A Family’s Descent Ch. 02

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Adams’ Family Values

The premise of this little romp is absurd in my mind, so why not ramp it up a bit more?

Author’s note: As one reader pointed out, there were a few instances of confusing Cassie and Chelsea. I have attempted to correct those.

What was wrong with Cassie? She just turned down that cute guy for a date and she constantly bailed on their plans to stay home with her mom. Chelsea was baffled and frustrated with her friend for seeming to drop out of the social scene. Yes, they spent a fair bit of time together but it always seemed to be during the day and at school.

And this new style she has adopted; what was with the skirts and sometimes even hosiery at school? She was attracting a lot of attention but ignored it all. Chelsea didn’t know what to make of it. The flip side was that while Cassie had never been a moody teenager, she seemed even more satisfied, vivacious and focused.

The truth was, Chelsea was jealous. Where Cassie’s family and home provided comfort and satisfaction, Chelsea had always been distant from her parents. She rebelled in her early teens, only buckling down by sheer willpower. Both her mom and dad were preoccupied with their careers and she felt like a roadside attraction on their journey of life.

When she first started paying attention, it was weird and annoying how much Cassie’s parents intruded in their daughter’s life and it was made all the more confounding by just how much her friend welcomed it. With barely a word or knock, mom or dad would poke their head in her bedroom while the two girls were listening to music or watching a movie. Cassie was always immersing herself in chores with her dad. He looked at her with such admiration it almost looked creepy to Chelsea.

As she examined her judgment, she knew it was mostly because of something she felt missing in her own life. Even as she was sometimes exasperated by Cassie’s behaviour, she looked forward to visiting the Adams’ house, just as if Derek and Stephanie were a favourite uncle and aunt.

“Give me just a few minutes, ‘kay Chels?” Cassie interrupted Chelsea as they were doing homework early one Saturday afternoon.

“Seriously? I was just getting these differential equations!” Chelsea protested.

“Actually, come help. I’m just making some lemonade for daddy. He’s working hard on the lawn.” Cassie justified.

Chelsea rolled her eyes. “Daddy.” When would this stop? Regardless of her frustrated amusement, Chelsea got up from the table and got ice out of the freezer.

“You know what? Get two more glasses. Let’s sit outside for awhile,” Cassie suggested.

“It’s about time we dropped this homework shit,” Chelsea agreed. “It’s Saturday.”

Cassie put the pitcher and glasses on a tray and the two girls went to the backyard where Derek was raking the lawn.

“Daddy, we’ve got something for you.” While her tone was that of a doting daughter, Chelsea couldn’t help but notice a sultry quality to the lilt of her friend’s voice.

“Oh hey, girls. Nice to see you Chelsea,” Derek greeted as he turned to see what Cassie had brought.

“Hi Mr. Adams,” Chelsea responded. Her own father hired everything out — lawn mowing, gardening, shoveling snow. She wasn’t accustomed to seeing a shirtless man in a home and she wanted to turn away. Maybe it was because Mr. Adams didn’t hire chores out that he was a lot slimmer than her own father. “You look hot,” Chelsea continued, noting the sheen of sweat over Derek’s tanning body.

“Your timing is perfect. I need to hydrate,” Derek said with a smile as he approached the two nineteen year-olds. “Thank you!”

Not that Chelsea ever thought to do much for her own dad, but he never thanked her that freely either.

“Back to work!” Derek proclaimed after he downed the glass of ice-cold lemonade.

The two girls plopped into lounge chairs with their still full glasses, thoughts of calculus rapidly fading.

“Your dad sure is nice to you Cass,” Chelsea half praised, half complained.

“Yeah, that he is. I’ve got him wrapped around my finger,” Cassie affirmed. Cassie drifted to a moment last night when it was she who was wrapped around his finger. She almost let out a sigh at the thought but caught herself.

Derek had made his way to the far end of the yard and Chelsea figured they had reasonable privacy. “So, tell me again why you’ve gotten more into this fifties housewife style. I still don’t understand,” Chelsea queried.

“Come on. It’s way simpler than that math, but I’ll give you the longer version,” Cassie chided.

“I guess I felt the same as you and I was asking mom about why she does it. It seemed so old-fashioned and complicated. But she calls it ‘battle gear”; she presents herself how she wants to be seen and only accepts the response she wants. She finds it very empowering with daddy.

“I can see it too. There is one other thing,” Cassie realized at that moment. “It helps me to maintain my standards. I am giving my best to the world, so I demand the best.”

“Is your best walking down güvenilir bahis the hall with a run in your nylons?” Chelsea teased.

“Fuck, I know! I ended up having to take them off that day and go bare-legged,” Cassie laughed.

“But guess what?” Cassie leaned to whisper. “I kept my garter belt on!”

“What the fuck? You wear those in public?” Cassie exclaimed.

“Damn right! But that day, as well as being ‘my best’, it felt a little slutty too. And no one knew.” Cassie’s mind drifted to the tickling sensation as one of the loose front straps settled between her thighs in chemistry class.

Chelsea held her ground. “Still sounds like a pain to me.”

“Maybe I am going to have to do a fashion show for you one day. Or better, with you!”

“I can just see myself teetering on heels with nylons ripped to my thighs after running into my dresser!” Chelsea laughed.

Cassie moistened at the thought. Ripped nylon sounded like a good look for her friend.

The girls enjoyed the sun for a few minutes and were interrupted by the sound of the patio door. Chelsea looked to see Mrs. Adams coming onto the deck and she could see where the inspiration for Cassie’s style came from.

Stephanie had just come from lunch with one of her friends. Chelsea took note of how she was dressed. The older woman wore a cream blouse, blue skirt, tan nylons — did she wear garter belts too? – and beige pumps. She always looked nice, just like Cassie said.

“Hi Chelsea! Cassie, come give your mommy a kiss,” Mrs. Adams greeted the two friends.

Maybe she had thought Mr. Adams was creepy, but this was just a bit over the top, Chelsea thought. Mommy? Maybe she was just jealous again. It sure was a change from what her own response would be, though. Cassie jumped up and easily embraced her mom, offering a kiss on the cheek.

“How are you, Mrs. Adams?” Chelsea asked.

“Just wonderful, Chelsea. Even better now that I get to watch that hunk sweating for my pleasure,” Stephanie laughed in response. “Oh, lemonade. Cassie, would you get me a glass, please?”

Cassie had not re-seated herself and promptly made her way in the house. Stephanie took a seat in the lounger beside Chelsea, her skirt riding up her thigh as she settled into position.

“Yep, a garter belt,” Cassie observed before Mrs. Adams straightened herself.

Cassie had only ever seen such lingerie in porn and that was all the girl was wearing. She sort of understood the fascination guys had, but this was now different. Mrs. Adams inadvertent (?) wardrobe malfunction followed by its prompt correction held an allure, a sophisticated tease, and maybe even an invitation.

“And how is your day, Chelsea?” Stephanie beamed at her daughter’s friend.

“Good. A little homework, a little break. Hopefully a party tonight if Cassie doesn’t ditch me again,” Chelsea deliberately emphasized the dig, hoping to gain an ally in Cassie’s mother.

“She’s been standing you up?” Stephanie asked in feigned surprise then continued coyly. “Yeah, I recall a couple of times when she said she was canceling plans with you.” She also tried to hold back her arousal at the thought of why Cassie canceled; Derek, Stephanie and Cassie had “date nights” on those occasions.

Cassie returned to the deck with the glass just as all three women heard Derek grunt. As he hefted a garden rock, his slim but unimposing torso came to life, emphasizing his shoulders and waist. Stephanie and Cassie gave each other a knowing look of approval while Chelsea simply gawked.

“This battle gear seems to work,” Chelsea mused to herself in mock agreement with her friend.

Before she even thought about what she was saying, she called out, “Do you need help, Mr. Adams?”

By that time, Derek had already found the new spot for the small boulder. “Thanks Chelsea. I’m good, but it’s nice to know someone is willing to do something other than sit and look pretty.”

“Are you calling us lazy?” Stephanie teased back as she took her daughter’s hand. “It’s okay, baby, he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” she soothed Cassie.

Cassie took it in another direction. “Do we really look that good, daddy?”

“You bet, baby girl. All three of you, especially the helpful one,” Derek agreed and winked specifically at Chelsea.

Daddy. Baby girl. These were foreign thoughts to Chelsea, but she was appreciative of Mr. Adams appraisal, even if it was just flattery. It had been a long time since her father made her feel beautiful.

As Derek returned to work, Stephanie piped up. “Are you going to the party with Chelsea tonight, hon?” she queried Cassie. “You should. She tells me you’ve been standing her up.”

For the second time in as many minutes, Chelsea felt propped up by this family. Her own mom hardly ever stood up for her, and here was Mrs. Adams, encouraging her friend to make sure she was included.

“Yeah, mom. Is that okay?” Cassie knew the answer. Stephanie had already let Cassie know that mom and dad were going to spend alone time that evening. She türkçe bahis was a little jealous, but she also knew that she had to get out in the world sometimes.

“Don’t be silly! I am sure your dad and I will find something to do without you. I know! You girls should get ready here! I want to see you before you head out on the town.”

Cassie wondered if the seed she had planted was yet taking root in Chelsea’s mind. It would be fun for them to craft some outfits together.

The three women chatted for a while as they drank their lemonade and Derek worked. Chelsea excused herself to use the washroom. “What do you think sweetie? Is she ready?” Stephanie inquired of Cassie.

Cassie moved to the lounge beside her mom. “She sounds just like I remember feeling when you and I had dinner that night,” she responded with encouragement.

“I know you know this, but when I made the joke that day about your dad going out with Chelsea, both he and I were turned on at the idea. Make your mama proud.”

With that, Stephanie leaned toward her daughter and brought her ruby-painted lips to Cassie’s and offered a gentle but insistent open mouthed kiss.

Chelsea came back and didn’t notice the embrace, but the ruby stain on Cassie’s mouth was obvious.

“You must have made your mom happy — AGAIN! – but you look ridiculous!” Chelsea said, pointing to her friend’s mouth.

The three girls laughed and then decided to go inside. Stephanie led the way, emphasizing the formidable sway of her hips.

“Maybe there is something to what Cassie was saying. Mrs. Adams sure seems to get what she wants,” Chelsea pondered.

After cleaning up their books and having a little lunch, the two girls retired to Cassie’s bedroom. They were alone in the house since Derek and Stephanie went shopping for a couple of hours.

“Wanna try an experiment?” Cassie tried to tempt her friend.

“What’s that?” Chelsea innocently responded.

“Let’s go to the party in battle gear,” Cassie suggested with her biggest, most encouraging grin.

“Seriously? I just want to have fun.”

“But it will be fun. Maybe you’ll see how it works.

“Okay, how about this. You just try a few things on and we’ll see if there is anything you like,” Cassie negotiated. “You’re close enough to my size. Let’s do a fashion show!”

Chelsea was reluctant but intrigued at the prospect. Her jealousy of Cassie’s family was giving way to longing. What would it hurt to try something new?

“Okay. Fine. But you have to help.”

“Eeewww! That means I have to see you naked!” Cassie had to draw from a deep well to fake the revulsion she wanted to show.

Chelsea slapped her friend. “Excuse me! You’re the one who practically begged me to do this. Woman up and put on your big girl thong!”

Cassie smiled widely at her friend. “Okay, let’s go shopping!”

At that, they started rooting through Cassie’s dresser and closet. It had only been two months since she had been amassing her own arsenal, ever since that night with both her dad and mom. She had done her own shopping and Derek and Stephanie both presented her gifts. There was enough to make a Victoria’s Secret model blush: bustiers, teddies, thongs, garter belts, and stockings to complement any outfit or attitude.

“Are you going to open your own store?” Chelsea teased, agog at the variety and quantity of frilly, sexy lingerie.

“Yeah, I do get carried away,” Cassie blushed. “I haven’t even worn a lot of it yet.”

“Hey, try this.” Cassie almost squealed at the thought of her slim friend in the purple basque with attached garters.

“Will I be able to breathe?” Chelsea muttered. “Sure!” her sarcastic enthusiasm dripping.

“The great thing about this one is that it adjusts in the back but fastens in the front. I’m a little bigger than you so it should go on easy but I’ll adjust it after. You’ll love what it does to your figure.

Chelsea was surprised at the shape it gave her. There was just enough tuck at the waist to pronounce her hips and breasts. And it wasn’t too tight at all, much to her relief.

“Ooooohhh baby!” Cassie catcalled. Chelsea blushed.

“I don’t think for tonight, but have you ever worn fishnet?” Cassie again tempted, dangling black seamed stockings from her fingers.

“Uh no. I’m not a whore. Duh!”

“Are you kidding me? They’re not just for whores and porn actresses. I actually haven’t even worn them out because there is no one I want to wear them for. But I’ve tried them on and they look delish. Give them a try. I’ll help you.”

Chelsea again submitted. Cassie told Chelsea to sit on the bed as she rolled up one stocking, careful to keep the seam straight as she did. “Okay, you don’t want to stretch them up your leg, so just cover your toes and foot first. Then pull them up a little at a time. I like to sit right there and lift my leg so I can see the seam in the mirror.”

Chelsea did as she was instructed, even though she didn’t have any panties on. She put her hand down as she lifted her leg and Cassie completed güvenilir bahis siteleri the first fit.

“You should be a model with those legs,” Cassie stated matter-of-factly.

The two girls completed the work on Chelsea with the other stocking, panties and a pair of Cassie’s mom’s shoes. Cassie’s were a little tight for her.

“Okay, stand up for me,” Cassie ordered.

“Nunh uh. If I’m gonna do this, so are you,” Chelsea countered.

Cassie smiled an evil grin to herself. “Excellent.”

Cassie picked herself out a red and black stretch teddy with matching panties, a pair of two-tone cuban heel stockings like her mom wore and red pumps.

Chelsea was amazed at how quickly Cassie got dressed, especially with those tricky garter snaps. Cassie turned on the ball of her foot and extended a hand to her friend. “Let’s go to my mom’s room. There’s a full length mirror in there.”

Cassie led Chelsea to the master bedroom, bringing her to the mirror at the foot of the bed.

“Now tell me you don’t look and feel amazing!” Cassie enthused.

The combination of the four inch heels and modest waist cinching definitely revealed a different look to Chelsea. But she was still uncertain.

“Stand straighter. Remember, you’re making the best of yourself.”

Chelsea took a breath and stood tall, further emphasizing her modest boobs.

Cassie took a cue from her mom’s bag of tricks and stood behind her friend, making a show of adjusting and tugging the fabric. Chelsea didn’t want to admit it, but the attention she was getting was making her a little dizzy.

“Look at just how beautiful you are! Now, you put the right outfit over top and don’t you think you’d feel like you could conquer the world?” Cassie lowered her voice while getting closer.

“Cassie, it does look great. But I’m not you,” Chelsea started to cry. It really was overwhelming, the attention and affirmation she was getting today.

Cassie’s heart broke for her friend. Yes, she had ulterior motives here, but that didn’t change that she loved Chelsea. She put her hands on her friend’s shoulders and tugged her into a hug from behind. “Yeah, you’re not me. But you’re going to knock them dead tonight. Just you wait,” she whispered directly in her ear.

Chelsea’s hands dropped and reached back to Cassie’s hips. The two girls gently melted together as Cassie lowered her arms to hug her sad friend. She was conflicted by the vision in the mirror in front of her though, so she took her place, face to face with Chelsea. The crying girl looked up at her and said, “You’re so sweet and you’re right. We’re gonna kill ’em tonight!” just before she kissed Cassie full on the lips.

Cassie almost pushed away, she was so surprised. But she had a duty to her friend and a mission for herself and she responded with equal parts compassion and lust.

Apart from Cassie’s playtime with her mom, neither girl had kissed another girl before. The tenderness and desire overwhelmed any fear either of them might have had. The embrace gave way to caresses. Their stillness was overcome with the desire to move against each other. Soon, a nylon covered knee was sliding up a thigh; a hand sought the heat of skin uncovered by fabric. Standing became a burden and both girls fell to the bed, becoming entangled in each other.

“This is weird, but thank you Cassie,” Chelsea whispered.

Cassie stroked her hair. “Thank you, Chelsea. But I don’t know when mommy and daddy will be home so maybe we better stop for now so we don’t have any ‘splaining to do!” Chelsea kept it light and both girls laughed with a feigned horror.

“Yeah, I’m not up for that!” Chelsea agreed.

“So, battle gear for tonight?” Cassie held up her pinky.

“Yes, SIR!” Chelsea hooked her own pinky around Cassie’s.

“I imagine there’s stuff you need at home. Why don’t you change, go get it, we’ll eat here and finish getting ready.”

Chelsea asked about what she should bring and Cassie gave her instructions. This wasn’t a slut’s night out; the purpose was to feel really empowered. Sexy but modest was the plan. Chelsea was getting in her car as Derek and Stephanie returned.

“She’s not ditching you again is she?” Stephanie called out.

“Oh no. We’re going to have a great time! See you in a little while.” Chelsea jumped in her car and took off.

Cassie couldn’t hide her grin when her parents came in. Stephanie was busting to find out what was happening.

“How about a girls’ night in next Saturday?” was Cassie’s playful response.


The party couldn’t have been better, as far as Cassie was concerned. The two girls were careful not to drink too much but each had the other’s back They certainly did attract attention the whole night. Maybe it was their intent in preparation that tuned their dweeb radar, though. Guys were hitting on them but Cassie had been right. They were purposefully offering their best and the guys at the party just didn’t measure up.

They still had fun but the best part was the confirmation of the experiment. Chelsea held her own against awkward flirtation and readily swatted away some straying hands that landed on her ass. A more assertive fellow tried to corner Cassie and Chelsea managed to swoop in with a plan to leave.

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