A Country Blackmailing

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Sharon had always wanted to live in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

She had often dreamed of sitting on the veranda of a homestead, looking down into the valleys on late afternoons when the cool breeze would refresh the land.

She had discussed this with her husband on many occasions only to be told “you’re dreaming”, we can’t make money out there, and what would we do for jobs?

Sharon wasn’t easily deterred though, and sure enough an advertisement in the Daily Telegraph Newspaper was a job vacancy for a “live on-site mechanic” for a large sheep property.

Look David, isn’t this property near the area you go on your annual hunting trip? This could be our chance to live our dream!

Hmm her husband replied not so excited, David was a Fitter not a qualified Mechanic, though he did have a good understanding of engines and cars in general.

I don’t care what you say, I’m sending your resume! David’s resume was current; he had been through three jobs in the last six months. He wasn’t what you would call an energetic employee..

A couple of weeks had gone by and they had heard nothing, not even an unsuccessful letter. After breakfast the next morning Sharon decided to relook the advertisement clipping she had cut from the paper to ensure she had sent all that was required for the position. There was an email address at the bottom, so with nothing to lose she sends an email asking if there were any problems, and if anything could they just have an interview to express their passion for the position.

Sharon being a housewife waited most the day, checking each hour for a response to her email. David will be home soon, I’d better get tea started. Sharon was going to cook David’s favourite, hoping to put him in a better mood, his current job not going so well hadn’t helped things in the bedroom, apart from other things as well. Sharon was finding herself masturbating more and more as David seemed less interested in having sex lately. She new it wasn’t her fault, for 38 she looked quite good and kept herself fit by being active around the house most of the day.

We need a change of surroundings! Where’s that damn email?

Sure enough on next check it was there! Oh thank God, Sharon was scared to open it, not knowing how she would cope with a flat refusal.

Please call the below number tomorrow at 10.am sharp! They wanted a telephone conference with güvenilir bahis David, Sharon was breathless, and can David pull this off?

They arrived at the property early on a September Morning, can you believe it David? We did it! We did it! Look how beautiful it is, smell the fresh air… David wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as Sharon, looking around he notices a lot of run down machinery, what have I got myself into!

Hello! Hello a voice yell’s out. Glad you made it safe. It’s a dangerous climb up here, especially in the wet!

It was the property Supervisor Harold, the owners lived in Sydney only visiting monthly to check the accounts and things, Harold ran the show.

Glad to be here Harold! Where’s our house so we can start to unpack, it’s looking a bit overcast.

Your place is down that south track about 50m’s, come in and have a cuppa first. I’ve just put the kettle on so she’d be ready now, come on!

Harold told us he lives alone now, his wife left him some time ago. No loss! Harold exclaimed, she was a bitch anyway!

It’s going to be a bit isolated up here for the next 4 month’s, shearing has just finished, that’s when this place is booming, people everywhere. I’m glad it’s over for another year Harold said, though it won’t be such a lonely spell now you two are here…Do you have a beer David? Sure do, David replied! Come over when you’re finished getting settled, I’ll have a coldy or two waiting!

Penny for your thoughts David, Sharon asked? He seems great, and likes a beer. I couldn’t help noticing Harold looking at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. My feet seemed to take a lot of his attention as well, as I was only wearing flip flops.

I though I’d keep this to myself for now, as I’m always suspicious of people I don’t know..

After settling in and a month had rolled by, all seemed to be going well.. David enjoying his work, though never has a beer out of his hand, Harold visited me a couple of times but mostly kept to himself. All indications looked good, I was basking in a dream come true and had to keep pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming..

The owners were coming up tomorrow and staying the weekend.. We were told by Harold to keep to sober habits and get around busy, as the owners were stuck up and didn’t appreciate the county lifestyle.

Harold spent most parts of the day with the owners and the weekend went quick with incident türkçe bahis free. Monday came and they were gone.

Harold phoned our house and asked David to go into town and pick up some parts for the tractor. Town was about 2hrs each way and we had been for our monthly shop last week so I decided to stay for a bit of quiet time. Be careful on the road David, I said. I have some scones baked on your return..

Not to long later Harold called me to come down to his house, had some issues the owners had he wanted to discuss. Oh no I thought, what have we done? We have only been here a month, we can’t go home to fiends and family as failures, and we’ve sold everything we had to move here, I thought the worst!

Arriving at Harold’s place, he had tea brewing and we sat at his dinner table to discuss

what he knew.

Sharon, Vie had to report to the owners that I’m still unsure if you are the right people for the position, and being that your still in your trial period the owners want me to make a decision one way or the other, he said. What have done wrong? I asked nervously. It’s David! He’s not good at his job, and is a drunk! And I’ve got to pick up his slack, complained Harold.

Oh please, I can make him do better Harold, please give us a chance..OK, I’m prepared to do you favours Miss, as long as you’re prepared to do me some.

I could feel my mouth dry and face blush as I knew where this was going…

Harold I can’t, I mean please, I’m not like that.

I’m not asking for sex, just to play with your feet and see you naked, maybe a hand job or two. That sort of thing..

I could feel my pussy getting moist, this was all so much! The humility, Harold was nearly twice my age.

But what if David catches us, I cried? He will be sent in town on errands, just like today, Harold said.

Now, take your shoes off and put those sexy feet up on the table, I’ve wanted to do this ever since you arrived. Your soles are beautiful Sharon, so let’s see them!

Now sweating and unsure what to do, I kicked my flip flops off and put hem up on the table as he demanded.

Oh, so well shaped he went on to himself, I’m going to tickle them now and don’t pull away, he had long fingernails and I was very ticklish, especially on my soles. I laughed high and low, wanting all the time to pull away. I was really aroused by the humiliation of it all, but begged him to stop.

OK undress güvenilir bahis siteleri then, Oh god what am I getting into I thought.

I did as asked, standing naked in front of him. I’m going to play an Irish tune on the record player, and you’re going to dance an Irish jig, naked, for me..

The music started, please Harold I begged, DANCE he said, get those knee’s up. I started slow and unsure, Harold had a thin bamboo cane, whack-whack he spanked my bare ass, I let out a scream, it stung like nothing else…OkOk I was dancing this Jig the best I new how. Knees up I said, I want to here your soles slapping the floor demanded Harold..Touching me up occasionally with the cane impressed him but kept me diligent, this went on for 20min and my legs were like jelly, my poor soles were burning from slapping the floor. The song finished, thank god I thought…

Soles back up on table please! He inspected them rubbing his hands together..Ok, in the bedroom now I want to screw your lovely anus. I objected! That wasn’t the deal!

Well it is now, seeings that I have you dancing naked a highland jig on video tape..

I scanned the room, there up on the mantle between two picture frames was a lens.

Pleeeease Harold, please.. On the bed missy, on all fours. I did what I was told, he ran his finger down my wet pussy and into my asshole. Oh! I jumped. You will learn to love this he said, now putting two of his fingers in my unlubed ass. It’s to dry Harold, please.. Don’t worry missy, I have an old aborigine mixture here that is sure to sodomise you, as it has for the last four wives that have been in your position..Oh my god I thought, Harold has this down pat, I was putty in his hands all along.

He continued to lube my asshole, it made my anus itchy and warm, after some time I was begging for his big member to stretch my ass, and I couldn’t help it.

He proceeded to fuck my ass, oh god the pain turned to pleaure.Dont stop I screamed..

Harold would tickle my soles as we screwed, this was blowing my mind…He knew that tickling me was a major torment, and Harold loves feet and torment.

Harold is the Boss and we are still there thanks to my monthly favours, some things have change though, I’m not allowed to wear shoes anymore, anywhere. I’ve told hubby it’s my country change. And when Harold is around I give him a little foot show, flashing my dirty wrinkly soles. Also I’m an anal addict, I just can’t get enough. That magic lube he uses has surely sodimised me. I have a butt plug I wear most times and love it. And I can’t hold back a fart anymore which is embarrassing in public.

But a small price for living my dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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