A Concerned Husband Ch. 01

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Things at home began to change the night she popped the question. Suzan and I had been married for 21 years, we had an 18 year old son Seth. She was a housewife and as far as I knew had always been faithful. We were in bed reading as we always did to unwind at night, when she asked the unthinkable.

“Did you ever fuck your mother?”

“Do what?” I responded confusingly.

“You heard me.” She continued. “When you were young and living at home, did you ever fuck your mother?”

“What kind of demented question is that?” I asked.

“It’s not demented… in fact it’s quite common, most people just don’t talk about it. When you’re younger I can understand keeping such a thing hush-hush, so that your father doesn’t find out, but that was a long time ago and I think you can talk to your wife of all people about it now, don’t you?” She asked.

“No, I didn’t fuck my mother. I believe that’s called incest and last time I checked it was against the law.” I stated.

My wife chuckled.

“Yeah, so is adultry and last time I heard ninty-percent of the married population was commiting it.” She answered.

“Well, I certainly hope our marriage is one of the ten percent.” I said.

Suzan rolled her eyes and smiled.

“Then you at least fantisized about fucking your mother?” illegal bahis She said.

“No, I didn’t fantisize, she was my mother for God sakes!” I shouted.

My wife shook her head.

“Liar.” She said. “Most all teenaged boys fantisize about fucking their mothers, it’s a well known fact. You fantisized about fucking your mother like Seth fantisizes about fucking me.”

“Suzan, that’s crazy, how could you say that about your own son?” I asked.

“Because it’s true… Seth is no different than most other boys his age who dream of getting between thier mother’s legs while thier fathers are at work. It’s perfectly natural.” She said.

“You don’t know that.” I said.

“Dear, trust me, I’m his mother and mothers know these things.” She said.

“Oh, come on, Suzan, you act as though you know what the kid is thinking.” I said.

“Mothers usually know more about their sons than you think.” She said.

“Oh, really, what do you know about Seth that I don’t?” I asked boldly.

“I know that he masturbates three times a day, sometimes four. He fantisizes about rubbing his dick between my feet, with my toe-nails painted red. He frequents my cloths hamper when you and I are gone and likes to smell and suck the crotch of my dirty panties. He also likes matronly women with big illegal bahis siteleri breasts, particularly when thier pregnant… Would you like to know more?” She asked.

I was struck by her words.

“How do you know all these things?” I asked.

Suzan smiled mischevously.

“Mothers have thier ways.” She answered.

“Surely you don’t talk to him about these things.” I asked.

“Dear, just as you go to work and and do things that are of no concern to Seth and I, a mother and son have their own little world here at home, that a father shouldn’t concern himself with.” She said.

“Susan, you and Seth aren’t…” I couldn’t finish.

“Fucking?” She said with a smile. “If I were fucking our son, then that would mean that I was attracted to him. That’s not really the type of thing that a wife would confess to her husband.”

I was starting to feel my blood boil.

“Susan, just tell me, yes or no. Are you and Seth having sex?” I pleaded.

As my face turned red my wife giggled a little and ran her fingers gently arcoss my face.

“Sweetie, you’re letting yourself get all worked up. This is really bothering you, isen’t it?” She asked almost gloatingly.

“I just feel I have a right to know!” I stated.

“No, you don’t have a right to know. canlı bahis siteleri Darling, I love you, but your a father and a husband, and have no place in mother-son relationship. What takes place when your not in this home is niether your business nor your concern. If the mother and son in this home are fucking, then you’ll be no different than any other unsuspecting father and will never know about it.” She said.

She gave me a light peck on the lips and smiled warmly.

“You’re tired and you have a full day tomarrow. Get some sleep, love.” She said.

That night, I could hardly sleep. The next morning I woke up like all the others and Susan fixed me breakfast and ushered me to the door. She wore a flimsy silk robe which hug her big boobs beautifully. I saw Seth come down the stairs in his boxers and head for the couch.

“He’s up early.” I said.

“Yeah, I told him he could help mom paint her toe-nails and do her dirty laundry.” She said with a grin.

My stomach sunk.

“So what else are you two up to today?” I inquired suspiciously.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll find things to keep ourselves occupied.” She answered, smiling from ear to ear. “You better go, dear, you’ll be late.” She finished.

I walked out the door only to have it slammed behind me. As I walked to my car I listened to my wife lock the inside latches and wondered to myself what type of world she had created for Seth when I wasn’t around. Alarmingly, I felt my own cock stiffen within my pants.

Damn, I knew I should have been more of a momma’s boy!

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