A Girls Day At The Beach

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Chloe relaxed on the outside patio sipping a well-chilled glass of champagne while enjoying the balmy breeze coming in off the shimmering lake. Her waitress had introduced herself as Lucy when first taking her order.

“Such a sweetly rebellious looking young thing…probably uninitiated to the taboo pleasures of another woman’s touch or kiss…yet, perhaps not unwilling to a little experimentation…” Chloe thought wishfully.

As Lucy worked among the nearby tables, Chloe caught a glimpse of the glistening sweat beads in the fine golden downy hair on her bare midriff. She watched intently as the rivulets trailed towards her just covered nether region. Her navel was pierced with a silver hoop, strung with a thin chain that wrapped around her hips and glinted in the afternoon sunlight. Bright red and orange outlines of a tattoo on the lowest curving arch of Lucy’s shapely back left Chloe only to imagine what was inked high on the skin of her ass beneath her low riding waistband.

Having at an early age been blessed with a forthcoming beauty, Lucy had blossomed into a stunning young woman of 20. Frisky boys had through-out her school days lusted for her constantly, vying for friendship or sexual favors. Either would do, with the former hopefully leading to the latter and since graduation Lucy had only been bed three times. She shared her body selectively and never with another female. And yet, her private and closely guarded daydreams were always of incredibly stimulating girl on girl encounters.

At the age of 27, Chloe’s orientation was strictly lavender. Sitting alone, her pouting and glossy lips went momentarily dry as she stared from behind darkly tinted glasses at a single, pearl-like droplet of moisture balancing delicately above Lucy’s sun-drenched upper lip. Removing her sunglasses, Chloe revealed her green, doe-like eyes so hauntingly deep as to appear black like polished stones and began to flirt.

The seduction of Lucy was complete long before, in a private and quiet moment did she suggest an early casino oyna evening swim.

The two women found a secluded, low lying area on the deserted beach surrounded by tall, wispy wild grass and laid down a large blanket before entering the lake.

Making their way out to where the warm water was more than waist high, Chloe took off her own wet and clinging bikini top. Stepping forward, she calmly slid the thin straps of linen off each of Lucy’s oiled shoulders. Lucy sucked her breath in deeply as Chloe’s hands grazed her skin and teasingly continued down the center of her body to her taut belly.

“I’ve never done this…” Lucy cooed.

“I know…” whispered Chloe, sliding down gracefully into the water until poised directly before Lucy’s high and firm young breasts.

As Chloe opened her mouth to suck one beautifully pink nipple, she covered her own larger breasts with Lucy’s hands. Both women could feel her stiffening tips grow harder under the waterline.

Chloe was well aware by their interaction at the patio restaurant that Lucy had never made love with another woman. Now pressing closely against her flawless skin she would show her how as she felt her young lover’s first timid touch intensify against her own.

Lucy clasped her hands behind her back in a willfully submissive stance as Chloe felt down over her curving hips to knead to toned flesh of her rear end. Enraptured with her new found intimacy she closed her sparkling blue eyes as Chloe inflamed her long pent-up passions. Having suppressed her wanton desire to be taken by another female for so long and with her heart pounding, Lucy gave herself up to the sexual exploration by and of her darkly mysterious stranger.

Opening her eyes she placed two fingers tenderly under Chloe’s chin.

“Please kiss me…and make love to me…”

Chloe rose to face her virginal lover and kissed the upper lip of her closed mouth which opened unhesitatingly in hungry response. Lucy ran the tip of her tongue over Chloe’s bottom slot oyna lip and licked wetly as their mouths separated. Biting back mischievously, Chloe put one hand inside the front of Lucy’s bikini bottoms and felt her closely cropped pubic hair, while stabbing her tongue devilishly in and out of Lucy’s mouth. Lucy shifted her position to better grind her groin into Chloe’s hand as three fingers easily slid inside her moist vagina.

“Mmmmmm…” Lucy moaned as Chloe corkscrewed her fingers deeper into her.

Any reservations she may have had in fulfilling her closeted wish were no longer and she matched Chloe’s thrusting with an unabashed lewdness all her own.

“Ohh…ohhhh…” said Lucy, riding Chloe’s penetrative fingers hard.

While continuing to finger fuck Lucy under the water with one hand, Chloe cupped and squeezed her younger girlfriends pert breasts with the other as they shook before her. Lucy buried her face in Chloe’s soaked auburn hair, grabbing as a woman possessed at the long, wet strands draping over her bronzed shoulders and back.

“Let’s go to shore…” Chloe spoke while lifting Lucy’s ass up and down so her short and coarse cunt hair lightly rubbed over her abdomen.

“Ohhh…my…yes…” Lucy, now nibbling Chloe’s ear lobe breathed.

On the beach Chloe knelt and delicately removed Lucy’s bikini bottoms leaving her lover standing completely naked with her wet skin drying fast in the early evenings warmth, feeling hot to her touch. Snaking her tongue along the inside of her thigh, Chloe inhaled Lucy’s sex scent for the first time before thirstily lapping at her soft and fleshy labia.

Orally opening her, Chloe could see how pink, moist and entrancing her cunt was and gently kissed and teased her highly aroused clit. Lucy found herself lost in a sea of impassioned delirium the likes of which she had never approached making love with a man as her female lover gluttonously slurped her entire gaping slit and cradled her smooth ass in her hands.

“Do you like how that feels, canlı casino siteleri honey…you taste delicious…”

“Oohhh…yes…please…please, don’t stop what you’re doing… to me…no-one has ever…hhmmmmmm…not like this…ohhh…my…” Lucy managed to say, trying to catch her breath as Chloe sucked her pussy juices and worked her sensitive clit. Lucy was quickly losing control of herself and was soon bucking her pelvis into Chloe’s face between her spread legs.

“Fuck me…oohhhh…fuck mmmmee…”

Savoring both the pleasure she was giving and the sticky cum in her mouth and coating her lips, Chloe again inserted three fingers into Lucy’s sodden pussy and rhythmically fucked her in and out.

“Baby…it takes a woman to best know what a woman wants…” Chloe said smiling, her tongue shining with Lucy’s wetness and added…

“You’re just so hot, fresh and just for me…”

“…and needs…oohhhh…” Lucy cried softly, almost silently, her whole body sensually quivering.

Chloe heard Lucy’s quiet murmurings and knew her orgasm was near.

Holding each side of her face steady, Lucy humped her cunt harder and faster into Chloe’s mouth.

“Oh…you like it baby…” Chloe asked.

“Yesss…ohh,mmmm…ohhh…fuck…” was all she could cry as the explosive release of her first lesbian orgasm came over her, at which moment Chloe coaxed her slippery index finger into Lucy’s asshole.

Never before had she experienced such a highly charged climax as she did with Chloe’s fingers buried deeply up her pussy and ass. Chloe continued to pump her two sex holes while kissing and sucking on her still tingling clit. Her tanned thighs shone with her smeared sex juices.

Arching her back and taking her own small, sweat bathed breasts in her hands, Lucy roughly pinched their hardened nipples, loving the sweet, sharp pain. Now holding Lucy’s softly curving hips, Chloe turned her oral attention to the wet but sensitive flesh between her pussy and still slightly open anus. Licking greedily towards her asshole Chloe heard Lucy ask.

“…I…I want your pussy now…oohhhh…please…now…let me give you what you’ve given me…”

Biting her bottom lip, Lucy watched Chloe rise from between her open legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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