A Gamer Has to Game Ch. 03

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The third chapter of “A Gamer Has to Game”. I hope that those that read the first two chapters find this one just as interesting. And as beginner in erotica, I do look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to be critical of anything you find not to your liking. After-all, an author/writer cannot grow without first being torn down. And if you enjoy the story so far, by all means drop me a line.


Slowly the thunderheads rolled in, lighting up the sky and casting a white glow on Susan’s skin as I leaned closer to her. My fingers gently gliding through her curly little patch of fur. As our lips touched, my fingertips clipped her swollen clit and she inhaled deeply in a shocked gasp as I locked my lips over hers. Our tongues danced slowly, tapping into one another till slowly they began to entwine. Slowly her les parted as did her pussy lips gave away to my fingers. Before long two of my fingers had burrowed into her, she moaned deeply in my mouth. We continued this for several minutes.

She broke our kiss, “What if somebody sees us? We could get in a lot of trouble.”

I smirked at her, cutting her a wicked grin and look, “I doubt it and most of those cars up here are on the other side of the lot and probably company cars that hardly get used. Now calm down and enjoy the show we got in front of us.”

I drove the two fingers deep as possible into her with my thumb perched on top of her clit. Slowly I began to fuck her pussy, fingers curling upward and thumb circling her swelling clit. Within minutes Susan’s hips began to rock in the car seat.

I whispered into her ear, “Let the seat back”, as I nuzzled against her neck.

She frantically fumbled for the seat release and once she found it I suppose she just yanked it, her seat flew back and I rolled over onto her, fingers still buried to the hilt. My painfully hard cock brushed against her thigh, this was fun but damn.

Before long I felt her hand stroking me through my slacks. We both needed release and we both knew it. The storm was building as was the lust. I pulled open her coat and suckled on a nipple.

She kept moaning and mumbling, “Just fuck me, fuck me now.”

Even with the seat all the way back that was just impossible. I slowly pulled my fingers from her pussy and offered them to her waiting mouth. She greedily sucked them clean, her tongue wrapping around them. I sat up, opened my door and walked around to her side of the car. Opening her door, I offered my hand to her and helped her from the reclined position. Once outside the car and on her feet again, I wrapped my arms around her with my hands firmly on her ass and kissed her deeply. Coupled together like this, I walked us to the front of the car and sat her on the hood. I took a step back and began to disrobe, first the shirt, then the slacks and then everything else except for the socks and shoes. Each item folded and placed on the hood in a tight bundle to form a pillow. I eased her head back onto the makeshift headrest.

Susan’s eyes were filled with a fire that reflected well with each lightning strike in front of us. I parted her cute little trench coat completely and leaned in to suckle on her nipples again. The wind was picking up and her skin reacted to the chill. Both of her nipples were hard as diamonds and my mouth was enjoying the feeling of them. It wasn’t long before her hand found my cock again and began to slowly squeeze it.

“Are you ever going to fuck me? You know how long I wanted this beautiful piece of meat inside me?” She tugged on my cock to emphasize her need.

I couldn’t hold out much longer, my hunger for her was as great as hers for me. I took a step back to release myself from her grip and unceremoniously parted her legs. My hands sliding across the leather of her boots till they reached her ankles, I smiled once again as I lifted both boots over my shoulders. I eased closer to her, my cock flagging in the cool windy night air. Susan took cue and wrapped her soft fingers around her güvenilir bahis prize and tugged on it to guide into her watering pussy.

“God, I can’t believe I’m finally going to feel it fucking me Chuck. Now come on and give it to me rough like you always said you would,” She growled through clenched teeth at me.

I obliged her demands quickly as I felt the head touch her wetness and my hips bucked forward sinking me into her. Taking a step to her, I leaned closer to her. Her legs now draped over my shoulders, I sunk my cock till it could go no further, my swollen balls pressing firmly against her tiny little asshole.

“Hmmm…god that feels so good inside me. Now fuck me! Fuck me like you promised.”

With that I drilled her pussy like a wild man possessed. It didn’t take long before we both were deep into the throws of lust when the cold wet feeling of rain hitting our skins drove us even further. Soon the rain was coming down really good, the water causing our skin to make sloshing noises as our bodies met. The storm had consumed the top of the parking garage we were on like the maddening lust we both had for each other.

Susan was enjoying the fucking as was I. Her moans were muffled as she was biting on her bottom lip. My hands began to maul her tits, squeezing them together and pressing them into her. I could swear I could feel my cock tapping her cervix with each stroke, I was loving every second of it too. It wasn’t long before the little part of me that loves to get rough took over. I let go of her tits and slid my hands up to her neck. I gently wrapped them around it and gave a light squeeze. I watched as her eyes popped wide open, staring at me before narrowing into thin slits.

“You know Joe never even batted an eye when I told him about us,” I growled at her between thrust. She moaned hearing this. “How’s it feel to know he was happy to have you fucked by me? To be given away to be used as a fuck toy, huh? But you like that don’t you?”

Her moans got deeper and louder.

“Answer me!” I squeezed harder to coax a response.

“It feels so good. Use me Chuck. Fuck me like a dirty little whore. God, I’m so close! Fuck me, squeeze harder. I love being your fuck toy, your whore and your slut!”

I began to steady my thrust into long powerful strokes, making her whole body shake each time. I could feel her pulse against my palms, her hands over mine as if to press them tighter together. But I knew how far to go, not to leave marks or bruises and not to make her blackout. She was getting close, her pussy was grasping my cock trying to suck it deeper in. My own orgasm was rising through my balls as well. I leaned in and kissed her, her knees pressing against her shoulders. She was gasping now, her breathing was out of control and I knew we both couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Come on slut, let me hear you cum!” I released her throat and began to slap her on the cheek with short strokes, not enough to sting but enough for her to feel it pass the orgasm.

I jumped feeling her nails digging into my shoulder blades and her orgasm took over, she howled and screamed as her body tensed.

“Oh fuck yes, yes. Oh that’s it fuck me, fuck me Chuck. I’m cumming baby, cum inside of me. I want to feel you cum in me.” Susan begged as her body began to twitch and spasm through her orgasm.

It only took a few more strokes seeing her like this, she was starving to be bred, to have me fill her pussy with my seed. She wasn’t letting go till she had every drop of it.

“Fuck Susan, my little slut. I’m cumming!”

My cock began to twitch as my balls emptied into her. I could feel three good long blast course through my cock into her tight suckling pussy. I collapsed on top of her, letting her legs slide off my shoulders. Our body heat was causing the rain on our skin to steam of us.

It wasn’t until we heard the thunder off in the distance that we realized the storm had passed. But unlike the storm the lust was still there. Susan pushed me off of her and rolled me onto türkçe bahis the car hood, she was on top now and her hips were still in a fucking mood. She ground her filled pussy over my cock, trying to bring it back to life. The look on her face was one of agitation as my cock simple slid underneath her pussy. She spun around as fast as a lightning strike and engulfed my waning cock into her loving mouth. Her pussy dripping onto my chest. I took her hips into my hands and pulled her ass to my waiting lips. I began to lick her ass cheeks, she moaned as she sucked on me.

My hands parted her ass and I began to explore her tiny little hole with my tongue before craning my neck just right to get my tongue into her cum filled pussy. The mix of both our juices was creamy, a strange but wonderful combination of flavors, I relished it. Before long my cock was stirring in her mouth, her teeth dragging against the sensitive shaft. I was about done cleaning her box of the good fucking it had just received when she spun back around and firmly planted my cock back inside of her.

She began to fuck me in earnest, grinding and bouncing on me, the car heaving under both of us. I looked up and the clouds were starting to part and moon lit up the whole top of that garage. God, she was a sight to see, still wearing the corset, her tits bouncing and swaying back and forth.

Both of us couldn’t talked, our only sounds were just primal grunts and moans as we both were lost in the moment till she broke the silence, “Oh I love the feeling of fucking a man like this, it’s been so long Chuck.”

Her nails clawing at my chest and shoulders as if looking for a set of reins as she rode me like crazy. Soon her tits were driving me wild again and my hands latched on them once more, this time her nipples received all my focus. I pinched, tugged and rolled them between my fingers. They glowed nice and red after several minutes of my attentions. Then I watched as she slid a hand between us to play with her clit. I marveled at her skill as she stroked herself into a frenzy.

“Mmmm…I can feel your cock swelling in me Chuck, come on baby. I want to feel it one more time, fill me up.”

I started to lift my ass off the car to meet her as we fucked. I could feel my balls tightening again, but being so soon it wasn’t going to be a fast one. She could tell and without a word from me, her right hand found my balls and began to squeeze them. I gasped feeling her grip, her nails scratching the tender skin under them. I responded by licking my lips and doubling my thrust upward into her.

We both had been so wrapped up in each other we failed to notice the attendant had come up in his little electric cart to check out the action. He probably would have enjoyed the show unseen if Susan had not thrown her head back reveling in the wonton decadence of our acts. She alerted me by freezing stiff in mid-fuck. I glanced at her as I continued to fuck her and turned my eyes to whatever she was focused on. I noticed the fellow in his cart and he was enjoying the show and showing us appreciation by stroking himself.

I was getting close to my second orgasm, but Susan froze stiff was not helping. So I looked back at her and slapped her cheek rather hard this time to snap her out of it. She cut her eyes at me with anger in them.

I chided her, “You’re fucking me, not him. What kind of fuck toy are you?”

Her body began to slowly resume its rhythm, but she kept glancing up at our audience.

Again another slap and this time my voice had a commanding tone, “Either you get to fucking me and pay attention to me or I’m going to hold you down and let him do what he wants to you!”

She was still looking at him, my hand grabbed her chin and turned her head to face me, “You understand me? Make me cum now or so help me you’ll be gagging on his cock before I send you home!”

Her body began to really get into it, I don’t know if it was the idea of other guy fucking her face or the fact I was commanding her this time.

She looked güvenilir bahis siteleri right at me in shock and fear, “You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?”

I pinched her nipples, “Yeah I would, remember you’re my fuck toy. I’ll do with you as I please and if that means letting some guy tear into you before I toss you back to Joe, then so be it. Now fuck me!”

Susan groaned deeply and started to fuck her pussy onto my cock like she hadn’t had one in her for years. “God that’s what I like, a man who knows what he wants and how to get it.”

She sat straight up and bounced, “You’re that kind of man, aren’t you lover?”

Her hand now squeezing my balls to the point they could have burst between her fingers. My cock lurched in spasms as she squeezed the juice she wanted through it.

I groaned several times as I felt cum spewing into her, “Fuck Susan! I think I’m going to keep you for myself. I’m cumming my little slut!”

Once again I was filling her with cum and she was gasping with each burst. She let go of my balls and placed both her hands on the car and went to town with her own orgasm, this time her body shivered and locked up. Her pussy the only thing on her moving as it milked me dry. I wrapped my arms around her as she slumped down on top me. It took us both several minutes before could catch our breath and strength in our limbs to clamber off the car. We both got ourselves back in order, even with our soaked clothes chilling us down. With a slight shiver in both of us we got into the car.

Susan gets her seat back right and looks at me before leaning over to kiss me, “I’m not going home am I?”

I look at her, “Hell no, we got a week before we’re done so get ready.”

I backed the car out of the parking spot and ease by the attendant who is still jerking off, I stop the car and reach into my coat pocket, produce a handkerchief and wipe Susan’s pussy with it. Balling it up, I throw at the guy and tell him to keep it as a trophy. He grins at us both as he sniffs it and then wraps the soak cloth around his cock and speeds up his jacking off. We both leave him and the garage.

Susan begins to giggle as we hit the road, “You think he knows most of that is you on there?”

Then we both start laughing hard as we head to the hotel. After a few minutes of driving, we arrived. The valet’s eyes almost popped as he opened Susan’s door and she swung her legs out exposing her sex to him, I’m sure it was a right mess with all that cum dripping out. I smirked at the fellow and handed him the keys.

Slipping him a hundred, “It’s going to need a drying and detailing. I want her squeaky clean and shining like a showroom model, got it?”

He nods and we enter the hotel. After a quick giggling make out session in the elevator we get to the room. We chit-chat as we get undressed and head for the shower built for two. We take turns washing each other off, soaping each other’s bodies and rinsing. There’s no sexual attention, just loving caressing. We’re both spent, but nonetheless my cock stiffens just enough to be at half-mast by the time we get toweled off and slip into the nice fluffy terrycloth robes the hotel furnishes. I go to the mini-bar and fix us both a small nightcap and before long we’re in bed naked and spooning. I reach to turn the lights out above the bed and settle back in.

Susan turns to face me, “Chuck this has been a hell of a night, thank you.” She kisses me and snuggles up against me, her head buried into my chest. She grins as she taps on my nipple ring, “I didn’t notice that earlier, when you get that?”

I pat her on the ass, “It’s been years, hun. Had them both pierced but had to take the other one out when I got it hung up and it ripped abit. But this one has been good and solid since.” My cock twitches against her thigh.

I feel her hand reach down and place it between her legs against her pussy, “Don’t try anything just yet, my pussy is still tender. But I want it right there when one of us wakes up.”

I gave her peck on the cheek, “Sure thing hun. Just so you know I’m an early bird.”

Susan pecks my cheek back, grinning from ear to ear, “So long as you’re not the only thing that rises early, I don’t mind being woke up.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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