A Beach Story

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Author’s note – This story is a long story, a long build up so if you are looking for something quick, this is not it. Enjoy!

No one ever looks at the older, dad-bod looking guy sitting on the beach along the water soaking up the sun and the sights and the sounds that the ocean has to offer.

Over the last few weeks, over a month so far, I have been coming down to the beach, feet in the sand, a good book in hand and taking the occasional frolic in the ocean.

My employer allows me the flexibility in the summer months to work from home, or in my case, my second home at the beach and this flexibility is a luxury that I take full advantage of. I will clock in to work in the early morning hours and also in the late evening and nights for my oversea clients. Which means that I have all day to spend being lazy and plant my ass on the beach.

Over the past four to six weeks I have seen the summer tourists come and go. The small families and large “reunion at the beach” families. The young couples getting away and the older ones that look like they have been married for decades. The obnoxious beach goers who kick up sand next to you or shake their blankets and towels all over you without any consideration for which way the wind blows or plays the radio so loud for all to hear. And of course the friendly tourists that are polite, courteous and considerate.

I do feel that being in my mid forties, dad bod type, I am invisible at the beach. Way too old for the lovely young ladies who are seemingly single or with their girlfriends. Of course, there are other lovely younger ladies who are with their husbands and children. But again, I feel like I am not ever seen.

Maybe it’s the graying hair. Thankfully, I am not balding. I thank good genes for that. But the gray game is strong.

It has its advantages, being invisible. The conversations that I hear on the beach. Young local teenaged boys trying to pick up the teenage tourist girls. The stories these guys will tell as they hit on the girls. Or the large family conversations about who can’t stand who. I could write a book about these overheard conversations.

But there is a different story I wanted to tell. One that starts with me standing at the waterline of the ocean, the salt water washing over my feet and then receding over and over. The light breeze off the water that was cool and refreshing on this late morning summer day.

I was standing there in my swim trunks and nothing else, my usual beach attire, watching a pod of dolphins about fifty yards out. And watching the kids on their boogie boards riding the breaking waves, all smiles and laughter as they navigate the surf.

A woman approached the surf from my right and took a position close to me and looked out over the water. She was close enough to have a conversation with but I chose to remain silent and instead, using my side view, took the opportunity to look her over.

She seemed to be in her late thirties or very young forties. She was curvy in all the right places wearing a flattering one piece bathing suit. She had a good tan going which meant that she had been down at the beach for a few days or she tanned before coming to the beach. Either way, her skin had a radiant glow, sunkissed. And her white painted toe nails contrasted the tan and sand covered feet.

After a few moments of us standing there I pointed out the pod of dolphins that were swimming by. “Oh wow, they are close. They are so amazing,” she replied.

“They are out there feeding and following the small fish. If you look closely you can see the fish jumping out of the water ahead of the dolphins,” I said.

We watched the dolphins swim down the beach, following their food until they were almost out of sight.

“It was nice talking to you,” I said to her before walking back to my chair.

Sitting down in my beach chair, I could see that she was still standing there looking out over the water. This allowed me to observe her from behind, her curvy but shapely body. Thick thighs, plump ass and a full torso. I was fully appreciating what I saw.

She must have been feeling my stares because she looked back over her shoulder at me. With my sunglasses on and my poker face I did not flinch at getting caught because for all she knew, I was looking at something else.

She turned away from the water and walked back to her beach spot that was over my right shoulder. I tried to play it cool, not look overly curious or nosy and took my time looking behind me to where she was. I noticed that she seemed to be alone on this day.

Throughout the day I kept noticing her when she would walk to the ocean’s edge to feel the cool breeze or when I would get up to go to the surf I would look back and see her sitting there. And it would be mid afternoon when I saw her pack up her things and leave the beach.

The following ankara escort day, by mid morning, I returned to the same area of the beach that I always go to. Setting up my things first on the sand I then went into the ocean before sitting down and taking my book out to read.

Only a few pages into my book I notice movement alongside me. The woman from yesterday was setting up next to me. I politely nodded my head to acknowledge her and she smiled in return. Today she was in a different one piece bathing suit. Different style and different cut in a maroon color. I watched her navigate the beach down to the water and admired the movement of her body as she did.

At one point in the morning her and I were standing at the water’s edge again within conversation range of each other. “No dolphins today,” she said.

“No, it does not seem so today,” I responded.

We talked idly for a few moments about nothing really. Lack of dolphins, problematic sea gulls, tides and anything else beach related before I stated that I was going to return to my chair. And A few moments after she returned to hers.

At some point, I must have fallen asleep in my chair because I awoke with the woman standing next to me, her hand on my arm and gently nudging me.

Non Aggressively she was saying, “Hey. Hey. Wake up”

I wasn’t quite fully awake to respond coherently but she continued, “You are getting really red. Did you put sunblock on? You have been asleep for a while”

I straightened in my chair and could now see the woman I have been talking to at the water trying to tell me I was turning into a cooked lobster. And she was right. I could see it and feel it. She handed me a bottled water telling me to drink it to hydrate. She remained kneeling in front of me as I drank the water and I thanked her for her kindness.

“I think I need to go in the water and cool down”

“That’s a good idea and when you come out you’ll want to put a shirt on to keep from burning up even more,” she stated coolly.

After wading out into the water and cooling my body for a few minutes I returned to my spot but before I did I walked over to the woman to thank her.

Kneeling in the sand next to her, “I wanted to say thank you and I appreciate you keeping an eye out for me.”

“You’re welcome,” she replied. “You are going to want to put aloe on that when you get home. It will help the burn.”

“I’ll do that,” I promised.

And I did just that when I returned home. The cool liquid soothing me and taking the sting away. Thankfully, I have enough of a base tan that by the time I awoke the next morning I was no longer glowing. I was just red.

I finished my morning routine of work, getting my hours in with my oversea clients and changed into my beach attire, grabbed my gear and found my usual spot in the sand. Remembering the sunscreen, I began applying to myself starting with my feet and legs and working up to my arms and chest. I heard the now familiar voice of my female guardian angel who was walking up with her chair and beach bag. “Do you need help with getting your back?” she asked.

I usually manage to do this myself well enough, however for some reason I acquiesced, “I always have a tough time reaching the middle of my back. Thank you.”

I stood up and turned my back towards her and handed her the sunscreen and then felt her soft hands rub the sunscreen across the top of my shoulders, down my spine, up my sides and back down the back again. “All done.” she said upon completion.

I thanked her and she grabbed her chair and her beach bag and started to walk away until I invited her to sit with me. She graciously accepted and set up her chair next to mine. I introduced myself as did she. I learned her name was Susan.

We spent the late morning and early afternoon between our chairs and the water and chatting the entire time. And she reapplied the sunscreen on my back for me a few times.

I had learned that her parents have a place here at the beach, several blocks from my place and that she has been here going on three weeks. That she was a school teacher and had summers off which is why she has been spending time at the beach.

I explained what I did for a living and the flexibility in my work that allows me to be remote and work from the beach. And how I find it relaxing to spend the day in the sun and listening to the roar of the ocean as it contacts the sand.

I found talking to Susan easy and almost natural. Before I knew it, it was late in the afternoon. The beach was clearing out as families leaving for dinner or to shower the salt and sand off at their beach rentals.

I told Susan that it was probably time that I also take my leave of the beach for the evening and that I hoped that I would see her again tomorrow. A smile crossed her face and committed to me that she will be there. etimesgut escort I began to pack up and she did the same and we walked off the beach together. Out on the road we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

The following day I was back at the beach, set up and enjoying the sun when Susan arrived and asked if she could sit next to me. “I would be disappointed if you didn’t,” I replied while taking her chair from her hand and opening it up for her to sit in.

I purposefully placed her chair closer to mine. And again, we shared information about ourselves with each other and enjoyed each other’s company. As the day was winding to a close and we were packing up our stuff I asked Susan if she would like to meet up for dinner tonight at one of the local restaurants in town. With a smile she accepted.

We parted in the street going our separate ways and I could not wait to get home and shower and meet up with Susan. The more time we spent together the more fascinating I found her.

I was waiting out in front of the restaurant, a short walk from my place, when Susan walked up.

“Hi,” I greeted her.

“Hi. I almost didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” Realizing what she said, she stammered, “I meant without your bathing suit on. I mean with your bathing suit on. I have only seen you in your bathing suit. I mean… I think I am just going to stop there before I embarrass myself even more.”

She was very cute as she was trying to find the right combination of words that never materialized. I saved her by complimenting her outfit. A pretty, flowered, tightly fitting sundress that exposed her shoulders and sandals that completed her attire.

We were soon seated and enjoyed our meals and cocktails while continuing to learn more and more about each other. Too full for dessert, we left with full stomachs and absently walked around town like all the other tourists.

Without realizing it, at one point I noticed we were holding hands. Our stroll took us along the boardwalk where we made our way back to the beach under the cover of night. Standing not far from the ocean, the sounds of the boardwalk behind us, it just seemed like a perfect moment, perfect spot for me to lean in and kiss Susan.

Her soft lips, the warmth of her body against mine, the magic of the moment, it all had me lost to time. I felt like a teenager again. I slid my arms around her hips and pulled her against me. Embracing her.

I pulled back from our kiss. I noticed her eyes were still closed. Her bottom lip curled between her teeth. She finally opened them. “Wow,” was all she said.

I took her hand in mine. We continued to walk along the beach. Both of us with a big smile on our faces as we walked hand in hand. Eventually, and without even realizing it we ended back on the streets of town and in front of my place.

I leaned into Susan again and kissed her. It was another long, slow, sensual kiss. I told Susan that this was my place, however I would be the gentleman and walk her back to hers.

“Ben?” She questioned, “Would you rather invite me in?”

In my mind it was 100% yes. I didn’t want our evening to end. “Please come in?”

Susan followed me into my home and I offered beverages which we took out onto the deck. We stood looking at the stars, feeling the light sea breeze. Her dress fluttered in the wind. I moved to kiss her again. And again. And again. Each time better than the last.

As it became much later, it was time to walk her back to her house and we promised to see each other the following day. Same place as always. I could not get done my morning work fast enough before I was out the door.

Susan was at our spot before me. Her bathing suit today was another one piece, however the back was plunging. Upon my arrival, after setting up my spot Susan asked me to apply sunscreen on her back which I eagerly did. And she returned the favor to me.

Our days and weeks were very similar, days spent at the beach, dinner, making out on the beach or on the deck. It was about a month later, a few weeks before I knew she would be going home where I decided to take our relationship to the next level. After our walk along the beach under the cover of darkness we ended up back at my place and on my deck. Susan and I, standing and leaning against the railing of the deck The scent of her hair and perfume wafting up, enchanting my senses.

As she was looking out from the deck, I leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder. I left a trail of kisses along her bare shoulders and I moved myself so I was standing directly behind her. I moved her hair aside and kissed along her neck.

She reached her arm back, grabbing the back of my neck and pulling my head down into the nape of her neck for me to nuzzle. With her arm up, I slid my hand up her side until it was resting against her breast. I ankara etimesgut escort was getting my first feel of her full and wonderful breast. I gave a playful, sensual squeeze and heard her purr.

Her arm never dropped down, allowing me to continue to massage and play with her. Susan turned to face me. Looking into my eyes she pulled aside the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders allowing the top to drop lower, exposing her lacy bra. I leaned down and kissed across the top of her chest, across the tops of her breasts and down between her cleavage.

Susan put her hands on my chest and pushed me backwards gently before taking my hand and leading me inside and to my room. Once inside, she pulled me close again and kissed me. I felt her hands grab for the hem of my shirt pulling it up and over my head and disposing of it on the floor. She kissed my chest and neck. I held her close to me.

Few words needed to be said. Both of us knew what it was that we wanted. Needed. Yearned.

As she kissed my chest, I reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor allowing me to now lean down and kiss and worship her magnificent and beautiful breasts. I kissed them all around, along the sides, across the bottom of them and between before taking a nipple into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over and around. Feeling its arousal. Susan let her dress drop to the floor and stood before me in her lacy panties.

Gently, I lead her to the bed, both of us gently crawling in and laying Susan back. I returned to kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking. Her hands and fingers running through my hair. I kissed my way down her stomach, around her navel and across the top of her panties. Tucking my fingers in the elastic and sliding them down and off her legs.

I kissed the inside of her knee and worked my way up her thigh inching closer to her pussy. I flattened myself out on the bed between her legs. My hands glide along her soft, smooth legs as I leaned forward and kissed across her mound. I can smell her arousal. I kiss her right lip, then her left. I breathe gently across her lips and then slide my tongue along her vulva. She moans.

My hands against her inner thighs, my thumbs part her lips and my tongue eagerly explores the opening. I taste her wetness, her arousal. It is beautiful. And I need more. My tongue presses in as deeply as I can repeatedly.

I raise my mouth up to explore her clit and I hear her gasp when the tip of my tongue makes contact. Her hips rock up and help me maintain contact against her nub. I look up at her as I continue to flick at her clit.

I press two fingers up into her and stoke her inner wall. Sucking her clit between my lips I hum and rapidly press my tongue repeatedly over her clit. This sets her off to her orgasm and she loudly moans and raises her hips off the bed.

I withdraw from her as she rides out the end of her orgasm letting her catch her breath and calm down.

Susan reaches for me and pulls me up, kissing me before pushing me on my back and removing my shorts and boxers. She frees my semi hard cock stroking it in her soft hands bringing it to its full potential. Her body slides down between my legs where she licks along the underside of my shaft a few times before taking me in her mouth.

I gasp as she alternates between her mouth and hand. She licks and sucks, strokes and handles and the sensations are amazing. But I don’t want to cum yet. At my age it takes too long to recharge and as much as I am enjoying her oral stimulations I am forced to make her stop.

I pull her up to me and kiss her before rolling her onto her back and positioning myself between her open legs. She reaches between us and guides me to her opening. Slowly I sink in. Just a few inches at first and then withdraws so just the tip remains. Then the next stroke deeper. And withdraws. This continues until my full length is deeply nestled within her.

I kiss her again as I rock my hips back and then back down in again. She breaks our kiss with a gasp, turning her head and moaning. Her legs up and open allowing me to pick up my pace and get into a steady rhythm.

I hover above her, holding myself up letting my lower body do all the work. She holds my hips and pulls me down to her with every down stroke. I can feel myself building to my climax and warn Susan of my impending orgasm. To which she pushes me off and onto my back before climbing on top of me. She guides me back in her and grinds her hips against me. Grinding her clit against my pelvis. I reach up and hold her breast, a nipple between my fingers.

That sets her off into another orgasm. I feel her tense up and clamp down hard on my cock which causes my own explosion into her. Toes curl and my body lifts off the bed. I am rocked by the beauty above me.

Susan collapses on top of me and I hold her. Both of us breathing heavily.

With Susan in my arms, she whispers in my ear, “I have been waiting for this all summer long. From the first day I spotted you alone on the beach.”

And I think to myself, I guess I am not invisible after all.

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