A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 52

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A thousand “Thanks!” to Bob from Illinois for his valuable help.


The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a small group of people.

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* * * * *

Chapter 52: Carly’s Coming Out Party

Many minutes passed before anyone stirred. When finally we’d somewhat caught our breath, we cleaned up the little love puddles that’d been dribbled around the room.

Like lemmings, our small herd migrated to the full bath upstairs to freshen ourselves. Feeling clean again, we drifted back to the living room for more snacking. Once the empty bowls well outnumbered the nearly empty ones, our party moved into the kitchen searching for more food.

Finding a can of whipped cream, Beth turned all six breasts into “sundaes with a cherry on top” (several times), so everyone got a couple turns eating her special desserts. Talk about fun food.

We also ate some real food, a package of hot dogs and buns quickly disappeared down our gullets. Amazing how little time it takes five teens to empty a refrigerator and fill a kitchen with dirty dishes.

Still later, when the kitchen was cleaned up, Carly reminded our group that she and I still technically had our wishes left. She asked if the three Troutman’s could still stay a little longer, or if they had to leave. Happily it was only 10 PM. According to Lynn, as long as they were home by 12 and got up for church (without complaining) everything would be fine.

As I recall, that was when Carly learned why we’d all been so good about going to church lately. Immediately, she was invited to join us any Sunday morning. Boy did her eyes light up. Carly strode over to me, then whispered what her wish was. Good sister that she was, Munchkin wanted to make sure her wish was OK with me. Oh, it was more than OK. Moreover, she helped me decide what my wish would be.

When the moment was right, canlı bahis şirketleri I trotted out my wish. First I mentioned how much I enjoyed watching Beth and Lynn make love. If Carly was willing, and I knew she was, I wanted to see the 3 girls eat each other until they all came. My wish was met with smiles all around.

Beth whispered something into Carly’s ear that made her grin like a Cheshire Cat. Beth ran upstairs while Carly whispered in Lynn’s ear. Suddenly Lynn was showing all her pearly white teeth.

Lynn and Carly began to kiss and grope each other. Soon Carly was pushing her bush against Lynn’s pussy; they ground their flat bellies together. Four hands each grabbed a handful of gluteus maximus and pulled, as if they could’ve somehow gotten any closer together.

Beth bounded back into the room with her hands full and a towel over one arm. Lynn spread the large, fluffy, blue towel on the floor, then motioned for Carly to sit in the middle of it.

Finally I could see what they were up to. Beth had a wash cloth, a cup of warm water, a can of shaving creme, scissors, and a razor. They were going so shave Munchkin’s muff! Cool! Jim and I sat so we had ringside seats.

The scissors rapidly dispatched the longest fur. Then, wetting Carly’s fur completely, Lynn lathered her bush. Beth gave Carly a kiss, telling her not to worry. She’d shaved Lynn without a nick. Carly had a light covering to begin with, but it was amazing to see bare skin appear wherever Beth guided the razor. I got totally turned on merely from watching as Carly was shaved.

Soon Munchkin looked a lot like the last time I’d seen her pussy before today, which was as a ‘very’ much younger girl. Beth was soon finished. With a final flourish, Lynn wiped away any small spots of soap.

“Stubble check!!” Beth cried out as she dove between Carly’s legs. Carly squealed a moment, but was soon groaning as Beth’s flatten tongue licked Carly’s entire crotch. “Missed a bit!” Beth lightly ran the razor once over a tiny area. She then rechecked everywhere using her tongue again.

“I think that’s pretty good.” Beth grinned at last.

“I’ll be the judge.” Lynn giggled as she gave Carly another good tonguing over.

Lynn caught Carly by surprise as she suddenly bored into her slit, eating her in earnest. Slumping onto her side, Carly groaned very loudly. First Beth repositioned herself, then rearranged Carly. In no time, Carly was eating Beth, Beth was feasting on Lynn, and Lynn was still sucking Carly’s slit as if her life depended upon it. Each girl had a free hand that was soon fondling the teats of the girl she was eating. All in all I found the sight incredibly exciting.

All three girls looked to me like they were getting mighty excited. Declaring a desire to taste her handy work, Beth asked that so they all do 180’s. Moments later, Beth buried her tongue in my sister. In no time Lynn had sucked Beth’s engorged clit into her mouth.

I couldn’t see exactly what Carly was doing to Lynn, but Lynn hips were bucking against Carly’s face. Over the next few minutes they canlı kaçak iddaa all came. Judging from the moans and writhing, I’d have to guess they all had one or two very strong orgasms, especially Carly. They all looked pleased with themselves for sure.

The girls rearranged themselves, forming a ‘Carly’ sandwich; they kissed and hugged while they basked in their afterglow.

Following a short rest, Carly propped herself on an elbow before saying, “Time for my wish. I want you three to see me make love with my brother. I understand if you want to hang with this group, that ‘sisters gotta share’. Well, before you have to leave, I want to share by having you get to see us do it. Larry said it’s OK with him. C’mere with that nice penis of yours.”

Leering, Carly crooked a finger in my direction.

Carly was on her back, legs up and parted by the time I reached her. “Let’s 69 so your penis is nice and hard before you put it in my (grinning seductively) tight little pussy.”

“Oh, God yes.” I didn’t have to be asked twice, I practically fell on top of my sister’s body. My semi-erect cock hung, swinging, over her face. I stared at her bald pussy. She looked so sexy that I felt my penis firming up before her lips even slid up then around my tip. I dove into her bare beaver; Munchkin sucked me like a champ. I was so turned on from watching the girls eat each other, I didn’t need very much of Carly’s hot mouth or soft tongue to get my raging bull ready to rock and roll.

Likewise, I’d gone straight for Carly’s clit. Munchkin had been soaked before I started. Now her opening was as wide as it could get on it’s own; in addition, she was oozing clear fluid. My little kin had been munched on all she needed. My sexy sister was very ready to feel my penis slide into her body.

Slowly I withdrew from her mouth, moved around to her pussy, then helped her pull her legs back past her chest. Now her pussy was raised high, her lips were pulled apart, forming a mound for all to see. Hurriedly I aimed my swollen glans into the open cup leading into her vagina. Keeping enough downward pressure to prevent me from popping out, I carefully stretched out over Carly until I was suspended above her on my two stiffened arms.

I allowed the weight of my hips to begin my journey into Carly’s depths. We were watching each other’s face, eyes, and expressions as I slowly melded into her willing orifice. After sinking into her a couple inches, I was stopped by her tightness. Promptly I began a gentle jackhammer thrusting that slowly but surely saw me sink ever deeper into her desirable depths. As much as I wanted her, I was in no hurry. Drilling into her tightness felt much too wonderful to rush. Furthermore, I was doing my best to ensure Munchkin wasn’t hurt by any of my movements.

Soon enough I was plunging into my sister as deeply as my erection could reach. Carly had given a long sigh followed by a drawn out moan as my glans began love-tapping her cervix. Our audience could see every detail of our union. My shaft shone from it’s coating of our combined fluids. A loud smack, canlı kaçak bahis smack, smack filled the room as our flesh slapped together. The looks Carly gave me assured everyone she was feeling every bit as wonderful as I was. Damn but we made good lovers. I knew I had a lot to learn. I also knew learning was going to be more fun than I could imagine as long as these girls were my teachers.

Motion beside us finally broke through my reverie. Beth was lying on her back roughly beside Carly, but facing the opposite direction. Lynn was in a 69 with her sister. Jimmy was almost beside me, preparing to mount Lynn. I watched Lynn’s breasts swaying for a moment before looking down at my penis as it parted Carly’s wet vaginal lips. It was still totally amazing to realize that my penis was inside this girl that I had teased, tickled, tortured, and taunted over the years. We’d always played together, but this game was by far, the best.

As my eyes traveled upwards, they were drawn to Carly’s waving teats. The ruddy, pudgy nubbins were mesmerizing; I had to suck on her nipples or scream. Telling Carly what I needed, I lay on my back close to Beth, then fondled Lynn’s right breast as I waited for Munchkin to mount me. Carly soon impaled herself on my pulsing penis, then carefully leaned as far forward as possible. With a pillow under my head, it was then easy to nurse at either of her twin treats. Happily I sucked her areolas and nipples until her tips looked ready to burst.

Taking very short strokes, Carly sort of slid ahead then back more so than going up and down.

“I’m very close to a big one.” Carly whispered with her eyes closed; she was struggling to breathe. “Are you close? I’d like us to come together if we could.”

“I’ve been holding back. I’m going to play with your beautiful teats now. As soon as you ride up and down my penis a few times, I’ll start to shoot inside you.” I panted back to her.

Grabbing both, warm, spongy breasts so her nipples seemingly stared at me, I fervently fondled her amazingly soft flesh.
Carly switched to moving her hips in a circle, then to an up and down motion; each rise and fall became faster and harder than the one before, plus Munchkin was groaning ever louder as her intensity increased.

As her soft low moan became a long loud one, the pounding from her hips made it clear Carly was coming. My driving hips sped up to meet her downward thrusts. Although I tried to hold back to make the pleasure build, I was soon shooting my sperm into Carly’s clutching grip. Oh Wow! Her pussy milked my penis so perfectly that I wanted to come inside her forever.

Falling flat against me, Carly wormed her tongue into my mouth. Holding her close to me, I rolled her onto her back so I could pound my penis into her for as long as my fading erection allowed. My sister’s overly warm body continued to excite me.

The family threesome beside us were all coming one by one, their lusty, passionate cries served to inspire Carly and me to our limits. Even after my penis softened, I still rode Carly’s sweet young body. She’d stopped contracting, so I was able to keep myself inside her deliciously warm depths as we engaged in lengthy post-coital kissing and caressing.

* * * * *

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