A Fun Night Together

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“Come on, just touch it one time.”

I looked away from the movie I had been watching to realize I was face to face with my boyfriend’s cock for the first time. He had unleashed his beast while I wasn’t paying attention. Perplexed by nerves, I simply stared at him.

“Excuse me?” I said finally.

“Touch it. I need you to.” He said.

“No, what you need is a cold shower. Besides, I don’t know if I’m ready to with you yet. ” I replied scooting away from him a couple of inches.

I was slightly offended that he’d just pull himself out at an inappropriate time. Still yet, I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. I wanted to know what it felt like, what it tasted like, but I didn’t think we’d been seeing each other long enough to get that intimate together.

“I don’t need a cold shower. I need you to get me off. Be a bad girl for once and try something without thinking about it” He retorted.

He reached for my hand, and slowly guided me down to his package. Just as he was ready to close my hand over his cock, I jerked my hand back, causing him to grab it himself. Before he could retract his hand, I placed mine over his.

“I want to see how you do it.” I said shyly.

“You serious?” He asked skeptically.

“Oh yeah.” I purred in his ear.

“Got anything I can lube up with?” He asked.

I took his hand off his cock, brought it up to my mouth, and licked his palm a few times to make it slick.

“There’s your lube.” I canlı bahis said, placing his hand back on his cock. “Now, show me what you like.”

As he began to stroke his cock, I cupped his face in my hands and began kissing him, shyly running my tongue around his lips. Coaxing him to open his mouth, he finally gave in. Moving in slow circles, I began to lavish his tongue with mine, like a slow massage. Like a ghost, my right hand moved over his left ear, his chest, his pelvis, until it met his hand, stroking his epicenter.

I laid my hand on top of his, riding the stroke of his cock. After a moment, I pulled away from the kiss, looked deeply into his lust-filled blue eyes, and easily guided his hand away from his cock.

“My turn” I whispered, suddenly overcome with lust.

I slid my hand slowly, easily over his member, applying a little more pressure with each stroke. I could feel his cock throbbing against my palm and I moaned out loud.

“Like my cock?” He asked.

“Yes” I replied, barely able to get out the word.

“Wanna fuck it?” He implored.

“Later.” I replied. “Right now, this is what I want.”

Satisfied with my answer, he let his shoulders relax slightly.

I continued stroking him, a little faster than before. As his breathing increased so did my stroke. He lot out a low moan and focused intensely on my eyes. I felt his penis begin to jump, just under the surface. I stroked faster.

“Come for me, Thundercat.” I purred.

With bahis siteleri another moan, louder and longer than before, he came. I felt his warm creamy liquid seeping over my hand. I slid my now well-lubricated palm against his shaft until the last drop of cum had trickled out of member.

Keeping his cock in my hand, I waited a moment for him to recover. As his breathing slowed, he looked down and realized my hand was still on his love machine. He met my eyes.

“What next?” He asked.

I coyly smiled and gave his cock a quick squeeze.

“I want you inside me.”

Almost instantly, I felt his cock grow hard under my palm.

“That was quick.” I teased. “I didn’t think you’d be able to do it again so fast.”

“It all depends on who I’m with.” He replied, mildly.

I stood up and faced him, pulling my shirt off in the process. While he watched, I slowly unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor. Without letting him catch a glimpse of my pussy, I ran my hands underneath my skirt and pulled my underwear off and let it drop to the floor. I stepped closer to him and placed mine knees on either side of his. I climbed onto my couch and settled. I leaned up slightly and kissed him leaving my pussy just inches from his cock. Feeling the heat radiating from his body caused my nipples to harden more than they already were. I placed my hands on his shoulders and leaned back slightly. I started to slide myself down onto him, but stopped bahis şirketleri just as I felt him touch my skin. He groaned in protest.

“Are you sure you’re up to the challenge?” I asked him innocently.

Instead of saying anything, He took my hips in his hands and guided me onto his cock. The instant he hit my center, waves of pleasure surged through my body and I began rocking involuntarily. Keeping my hands on his shoulders I bore down on his lap and started to grind. He moaned and let his head fall back.

“That’s perfect.” He mumbled, barely able to talk.

I continued to grind, pressing my breasts into his chest, causing my arousal to multiply. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I leaned back, placing my hands on his knees, and increased my stroke. The pleasure was so intense I moaned. A few more quick strokes and I could feel the waves of orgasm start to develop low in my body. Increasing my rhythm, my body started to shake with orgasm. I moaned louder as my orgasm flowed through my body, fast and intense. Just as I was ready to come down from my own, I felt my boyfriend’s cock start to throb inside me. He grabbed my hips, brought me closer to him and began pumping my hips harder on his lap. He gasped and I felt his seed surging into my pussy. Still sensitive from my first orgasm, I came again.

I continued rocking on his cock a few moments after we had finished, riding the after effects of orgasm. Finally spent I stopped and leaned up against his chest, burying my head in his neck. He brought his hand to my back and ran it gently up and down my spine. After a moment he spoke.

“You didn’t take off your skirt.” He commented.

“What bad girl has the time?” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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