A Gentle Discovery

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Their parents passed away when Ben was only eight. He was the youngest of four siblings and the only boy. His oldest sister, Jaime, who was 23 at the time, had just graduated from college was the one to raise him and their two sisters. They lived in a conservative small town. As Ben grew older he was constantly reminded that their situation of not having any parents and being raised by his sisters was not common and the other kids would tease him relentlessly. Growing up the only friends he ever really knew were his sisters. As soon as he graduated from High School moved away from home and went off to college. He had just earned his doctorate in history and was just offered a teaching position with a university out west. Deciding to spend the summer at home, his sisters also flew home to throw him a celebration for the occasion.

Due to both school and their own work, he had only seen his oldest sister, Jaime, during holidays and summer breaks but had not his other two sisters, Alice and Rebecca, for some time. When he walked into the house all three of them were standing at the entranceway waiting for him. They all screamed out their welcome homes, congratulations, and happy birthdays amid an array of hugs and smiles between the four.

His oldest sister, Jaime, was 43, and Alice and Rebecca, being identical twins, had just turned 30. Alice worked and lived in Seattle and Rebecca in Tuscan. Jaime wasn’t too tall, she stood at only 5’2″, her b-cup breasts along with her tight little figure complemented the hours she spent keeping in shape and staying healthy. Her eyes were hazel eyes and her hair was dark brown, almost black, and reached the mid of her back. All of this was set off by her beautiful fair skin, which almost seemed porcelain with how well she took care of herself. Jaime was a bit more reserved than Alice or Rebecca, most likely due to her taking the role of the parental figure after their parents past away.

Alice and Rebecca stood a little taller at 5’5.” Their skin was fair, like Jaime’s, but held a slighter tint in that they both spent some time at the tanning solon. Their hair was a lighter shade of brown with blue eyes to match. Alice kept her hair short and layered while Rebecca wore it just past her shoulders, their c-cup breasts accentuated by their perfectly natural hourglass figures. Alice and Rebecca, as most twins are, were always very close. They shared everything. There was no secret between them. They were the best of friends and throughout their High School career they were always joined at the hip.

Jaime was always a bit more reserved than Alice and Rebecca. While very excited to see Ben she stayed back letting Alice and Rebecca greet Ben. After the warm greeting, they made their way to the front room. The twins were at either side of Ben, holding his hands and guiding him over to the couch where they also sat at either side of him. Rebecca was leaning against his chest and he briefly glanced down at her where he could see deep into her cleavage due to the tank top that seemed to be a size too small, hugging every curve of her breasts and stomach. Alice sat resting on the arm of the couch; she instinctively laid her feet on his lap as she curled up for comfort. Jaime sat opposite of them in the armchair; she didn’t say much at first, only let Alice and Rebecca talk his ears off since it was some time since he’d seen them. Jaime only watched the conversation with a slight smile knowing that their little family was back home again.

After a while of catching up, Rebecca got up suddenly without saying a word. When she came back she was carrying four glasses along with a chilled bottle of champagne.

“What’s this?” Ben asked.

“We wanted to celebrate. We’re just all so proud of you.” She answered with a smile.

“We can’t offer much, but we hope you know how much we all love you and how proud we are of you.” Jaime added as Rebecca began to pour. Alice offered the toast and they all drank.

The night ran long and just before midnight they all decided to call it a night. Ben thanked them for the day and gave each a hug. Alice and Rebecca each kissed his cheek and made their way upstairs to retire for the evening. Ben was left alone with Jaime and wanted some time with her alone, he had always felt a certain connection with her. She grinned and Ben took her by the hand and led her back to the front room where he sat her on the couch and laid down resting his head on her lap. She began stroking his hair.

“Thanks again for today.” Ben said after a while.

“Why the sentiment?” She questioned with a slight giggle that said more about teasing than her curiosity.

“I just missed everyone.”

“Oh, come on. You have to be eager to start teaching.” She responded.

“I am. I just like being with you three.” They sat in silence for a while just enjoying each other’s company.

A short while later they decided to call it a night. As he got up off of the couch he grabbed her hand, their fingers intertwined as they went upstairs. As they illegal bahis reached the floor Ben leaned in to give her another hug. As their arms wrapped around each other Jaime kissed his lips. This caught her off guard and she quickly pulled away and went into her bedroom and shut the door.

Quickly shutting the door to her bedroom she locked it. Leaning against the door Jaime placed her hands over her faced in embarrassment. Why did she do that? Why did she kiss her little brother? After all he was more like a son to her; she had raised him since he was eight. She couldn’t understand the sudden impulse to kiss him. She cared for him, that was for sure, but more than that, she loved him. She was afraid that by kissing him she would ruin their relationship. She had always enjoyed their quiet moments together, like the one they just enjoyed downstairs. Just being able to hold her little brother in those quiet moments with just the two of them had always held a special place for the both of them.

She pushed off of the door and began to undress. As she began to undo her bra she looked down at her breasts and her mind was suddenly back to the moment just outside of her room. What worried her more was that she enjoyed the taste of her brother’s lips.

He had always been tall. He went through an early growth spurt and stood just above 6′ tall. His hair was brown and wavy and long enough to lie just past his eyes though he always kept it pushed back. All throughout his teenage years even though he was tall he was always a bit scrawny. It wasn’t until he entered college that he actually began to run and go to the gym. She admitted to herself that it wasn’t really until today that she noticed how nicely he had filled out. Maybe it was because today he was wearing a t-shirt that showed off his chest and shoulders, or maybe it was because before, he always wore larger shirts and she never noticed his muscles before. Whatever the reason was she admitted to herself that he was a very attractive man.

For a minute, while standing in the middle of her room in nothing but her panties, she thought how it would be for her to pull off his shirt exposing his beautifully sculpted chest and to have him lift her up into his strong arms and kiss her deeply, feeling his mouth on hers and pushing his tongue in her mouth and the taste of this sensation.

She felt herself flutter and her vagina begin to heat up and moisten at the thought. Her hands instinctively grabbed her naked breasts and began squeezing. Suddenly she brought herself back to where she was. She reasoned that these thoughts were only because, since raising her siblings she hadn’t really dated and thought about how long it was since she felt what it was like to have a nice hard cock working its way inside her, instead of her own hand. She shook herself back to herself once again and grabbed a t-shirt, put it on, and jumped into bed trying to fight the desire to think about her little brother like that again.

When Ben shut the door to his room he caught himself thinking about Jaime. Which, normally, wasn’t too out of the ordinary, except for the thoughts that he began to have. He thought about the kiss and how her lips were so tender and gentle against his. This kiss, which lasted but a second, seemed to engulf his mind. He only pushed the thought away when he began to feel a twinge down in his crotch. Realizing how wrong those thoughts were he quickly got changed and went right to bed.

The next morning Ben woke up early. He quickly got into some shorts, pulled on his sneakers, and made his way downstairs and out the door. Leaning against the front door post he stretched and then began to jog, he started slow and easy at first gradually quickening his pace. After the second mile his mind went back to the night before and how his oldest sister had kissed him straight on his lips. He imagines the taste of her lips. He again jerked himself back to reality. Ben suddenly felt sick as he noticed how excited he was getting at thinking about his sister like this. He quickened his pace even more and forced himself to think about other things. He made it back home and stopped on the front porch letting his breathing decrease down to its normal rhythm. His back was to the door and when he turned to go back inside Alice was leaning inside the door, letting her morning coffee warm her hands, watching him.

“Oh, uh, morning.” Ben said, startled to see her standing there. “Sorry, I didn’t notice you there.”

“Have a good run?” Alice was grinning ever so slightly as she eyed him up and down. When he runs he doesn’t usually wear a shirt, his chest was covered in sweat. The sun was just making it’s way over the trees and the sweat helped the suns rays to show off all of hours of work he had put in with sculpting his body the way it was now.

“Yeah, not bad.” he said pushing past her and running upstairs, skipping every other step, as he raced to his bedroom. Leaving the door open he slipped off his shoes and socks throwing them in the corner and dropped illegal bahis siteleri his shorts exposing his buttocks. Walking over to his bed where he had previously placed his towel he wrapped it around his waist. As he turned to leave the room he thought he saw a shadow dart past, though, when he walked into the hallway it was empty. He went to the bathroom and shut the door, unwrapped the towel and placed it on the rack. Opening the shower curtain he turned on the shower leaving the water cold. He thought that if he took a cold shower it would wash away the strange fantasies plaguing his mind. Stepping inside the shower he let the water cascade over him. Grabbing the soap he squeezed some in his hand lathering it up and then proceeded to wash himself. The shower must’ve worked because the previous thoughts seemed to have gone.

After the shower and throwing on a pairs of jeans and a t-shirt, Ben made his way downstairs to the kitchen where Alice and Rebecca were already at the breakfast nook talking quietly. They both saw Ben from the corner of their eye and quickly stopped talking as they noticed him in the room. They both offered him a good morning.

“Coffee is fresh.” Rebecca offered.

“Thanks.” Ben said grabbing a mug and pouring a cup for himself. “How’d you two sleep?”

“Pretty good.” they said.

“So, what were you two just talking about?” Ben was curious why they stopped their discussion so suddenly.

“Oh, um, nothing really.” Alice responded as she looked down at her mug. Rebecca had turned her head away.

“So, um, is Jamie awake yet? She wanted to make breakfast for everyone today.” Rebecca jumped in trying to change the subject.

“I think she’s awake. I heard her moving in her room when I got out of the shower.” Ben answered.

“So, what are your plans for the day?” Alice asked.

“Oh, nothing much. I thought I’d just hang out around the house. You?” Ben said.

“We were going to see the town. Since it’s been a while since we’ve been home.” Alice said answering Ben.

Jaime woke up to sound of the shower running. Still groggy from sleep she wondered if it was Ben. Her hand reached beneath her shirt grabbing her breast as her other hand began massaging her pussy, which quickly became wet.

She imagined herself quietly opening the door so her sisters wouldn’t hear, and quietly taking off her t-shirt and panties. Ben wouldn’t notice her at first and so she would stand there watching him shower. Standing there watching the water fall all over his muscled body as his hands rub soap all over himself, she would begin rubbing herself. After a minute of watching, she wouldn’t be able to take it any longer and so she would welcome herself in the shower pressing her hand against his lips so he wouldn’t say a word. Her hands beginning at his chiseled face, she would trace every inch of him leading herself down. Touching his body he would react as his cock began to get harder. Her hands making their way down to his hard cock she would begin to stroke it, feeling him respond with her touch.

Her back arched violently as electricity ran through her body as she reached orgasm. Continuing to touch her wet pussy and massage her breasts. As she came down she tasted herself by licking her hand.

Hearing the shower shut off she came to and realized what she had done. Feeling embarrassed, because of the fantasy she just enjoyed, she rolled over in a ball covering her face, her body facing away from her bedroom door.

Jaime appeared just as the other three were talking about their plans for the day. She said good morning, avoiding any eye contact with Ben, still embarrassed, and went directly to the fridge and opened it up. She pulled out a number of items and placed them on the counter, she then grabbed a pan, a mixing bowl, and some other cooking tools and began to prepare breakfast for their little family.

Turning to Alice and Rebecca she made small talk with them making sure to avoid direct communication, or even eye contact, with Ben who seemed to be aware of her avoiding him. Once the meal was prepared and the table was set they all moved to the table. Jaime made sure to sit where eye contact with Ben would be difficult. The small family talked about their lives where each was now living, their work, friends, etc. then the conversation migrated to whom they were dating. Alice and Rebecca were always eager to talk about any new guy they were seeing which always made Ben uncomfortable with how open they were about the detail in which they described both the new guys and what they did with them.

The detailed talk brought both Ben and Jaime back to their thoughts about each other. Trying to make sure that neither Alice nor Rebecca would find out they just focused on eating their breakfast. Once finished, Jaime got up and cleared her plate. Seeing Ben’s plate clear of his meal she moved over and took his plate, as she did her arm brushed against his chest causing both to jump just slightly. This wasn’t enough to bring suspicion canlı bahis siteleri to the twins but they did interrupt their conversation just long enough to glance over.

With breakfast finished and the table cleared the twins excused themselves, finished getting ready, and left for the day. Ben tried to strike up a conversation with Jaime but she just told him that she was busy and left the room. Ben went to his room, grabbed a book, and made himself comfortable on the couch in the front room. After an hour of reading Jaime, making her way to the kitchen to start cleaning up, interrupted Ben. Noticing that she had been crying Ben followed her.

“Jaime?” Ben asked quietly not wanting to disturb.

“Yeah, Ben?” Jaime said not turning around.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“Oh, um, nothing. I’m fine. I just need to get this kitchen cleaned.” Jaime said still not turning her face.

“Jaime, it’s alright. It’s just me, your Benny, you can talk to me.”

“I said I’m fine. Really.”

Ben moved over to Jaime and saw that tears had appeared in the corner of her eye. Gently pulling her to him she fell into his arms and began sobbing in his chest.

“I’m disgusting!” She cried amid muffled sobs, her face still buried in his chest.

“Hey,” he said pulling her away from his chest so he could look in her eyes, “why would you say something like that? What’s this about?”

Realizing he wasn’t going to let this go, she answered simply, “last night.”

“What. The kiss?” He asked. All she could do was nod her head up and down telling him yes. “Oh, Jaime.” He said as he pulled her back to his chest. “What about it is making you feel like this?”

“I…I…I…liked…it.” She manages to admit, refusing to look Ben in the eyes.

“So did I.” Ben also admitted. Realizing what he just told her she looked up and saw in his face that he was being entirely honest with her.

“So, you don’t find me disgusting for kissing you?” Jaime finally asks.

“No, of course not. I could never think that.”

“But, I shouldn’t have kiss you. You’re my little brother.” She tells Ben.

“Well, no, it shouldn’t have happened. But it did. We shouldn’t feel bad. It was a simple kiss. That’s all. It was nice and I enjoyed it, but that’s all.” He assures her.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I think I was just surprised by the impulse.”

“I don’t want you to feel bad for kissing me. Don’t do that to yourself. Okay?”

Ben kissed the top of Jaime’s head as she nods yes to what he had just said. For the rest of the morning Ben and Jaime were their old selves again. Once they had finished cleaning the kitchen Ben and Jaime made their way to the back porch swing. Ben pulled Jaime over to him so that she was resting on his chest. With his right arm around her he stroked her back.

“Can I ask you a question, Jaime?” Ben asked.

“Of course, Benny.”

“Why did you to kiss me last night?”

Giving a few seconds before answering. “I’m not really sure. I think I was just caught up in the moment. You’ve grown into a very wonderful, attractive man, Ben. And I think that last night, for a brief moment, that I saw you as that man and not as my little brother. I don’t think I was able to help myself.”

“Can I be honest with you about something?” Ben asks unsure.

“Of course you can.”

“I’m glad you didn’t stop yourself. I’m glad you kissed me.”

“Really? But we’re brother and sister. It’s wrong.” Jaime retorts.

“I know it was, but, even though I’ve done things with other girls while in school, I’ve always compared them all to you. Which is why I’ve never had a steady girlfriend.”

“How do you mean?” Jaime asks, pushing herself up so she can see his face.

“We haven’t had a normal life. With Mom and Dad gone you three were all I had while growing up. You’re the most important person in my life and I look up to and love you so much. How could I find anyone that compares to you, Jamie?”

Hearing this Jaime’s eyes start to water, “Oh, Benny.” She leans in and they kiss.

“See, we kissed. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by.” Ben says with a grin and he kisses Jaime again pressing his lips deeply into hers and rests there for a few beats. Jaime gives a sigh telling him she’s enjoying it and rests her head once again on his chest.

The rest of the weekend went by without much incident and for the most part Ben and his sisters stayed home enjoying each other’s company and getting caught up. As usual both Alice and Rebecca tried to make Ben uncomfortable with the details of their sexual experiences and Jaime would try to get them to act more appropriately around him. Monday morning came and Jaime was up and getting ready for the day before the twins were awake. She had just finished getting ready when Ben made it back to the house from his morning run. Walking downstairs just as Ben made it into the house she stopped at the sight of Ben being shirtless and sweaty. Since the morning after their first kiss they had felt more comfortable in kissing each other though nothing too intense. They would make sure to not kiss in front of the twins for fear of what they might think, but when they were alone they felt free to be who they were with these gentle kisses.

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