A Dangerous New Level

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This story and all the characters in it are completely fictional. If the idea of sexual intimacy between a brother and sister bothers you, I would ask that you read no further. That said, this was extremely fun to write, and I hope you enjoy reading it.


A Dangerous New Level

Hi, my name is Aaron and I’ve had incest fantasies since college. The idea of a brother and sister being so close and sharing something so intimate and so forbidden really turned me on. I’d never really considered acting on it with my own sister though. The idea was almost appalling. I didn’t love my sister in that way, I thought, though I’d always felt very protective of her. Aside from which, I knew she couldn’t feel that way about me and there would be serious ramifications for even mentioning the possibility of it to her. This is real life after all, and there are some things that just aren’t accepted. Once you say something like that, you can’t take it back and it will stay with you forever. Still, I couldn’t help but imagine the forbidden sometimes. I had vague ideas in my head of how it could happen and how it might, but I didn’t like to actually think about her naked. Somehow that made it too real and way too scary for me.

To appease my fantastic urges, during college I downloaded a lot of incest movies and stories from the Internet. I kept my fantasies secret and well hidden throughout college. I was a virgin until my junior year because quite frankly I was terribly shy and introverted, and not very comfortable around people. I had a darker and far more open side though that I’d kept hidden from the world. To the outside world I appeared a quiet timid loner, most of the time. I was short and young looking, with dark hair and eyes. I wasn’t extremely well-muscled, but I did work out and was in good shape. Most women told me I was cute, but when they said it they sounded more like they were talking about a puppy than a man.

In my Junior year though, I made a bold move and decided unleash my darker personality on the world, though I still kept it secret from the public. I was a very imaginative writer, and decided to start putting my fantastic visions down on paper. Then I started to advertise them in online personals. I knew how to sell myself on paper, I played the part of the innocent looking devil whispering into the ears of my readers and tempting them to experience the immense pleasure they might attain from experiencing my fantasies. A couple of women were enticed by these fantasies, and I wound up having a lot of fun in my second half of college. I found one kindred spirit in particular with whom I experienced my most erotic of fantasies. She was a short beautiful Venezuelan woman of about thirty with dark eyes, long dark hair, a dancer’s figure and a fiery spirit. Her breasts were actually a little bigger than those of my ideal woman, but I certainly wasn’t one to complain about such things. She and I fulfilled each other’s deepest and darkest desires, from public sex to student-teacher fantasies to bi-fantasies to light S you name it and we tried it. I was sad to be parted from her when I graduated and moved back home to attain my law degree from a local university, but we hadn’t been in love or anything. It had only been lust, and as sad as I was to lose my partner in crime I wasn’t overwhelmed by it. Still there was one fantasy of mine that she hadn’t been able to fulfill completely, though we had roll played it. She couldn’t truly fulfill it because she wasn’t my sister.

When I returned home from college my sister Catherine had completed her Freshman year of college at the city’s university, which was about a half an hour away from our home by car. She was beautiful with dark brown hair that fell to the tops of her shoulders, blue eyes that istanbul escort seemed to burn with intensity no matter what they looked at, a slim figure, and soft smooth white skin. She was of a height with me, which put her at about 5’5″ and she had breasts the size of grapefruits. I had never seen her fully naked, at least not since we were kids and we played you show me yours and I’ll show you mine, but I had seen her in only a bra and panties a few rare times. One thing I noticed when I got home was that she took to walking around the house in just that a lot more than she used to. She didn’t seem to mind if I noticed. It embarrassed me, but I supposed I deserved this sort of torture since during my high school days I had often walked around the house in nothing but my boxers and perhaps a t-shirt at night. I am ashamed to say that she did walk in on me a number of times when I was masturbating back then; my door had no lock on it. However, I had always been quick to cover up as the door was opening, so I never knew whether she fully caught me or not. Though I can think back on one time when I was completely naked that I’m sure she caught me on, as I didn’t have much to cover up with. These incidents were never mentioned.

I had never caught her doing anything similar though. I don’t think she really discovered the joys of sex until college. She was a big prude in high school. She wasn’t giving up anything if she didn’t want to; she acted like she didn’t need any type of sexual pleasure. She simply wanted a trophy boyfriend, who fit all of her qualifications to display to all the world. She was always very strong willed, and sure of herself. Despite her looks I never really had to worry about her, as she was more than capable of taking care of herself. However, just because I didn’t have to worry about her doesn’t mean I didn’t. I was irrationally jealous of her boyfriends though I didn’t like to admit it to myself at the time. It hurt that they were usually so much different from the type of guy I was. Thinking about the way this made me feel had often made me want retch. It was a reminder to me that I might want something despicably sick. I didn’t want to face that.

When I came home from college though, I couldn’t help but think about it more and more, especially when she walked around in nothing but her bra and panties. Her breasts had grown a bit from high-school; she’d been pretty near flat-chested then. Suddenly picturing her naked became easier and the idea became more real to me. I brushed these thoughts aside whenever I talked to her. I was very good at hiding my feelings. Even my jealousy of her boyfriends came off as a genuine brotherly concern for her. As she started dating guys who were more like me, the jealousy did ease a little bit, but it was still there (just well hidden). She would often come to me for advice whenever she had any kind of problem, and that included problems she had with her boyfriends. I have a very analytical mind and am very honest with my opinions, though I lose all perspective when dealing with my own problems. I’ve been told by almost everyone I’ve ever known that I give excellent advice, and when giving her advice I was surprisingly able to distance myself from the situation and assess things accurately and dispassionately.

We grew closer after I came home from college. She would help me pick out clothes and told me about all the good clubs I could go to in the city with my friends. She even got me into a couple of places for free. She never really introduced me to too many of her friends though. It had always been like that between us though. She had her world and I had mine. The world we shared in the middle seemed to belong only to us, and nobody else was allowed in. There seemed to be an unspoken rule that our two separate worlds avcılar escort were never allowed to meet.

Two years after I’d first come home to begin law school at a local university, which was also in the city near hers’, our semesters had ended and she was home for winter break. I was living at home, as I couldn’t afford to pay for a place in the city, and my parents weren’t paying for a dorm during law school when I was perfectly capable of commuting from home. My sister was still an undergraduate so she was allowed to stay in a dorm. I worked part time for my uncle during the day, and went to school at night. I was enjoying the break, as I liked finally having my nights free again.

One night I was in my room watching TV when my sister barged in wearing only a towel. This was a new experience for me. She stood there talking to me as if not a thing in the world was out of the ordinary, asking me if she could borrow a movie to watch with her latest boyfriend that night. This unsettled me, but I didn’t let it show. I didn’t want to help this guy have fun with my sister, but I did want to help my sister out. I didn’t want to come off like an asshole after all, so I said she could and she bent down with her ass to me to look through my dvd collection which was in a case that I had lying on the floor. I got the first glimpse of my sister’s womanhood since she was a little girl. This was highly unsettling. That beautiful pink slit was practically wiggling in my face and there was nothing I could do about it. She didn’t seem to notice what she was doing, she just kept going though the collection, as if everything were normal. Finally she picked out a movie and thanked me for it. However, when she left he house that night, she forgot to take it with her. The movie was “Cruel Intentions”.

I didn’t know what to think about this. Like I said earlier, I lose all perspective when it comes to analyzing my own problems. I didn’t know whether she was hinting at something, or just simply oblivious. She could have been teasing me too. I didn’t know. She hadn’t shown the slightest hint that she was aware of what she was doing, yet it was a very odd thing to do and she’d never done it before. Furthermore, I couldn’t think of any reason why she couldn’t change and then look for a movie. She had claimed that she didn’t know what she wanted to wear, but that seemed a weak excuse. I came to the conclusion that she must simply have been teasing me.

Over the next week or so I decided to pay her back by making her uncomfortable. I would walk into her room in only a towel and ask he questions before I went out. I would also conveniently not close the bathroom door the entire way when taking a leak. She fought back walking around in only a bra and panties half the time and coming in to talk to me in only a towel a couple more times. She would also conveniently forget to close the door when she was taking a leak sometimes. Neither of us ever walked in on the other. It was almost like a game; the first one to walk in on the other gave in to temptation and lost.

For New Years Eve my mother and father went to New York City and got a hotel room near Times Square. They had met on New Year’s Eve thirty years earlier, and they wanted to celebrate. Their favorite musician was playing at Madison Square Garden that night, so they decided to go to New York City and make a night of it, which left my sister and me alone in the house, though we each had plans to go out with our friends later. I was just getting through showering that night, when my sister barged into the bathroom, not caring that I was completely naked, and demanding that it was her turn to shower. I told her to get out and I’d be done when I’d be done. She wasn’t having any of it though; she was going to use the shower now and that was it. I told her that I was şirinevler escort in it, and that was tough for her. She would just have to wait. I was wrong. She left the room and came back a moment later completely naked. Then she walked into the shower, pressed herself against me, reached behind me and found her bar of soap. After that she started washing herself as if it were a perfectly normal thing to do.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing” I demanded.

“What’s the matter big brother, I’m sure I don’t have anything you haven’t seen before.”

“You’re my sister. You can’t do this.”

“Why not, I’m just taking a shower. We’re not doing anything else.”

“God damn it, that’s enough! I give. You win. Stop teasing me. You can’t do this! You can’t do this unless…” I cut off. Oh shit. I’d gone too far.

“Unless what dear brother?”

“Nothing.” I looked away.”

“Unless, I mean it.” She said reaching for my head with both her hands.

She turned my face to hers, and I could now see her blue eyes burn with passion. Pulling my head down, she then kissed me passionately. Her tongue found mine, and we started thoroughly making out. Her warm soft lips felt so good on my own, and her tongue tasted so great. I wanted to devour her mouth in my own. I wanted to take her into me, to become one with her. The feeling was so intense it nearly consumed me. Her breats were pressed tightly against my chest as we stood there togather holding eachother in a passionate embrace. I was reverting, slowly, to my darker self. Just when I thought I would no longer be able to stop myself from ravaging her right then and there, she broke the kiss and said breathlessly, “I mean it.”

We went back to kissing and our hands started to explore each other’s bodies. Mine went slowly down her back to cup her firm supple ass, then around to play up her stomach, and up to fondle her tits. They reached her face and stroked it caressingly as I broke the kiss and began to kiss my way down her body starting with her tits. I went all the way down her legs before finally coming up to her gorgeous little slit with the tiny V of hair above it. Her entire body shivered as I began to lick her clit. She was dripping wet down there and it wasn’t just from the shower water. She let out wonderful gasps, and moans, which spurred me on with even more vigor. I started fingering her as I licked her clit searching for the all important g-spot. I found it and she exploded. Her moans grew louder and louder as she came closer and closer to climax, until finally she started screaming, “OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH SHIIIIIIT AHHHHHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHH! OHHHH! OH!” Her juices poured into my mouth and down my chin. I devoured them eagerly.

Her screams had sent me over the edge though. I needed her right then and there.

“Are you on the pill?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said recovering, “but…”

I didn’t wait for the rest. In a moment I was up with my penis poised to penetrate her womanhood. The next moment it was in, and she let out a gasp. I pushed her back against the wall and started fucking her relentlessly. I had to have her. Her box was so wet and tight. I slid easily in and out. The sensation was heaven. She started moaning again soon and my lips once again went to hers in a passionate lustful kiss. She was pushing back in rhythm with me now, and we were both trying desperately to get off. It lasted a half hour, with us shifting our bodies into different positions at certain points during the whole thing, before I finally made her come again. I could feel the shivers running down her spine as her box gripped down hard on my Johnson, causing me to shoot a huge load into her wonderfully soft and tight hole.

We both sank to the floor then and started kissing each other once more. This time the kiss was more loving. I could see her affection for me in her eyes, and I’m sure she could see my affection for her all over my face. We had just taken our relationship to a dangerous new level, and the future was very uncertain, but there was one thing we both knew; at that moment, we were both more content than we’d ever been in our entire lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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