were her pussy lips through the bottom, which izmir escort resembled one of her favorite thongs with its lace edges.

“I can’t wear this at the beach, girls! I might as well be naked!” She complained, even as she admired herself in the full length mirror.

“Of course not, mom.” Caroline told her, pressing her body along her arm. “We were kidding when we said we’d wear the suits we got at the beach. These are to wear around the cabin where it’ll be between us.”

“You are really beautiful, mom.” Virginia said in a low husky voice, as she did the same on the other side. “This will look ever better for dad with a few adjustments.” Resting her head on her mother’s shoulder, she cupped her breast, pinching her nipple between her fingers.

“Baby, you shouldn’t… Ooooh!”

Caroline had reached in her slip and was running two fingers along her cleft, ending by pinching her clit lightly.

Her knees would have buckled if her daughters hadn’t supported her with their arms around her waist. Caught in the sensuality of the moment, she didn’t think twice to accept the invitation of Virginia’s soft lips. It felt natural that Caroline was naked when she pulled her around to claim her mouth. Soon, two young bare bodies pressed against hers. As she held one close with one arm, she reached back to secure the other, though she could only caress her cheeks.

She knew they had been lovers from the days they discovered their sexuality together. She had respected their privacy as she watched them grow into beautiful well-adjusted young women. She couldn’t count the number of times she had pulled their father behind their bedroom door when the two exhibitionists shook their delicious booties before them. These had been very satisfying lovemaking sessions. The thought of them as sex partners had never entered either of their minds.

So their seduction took her completely by surprise. She was overwhelmed as they stripped her again, their satiny skin rubbing against hers. Virginia reached to fondle one breast as she kneaded her cheeks. Caroline lowered her mouth to the other nipple while she stroked her clit.

Eriko would have twisted to kiss Virginia over her shoulder, but a hand cupped her cheek to turn her head to the side. Looking in the hazel eyes and seeing the full lips up close, she recognized the young woman. Her sister had been her partner the last time her husband watched her make lesbian love.

She returned her smile and leaned in to kiss her. They must have practised on each other, because she had the same technique as her sister. Virginia joined her mouth to theirs, and they explored the blonde’s body together as Caroline knelt before her and brought one leg over her shoulder so she could kiss her other lips.

By that time, Eriko was so close to the edge that a feather’s touch could have sent her over. It was Caroline entering her with her fingers that did it instead. After the first few thrusts, her mother rewarded her with a fresh flow of cream as she climaxed. The three young women followed closely on the fingers they had inside themselves while they made love to her.

The four women ended up on the carpet. Chuckling together as three of them licked Caroline’s face and chest clean.

“I hope nobody heard us.” Eriko said.

“If they did, it will only make it better for them when they take our place in here.” The blonde told her. “This changing room is at the back for a reason. We only use it for special clients.”

“Doesn’t the owner mind?”

“My mother will only be jealous that she wasn’t here with us, Mrs. D.” The young woman laughed. “She’s been waiting for an opportunity to meet you since you seduced my sister. It was her strap-on you used on Betty.”

“Who seduced whom is open for debate. Let’s just say it was mutual attraction at first sight. Does this mean that you three…”

“Where do you think we got the idea, mom?” Caroline asked. “They showed us that it was okay as long as it was between loving consenting adults. We were waiting to be eighteen so we wouldn’t freak you out when we seduced you.”

“You realize we’ll have to keep this from your father.” The woman said, unhappy at having to hold something back from her husband for the first time.

Her daughters had expected this.

“Don’t be sad, mom.” Caroline told her as they embraced her. “We don’t have to. We know how it is between the two of you. We heard you talk about it often.”

“That’s true, mom.” Virginia said. “And we were in the next room when you made love to Patty’s sister, and he watched. He can watch us, but we’re lesbians, not bi like you. You two can even make love while you watch us.”

“It sounds like you thought about this a lot.”

“You have no idea.” They said together, as identical twins often did.

“We spy on you all the time.” Caroline grinned. “Wait until you see all the pictures we have of you naked.”

“You two sneaky minxes…”

She was interrupted escort izmir by a soft knock on the door.

“Patty, I need you on the floor.”

“It’s mother. Do you mind if I…?” Patty gestured toward the door.

At Eriko’s nod, she went to unlock it. She stepped aside to open it. Her mother stood there, admiring the three naked women.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your fun, but a bunch of clients walked in and I need my daughter’s help.”

“We understand.” Eriko told her. She walked over to stand as close as she could to the voluptuous blonde while still out of view from the rest of the store. She stood on tiptoes and kissed her lightly. “You have beautiful daughters. Now I see where they got their gorgeous bodies.”

The woman took a business card from her shirt pocket and wrote a phone number on it.

“It’s my cell. Why don’t you call me after the store closes?”

“I look forward to talking to you.” Eriko kissed her again and stepped aside to let Patty out.

Once the door was closed, she leaned on it.

“I didn’t see that coming.” She sighed. “It was a set-up, wasn’t it?” She asked, seeing her daughters’ mischievous grins.

“She was behind the door with us when you were having fun with Betty.” Caroline admitted.

“What were you all doing? Only listening to us? Oh! You didn’t…”

They both went to her.

“No, Mom. We were in the same bed, but they made love together only, and so did we. Angela, the woman you just kissed, said it wasn’t right for them to have sex with us while we were still minors. She’s the one who arranged this situation. She said you should be the first one to make love to us. Patty being with us was a bonus we came up with ourselves.”

“Why don’t we go back to the house? We have a lot to talk about before your father gets home.”


Daniel knew something was in the air the moment he walked in the door. His wife was waiting for him, wearing her special kimono.

She bowed deeply to him before kneeling at his feet to take off his shoes and put on his slippers. While she was at it, she made sure he saw that she was naked under the thin silk garment.

He grinned when she got back up and pulled him down so she could kiss him deeply. It was their ritual for the days their daughters were away and she was hot for him.

Instead of taking him to their bedroom, she brought him to the living room where she undressed him. As soon as he was naked, she knelt again and took him in her mouth. The sight of her bare body was always enough to get him hard. When he started thrusting in her throat, she had him sit in his favorite chair and straddled him, taking him within to the hilt.

“I’m not complaining, honey, but what’s gotten into you? Did you meet one of your special friends today?” He said, panting from the passionate kiss.

“You have no idea, baby. There’s something you need to see.”

“You didn’t bring someone here, did you? What if the girls came back early?”

“They’re already here.”

On cue, the identical twins walked in from the kitchen, naked, as they often were.

Daniel panicked. He tried to get his wife off him, to cover himself. He was used to seeing them naked, but he had never exposed himself or his sexual activities with his wife.

Eriko held on to him, clenching her muscles, going through the whole series of Kegel exercises she practised religiously.

“It’s all right, Dan. Show him, girls.”

In full view of their flabbergasted father, the twins embraced and kissed, their hands roaming, caressing each other ever more intimately. Their mother made sure he didn’t miss a single moment as she kissed his neck, caressed his pecs, pinched his nipples, never ceasing her pelvis thrusts.

By the time the girls stretched on the couch, engaged in a noisy sixty-nine, he had already emptied his balls inside her once and showed no sign of softening or even slowing down. Eriko had climaxed twice. She slowly pulled off him. He understood why when she turned around and put her feet on his knees. He held her up, spreading her cheeks. She guided him in her ass.

She had prepared herself for this earlier. She loved anal sex, but firmly believed in taking precautions. She had showed her daughters how to get clean inside in preparation for the show they would give their father later.

Daniel knew the position she was in, hands on his chest, feet on his knees as she rode him, was not only uncomfortable, but also a strain on her thighs and shoulders. So he stopped her and easily lifted her small body to deposit her on the footrest. (The main reason they has chosen it was because it was at the perfect height for this. It had made for fun shopping expeditions.)

He loved his wife so much and was so concentrated on giving her the most pleasure he could that he forgot what was happening on the couch. The girls’ loud orgasms brought his attention back to them. When Eriko arched her back and flung her long hair, he reacted to the signal. Grabbing a handful of hair, he pulled her further back. That’s all it took for her to climax. While she was thrashing on his cock, her daughters came to hold her, sharing her mouth, fondling her breasts.

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