A Fantasy Fulfilled Pt. 02

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Arun woke up with a start and found himself sweating profusely with an intense hard-on. It had been the same dream since last 4 nights that had woke him from his slumber. The reason why he could recollect that dream so vividly was because it was so close to reality. It was the sight of his tool being held in her wrinkled hands. The way she pulled his foreskin back with her fingers and started sucking his cock with her head bobbing up and down. However, every-time she looked up in his eyes with a twinkle in them and wink at him, he would wake up with a start and would be close to cumming. Never had a lady had that kind of effect on him and he had been with quite a few to realize that. It had just been his fantasy to make love to a mature lady but since the last few days, this fantasy was becoming an obsession he couldn’t lay waste to.

He got up and walked up to the kitchen to fetch some cold water. He poured himself a glass of it and checked his phone to see if there was a message from her. It was a millionth time in the day that he was checking it. The last message he received from her was almost 5 nights ago post which she had completely ghosted him. He had not even seen her on the usual morning runs. He couldn’t muster the courage to message her lest she got in trouble in case her husband checked it out or worst what if she had blocked him because of a guilt trip she had embarked on. He was confused and hoped that this burning desire that sparked every night would douse eventually. In the dark of the night, his mind was troubled with erotic thoughts like a teenager which he found quite surprising and amusing. He gulped down another glass and headed to the bedroom to catch some sleep but for the rest of the night, sleep eluded him even after he had pumped his seed out like a horny teenager fantasizing. He lay there staring at the fan wondering if they will ever cross paths.

His conundrum was short-lived. After a couple of days, while on his morning run he bumped into Pooja. She looked radiant in the morning glow and his heart skipped a beat at her sight. She was wearing a bubblegum pink razorback synthetic top and black tights. Her attire accentuated her curves which immediately stoked a fire in him. He could feel blood rush to his cheeks and his throat drying out. All of this happened in a fraction of a second and he could barely control his own reaction to her sight. All he could muster was a sheepish smile in return to her casual one. He rushed off after the exchange, trying to get as far away from her to compose himself and come up with a way to break the ice again. He felt really stupid about himself for reacting the way he did after all that had transpired between them.

Surprisingly, the thought of cheating on his wife who loved so much barely crossed his mind in the last week. That was the least of his worries at this stage. The only priority for him was to cement his relationship with Pooja however depraved it maybe. He decided he will broach the topic today with her and iron out certain details. He waited at the usual place for her to finish her walk and then go for their morning cup of tea. When she finally finished, they exchanged casual pleasantries and silently walked towards their usual joint to have a cup of tea. After some initial small talk, Arun finally addressed the elephant in the room.

Arun: Hey listen! I don’t know if you are comfortable talking about this here and now but I simply cannot take the incident of last week out of my mind…. You may judge me for being obsessed or acting out of character but… whatever transpired between us has stoked something that I have not been able to suppress… and I have tried my best to stop thinking about it but that experience was too much for me to… you know…

Pooja nervously tried to shut him unless someone heard them.

Pooja (hesitantly): Can we talk about this illegal bahis later?

Saying this she looked around nervously and hurried off.

Arun stood there assimilating that he had screwed up his chances of ever interacting with her because of his stupidity in expressing himself out of context.

Later in the day, during the afternoon, when Arun was trying to get some work done. Pooja messaged him.

Pooja: Hey sorry for leaving today morning… I was just afraid someone might hear you… You need to be more careful about what you say in public!Arun was happy to see her message. Though her tone was admonishing he knew the needle had moved in his favor.

Arun smiled and texted back.

Arun: I am sorry about that…. I swear I will be more careful going forward. It’s just that I felt confounded around you… usually, I am very confident but around you… today… I just went weak in my knees. You know what I mean right?

Pooja: hmmmm

Arun: Apologies if I am putting you in an awkward situation with all this talk but…

Pooja: No. That’s fine. I appreciate the honesty!

Arun: Thanks!

Pooja: Honestly I resonate with your sentiments… I am personally having a tough time getting you out of my mind…

Arun’s heart quickened on reading this.

Arun: Do you want to meet for lunch?

After a long pause, Pooja confirmed. They finalized a restaurant and decided to meet in another 30-45 mins.

Arun immediately stepped out and drove to the restaurant. It was in a residential area fairly away from both their residences and barely had any patrons at this time of the weekday.

Arun settled himself and ordered a beverage and a starter. Shortly Pooja showed up in a yellow Patiala, white kameez with chikan design and a yellow chunni. She had a light make up on her face and hair rolling down her shoulder. There was the signature mangalsutra that every married Indian lady wears in her neck. She wore metal bangles and matching earrings that gave a rustic look. In short, she looked mesmerizing. She noticed him, smiled and walked up to him. There was a certain grace in her walk that had bowled him and a certain poise that only a mature lady could carry.

She settled in front of him and went through the menu to order some food. Both of them ordered some for a light lunch and waited in silence for a couple of minutes smiling sheepishly.

Finally, Pooja spoke up.

Pooja: So what next?

Arun: Like you said… we will take this one step at a time.

With that they giggled and got engrossed in conversation, discussing everything under the sun.

They had their lunch and stepped out in the afternoon sun. Arun had his hand on the small of her back and was leading her as any boyfriend would.

Pooja had butterflies in her tummy because of the way she was being pampered. It had been a long time, a really long time since anyone had treated her that way.

He led her to this car and they drove away to his apartment. They sneaked in wary of any prying eyes but considering the hour of the day, there weren’t any.

He ushered her in and quickly shut the door. Pooja in the meanwhile was wondering how was she even agreeing to all that had happened and all that would happen. She had spent the last few days wandering about the fact that she had not felt an iota of guilt about cheating on her loving husband which was so unlike her. The fact that she was willing to continue this had befuddled her and she had spent long hours at home trying to convince herself otherwise but here she was again. While she was lost in her thoughts staring in nothingness, Arun turned her around and held her face in his palms. She looked in his eyes and saw the fire of passion in them. She didn’t know if it was love or lust but at this stage, she could care less. To top that his handsome face which illegal bahis siteleri was slowly leaning in was irresistible. The train of thought in her mind was ragging havoc of passion that was unknown to her. At that instant, she decided to leap into the madness of lust that was engulfing her and she pressed her lips on his. Their passion took a natural progression and very soon their lips were passionately intertwined and their tongues exploring.

Slowly, his hands moved from her face to her neck and then to her shoulders. He slowly slid her chunni from her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. He moved his hands to her waist and grabbed her love handles and pulled her towards him in a tight embrace while their lips were still kissing pasted on each other like horny teenagers. Pooja was so close to Arun that her heaving chest was pushing against Arun’s which made him realize how well endowed she actually was. At that very instant he decided he wanted to up the game by notches. He turned her around and pushed her against the wall. His hands slid on her belly and he continued kissing her cheeks and neck, gradually moving to her shoulders. He turned his tongue in circles over her skin as his lips traced the path from her neck to the shoulder blades. This actually gave her goosebumps. His hands moved on her belly and were now cupping her ample breasts and he had no intention being gentle on them. The way he squeezed them made her gasp and she let out a small moan – aahhh.

He grabbed her hand and took her inside to his bedroom. There he took off her kameez and made her sit on the bed in her bra and her patiala. The room was sparsely furnished and considering it belonged to a guy who staying alone it was untidy as well. There were just a bed and a cupboard in the corner and clothes lying all around the floor. She made a mental note to clean it before she left today. Her thought surprised her but she brushed it aside. Arun in the meanwhile was rummaging for something in his cupboard. She kept wondering, what in the hell was he looking for. Surely, not for condoms because they hadn’t used one before and both of them were horny as hell to even bother with one. Her chest was heaving from the arousal and she was feeling a bit hot partly because of the afternoon heat and partly because of her own. She wished he would hurry and douse some fire within her.

Arun turned around hiding something in his palm. He walked behind her and sat on the bed behind her. She turned to see what he was up to, but pushed her head forward and continued kissing her shoulder and then her back. The way his tongue moved on her skin gave goosebumps again and she closed her eyes & threw her head back and started to enjoy his kisses. Before she knew, in a swift motion he had tied a satin cloth over her eyes. She loved the excitement and the anticipation what would entail aroused her further and she allowed him to continue without any protest. She could feel moistening between her legs. Slowly he had made her lie down on the bed and started tying her wrists to the corner of the beds making her arms stretch like an eagle in flight and restricting her motion. He again vanished for a few moments.

While Arun was gone, Pooja kept wondering what all he would do to her. What if he did something she was not ready for. She tried to imagine things but her limited experience ensured that her train of thoughts did not go beyond a certain barrier. It felt like her sexual experience had tethered her Imagination to a peg in the middle of a large ground. She could venture up to where the leash allowed her to go but beyond that was blackness she could not fathom even at this age.

She could now feel his breathe on her skin. He seemed to be taking her scent in and his arousal to it was clearly betrayed by his heavy breathing. Suddenly, she felt a cold sensation on her lips which she guessed canlı bahis siteleri was an ice cube. He moved it over her lips and then over her neck. The chill because of the ice cube and the dampness that entailed seemed to quench her heat a bit. but she wanted more. Eventually, Arun held the ice cube in his lips and started tracing the curves of her body with it. While he traced her body with the cubes he got rid of her clothes so that she was completely naked. then he took a couple of cubes and placed them on her nipples. Pooja moaned- aaahhhhuuhhh. he moved them in circles over them making her moan and twist in pleasure and discomfort. Then he placed a cube in his mouth and started moving dowing on her belly over her belly button and then further south. Pooja realized where he was headed and was unsure of the feeling that follow if he reached there.

Pooja(moaningly): Arun!!! uhhh hunnn! Not there please.

She twisted her lower body in anxiety but Arun held her waist and pinned it down. Eventutally he was just above her mound. But Pooja now had held her legs tight out of anxiety and Arun could proceed no further.

Arun(reassuringly): Relax! you will enjoy this.

With this she let her guard down and opened her legs. He placed a cube in his lips and moved it over her pussy. Pooja shuddered initially but then got used to it. It really felt good. The cold cube contrasted the heat emanating from her pussy and the warmth of his breath and lips on her skin. Very soon the cube had either vanished or fell off from his mouth and he was hooked to lapping up her clit. he flicked the clit with the tip of his tongue which aroused her to no end and very soon she was thrashing in the throes of an orgasm that hit her wave after wave. Not that she had not experienced this before. But the way he had brought her to this point was novel and this novelty had made her cum so hard.

Pooja(yelling): Ohhh Arun!!!! yeaaahhhhhhh!!!! dont stop!!!! unnuuhunnn!!!!

Arun got up and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He started teasing her by moving it up and down over the length of her pussy opening it enough to rub his tip against her clit. This started driving Pooja crazy. She started pushing her hips against his dick to make him enter. She even wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him in. But he was too strong and determined for any of her gimmicks to work. She started to twist her writs to get them free so that she could grab his manhood and take him for a ride. Her bangles were tinkling as she tried to get free. Arun was enjoying this game now and he was getting even more aroused seeing her struggle to make him enter her. He smiled at her and continued teasing.

Eventually Pooja freed her one hand and before Arun could react and pin her down she swiftly moved to free her other hand. Once both her hands her free, she wrapped them around his neck and held him in an embrace while he picked her up in a sitting position. She then slowly slid over his dick and as he entered her she gave a huge guttural moan of absolute pleasure. Now she started bouncing on his dick and started moaning.

There were only 3 sounds in the room – The creaking of the bed, the hum of the fan and the grunts by Arun and Pooja. He removed her blindfold and looked in her eyes while he fucked her. They intermittently locked lips while they matched each other’s pace and movements.

They fucked like that for a few minutes and then Arun shot his seed in her with a huge moan.

Arun: Oohhh Pooja!!!! Fucckk!!

She felt his dick twitch in her and shoot his seed inside her.

With that, he fell on the bed and she laid down beside him. They both caught their breath and kept staring at the fan. After few minutes,

Arun: I never thought we would end up like this…

Pooja looked at his face with a smile on her lips and passion in her eyes. He had awakened sexual desires in her that had laid dormant for eternity.

Pooja(seductively): Who said this is the end….

Pooja slowly slid down with her tits brushing against his sweaty body to wake up the spent monster.

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