A little lunchtime drink

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A little lunchtime banter over a beer with a female colleague,

this particular female colleague and I were regulars, often disappearing from work at lunchtime for a drink and some lunch, on the odd occasion things have got a little more personal, last Christmas works party for instance where she wound up spending the night in my hotel room along with one of the receptionists but that’s a whole nother story

Today we were just happy to be out of the office and chilling with a beer in the sunshine or at least that’s what I thought we were doing that was until Sharon looked me deep in the eyes and leaning in close whispered to me “I haven’t had a decent cock inside me in months!”….

My initial response was to breath deeply move close to her ear and whisper “I can son fix that” before kissing her neck and cheek at the same time sliding my hand up her thigh mmmmm stockings the dirty bitch had been planning this.

She looked at me totally seriously as I slipped a finger into her panties and said “I want you to take me to the woods after work, the ones at the back of the industrial estate”
Now I knew that she knew these woods were a dogging hotspot as we had often talked about it, I pulled my finger out of very wet panties lifted it too her lips and as she licked I whispered in her ear “so you want it like that do you?”

The answer I got was “Yes” both from her eyes and her mouth, this girl needed some proper action and I was going to make sure she got it.

We both finished our drinks and headed back to work the tension was almost unbearable as I watched her perfect round ass saunter down the corridor and back to her office with that tight pencil skirt clinging to her curves. I returned to my desk and tried to find ways to pass the day until 5:30 came.
5:30 did finally arrive, we met up in reception and walked slowly to my car barely a word was spoken the atmosphere was electric as she slid into the passenger seat of my lotus. “You sure you want to do this I asked?”, “Yes, absolutely sure” came the answer

I turned the key, and drove us out of the car park, round to the back of the industrial estate and down the Lane to the woods. The small car park at the end güvenilir bahis of the Lane was almost empty just a couple of cars and a mini van, three guys were stood round the back of the mini van chatting, all three stopped and looked our way as Sharon got out of the car, there was only one reason that would be there dresses in business suits at this time of day and these guys knew exactly what that was.

We both walked slowly away from the car towards a small entrance to the woods I held Sharon’s hand tightly and guided her to a small clearing “I think we’re being followed” I said, “I know” she replied “Exciting isn’t it” I just grinned, turned to face her and kissed her on the lips, a hot passionate kiss that had us both grinding against each other, breaking away I looked over her shoulder to see the three guys from the car park stood about 20 feet away watching us, one of them rubbing his crotch.

I reach behind Sharon and lift her skirt up over her ass so they can all see that beautiful round ass in all it’s glory then I beckon them to come closer. I whisper gently in Sharon’s ear “we got company and it looks like they want to play” She says nothing just kisses me again forcing her tongue deep into my mouth.my hands are all over her hot body groping her, I plunge one hand down between her thighs as I do so she parts her legs to give me access, I slide two fingers deep into her hot wet pussy, and as I do I am joined by more hands from behind her, stroking her ass, one guy reaches round and opens her blouse to reveal her ample bust and then frees them from her bra.

Soon I feel another two fingers enter her pussy next to mine her breathing is deep and laboured her eyes rolling back I to her head, I take a step back to admire the view of this delicious slut being groped from all angles, and then I open my trousers and take out my cock, placing one hand behind her head I pull her down onto it, she opens her mouth wide and wastes no time in taking my now roc hard cock deep into the back of her throat.
As she starts to fuck my cock with her mouth sliding it down into her throat as far as she can she lets out a gasp looking up I see that the guys have wasted no time and one of them is now sliding türkçe bahis into her wet pussy up to his balls, with each stroke from behind she gasps and takesmh cock deeper and deeper into her throat, this guy behind her this random cock is fucking her as hard as he possibly can thrusting into her so hard that she is being pushed harder and harder onto my cock with each stroke.until with one last gasp he thrusts as deep as he can her body spasms as he jets his hot cum deep into her pussy.

Slowly he pulls his cock out of her, she releases her mouth from my cock and stands her mouth open, saliva dripping down her chin, wickedness shining in her eyes, she reaches down between her thighs dragging her fingers across the open dripping wet lips of her pussy lift her hand she looks almost in wonder at the mix of cum and pussy juice now dripping from her fingers and then lifting them to her mouth she licks them clean, taking a hold of my cock once more with her hand she leans forward and kisses me, making me taste that delicious mix now coating her lips, as she does she reaches around herself pulling one cheek of that delicious arse open inviting the next bystander to take his place, which he immediately does…..

As he enters her she bites my lip and gasps looking deep into my eyes and she wanks my cock in time with the thrusting from behind it is all I can do not to shoot my load but I have plans for that and she knows it.
Soon the next guy is ramming into her shooting his hit sticky load into her this time as he takes his cock for her I reach immediately between her legs without even releasing our kiss I scoop up as much cum as I can on my fingers and lift them to her mouth pushing my fingers into her mouth feeding it too her as she licks up every drop, and before she is even finished that cock is being replace by another, again her yes roll back and she gasps as he enters her.

I take hold off her hair and push her head back down onto my cock, I want to be nice and wet cause it’s my turn next and I’m going to need some lubrication for what I have planned.
She sucks hungrily on my cock taking me deeper and deeper getting more and more vigorous as the guy now pleasuring himself in her pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri fucks her faster and harder, getting more desperate with every stroke, until he joins the others and fires his hot sticky load into her. Slowly he relaxes allowing his cock to slide gently out of her I waste no time, it’s my turn now.

Pulling her head up I move behind her and bend her right over slipping three fingers into her Pusey I scoop up the mix of cum and pussy juice on my fingers, but as I remove my hand I slowly gently insert two of those wet sticky fingers into her ass, she squeals as I force them into her, a few slow strokes just to get her lubed then I pull my fingers out and force them into her mouth making her lick and suck them clean.
Satisfied that she has cleaned up I place the head off my cock against the waiting asshole I can almost feel the tension in her body as she waits for my to stretch her tight little hole with my cock, we had tried this once before and we couldn’t do it, this time I am not taking no for an answer.

Gently I ease the tip of my cock into her ass slowly stretching her, waiting for her to relax so I can go deeper, as I start to feel her pushing back against me I take hold of her hips and push, forcing my cock all the way into that hot tight hole, giving her no mercy, no response to the scram that emirates from her mouth as I penetrate her as deeply as I can. And then I start to fuck her, slowly at first, long deep slow strokes, I can feel her knees shaking, her body going taut and then limp, pulsating to match my strokes, squeals and cries coming rom her mouth some pain mostly pleasure as I fuck deep into her ass harder and harder.

Soon I can’t stand it anymore I have to cum, as my cock starts to pulse I tear it for her ass, spinning her round and pushing her head down onto it, forcing it to the back of her throat before releasing my hot load into her.
I stand there for a minute, my cock just pulsating in her throat, feeling her saliva dripping down my shaft and over my balls, I let go of her hair, allowing her up, she instantly kisses me deep, her mouth still half full of cum.
“Thankyou” she whispers into my ear, as she pulls her skirt down, does up her blouse and tries to straighten her hair, “now how about we go back to your place and get cleaned up” she asks.

Well who am I to argue…..

To be continued………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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