A Kitty for Santa

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Darkness is the way of the day, the ambience is sinister and the mystery adds to the flare. A 15,000 square foot home is the setting. I walk in with nothing but my costume and keys. The keys are to my car which is securely parked in the locked garage and my personal room for the night. I am staying in a theatre room equipped with surveillance cameras and comfortable seating, where tomorrow’s clothes are waiting for me.

The house has been rented out for this last week in October. The renter is a good friend of mine, Jordan Bahn. She has an obsession with Halloween. I thought I was bad by dressing up every year without missing one year but she goes all out.

It started when she was a kid and her parents threw a huge Halloween party every year. When she was 18 she threw her first one and now she is known for the best Halloween parties around. One quarter of us are invite only, the others are pay to get in and you must be invited to even pay. It balances out the cost to throw it and the rental property. She’s a party planner and a lot of the cost gets covered by favors businesses owe her.

I used to help at the beginning but when it started getting to the point where we had to rent a house I had to take a step back. My job is an 80 hours a week kind of gig, and the dedication it takes is a lot more than I can handle or give.

Today’s shindig is being held in Beverly Hills. We have called the house Janice place, the side that faces the city has floor to ceiling windows. An infinity pool at the edge and a viewing deck on the side of the house. There are 10 rooms 14 bathrooms, I never understood the whole having more bathrooms than rooms thing. An office, a gym, a huge chef’s kitchen, a dining room and a theatre room. The office is where Jordan is running this event from and where she will be sleeping. We are the only 2 who should still be here in the morning. Another friend of mine is doing security and he takes his job seriously. His company has brought in 10 women to be placed around the house and outside and they are all in suits and masks. So they don’t stand out as much.

I am dressed as Catwoman, this is the costume I have wanted to wear for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I had the kid version. Today I am in a whole other league, head to toe leather and a mask to hide my identity. Jordan is dressed as Wonder Woman, every year she’s a female superhero. Sometimes she invents them Super Nurse, Lusty librarian anything that she can make look sexy and make her worthy of a villain.

Everyone who comes to this party usually sees each other throughout the year. However, I love the secrecy and mystery involved in wearing a mask that hides the identity of a person, and a costume that makes you shallow and uninhibited for a day. I’m not shallow, but I do love a woman with a good body. Although, if it doesn’t come with a brain and respect I rather not go there. Tonight it is all about the body and soul. Most masks reveal the eyes and for me the eyes are a persons carryon lie detector.

I can see everything I need to know in a person’s eyes. Love, compassion, loyalty, fear, anger, sadness, resentment, everything. I’m an excellent judge of character, a trait I picked up from being a good listener and expert body language reader.

My flaw, I’m a genuine, honest to goodness, good person who accepts a persons flaws without regard for safety sometimes. I want to see the good in everyone and sometimes I get hurt in the process for allowing too many chances.

That’s what happened with my ex. She constantly went out of her way to be a bitch then she begged for forgiveness and made empty promises. I finally got tired of it and well that’s where Jordan comes in. She’s the slap in the face kind of person who sticks me with a shot of reality, she keeps me sane.

Back to the party at hand. I’ve danced with several beautiful specimens and the touching has been all too sensual. Did I mention that this lovely party is a women only affair. All rooms have different themes and most doors have been removed. There is no privacy if you want to do something, you do it in front of everyone and believe me no one is holding any reservations. The house has been wired with a surround sound system and the music is pounding throughout.

I walk from room to room enjoying the view and many women who want to dance. In room 4, themed Pirate’s Alcove, there are girls in corners in a state of bliss from what I can see because I can’t hear shit over the music. Hands are under skirts, in between zippers, up asses and groping breasts, ahhh sordid love affairs with strangers, what it is to be young.

I go outside for fresh air after a steamy but brief encounter with a TRON woman. Next to the glass railing stands a woman with a Corona in one hand and a mask in the other. A body lean like an athlete with short hair but a little longer on the top. She’s all in black but I doubt she’s security since they aren’t allowed to drink. The mask is from V from Vendetta. güvenilir bahis I make my way over I would love to see the face that works that body. I’m about a few feet away when she puts it back on along with the hat and hair attachment and turns around.

Standing a few feet away at the railing, she looks at me up and down nods and looks back. I wonder if she will stay quiet or make conversation. I stay where I am, I want to talk but now I can’t see any eyes that might give away what kind of person I’m dealing with. Jordan comes out and lays her body on my back and I notice my nearby visitor move just enough to look at us.

“Tiff, remind me why I do this every year.” She hugs me from behind.

“Because you’re a Halloween whore.” That gets a laugh from my neighbor and Jordan.

“Hey V, I’m Jordan the lovely hostess of the night, you are?” She extends her hand and the gorgeous woman extends hers, but Jordan stays on me.


“I don’t remember you being on the list but I assume that’s not your name and you’re also not from the North pole. This is Catwoman.” I extended my hand and she also shakes it.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Catwoman, may I get you something to drink, while I go back in?”

“Heineken, thank you.” Her voice is low and sensual, I’m a sucker for a woman with a low deep voice, but hers is also sexy. She sounds like a night time DJ who makes you want to go through the radio and just let them talk you to sleep. She walks away and I have to turn around and just watch her move. If I had to describe her walk it would be smooth, with a purpose and a body that knows who’s boss. She has swag, mad swag, everyone’s eyes follow her as she goes by and some smile even though they can’t see if she smiles back.

“Damn I think someone’s kitty is going to be a lil moist.” She had backed away as I turned around.

“Shut up Jordan, who is she?”

“Honestly I have no idea. I don’t recognize the voice or the body and I’m sure I know everyone who should be here. You interested?”

“Definitely, here she comes.” She’s carrying four bottles in her hand. She hands me my Heineken then offers up everything else.

“What would the hostess like?”

“Hmmm, I would like you on my office desk, please, but my friend here did see you first so I am going to leave now before she scratches me.” While taking a Corona and quickly walking away, bitch.

“So Catwoman do you have a name?”

“I don’t know Santa you tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.”

“How about we leave it at Santa and Kitty?”

“Sounds like a plan.” Mood killer, her phone went off.

“I’m sorry it’s work will you excuse me?”

“Sure.” So I thought moment of truth right, she’ll take of her mask to talk. She turns around and lifts it up. Talks and then puts it back down before turning around, damn.

“Sorry Kitty duty calls but it was a pleasure meeting you and Wonder woman. I’ll see you around.”

To ask for her number or to not ask, well she is the one leaving so I guess if she really wanted she would ask and who knows maybe we will run into each other again or she’s just using this lame excuse of work to get away from me, maybe I’m not her type.

I just waved as I downed my Heineken. It would take more than a beer to get over that gorgeous woman. She stopped for a second, shook her head and left.

Then my phone went off.

Damn it, it’s work. “Detective Prescott….. I’m off for the night no exceptions remember….. What do you mean, well if the mayor is requesting it then I guess he can call himself to ruin my night.” I hung up, if its that serious I’ll get the call in a few minutes.

I walked over to the house and thankfully Wonder Woman was by the back entrance.

“Hey lover I have to go, duty calls.”

“Damn it Tiff I thought you had the night off you were supposed to enjoy Santa and have fun you need to get over your ex.”

“I did have the night off until the some higher up put in the call, I don’t have a choice. If I fight it then I’ll really get a higher up calling and hottie left also something about work. I’ll see you later. Great there’s the call I was waiting for.”

“Yes,….. Yes Sir it’s just that it’s my night off. Well, if I can get a couple extra days off that would work for me, I understand……Agent Solo, okay I’ll be there, it’ll be a while it is Halloween.”

I hate working on Halloween especially when I had requested the night off, damn these people and their special request. Damn these people who can pull strings and force me to work. Damn you Agent Solo whoever you are.

I went into what was supposed to be my room for the night and changed into half my sleep clothes and half of tomorrows outfit. I did not intend to go looking like cat woman in full leather.

I put on a black muscle shirt and jeans and a pair of chucks. Not exactly professional but it would do. I have a jacket in the car I can grab it when I get there. Wait let’s zoom in türkçe bahis on camera 3. Sexy, at least someone is gonna get lucky tonight. Nope wait it’s more than just a couple, it’s a room full of mostly naked beautiful women. This is even better than porn.

Camera 3 is in room 10, I know I don’t understand why the numbers don’t coincide either. Head count guesstimates that there are 7 women in this room. Two couples and a threesome. What I would do to be in that room?

This room was the only one on the third floor that had a door, a bed and 2 sofas. Only three people had access to it. Myself, Jordan and Natasha, one of Jordan’s financial backers. The girls in this room were more than likely all her special invites. She’s a model and she loves her job. So yes, most, if not all the girls in there are also models, who love women. Don’t get me wrong they’re not all lesbians but they can appreciate a woman in all aspects.

On the bed we have Natasha, a Brazilian model with long brown hair and a set of curves that wold make a coke bottle jealous. Then there are two other lovely women, one I recognize as Leslie a gorgeous Colombian model who is the exact opposite of Natasha, tall and slim, small breasts and a tiny butt. She has the presence of royalty and that’s what makes her attractive. Last but not least Christy, my ex from many years ago. Damn she’s still as beautiful as I remember. She is the girl next door looking type who grew up on a farm in central California, but don’t let any of that fool you because she is kinky.

Damn this case I can’t just go in and expect to leave within a few minutes. I have been with Christy and well Natasha and I, are well acquainted, we’re each others stress relievers. Leslie is the only I have yet to meet under different circumstances, not that we haven’t wanted to. With her modeling schedule and travel and my crazy hours we barely got to a first date.

I can say that I am glad Christy found herself two beautiful women to entertain her. What I loved about her body was that she was so real. Her skin was soft and delicate, and when she worked out her sweat glistened on her body and it was just sexy. She didn’t look like she had worked her ass off but rather as if she had been coated with a mist. Her eyes are green with golden rays, and her smile lights up a room but her grin makes you wanna undress her and fuck her till tomorrow. Her ass is perfectly tight, she works for her booty. Her boobs are her main attraction, more than a handful, believe me I tried, two handfuls if you ask me. I had never made love to a woman’s chest, but hers were so sensitive and when paid the right attention to she would cum from that alone.

Christy was on her side facing Natasha while Leslie was between Natasha’s legs eating her out and finger fucking Christy. If all these women on a bed had caught my eye, just observing them was making me hot and kitty was definitely moist. I can’t even remember when I had started touching myself over my clothes, but I would definitely make time to take care of myself, what’s another 10 to 20 minutes.

I went over locked the door and sat on one of the theatre lounges and focused the entire screen on camera 3 and zoomed in on the bed. I pulled down my pants and moved my thong to the side, I was ready for my own time. Natasha had definitely found those beautiful tits on Christy, and she’s had them pierced since the last time we were together 3 years ago. Her mouth was playing with one while her free hand fondled the other. Natasha reached over and pulled Leslie in tighter as she appeared to be cumming into her mouth, she was a squirter and Leslie was more than eager to lap it all up. When she was more than satisfied she kissed Christy before going to eat her own meal.

Christy laid back while Natasha crawled between her legs and Leslie was beckoned to her own dinner table. I could feel my own climax approaching. I was working two fingers into my wet pussy and another two on my clit, I needed relief and this was a two hand job. Leslie stood over Christy and lowered herself right onto that agile tongue.

Christy had one hand on Leslie’s ass and the other in Natasha’s hair as she licked up and down her slit. I can bet she’s teasing her by avoiding her clit. She was a fucking tease like no other. She could have you at the edge of bliss and never allow you release until she wanted it, power trip I tell you.

Leslie was holding on to the headboard while grinding herself on Christy’s nimble tongue which was also pierced, that I could definitely remember. She had done it while we were together and she was amazing at eating pussy before that little attachment and afterwards. That girl could use it like a sexy little toy on its own.

As I was thinking of her very able tongue, I could feel my climax fast approaching and just when I was getting there, Christy went over the edge. Her back arched off the bed and her hand gripped Natasha like it was a life raft. Next was Leslie, tossing her head back and güvenilir bahis siteleri holding on to Christy’s tits. Damn if I had audio this would be too easy. My kitty was tamed for now but I knew I needed release from someone other than myself and I needed it soon. As I sat here allowing for my bliss to pass I remembered I had a job to get too.

Oh if I didn’t have to leave I would take my turn on that beautiful bed. I’m sure since Christy and I were on good terms she would not have minded. I went into the bathroom, got myself cleaned up and then there was a knock on the door.

“Just a sec.” I had to return the camera’s to their little split screens.

“Leslie!” If that didn’t give away that I had just seen her naked I don’t know what would.

“Hey Tiff, Jordan told me you would probably be gone, I’m glad I caught you.”

“You caught me all right,” and I was in for a spanking. Leslie’s costume, which was MIA just a few minutes ago was a fucking sexy as hell Ring Master, top hat and riding crop included. She was wearing thigh high sheer stockings with a lace trim and black stripes. A collar with a bow tie like a present and a jacket that put her small chest on display.

“What’s up?” Besides my blood pressure and wetness level.

“Do you really have to leave?” She stepped into the theatre room instantly noticing the screen. “Holy shit are you spying on everyone?”

No just you.

“Um, no.” Lower head in shame. “This was supposed to be where I was staying after all the fun ended tonight but I have to head out to work.”

She turned around bringing her riding crop right underneath my chin. Under most circumstances she and I would be the same height. However, right now she is at least 4 inches taller than I in those fuck me stripper heels.

“You know we never did get a second date.”

“We were busy.” She stepped up right in front of me pinning me to the door, of course I could get away but would you really run away from a Colombian model with a riding crop who wants to use it on you.

“Well, then let’s skip the dating and go straight to the sex.” Oh hot damn I’m supposed to be going to work. “I’m good at what I do, I bet you saw Natasha holding me tight and trying her best to keep me in place.”

Deny. Deny until you die.

“I was just changing to leave, I’m guessing I missed the show.”

“That’s too bad because Christy had a taste and she thought I was worth seconds.” Oh fuck I am going to cream my pants and soon.

“It really is too bad.” Keeping the crop at my chin she undid the button on my jeans and slipped her hand inside straight to my pussy.

“You are wet.” She started working her fingers between my lips and I realized I was letting her have her way with me. Two beers and a sex scene make me one compliant girl when I’m horny. Of course she is one of my trusted friends who wants to make me cum. Right now I don’t mind because it’s been too damn long. I had to turn my head at least pretend I tried to stop this.

It only fueled the fire when she went for my neck.

“FUCK!” I couldn’t just let her have her way with me while I stood helpless I might as well enjoy this if I’m going to be late. I turned back and looked for all the confidence she had taken from me. Lifting my hand to her pussy only to find it fully on display with no covering.

“You are one naughty ring master.” Stroke for stroke, bite for lick and lick for bite we were on a mission and it was called ‘Orgasm.’

I brought my other hand down and couldn’t help but grab her ass damn she was naked. All anyone had to do was lift her thigh high skirt and see her pussy.

Holding her ass and pulling her close, I was working her slit.

“You’re still wet.”

“I was saving it for you.”

Slipping two fingers straight into her pussy made her forget her task at hand, and my mission was a go. Her fingers inside me stopped moving as mine started their sweet torture. She had the upper hand from the moment she stepped into this room but I wanted to be more than just a willing participant.

“Then let’s make good use of it.” Pulling her fingers out of my pants I dropped to the floor on my knees and went for a delicious slice of pussy pie. Pulling her leg to drape it over my shoulder I hid under her skirt, and grabbed her ass forcing her to use the door for support. I went in to her pussy like it was my last meal, I mean after all I was supposed be headed to work.

This had to be quick so fingers and mouth. I inserted three fingers into her pussy and my tongue was working overtime.

“Fuck baby.”

Hearing her call me that while between her thighs was exciting me even further. Her clit was in my mouth and I was forcing it to grow for me, to show me how much it wanted to be played with, how much it wanted to be teased. Thrusting my fingers inside her willing body, her hands tangling in my hair pulling me tighter now I was being kept in place.

Her breathing was unsteady and her knee gave out, forcing her body harder against my fingers and that was the final trigger. Mission ‘Orgasm was complete.

“Oh fuck that was good.” Cleaning the moisture from her pussy on the back of my hand, I stood to hold her close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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