A Dream…

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Every character is eighteen or older.

I dreamt of you last night, Daddy… I was dancing with my friends at my favorite club. My best friend and I were grinding on two other girls as the music pounded in our chests and the flavored fog surrounded us. We climbed onto the black, painted boxes that lined the dance floor, looking over everyone’s heads while “Shots” blasted from the speakers behind us.

The stranger I was dancing on was arching her back, groping herself as she ground her ass on me hard. She suddenly dropped and slid back up, pulling up my dress in the process. “Let’s go back to the car,” I shouted to my best friend. “I need a drink.” My buzz was wearing off and the fog felt thick and heavy in my lungs.

I was people-watching as the song ended, winking at the DJ as I hopped off the box, the white skirt of my dress flying up, flashing the crotch of my hot-pink, lacy thong. I laughed with my friends, as I looked around. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around, wiping a drop of sweat from my forehead. “Can I help you?” I yelled over “Like a G6.”

You smirked as I looked up at you, my already-flushed face getting darker; your eyes pierced mine. You leaned close to my ear and illegal bahis asked, “Is that any way to speak to your Daddy?”

I could feel my friend yanking at my skirt playfully. “Go on without me,” I told her, tossing her my keys. She shrugged and looped her arm around her new lady-friend and walked out the door. “And no fucking in my car!” I shouted after her. Without turning around, she stuck her hand in the air and flipped me off.

You laughed from behind me. “She listens about as well as you do,” you chuckled, kissing the back of my neck. My pink skin erupted in goosebumps as you grasped my hand and took me to the bar. I sat in a booth as you ordered two bottled waters. You sat next to me, handing me my water and I chugged it, super dehydrated.

“Why are you here?” I asked bluntly, too tired and dehydrated and buzzed to speak even close to eloquently.

You scoffed. “Nice to see you too!” You took a sip of your water and slowly licked your lips as I stared.

“I’m sorry…” I trailed off, mimicking you, licking my lips, tasting the vanilla-flavored gloss.

You grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me close. “You’re sorry, what?”

“Sir,” I choked. “I’m sorry sir.”

You smiled illegal bahis siteleri and rewarded me with a hot, deep kiss, making me whimper. “Good girl,” you muffled against my lips as your hand slid up my thigh. I spread my legs wide, pressing my chest against yours, draping my legs over your lap. You broke the kiss and smirked at me. “Such an obedient little slut.”

“I’m your obedient slut, sir. All yours.” Your smirk widened as you pulled me from the booth and back to the dance floor.

“You’re going to prove it. You’re going to grind on Daddy like a slutty little fuckdoll.” I nodded and quickly ran my fingers through my hair, throwing it into a high ponytail on my head. “Work Bitch” blared around us as I kissed you my hands trailing down as I slowly lowered myself, kissing your thigh before working my way back up, my hands slipping under your shirt as my nails graze over your big, strong chest. You watched me, smirking as I flipped my hair and faced away from you, pulling you hard against me. You nipped my earlobe as the music started to build to the chorus. “Now get to work, bitch,” you said in-time with the song.

I bent over and started grinding my ass hard on your already-hard cock beneath canlı bahis siteleri the fabric of your pants. My hips worked in figure-eights and circles to the beat of the song. Your left hand reached up my back before wrapping my pony-tail around it as your right hand rested on my hip. You snapped your fingers and my hips immediately dropped before grinding back up, from your shins, to your thighs, and back to that long, hard cock.

I arched my back, leaning back against you and I whimpered, as your right hand left my hip for my tits. You massaged and groped as you kissed and bit my neck. “Look at you, little slut, practically fucking a stranger with your clothes on in front of all of these people.” I let out a little whimper and you spanked me. “Good girl… what a good little slut,” you grunted in my ear.

The song ended and I pulled you by the hand out of the club for some air. You pressed me against the cold concrete building and kissed me hard, rubbing my clit over my dress, making me moan. People were staring, but I was too turned on to care. “Take me, Daddy,” I whimpered. “Use me… please, dear God, use me, Daddy!” You rewarded my eager obedience and submission with a hard smack on my ass, making me gush all over my already-soaked thong. You took my hand in yours and started leading me back to your hotel three blocks down.

That’s where your imagination comes in, Daddy, because that’s when I woke up. Tell me, what awaits me in your hotel room?

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