A Birthday Surprise for Brett!

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It had been a while since Brett and I had spent time in Monaco. Booking the tickets I couldn’t wait to tell him we were going in a week’s time, for four whole weeks of relaxation our style, with the added bonus of a panoramic Mediterranean view. Spending time with Brett was all I wanted to do, either on the yacht, in the apartment or in the casino, I didn’t care, I just wanted him to myself and didn’t want to share him with anyone.

Brett’s arrival home from America was imminent, he had been away for six days, I had Lisa for company most of the time, and when she wasn’t with me I had Eve the maid. Eve was particularly good as a face fuck, and she fucked my arse brilliantly with her long tongue. However, neither of them could pleasure me like Brett.

He had just driven through the security gates, and I decided to meet him at the door. I had dressed for the occasion, in my new red silk underwear and not a lot else, just as he liked me, and made sure my black, thigh high boots were slightly dirty. My waxed snatch was moistening at the thought of him touching me, licking me, fucking me.

“Hello Tiger,” were the words that greeted him, as he approached the door, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Hey Bunny, has Lisa not been over to keep you company?” he asked with a huge grin on his face.

“Yes she has, but you’re a better fuck,” I replied with a smile, adding, “Both Lisa and Eve have had my pleasure, but neither satisfy me like you do!”

“Well in that case, come the fuck here and take this up your cunt,” he said, holding his stiff cock in his hand.

Barely getting through the door, he grabbed my waist and kissed me passionately.

“Let’s go and play, and then you can tell me what you’ve been doing for the past six days,” he said softly.

I led the way up the staircase, once we were at the top; Brett picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. I opened the door, the aroma of freshly cut flowers was exquisite, particularly the Star Gazer lilies my favourites. Placing me on the bed, Brett told me I looked stunning. He lay by me and started to caress me. The new basque fastened at the front, easier access to my voluptuous tits, Brett soon got it undone, caressing, kissing, flicking my erect nipples. Kissing all the way down to my red silk panties; undoing the loosely tied bows very easily with his teeth. He continued licking my smooth, waxed twat, his tongue finding my stiffened love button with ease, making me gasp with the desire to cum, stroking my inner thighs, with small circular movements felt heavenly. I could feel the urge to cum getting greater, as Brett expertly licked my clit, alternating between chewing, sucking and licking, I couldn’t hold on any longer, my whole body tingling, my heading was swimming with ecstasy.

“Lick it, chew it, suck it, don’t fucking stop!” I groaned, “Ahhh no, it’s coming,” waves of ecstasy ripping through me. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I begged.

My dripping wet cunt ready any moment to soak his hardened love weapon.

“Ahhhh, fuucck, please please, fuck me now, put your cock in me and bang me so hard, now,” I told him.

Banging me harder than he ever has, Brett pumped hard, slowly at first then faster and harder, he soon cum, deep, deep inside me. Our juices mixing and trickling out, until Brett pulled out his cock, and they spurted all over the freshly laundered sheets. Brett went for a shower, his cock still stiff

Meanwhile I rang down for the maid. It took her a while to answer, eventually after about two minutes she answered. “Get your fucking self-up to the master bedroom now!” I bellowed. “Fucking hurry up about it!”

“Yes mistress, right away mistress,” she whimpered.

Waiting for her to arrive seemed like ages, then there was a knock; “What fucking bedding did I tell you to put on here, bitch?” I yelled.

“The black satin bedding, mistress,” she replied.

“Well why the fuck have you put the red satin bedding on then?”

“I couldn’t find the black so I put the red on,” she answered.

“Well it’s not good enough and with your small misdemeanour last week, remember when you failed to make me cum. I don’t think it’s good enough you fuck wit. Now get your fucking clothes off and lick that cum of the sheets, swallow every last bit. Then go and stand in the corner, and prepare for your punishment. Hurry up slut!” I ordered.

Watching the little slut undress, was actually making my cunt wet. She began by unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her pert tits in a red bra, she dropped both her blouse and bra together on the floor, she then slipped out of her skirt, standing there in just her black panties and skin toned hold-ups, I wanted to fuck her with my biggest strap on, however I decided to taunt her instead; “Oi slut! Why the fuck haven’t you got matching underwear on?” Watching the look of horror on the daft bitch’s face, I added, “Have you been playing with yourself again, whilst on duty?” With that her facial expression changed from horror to guilt. She had either been illegal bahis playing with herself or the delivery driver had a quickie with her when he delivered the groceries.

She had a nice body, pert tits although her cunt was a bit looser than when I first met her, however nice all the same. I walked over to where she was and grabbed her ponytail, “Why didn’t you answer my question slut?” I asked in a menacing voice.

“Which one mistress?” she replied.

“I asked; why are you not wearing matching underwear? You know it’s one of the rules don’t you?

“They got too wet mistress, when I fucked the delivery driver.” she replied hesitantly.

“Oh, I see. Well in that case, go and get them and hurry up!” I ordered. Picking up her clothes, I told her not to bother and go as she was.

On her return she knocked the door.

“Enter.” I said sternly. “Are those the ones?”

“Yes mistress.” she replied.

“Well stand over there and lick and suck them clean, when you have done that, finish undressing.”

She began to lick and suck her panties, her long tongue gliding over them just as it does my clit. She held out the panties for inspection, I gestured for her to drop them to the floor, not really wanting to inspect them. Tentatively she pulled down her panties, showing her waxed pussy. Knowing that she had been fucking really turned me on, she was a fantastic fuck, juices from my cunt began to trickle down my inner thigh, I sat watching her on the side of the bed my clit was now throbbing and needed attention.

“Come here and lick my cunt bitch!” I demanded. She walked over to where I sat, dropping to her knees, I opened my legs and thrust her head between them. “Now lick my cunt until I cum, and this time do it properly slut!” I ordered. I lay back on the bed as she devoured my twat, it was heavenly, her tongue lapping my entire cunt, with nice long strokes all my lovely juices being swallowed at the same time. It wasn’t long before I was on the edge of an amazing orgasm. “Lick my clit bitch and don’t stop,” I gasped, “Oh my god, fffffuucckk, lick it bitch, lick it!” I screamed.

“Having fun Bunny?” I heard Brett say.

“Hell yes,” I groaned. “Fuucckk, she is good!” Wave after, wave of ecstasy now ripping through my body; my cunt now dripping wet. I started to squirt juices, “Lap them up bitch,” I panted. Lifting my head, I watched her drinking my cum. It was then that I noticed Brett watching, his erect cock in hand, tugging at it, slowly first, long soft strokes, and then he went faster, letting out small lustful groans. Obviously enjoying what he was witnessing, he walked over towards where Eve was kneeling.

“Oi bitch,” he said, “Take my cock in your mouth, and suck it until I cum down your throat, make sure you swallow every last drop of my seed!”

Turning her attention to Brett’s huge cock, I watched as she deep throated it, taking in most of the length, it wasn’t long until his body started to tense, his back arching as he thrust it deep inside her mouth, groaning as he did, with a few more thrusts he blasted his spunk down her throat, making her gag as he kept thrusting his throbbing cock deeper. Spunk began to seep from her lips. “Swallow it all bitch,” I said sniggering, “Don’t dare to spill any!” She gripped her lips tighter, cleaning his cock as he withdrew it from her mouth, licking the corners of her mouth so she got every last drop. “Good girl,” I said sarcastically patting the top of her head.

“Fucking hell she’s good!” Brett exclaimed, sitting next to me on the bed.

“Right bitch, get out of my fucking sight you slut!” I ordered. “I want to see you dressed correctly, when I come down for dinner.” I added….

Eve collected her clothes leaving Brett and I in our bedroom alone. “Darling I forgot to tell you, I hired us a private jet to take us to Monaco, we leave in a weeks’ time and we are staying for four whole weeks.” I told him smiling.

“Fantastic news just what we need.” he replied. “Is the slut coming with us?”

“Definitely not, we can find ourselves a French slut for while we are there.” I said smiling.

“Great idea Bunny, I like your way of thinking,” he said, leaning over to kiss me.

“Just think darling, in a weeks’ time we will be in our Monaco apartment, those lovely panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. How relaxed will we be!” giving him a horny wink…..

Once we reached the apartment complex, we were greeted at the reception desk by Monique, she was beautiful, her hair was blonde and worn in a French plait, her legs were so long, maybe she would be the one, I thought…

Brett seemed to be much more interested in the bellhop Dimitri, he was cute, in fact quite stunning, with his jet black, wavy hair, tight little arse and his impeccable English accent, I could tell he wanted him, however who’s wanton desire would win!…

Reaching the apartment, I couldn’t wait to take a shower and change the heat was sweltering at a humid 27 degrees. The complimentary illegal bahis siteleri champagne and strawberries looked very inviting. However, they would have to wait until I’d had my shower.

“Darling I’m going for a shower. Can you pour us a glass of champers whilst I’m in there please?”

“Okay Bunny, I will do,” Brett replied. He was still engrossed in conversation with Dimitri; I couldn’t wait to find out what they were talking about.

My shower was invigorating, the water feeling soft on my skin; I started day dreaming about Monique. My twat was beginning to moisten with the thought of her licking it, flicking at my hard clit with her beautiful tongue. I washed my body with small circular movements, cupping my huge tits, moving towards my waxed cunt and into my now soaking wet lovebox, it wasn’t long before I was on the edge of orgasm. Chills running through my body sending my senses reeling, I stroked my rock hard clit harder, letting out little gasps again and again, my cunt began to squirt. Just then I heard Brett enter the bathroom…

“Oh Bunny, you bad girl.” he said adding, “Who have you been thinking about then?”

“I’ve been thinking about Monique and how I’d like us to have her,” I replied smiling.

Stepping out of the shower, he wrapped the towel around me and kissed me with a wanton desire, picking me up he carried me to the bedroom and placed me down on the huge bed. Taking my favourite glass dildo out of the suitcase, “Play with this until I’ve had a shower, try not to cum too many times,” he said smiling.

“If you’re sure darling,” adding, “I’ll try not to,” I promise.

The dildo felt luscious, I didn’t know if I could keep my promise. It was tongue shaped with, smooth on one side and textured on the other, with a loop at the end for easier movement. Thrusting it in and out was heavenly, again my thoughts were of Monique, I had to have her. I didn’t want to think of it, I wanted it to happen. Pushing and pulling my glass dildo into my sopping wet cunt, I was close to orgasm, when there was a knock on the door, from the bathroom I heard Brett asking,

“Darling can you get that please, I think it’s for me.”

Putting on my thin, silk robe, I walked over to the door and opened it. To my surprise in front me stood Dimitri, “Oh, I wasn’t expecting you Dimitri. What can I do for you?” My robe had fallen open and I could feel his eyes ogling my mammoth tits.

“Mr. Steyn asked me to call, when my shift finished. He said he had a job that only I could do,” replied Dimitri.

“Well in that case you had better come in.”

Standing just inside the doorway, I gestured for him to be seated.

“Would you like a drink, Dimitri?”

“Yes please, Mrs. Steyn,” he replied.

“Please call me Anya, well when you’re in our apartment,” I said smiling, adding “What would you like to drink? We have most things.”

“I’ll have a cold beer please Mrs. Steyn, I mean Anya.” he answered.

Whilst we were chatting on the settee, my robe came opened loosely at the front, once again his gaze went to my tits.

“Nice aren’t they!” I said modestly.

“Yes they are,” he said with a broad smile.

The bedroom door opened, and Brett said, “Bunny are you teasing the guests?”

“Just a little,” I replied, adding, “I’m sure he doesn’t mind,” giving Dimitri a cheeky wink.

Making his way over to the sofa, Brett held out his hand to shake Dimitri’s saying, “Glad you could make it, I knew you were the kind of guy that wanted some fun.”

“Thanks for inviting me Brett, I’m sure we will have loads of fun!” he replied confidently.

Brett dressed only in the skimpiest of towels gave me the look, the ‘go and dress in something special one’. “Shall we go for a dip in the pool?” he asked.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” Dimitri said

“Don’t worry I won’t be wearing much,” I smiled.

“In that case, please don’t dress on my account Anya, I prefer to swim Au Naturale myself!” he cheekily smiled.

“Well that makes all of us then,” Brett added, removing his towel to reveal his totally naked body.

Dimitri seemed in awe of Brett’s body, his mouth almost open at the size of his semi hard cock. “Shall we wait for you in the pool?” I asked Dimitri, trying to distract him from his gaze.

“No please stay, I don’t mind an audience,” he replied winking.

Brett and I sat watching as he removed his clothes seductively, we both gasped as he pulled off his skin tight white t-shirt revealing his magnificently toned upper body; Brett sat there rubbing at his now stiffened cock, my cunt juices began to trickle down my thighs; Dimitri started to unfasten his black skinny jeans, pulling them down over his tight little arse showing that he wasn’t wearing any underwear, and that he was ready to play. The lower part of his body was as good as the top; his stiff member was at least nine inches long, his pubic hair removed completely.

“Dimitri your body is magnificent, you must show me how canlı bahis siteleri you exercise,” Brett said wantonly.

Walking over to where we sat, Dimitri asked, “Should we swim or play?”

“Oh I think we should play,” I answered adding, “Come show me how well you can lick my cunt!”

Doing as I asked he came and knelt in front of my now open legs, I pulled him up to me and kissed him passionately before he slowly made his way down my body to my sopping wet cunt; making sure he paid lots of attention to my voluptuous tits, sucking and chewing my erect nipples and cupping my tits in his hands; reaching my waxed twat he gently worked two fingers into my cunt slowly at first and with his thumb he rubbed my rock hard love jewel; the desire to cum was immense, my breathing became deeper; Brett was watching as Dimitri devoured my cunt, flicking my love bean with his long tongue, sending my senses reeling as I reached a climatic orgasm, my body started to tingle and tense.

“God that feels good, please don’t stop, lick it harder, suck it, chew it,” I gasped. He used long slow movements with his tongue over my bean which sent me into orbit; “Aaahhh fuck I’m coming, yessss yes, fffuuucccckkk me, aaahhh, jeeezzus” I groaned, my body exploding its love juices all onto his face. Still thrusting his fingers in and out; he seemed to expertly know when I was about to squirt, Dimitri pulled out his fingers and let my love juice squirt all over his torso and down onto his rock hard cock making it glisten.

“How was that then Anya?” he asked.

“Fucking fantastic,” I replied smiling.

“Shall we go through to the bedroom?” Brett suggested, adding, “Then I can play too!”

Dimitri stood up and walked over to Brett held out his hand and said lustfully, “Thought you’d never ask.” Walking to the bedroom Dimitri softly stroked and squeezed Brett’s arse cheeks, making him giggle. As they reached the bedroom door, Dimitri pulled Brett towards him and kissed him with the same passion as he had me.

“Do you not want to play Anya?” Dimitri asked.

“Fucking hell yes!” I exclaimed.

Reaching the bedroom I closed the door, Brett and Dimitri were lying on the bed playing with each other’s cocks and kissing both groaning with desire; I picked up my dildo and walked to the chair, sitting down I pushed the beast inside my dripping cunt and began thrusting it in and out whilst with the other hand I flicked my hard love bean. I watched as Brett was sat on the bed at the top whilst Dimitri was sucking on his cock, deep throating it and licking the top; I remember thinking that he must have had practise somewhere; Brett started to groan, beads of sweat dripping from his brow, his body tensing, he began to massage the back of Dimitri’s head, Brett’s groans became louder, he began thrusting his cock into his lovers mouth, groaning,

“Yes, yes suck it harder, swallow my seed, pleeaasse suck my cock dry.”

Dimitri sucked and licked Brett’s cock like wild dog with a bone, Brett began to gasp, his breathing was much shallower; Dimitri started to swallow and I could tell that Brett had cum deep into his mouth; he lifted his head and swallowed the remaining seed. They both sat at the top of the bed watching as I brought myself to a heavenly orgasm, my body once more tingling, and wave after wave of ecstasy rushing through me.

“Shall we go for that swim now?” I asked.

“Yeah give us a minute darling and we’ll be with you,” Brett answered smiling wryly.

“Okay then I’m going for a quick shower, be good boys while I’m gone.”

Going into the bathroom I realised I had forgotten my hair fastener; I opened the bedroom door and my jaw dropped, I had known for a long time that Brett liked to suck cock, however he was knelt on the edge of the bed with Dimitri’s cock buried in his arse. Dimitri smiled coyly; I found my hair fastener and then returned to the bathroom without saying a word. As I showered I wondered how long Brett had been getting drilled by other men; I also wondered if he would tell me that Dimitri had fucked him. The shower felt heavenly and I knew I wanted Monique even more, and I would have her all to myself!! Walking back into the bedroom Brett was now sprawled on the bed,

“Darling I’m going for a swim now,” I said.

“Okay sweetheart, on my way.”

“Make sure you bring Dimitri with you, but I think you both ought to shower first!”

I scoffed.

Changing my mind I dressed and made my way to reception; I asked to speak to Monique, I was told that she went home ill, I then asked if I could have her address to send her some flowers; they told me that it wasn’t really company policy, however she had spoken so highly of us that they didn’t want to offend us; after getting the address I went back to the apartment finding Brett and Dimitri by the pool soaking up the sunshine.

“I’ll join you in a minute boys,” I shouted; not really wanting to join them, the only place I wanted to go was Monique’s.

“Hurry up Anya or you’ll miss the afternoon sun.”

I heard Dimitri shout in the distance; not really listening, I had decided to take a taxi to Monique’s address. Making my excuses; knowing they would have a good time, I sought my solace hopefully at Monique’s flat…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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