A Dog’s Life Ch. 04

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A rare break in the summer heat brought the temperature down to eighty degrees the next day. Gretchen came out and set up her lawn chair and her beach umbrella. She had her crossword puzzle book and seemed settled in for the day.

“Lucky!” she called, “Come and keep me company. There’s enough shade for the both of us.” Sure, there was, I just needed to lie down on the grass beside her to stay out of the sun.

That was the moment when the emotions of spending an entire summer sleeping in a doghouse finally came to a head. I covered my face with my bound hands and began bawling like a baby. Gretch didn’t say a word; she merely waited until I had cried my eyes out. Her eyes never left her puzzle as she spoke.

“Well, Lucky, you’ve had quite a summer. Tell me, is this the kind of role-playing you had in mind?”

“Not at all,” I sniffled.

“But you wanted to surrender, to submit completely to a dominant woman. Isn’t that what you said?”

“I never dreamed you would take it to such extremes. I don’t know how I’ve made it through the summer.”

“But you have made it, and that was because you had no choice. You wanted to please me. You’ve always wanted to please me, long before we started this silly business. You should have known that I wouldn’t be happy unless I took it all the way; that’s just me.”

“And now you don’t love me anymore,” I blubbered. She stroked my back softly.

“Lucky, of course I love you. I’ve never loved you any more or less than I do at this moment.”

“You had sex with Danny.” She gave a long sigh.

“Danny is a unique situation; you have no reason to worry about güvenilir bahis him. However, we both know that you are lousy in bed, and not just because of your tiny cock. You have no technique, no imagination, which is why I find all this fetish nonsense such a surprise.

“It’s true that I had sex with Danny, and I want you to know that I will take a lover if and whenever I feel like having a real man inside me. I love you dearly, Lucky, but I love you like a faithful pet. You make a better puppy than a lover. If you don’t want to be my little puppy, now is the time to say it. Don’t worry about money; I wouldn’t turn you out without at least finding you an apartment and a car.”

“I want to be with you, Gretch, as much as I want you to be with me. Please, let me stay! I’ll do anything, be anything you want me to be, just let me stay with you!”

“There are many types of dogs,” she continued. “Some are very useful, like police dogs or guard dogs. Seeing Eye dogs for the blind are also intelligent and the dogs they use for security at airports save lives.

“But most dogs are just pets, and that’s not such a bad thing. Pets bring love and comfort into a home, but sometimes that cute puppy grows up and becomes too unruly to be in the house. Some dogs are eventually turned out into the backyard. They become backyard dogs, Lucky. They live their entire lives outside.

“Sometimes it isn’t enough to be shut up in the yard. Some dogs need to be chained, as well. Are you ready for that, Lucky? Are you prepared to be a backyard dog for the rest of your life? Do you love me that much?”

This was the first time Gretchen türkçe bahis acknowledged that everything she made me do all summer revolved around dogs. I cringed at the word, “dog.” It was the way she said the word that made me shudder in fear and, I must admit, excitement. My dick was as stiff as a twig. At last, her despotic demands had become my desires. I didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Gretch, honey, I am yours to do with as you please. Make me into whatever you want. I’m happy just to be with you. I’m content just to love you as much as ever, if you will share that love with me.”

“That’s nice, Lucky. Well, since you’ve spent the entire summer as a dog and you want to remain as my pet dog, there is only one thing left to complete your training.”

Gretchen shifted in her chair so that she was sitting facing me. Her legs were smooth and tan. She looked down at me and finally, after enduring an entire summer of wondering just what was going through her mind, she gazed down at me with a look of satisfaction.

This is going to sound strange, considering all of the humiliating, emasculating tasks and punishments I experienced that summer, but I knew that the act she wanted me to perform would seal her dominance over me.

She was staring down at me with an amused but stern smile on her face that grew crueler as I performed my final task to become her pet. Her eyes never left mine as I performed for her.

All things considered, it should have been nothing for me to straddle myself over her right leg. She became quietly verbal as she gave me instructions. Her eyes held me in her power, her voice brought me güvenilir bahis siteleri chills.

“That’s it, Lucky; wrap your forearms together under my knee. You know how, don’t you? Everyone knows how a dog masturbates. Look at me! You’d like to be a dog? You want to be my dog, and be treated like a dog for the rest of your life?

“Then do it, hump my leg! Fuck yourself on my leg; rub your pathetic doggy dick against me until you shoot your useless sperm all over my leg! Faster, you stupid dog, and keep your eyes on mine. You will have plenty of time to stare at my legs when you lick up your doggy juice.

“There it is, Lucky, there’s the face I want to see. You look just like a dog about to ejaculate.”

Living in a doghouse? Not fun. Eating out of a bowl without hands? Not a treat but better than lifting your leg to pee on a tree.

Nevertheless, all of these things could not compare with the act of humping myself against her leg. Every time she said the word, “dog,” I felt that wave of shame, only now the shame was real and not a product of my imagination.

Gretchen’s habit of taking something to its limit had created a reality far superior to my fantasies. Nothing on the Internet could possibly compare to the scenarios Gretchen had spent the summer honing to her perfect specifications.

At her encouragement, I rocked my pelvis faster and faster, grazing the tip of my penis against her leg until I found one small spot she had missed while shaving her legs. I rubbed the tiny head of my dick against those short little bristles of hair until I came, spewing a copious amount of semen onto her leg.

As cum burst from my dick, she ordered me to howl. I howled like a dog and not just for her amusement. I howled in sexual ecstasy, I howled in utter humiliation. I howled in surrender to the one who feeds me. I howled to please my owner.

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