A Crash Course In Losing Virginity Ch. 04

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Well the next time I saw Brandon was 5 weeks later. The radiator in his truck had finally fallen apart (thanks to it not being replaced after the accident) and his uncle wasn’t moving fast enough to fix it. So five weeks went by. At the end of the 5 weeks, I finally got to see Brandon. He showed up at my campus around 7:30 p.m. on a Friday night. Naturally, Friday was filled with sex and love and all that good stuff and Saturday was

Valentine’s day.

Now I had gone to Pricilla’s the week before because Brandon and I had often talked about buying stuff there and using it in our sex play. So I bought a pair of red furry handcuffs. We figured this would lead to a very interesting weekend and of course, we were right.

So anyway, Saturday came around and we just played around the whole day. Brandon was trying to tickle me and I remember trying to hold him down to the bed so he couldn’t reach any ticklish spots on my body. Needless to say, I wasn’t succeeding. The fact that we both were naked except for him wearing boxers and me being in a bra and thong didn’t help the situation, because he had much easier access to all the ticklish parts of my body than if I had been clothed. So I got up and got the handcuffs. I figured, hey, I could handcuff him and then he wouldn’t be able to tickle me.

For about 40 minutes we wrestled, trying to get the handcuffs on each other. It wasn’t working incredibly well because we both were able to wiggle ourselves out of any positions that could have been used to put the cuffs on. And believe me, it’s hard to get handcuffs on a moving squirming person. Since we were getting a little tired and didn’t want to wear ourselves out, Brandon finally stopped moving and allowed me to put the handcuffs on him.

Now the only problem was that we needed something to wind the handcuffs around so he couldn’t move his arms at all. The fact that we were in a room in Guerin meant that there was a metal chair in our room. So we backed up the chair to the bed and wound the handcuffs around one of the vertical bars on it. He laid back on the bed as I secured the handcuffs.

Then it was my turn to have a little fun. Pulling his boxers off, it was obvious to the world that he was hard and ready to fuck. Grazing my hand over his cock head, he squirmed in my grasp. I could hear the clinking of the handcuffs against the metal chair and knew that he wanted to be able to move around more than he was able to. That just enticed me more. Knowing how much he liked tit-fucking, I unsnapped my bra and dropped it on the ground. Lowering my body over his, I grazed his straining cock with my breasts.

As my soft tits glided over his cock, he took in a gasp of air. I knew he loved what I was doing and now was a perfect time to take advantage of it. I kept moving my breasts softly over his raging cock, knowing that I was slowly driving him insane. “I should have known you would do something like that,” he groaned when I looked up at him with a devilish grin.

Lifting my body off of his, I moved down the length of his body until my mouth was hovering above his cock. Sticking out my tongue, I licked the underside of his cock in that sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft, causing him to arch his body off of the bed. I knew that spot drove him nuts, which just added to all of the other pleasure he was experiencing. Looking up at him, I could see that his eyes had glazed over and his breathing had become more rapid.

I again lowered my mouth to his cock, licking that spot over and over, making him squirm because of the amounts of intense pleasure that were wracking his body. I held the base of his cock with my hand while I did this, because his cock continuously twitched and moved around every time I licked that sensitive spot.

I felt a string of pre-cum slide down his cock and onto my hand. Looking straight into his eyes (with a devilish grin) to making sure he was watching me, I raised my hand to my mouth and proceeded to lick off the cum. This elicited a groan from Brandon.

I engulfed his cock with my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip and applying light suction to his whole cock as I lifted my head off it. The whole time, I kept eye contact with Brandon. As my tongue bathed his cock, I made sure to flick it across the sensitive spot, making Brandon squirm even more. Almost every time I flicked that spot, I could hear the cuffs clinking against the chair as he struggled to remain still.

Moving up his body, I licked his lips with my tongue. He raised his head so that he could kiss me, but I pulled just out of his reach. When he put his head back down, I kissed him and let my tongue fall into his mouth for a mere second. The second he tried to suck on my tongue, I pulled back. “Let me have it,” he groaned with a voice full of need.

This continued for a little while until I finally rested my body on top of his and made out with him. I could feel his hard cock throbbing on my pussy as I lowered my mouth to his neck. I lightly nibbled on bursa escort it, sucking some of it into my mouth. He always loved it when I did this, as was obvious by him raising his hips to meet mine. He ground his hips against me as I continued to suck on his neck.

“Fuck me Ash,” he said as I lifted myself off of his neck.

And I did. Reaching a condom from the dresser (we still had not had sex without one), I quickly put it on his cock and straddled his body. Slowly lowering myself onto his cock, I heard him gasp as his cock was engulfed in my hot, tight pussy. Once I had him in me as deep as I could get him, I leaned down to kiss him. As we made out, I moved my pussy so that I was fucking him. I couldn’t go too fast because of the making out, but I could still hear his strangled gasps.

Breaking our kiss, I planted my hands on the bed on either side of him and began fucking him. I could feel my pussy tightening around his cock as my orgasm approached. Hearing his groans just egged me on, as I continued to fuck him hard and deep. And I’m not one to fuck girl-on-top without a little teasing. On one of the up-strokes, I lifted my hips enough so that only the head of his cock was still buried in my pussy. Brandon lifted his hips to stuff his cock back in me. So I just raised mine higher and watched him struggle to raise his up to meet mine again. Brandon somehow managed to keep the head of his cock in my pussy, so I lowered myself down onto him as he lowered his hips back to the bed. I could hear him groan the second his cock was fully buried in my pussy. From that moment on, I started fucking him with abandon. Not a minute later, Brandon let out a strangled cry. I could feel his cock pulsing in me and shooting out his cum. His cock shot what must have been a gallon of cum into my already-dripping pussy. The second I felt his cock start to pulse, my own orgasm overtook me. My pussy convulsed around his cock, pulling him deeper into me with every contraction. It felt like lightning bolts were running from my pussy up through the rest of my body. My pussy gripped his cock like a vice, milking his cock for all I was worth. Our orgasms were perfectly in sync for a moment, as I collapsed on top of Brandon.

Breathing hard, we both rested for awhile, just laying there on the bed. Realizing that Brandon was still handcuffed, I reached up to where his arms were and unlatched the handcuffs. When his arms were free, he wrapped them around me in a lover’s embrace. For a little while we cuddled, until I felt Brandon move beneath me.

Looking down at him, I saw him grinning. “My turn,” he said with a devilish look on his face.

Knowing exactly what he wanted, I lifted my body off of his and laid down on the bed. As I watched him, he got up and threw the condom in the trash. Going over to the table on the far side of the room, he put his boxers back on. I looked at him questioningly, but he just walked back to the bed. I put my arms above my head as I saw him reaching for the handcuffs. As I heard them clink closed around my wrists, I knew that I was going to be in for some fun. Brandon laid down with his pelvis draped over my one leg and started making humping motions. I could feel his hard cock moving against my leg through the fabric of his boxers. “Oh you can’t do that,” I said to him. He knew he was teasing me and he loved it.

I wanted him so badly to sink his cock into me and yet he kept lying there, humping away at my leg, driving me insane. “You feel that, don’t you?” he teased, “All nice and hard…”

He knew he was driving me nuts and he totally loved it. He moved up my body and laid down on top of me. Lifting his head just out of kissing reach, he tempted me by lowering it enough that I thought he was going to kiss me. Raising my head to kiss him, he pulled back. “Uh-uh…I don’t think so…” he teased me further. Raising his hips off of mine, he slowly moved so that just the tent in his boxers (formed by his straining cock) was touching my pussy. Moving his hips back and forth, he stroked my pussy with his cloth-covered cock, driving me wild.

“It would be a shame if that just slipped out of there and ended up in your pussy, wouldn’t it?” he teased.

“Totally,” I replied as I wrapped my legs around his hips and tried to grind him into me. I wasn’t satisfied though, because of the cloth separating us. Plus, I wasn’t really pulling him any closer to me because he had somehow locked his hips into position. So I pulled my feet back in front of his waist and tried to use my toes to grab the material of his boxers and move his cock through the fly. I succeeded in doing this relatively easily. Once it was through, he lowered his cock back down to my pussy. As his cock touched my pussy lips, I could feel a drop of pre-cum slide from his cock head down into the depths of my pussy.

Feeling that, I wound my legs back around his hips and pulled his cock to me. Still teasing me, he slowly moved his cock gently over my pussy lips, pausing at my entrance. He lightly pushed, but not bursa escort bayan hard enough to slide any part of his cock inside of me. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, but continued to tease me. Lifting higher off me, he moved his cock away from my pussy and rested it on the lower part of my belly with his balls grazing my clit. He softly moved against my body, causing his cock and balls to rub against me very pleasurably. I tried to move my hips up against his, but the second I moved so much as an inch, he pulled away from me.

And of course, I couldn’t do anything about it because I was handcuffed. I tried not to move around too much, so that he wouldn’t know how badly I wanted to be able to move my arms and just grab his cock and plunge it deep into my pussy. However, that was easier said than done and the handcuffs did quite a lot of clinking against the chair during the time I was cuffed.

After what seemed like hours (although I’m sure it was only a few minutes), he again moved his cock back to my pussy. Although I’m not sure he meant to, it slid right in. I was dripping wet because of all the teasing he’d done to me. The second his cock head was inside my pussy, his entire body tensed up. He stopped moving every muscle in his body and stood stock still. Looking up at him, I saw that he had a look of intense concentration on his face. As he felt the warmth of my pussy for the first time not separated by the latex of a condom, he tried with all his might to hold in his cum. “Push it in babe,” I told him, as I wrapped my legs back around his hips and pulled him in a little deeper. Again, he had to stop and force himself not to cum as the sensations increased.

Once he was sure he wasn’t going to cum the first second he moved, he slowly pumped his cock in and out of my pussy a few times. Then he stopped and pulled his cock completely out of my pussy. “Come on babe, put it back in,” I encouraged him.

“Babe, neither of us have been tested…” he was one of those people who wanted sex without a condom to be perfectly safe and STD free…

“Yeah, and neither of us have had sex with anyone else so what’s the chance we’ve got something?”

“Well you could get pregnant and I don’t know how this all works…”

“That’s why I’m on the pill…come on, just this once…”

“All it takes is once, babe…”

“Well yeah…come on…”

“Babe, I know you’re psychotically horny, so…” Was that supposed to mean that I wasn’t thinking straight or something?

“Babe, please?”

“Fine, I’ll just pull out…”

“No…I want you to cum in me….it doesn’t matter anyway cause those things (cocks) leak enough before you cum to make a person pregnant anyway…” he totally lifted his body and cock off of me.

“Babe, I’m on the pill…”

“Yeah, but I don’t know how effective that is and stuff and I just don’t know.”


“I’m sorry,” he said.

Nothing I could say or do could get him to put that bare cock of his back in me. He reached above my head and undid my handcuffs. “I’ll be right back.”

Well I knew he was worried and stuff and I knew he thought that I was the one not thinking logically (because I was, as he said, psychotically horny), but I WAS on the pill and I knew that it (the pill) had a better chance of working than of not working, but whatever. Anyway, that night we talked about the chances of getting pregnant and just about everything dealing with how the pills worked and all that good stuff.

I imagine that he was scared because of the fact that I knew what was going on and he was sitting there without a clue, totally clueless. So I informed him about stuff. I pretty much told him everything I knew on the subject of birth control pills, but I think he expected the whole process of how they work to be a little more complex than what it actually is, and that kind of threw him off.

Anyway, talking about that got us onto the subject of talking about sex again. That got us all riled up again and we ended up back on the bed. Although we had talked about the stuff about birth control and not using condoms, we had not talked about what we were going to do the next time we had sex (regarding whether or not to use a condom). Because of that, we were both a little hesitant about getting up to get a condom. Like I said, we were both hoping that the other person would take the initiative and get one, or just roll over and ride the other person. However, since we were both waiting on each other, nothing was getting done.

Luckily for me, Brandon made a decision. Rolling over so that he was partially on top of me, he looked me in the eyes. “You’re sure it’s that small of a chance?”

“Yeah, it should be…”

“SHOULD?” he said in a slightly panicked tone.

“Babe, nothing’s for sure.”


After a short pause, Brandon finally moved so that his cock was positioned directly over my pussy and pushed the head of it in. Again, he had to pause for a few seconds to keep himself from escort bursa cumming, but then he started fucking me. As his bare shaft penetrated my pussy, the sensations overwhelmed me. Unlike when we had sex with a condom, I could now feel the head of his cock and I could feel all the ridges and veins in his shaft. It was amazing. I could tell that he was enjoying this way more too, as his breathing had already sped up to be incredibly fast and he began pumping me as if he was gonna cum any second.

I moved my hips up to meet his and ground them against his. My clit was getting so much stimulation, I was sort of surprised that I hadn’t passed out from the ecstasy of it all. From the dual feeling of my clit hitting his pubic bone and the fact that he was raw-dogging me, I came in seconds. My pussy clamped down hard on his cock, making him start to drip his cum inside of me.

“Cum in me babe,” I managed to squeak out through the intense pleasure that I was feeling.

With one loud groan, he did. The first thing I felt was the rhythmic contractions of his cock deep inside of me. I could feel the cum shooting out of his cock and hitting the walls of my pussy. The whole time, my pussy milked his cock, drawing every last drop of cum out of his pulsing cock. He was totally filling me up with his hot cum, which was overflowing my pussy. When we were both done, he collapsed on top of me, totally out of breath.

When he finally lifted his face from the pillow next to mine, he looked at me. “I love you,” we both managed to say at the same time.

Grinning deep into his eyes, I contracted my pussy muscles around his still-hard cock. “You just have to get every drop out of me, don’t you?”

“Yeah I do,” I grinned.

Not much later, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Waking up the next morning, we went over to my dorm room with all our stuff. It wasn’t long before we were ready to go at it again, quite a few times in fact. And of course, the sex was good every time, but let me tell you about this one specific time that we did “stuff.”

So anyway, we’re just laying on the bed, teasing each other with kisses, and neck nips and things like that while being held in each other’s arms.

“So you want to do stuff?” I asked him.

Knowing full well what I meant, he said, “Sure, you got anything specific in mind?”

“No, just the regular is good.”


Neither of us seemed to know where to start, because again, neither of us knew how (with or without a condom) the other wanted to do stuff. And again, I left it up to him. We made out, tongues dueling and fighting to get down each other’s throats while I waited for him to make a decision. I lowered my mouth to his neck, lightly nibbling on the soft skin there. Hearing a sharp intake of air from Brandon, I lightly licked the same spot and took the skin into my mouth, lightly sucking on it. I then moved back to his mouth and placed a light kiss on his lips.

Rolling onto my back just to get comfy, I was lucky enough to have him decide what to do. Not that I wouldn’t have decided, but I never liked to make major decisions…or just decisions at all. Anyway…

Brandon rolled so that he was on top of me, his bare cock positioned at the entrance to my dripping pussy. For some reason though, he had a little trouble pushing it in at first. It’s not that I was dry, I think it was that we were used to the whole lubricated condom thing. “Is it even in there?” he asked me, as he had a little trouble pushing his cock into me.

“Yeah it is, believe me…”

He kept pushing his cock into me, slowly pistoning it in and out to get some lubrication flowing. Then his cock head made contact with my wetness and heat. “Yeah, it’s in,” he gasped.

“Yeah,” I sighed as I could feel his cock pressing into my pussy, stretching it to accommodate his size.

“Man you’re big babe…so long and thick.”

“My baby’s so wet…”

“Only for you babe…”

At that point, we had no problems at all with the lubrication and Brandon had no problem sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. He started out slow, not wanting to cum too soon as his cock was surrounded by my hot wet tight pussy.

He then sped up his pace, pulling his cock further out of me and slamming it back into me, burying himself to the balls. He was fucking me rough and I loved every second of it. I could feel all the details of his cock as my pussy gripped onto it.

He pumped his cock into me as if there was no tomorrow. He managed to do it hard, deep, and fast, not to mention pleasurable all at the same time. I could feel his cock swelling in my pussy with every second that he kept humping me. Our breathing sped up as we got more and more aroused from the pleasure that was coursing through our bodies like lightning bolts.

Leaning his head down to kiss me in the middle of our romp session, he continued to fuck me. His tongue was like electricity as it sent a shock through my body as it coursed around mine. We continued to make out for a few minutes before he pulled away from our kiss, gasping for air. Lowering his head back down to the pillow, I could feel him speed up his fucking. I could tell he was getting close to cumming as was I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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