A Father’s Lust

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Mark was a single father living with his teenage daughter, Charley. He was in his early forties and stood a tall 6″2. He kept himself healthy by regularly attending the gym and playing squash with his friends. He could have passed off for early thirties if it wasn’t for the grey flicks, in his thick brown hair. Mark also was a successful lawyer; raking in the cash.

His daughter, Charley, was very different, she just reached her 18th birthday and stood a mere 5″6; compared to her father. She had crisp, shoulder-length brown hair and seductive brown eyes. Her slim hourglass figure, perky breasts and tight ass would make any man fall to their knees. She knew her looks could manipulate any man, well, except her father. Charley blamed herself for her mother leaving when she was young. Although, she could get any man she wanted she was old-fashioned, like her father, and was waiting for the right guy to take her virginity.

It was a normal Guy’s night at Mark’s household. This involved watching sport and drinking beer. Mark was joined by his best friend, Bill; his co-worker Steve and James from the gym. They all sat, well slouched, on the couch; snacking on crisps and shouting at the players on the TV.

Unexpectedly, Charley burst into the room. She was wearing a white tank top with some tight hot pants and no bra, you could tell this from her erect nipples poking through the constricting material. Typical her dad thought. “Oh…hello.” Charley said, she wasn’t expecting her dad to have company. They all nodded in her direction; they didn’t know how to greet the daughter of their friend.

She immediately went to the TV and reached for a DVD, on the stand, above it. As she stood on her toes to grasp the DVD, all of Mark’s friends starred, and drooled, at her round, perfect ass; jiggling around. Mark immediately clipped each of them round the head, sick of men drooling over his daughter. “Got it!” She squealed.

“I will leave you to your guy’s night.” She said as she left the room.

“Wow Mark, your daughter has grown up.” Bill exclaimed.

“Shut up Bill you’re married.” Mark replied.

“But I wouldn’t mind tapping that!” Bill said. All of Mark’s friends nodded in agreement.

“Enough that’s my daughter!” Mark looked furious.

“So you never thought about banging her?” Steve asked.

“No…I’m her father. No more, let’s just watch the football!” Mark shouted.

They continued watching the football, an awkward tension filled the air; not helped by the 0-0 draw in the match. As the game finished, Mark said goodbye to all his friends. “Alright Mark, my place for the next game.”

“Alright Bill. See you then.” Mark replied. He closed the door and pressed the back of his head against it and sighed. He knew he had to talk to his daughter.

“Hey Charley can I come in?” Mark asked, knocking on her door.

“Sure dad, come on in.” He quickly entered the room to see her lying on the bed, in the same slutty outfit, reading through a trashy magazine.

“What’s up dad?” Charley asked.

“Well…this is an awkward topic…but you need to wear more clothes!”

“What do you mean?”

“Look how do you think it makes me feel when you are walking around half naked!”

“It’s my choice.”

“I know…but the guys…they perve on you.”

“Oh…I didn’t realise that dad…sorry I will dress more appropriate when there are guests.”

“Thanks sweetie when they are not here you can wear what you want. It’s just the guys only think about one thing.”

“Speaking about that subject we need to talk.” Charley replied. Mark immediately slouched onto the bed, shocked that she was bringing up the sex talk.

“Dad I’ve been seeing this boy, Jacob, for a couple weeks now and we plan to well…do it!” Charley said.

“A couple of weeks?” the first words Mark mutters.

“I know it’s not long but we’re in love.”

“That’s crap! He’s just using you, he just wants sex!” Mark replied.

“I knew you wouldn’t understand. Get out! Get out!” Charley shouted. He quickly got out of her room; he couldn’t deal with his daughter like this. She had her mother’s stubbornness.

He sat on the couch, and reminisced through old pictures. He saw pictures of his daughter when she was a baby all the way up towards her teenage years. He looked at a baby picture, she was easier to look after back then, he thought and chuckled to himself.

He flicked through various pictures, when suddenly he noticed something odd. He pulled out the picture and looked at it closely. It was a topless picture of his daughter in just black, lace underwear. He immediately pushed the picture away stunned by what he saw. He looked at the back and there was some text on it, “Jacob a little treat to get you warmed up x.” He immediately felt sick by what she had done, he couldn’t believe it! He had to look again just to make sure it was her. He looked at it again, her perky breasts, slim body; he couldn’t help himself as a bulge filled his pants. He quickly ran to the kitchen güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and stuck the picture in the drawer. Calming himself down, he told himself his erection was just a momentary lapse in concentration. Yes that was it, he told himself.

As Mark got up to make himself some coffee, he thought about the previous night; he felt guilty and sick getting an erection over his daughter. He needed to confront his daughter about the picture. This wasn’t going to be easy.

“Dad…dad?” Charley called out from upstairs.

Mark immediately went to the bottom of the stairs, “Yes Charley?” he asked.

“Can you get me a towel…I’m in the shower.” Mark felt vile; he could see her perfect, voluptuous breasts in his mind. He quickly snapped out of it.

He approached the door separating him from his naked daughter. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue but after what the guys said he felt uncomfortable. He slowly twisted the doorknob. Wait, he thought. “I will leave the towel outside.” He shouted to Charley.

“No its fine dad, bring it in.” Mark just stood for a couple of seconds analysing the situation. After about a minute, he went inside the bathroom. His daughter was still in the shower, well a glass cubicle flooded with steam. Few he thought, he could barely see her naked body through the steam covered glass. He dropped the towel and proceeded to head out when suddenly he saw something that changed him. A lot of the steam had cleared and Mark could see the outline of his daughter’s body; the hourglass shape men had lusted after her for. He was stuck, watching her as she began massaging her soapy breasts; rubbing the nipple till it was erect. Luckily, for Mark she couldn’t see him drooling over her. She then started rubbing soap all over her slim sexy body, almost fingering her belly button as she ran rings round it with her finger. Mark didn’t have control anymore. He dropped his pants to his ankles and then started tugging his 8 inch cock. Thrusting it back and forth, it was erect in a matter of seconds. Was this what the guys were talking about?

As she proceeded onto her thighs and legs, she pressed her ass right against the glass while bending down. Her wet soaking ass was pressed against the glass; her asshole was in full view of Mark as he kept tugging his cock. As her ass rubbed against the glass Mark just wanted to squeeze it, fuck it…a little pre-cum jumped from his dick; he was almost there.

Suddenly, Charley turned off the shower. How was he supposed to explain this? He awkwardly ran out of the room with his jeans still round his ankles.

He went downstairs; he was still erect but panting from the quick dash out of the bathroom. He looked down at himself and his fully 8 inch cock, still throbbing. Should he continue or stop, he asked himself. Was his relationship, with his daughter, more important or was the lust for her now in control?

With the only ounce of control he had he pulled up his pants and jeans and calmed himself down. He hadn’t done anything wrong, he told himself. He didn’t masturbate over her so technically he was still a good father. Right?

His daughter came downstairs in just a towel. Typical he thought; this wasn’t going to help him. She immediately sat opposite him and tucked into her breakfast. That’s when Mark remembered the picture. The picture! “Charley we need to talk.” Mark said urgently.

“I know what this is about.” Charley replied.

“You do?”

“Yes it’s about me and Jacob doing it.”


“We are planning to do it whether you like it or not.”

“What you can’t! I forbid it!”

“Dad I’m 18. I can do what I want!” She replied. Mark knew he couldn’t win this battle and the conversation about the picture flew out of his head.

“Alright sweetie…please can you just wait a couple of days.” Mark asked.

“Are you saying yes?” She asked uncertainly.

“Ok but wait a couple of days…for me.” Mark replied.

“Thank you daddy!” She shouted sitting on his lap, and giving him a hug and a kiss. Only a thin piece of fabric separated her naked body from him. As she rested on his lap, with her breasts pressed against her father’s torso, he was starting to get erect.

“Alright sweetie get off…you’re getting heavy!” Mark chuckled to himself. She got up and went into the living room. Mark calmed himself down, feeling guilty about his lust. He knew he had to pay Jacob a little visit.

The next day he waited by the door, as he saw Charley being walked home by Jacob. As they parted he kissed her and pinched her ass. Mark felt cold and angry by Jacob’s actions. Was it because Jacob was a sleaze he didn’t want near his daughter or was it because he wanted her all to himself?

“Hi dad.” Charley said walking through the door.

“Hi sweetie. How was college?” Mark asked.

“Yep it was fine. You going somewhere?” She asked.

“Oh yeah…got to pop to work there’s an emergency. I will bring home some take away.”

“Alright dad Chinese please!” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she said as he left the house.

Mark followed Jacob towards a quiet road. He then grabbed him and chucked him against the wall. He used his strength to hold Jacob against the wall. “What are you doing?” Jacob said nervously, scared by what was going on.

“You’re the sleazebag dating my daughter.”

“You’re Charley’s father. You’re a psycho!”

“You stay away from my daughter. All you guys are just the same…telling girls you love them…but all you want is sex.”

“Your daughter’s old enough to make up her mind.” Jacob said, trying to escape from Mark’s clutches.

“Alright how much do you want to dump her?” Mark asked.

“Alright big guy, Charley told me you were loaded…a grand!” Mark got out a big wad of cash from his pocket.

“Looks like you were planning this.” Jacob said chuckling. Mark immediately hit him in the stomach to show he was still the dominant one. He whispered into Jacobs’s ear:

“You ever go near my daughter again I will kill you!”

“Charley I’m home!” Mark shouted. He went into the kitchen and unpacked the food. Mark always opted for a simple chicken fried rice with his daughter going for a curry; with duck and pancakes to share.

“Mm smells great!” Charley said walking into the kitchen; in a white tank top and leggings.

“Sit down and tuck in.” Mark said.

They talked about the usual things; college, work, the weather. “So how’s Jacob?” Mark asked inquisitively.

“He’s fine.” Charley looked confused.

“Why you asking?” She asked.

“Just trying to get to know him better” Mark replied.

“Thanks daddy. I know it must be hard for you.” Harder than you think, he thought to himself.

Charley then loaded a pancake full with everything: duck, curry, rice, salad and scoffed it down. Abruptly, she managed to drop some of the rice onto her top. “Oh no, it’s ruined!” She said hysterically. Mark immediately handed her a tissue, but it just made the stain worse. Unexpectedly, Charley took off her top, revealing a sexy pink lace bra. Mark looked in astonishment at his half naked daughter.

“Sorry dad. Do you feel uncomfortable I can go put on a top?” Charley asked.

“No it’s fine sweetie.” They carried on eating in silence. Was she egging him on? No, Mark told himself; why would his own daughter try to manipulate his feelings towards her. Every man found her attractive but did she want her father lusting after her? Did she need to satisfy her ego that much? No! Get these thoughts out of your head, Mark thought.

“Dad…dad?” he suddenly zapped back to life.

“Yes honey.” he said.

“You got a bit of sauce on the side of your mouth.” Mark immediately tried to wipe his mouth with little success. Charley leaned in, her breasts in full view for her father, as she licked her finger and wiped the sauce off her dad’s mouth, and placed it in her mouth.

“Mm tasty!” Charley said. It was too much for Mark; her magnificent breasts, her wet soaking finger, the way she touched his skin, her pink lace bra. He started cumming uncontrollably. His own daughter made him cum!

“Dad are you alright?” Charley asked.

“Yes I’m fine. Just a headache.”

“Are you sure your face has scrunched up.” He could barely hold his orgasm, when she suddenly got a phone call.

“It’s Jacob!” She exclaimed, heading into the living room. Mark finally let himself go, feeling the full force of the orgasm, his heart racing and head sweating. He reached down to his pants, they were soaked. He felt guilty and sick, his own daughter made him cum. He headed upstairs to change while Charley chatted in the living room.

After his shower he put on some pyjamas and stuck on some action film; trying to distract himself from his guilt.

Well it worked for about 40 minutes; Mark was transfixed on this film with all its action sequences. “Dad…can I come in?” Charley was knocking on the door, sounding upset.

“Sure sweetie.” Mark replied.

“You were right about Jacob. He dumped me.” She was waiting for the I told you so speech. But her dad just gave her a reassuring hug. Least she was dressed this time Mark thought!

“Can I stay her tonight? I don’t want to be alone.” Charley said. Mark was in a dilemma, protect his upset daughter by letting her stay, but with all the sexual tension towards her how could he stay in the same bed as her.

“Sure honey.” Her needs come before his. She snuggled up against his muscular body, and Mark knew he was in for a long night.

It was about 2:00 am when Mark woke up. The TV was still buzzing but nothing decent just some game show. He quickly turned it off and looked over at Charley. Charley was lying there peacefully in an old t-shirt and pyjama bottoms. Thoughts raced through his head and he felt disgusted with himself. Suddenly, a thought crept into his head. He wanted to feel her perfect breasts. No he told himself, this was wrong. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Just cop a feel, he told himself. No! His mind kept going backwards and forwards, till finally he placed his hand on one of his daughters breasts. He immediately went hard, after feeling her candy floss soft breasts. He used his other hand to grope her other breast. This was making him so horny. He massaged her nipples till they were erect, touching the tips with his fingers. Enough he told himself! He let go and ran to the bathroom to finish himself off. He felt disgusting; tugging on his large cock, but his daughter had changed him from a loving father to sexually addicted animal.

The next morning, Mark got up with a back ache; not used to sleeping in the same bed as someone else. He looked around Charley was nowhere to be seen. He quickly headed downstairs to see where she was.

“Morning dad!” Charley was making her dad breakfast.

“You seem chirpier.”

“Well I can’t waste my time with jerks like Jacob!” She replied.

“That’s my girl!” She placed his breakfast on the table and handed him the newspaper. Mark leant forward and let out a moan as his back spasm.

“Back trouble?” Charley asked. Mark nodded in her direction.

“No surprise your bed like sleeping on bricks! After you finish I will give you a massage.” A massage. Was that a good idea?

After the breakfast they both headed into the living room. Mark felt awkward, not just because he was getting a massage but because of his feelings towards his daughter. “Alright then, take off your top!” Charley demanded. Mark just gave her a puzzled look.

“Look I’m not going to bite. Take off your top and lie on the sofa.” Mark quickly took off his top. His bulging muscles and six pack would make any girl go crazy, well except his daughter who only saw him as her dad.

Mark lay on the sofa. Unexpectedly, his daughter sat on top of him, on top of the back of his abs; above his ass. “Sorry dad if this feels uncomfortable let me know. Ok?” Charley said. She began massaging the top of his back, rubbing the muscles.

“A bit lower honey.” Charley immediately moved her hands lower.

“Right there!” Mark demanded. Charley moved lower down his back, massaging all the nooks.

“That feels so good honey. Go all over.” Charley began rubbing all over moving her hips as she adjusted position. She was practically grinding her pussy against her dads back and he knew this.

“Keep going!” He demanded. Her pussy was grinding against her dads back; as he got hard by the feeling of her pussy. Every motion involved her moving position and grinding her pussy. He was almost there and she was sweating. Was she enjoying this? No she has never had an orgasm in her life. He just thought for a moment, while his daughter glided her hips faster and faster.

“Stop! That’s enough honey!” Mark shouted. Charley immediately got off and Mark stood up. He couldn’t allow her to do this, he felt guilty making his own daughter cum.

“I better go. I got some work to do.” Charley said, slowly leaving the room; feeling kind of awkward.

“Wait Charley…what about your massage?” Mark asked. He went from a father to being a horny teenager again.

“Ok dad you owe me one!”

“Take off your shirt and lie on the sofa.” Mark said uncomfortably.

“Dad I would but I’m not wearing a bra.”

“I will get some lotion and you take your top off.” Mark left the room while Charley took off her top. He peeped round the corner to see her perky breasts, but nothing; a little side boob but nothing that got Mark going.

Mark came back with the lotion, while his daughter lay there, half nude. “Ok sweetie, this is going to be cold.” Mark said. He squirted the lotion on Charley’s back and she let out a moan. They both laughed as he began rubbing it into her back. He started with her shoulders, massaging the liquid gently into her skin. She let out a moan of pleasure. He started moving his hands lower, massaging her lower back going down towards her ass.

“You should be a masseuse daddy.” Mark began massaging his daughter’s hip, moving slowly up to the side of her breasts. He rubbed the side of her breasts with lotion; he loved the feel of her soft breasts. She quickly placed her arms right against the side of her body; feeling uncomfortable by her dad touching her there. He went back to massaging behind her shoulders. She let out another moan of pleasure. He kept rubbing her there, getting off on her moans. Suddenly, she got a phone call.

“Hey Jennie.” Her dad immediately stopped.

“Dad I didn’t say stop.” He kept going making her moan and squeal while she was having the conversation. He got so turned by moaning down the phone. It was too much for him to bear; he wanted to make love to his daughter. He leaned in to kiss her, wetting his lips as he tried to sink them onto his innocent daughter.

He was millimetres away, “JACOB WANTS TO GET BACK TOGETHER!” She suddenly sat up covering her breasts; her dad resisted the urge to kiss her.

She put her t-shirt back on, “Dad I know you think. But Jennie told me he’s changed!” Charley said. As angry as he was he couldn’t stop her, what if she found out about the money. He just gave her a disapproving look as Charley walked out of the room. He needed to visit Jacob again.

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