A Little Vacation Excitement

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Isabella and I were on a bus and the thing was completely full, taking us from our hotel to some big fountain she wanted to see on our little vacation from home. There was standing room only, but we got on first so, I got a seat and eventually, to make better room, Isabella sat on my lap. I was getting kind of horny, so my hand started drawing circles on her outer thigh. I could feel her stiffen beneath my touch and I could feel her ass muscles contracting against my legs. I was way too horny to stop there, but the bus was packed. She leaned back and whispered that she was horny. I immediately was turned on by her admission and began kissing her neck, slowly and as discreet as I could.

Meanwhile, Isabella’s hand reached back into my lap, gently stroking my painfully hard cock through my jeans. I had to stop from whimpering and my searching fingers on her bare leg become bolder, working their way up, bit by bit, under her short skirt, but only under the edge.

She turned to me, whispering, “I’m only wearing a thong.” My heart skipped a beat. Then she whispered again “And I want to fuck you in front of all these people.”

Her fingers started to play with my zipper as I could feel my cock getting even harder, the anticipation and fear of getting caught killing me. I looked around and couldn’t see anyone watching, so I slowly eased my fingers along the inside of her thigh, where I could feel the damp warmth coming from between her legs. I pulled the thin strap of the thong to the side and started to tease her swollen pussy, gently parting them and stroking them.

I dipped my finger past her outer sarıyer escort lips and gather some of her wetness, being careful to keep my finger wet as I slowly withdrew and brought my finger to my mouth to taste her in the middle of the crowded bus. As I brought my finger to my mouth, I noticed just how wet it was, her beautiful viscous fluid covering my finger. I tasted her. My mouth watered, as I savored in her wonderful flavor. It immediately brought a small moan forward from my throat. I looked around. Nervous. No one seemed to notice though.

Isabella’s fingers finally stopped playing with my zipper and in one long slow movement she opened my jeans. Her hand slipped inside and grasped my shaft, causing me to catch my breath as I looked around, half expecting for the people mere inches away to notice.

I didn’t see anyone watching so I slowly moved my fingers back beneath her skirt, in deeper, one then two. I started sliding them in and out and could feel Isabella’s breath getting deeper, her body trembling. I couldn’t believe how wet she was becoming as I felt her warm skin surrounding my fingers.

Isabella’s hand, which had been squeezing my cock, quickly crept up my thigh and began pulling at the button at the top of my jeans. I pushed my hips slightly and her hand had to work a bit, but she was able to pull her skirt over the front of my pants and release my cock from its cage. For a moment it stood straight up in my lap and I looked around again to see if anyone could see what was going on. Isabella let out the smallest whimper esenyurt escort of lust as my swollen hot cock head pushed forward, touching the soft skin at the small of her back.

I removed my soaking wet hand from between her legs and began to lift her up slightly. She slightly stood and arranged her skirt, moved back slightly and before I could look around again, I felt the heat and wetness of her bare pussy on the head of my cock. I felt the moisture of her wetness slide down along the hard shaft causing me to deeply inhale from the fireplace hot feeling. As she continued till I was deep inside her, I could feel the movement of the bus vibrating, the cool air coming up from below, tickling the bare skin of my balls. I reached back under her skirt and began to quickly rub the top of her clit, very swollen and fat with lust. I felt her breath quicken and could feel her pulse around my shaft so I slowly leaned forward letting my hot breath tease her neck before I lightly bit down on her neck. That was all it took. I felt her contractions hard on my cock, squeezing and relaxing and felt her fluids run warm along my balls before suddenly cooling, causing such a sensation, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

I don’t know how many people had noticed what was going on by then and I didn’t any longer care. I wanted them to know that I am with this most divine of females, that I was hers, and I even wanted them to watch as I fucked her in front of them.

I continued playing with her clit and as she started to rise off of me, apparently the stimulation too high, avrupa yakası escort so I reached across her body and held her tight against me. I could feel her fighting against my hold, her body movements and muscles tightening caused even more excitement. I feel my balls start to tingle and I heard her breath start to deepen again. I closed my eyes for a moment, the movement too much. I opened them as I felt her pussy began to convulse and that’s when I noticed a lady in the seat to the front right of us watching with unhidden desire on her face. I felt Isabella’s orgasm hit hard and as I looked in the lady’s face, my own body took over. I felt what had to be ten to twelve hard streams of my own fluids coat the inside of Isabella. As my orgasm subsided I could see the lady was looking into my eyes, her own lust apparent. Isabella’s pussy was still pulsing and it was too much for me. I slowly pulled my hips back and I felt my still excited cock slide out.

Isabella raised her hips slightly and I pulled my soaked member back into my jeans. We sat there like that for a few minutes, her forward in my lap, me still caressing her thigh and placing small kisses on her back.

As the ride continued I could almost hear the mix of our juices sliding out of her still swollen sex, onto the bus floor. As the bus came to a halt, we let the people behind us all out, making sure that we were going to be last to get off. Our observer also let people pass.

As we stood to get off the bus, the lady leaned forward, handed us a piece of paper with a number on it, and told us if we ever needed anyone to help, to give her a call. We were both shocked with embarrassment, but Isabella smiled and told her, “You never know.”

As we stepped down the steps onto the street, I could see a streak of my cum running down the inside of Isabella’s right leg. I smiled to myself, knowing that I couldn’t wait to help her get cleaned up in the shower later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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