A Long Time Coming Ch. 05

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Doris lived just a few doors away on the same floor as Cal.

We timed our arrival so that we were at her door promptly at 5 p.m.. We were both dressed in sport coats. Cal wore slacks, I had on jeans and boots. We were a good looking couple. Cal’s elegant conservative style contrasted nicely, (I thought), with my relaxed ‘west coast’ groove.

Doris was a lovely woman. Even though she was in her mid 60s, I’m sure she turned heads. She wore her maturity with grace and confidence.

“Scotty,” she said, “I have heard so much about you. It’s so nice to finally meet you officially.” Doris held her arms open for a hug, and of course I obliged. She pecked my cheek.

Doris slid her arm under mine and guided me to the center of living room toward the conversation area. Doris’ condo was laid out like Cal’s with differences. There was no mirror above the couch, the kitchen island was smaller.

Doris led me to the corner of the couch, (sheesh this was becoming ‘my spot’). She sat in an adjacent armchair, our knees almost touching. Doris hadn’t spoken to Cal, and only now addressed him over her shoulder. “Calvin darling, will you do the honors?”.

Cal was already headed to the island where the bar was set up. He brought over two scotches neat for he and I, and a gin and tonic for Doris.

I was growing more confused by the minute. Cal and Doris obviously had some kind of relationship. I took a healthy slug of my drink, for lack of anything better to do. The whiskey calmed me.

Doris smiled. “Calvin is one of my closest friends. He has been telling me about you from almost the start of your correspondence.”

Doris sat straight but relaxed in the chair. She looked at me sweetly, but was quite direct. She continued.

“My husband and I had a wonderful marriage. We were an excellent match, emotionally and physically. Our sex life was satisfying and active. He’s been gone eight years now. I didn’t feel the need to build another connection with an intimate partner. But I was and still am still a very sexual person. I masturbate with regularity.”

My head was spinning. I drained my drink. Cal appeared with another in a fresh glass and bussed the first one away like a waiter.

Doris wasn’t done. “I guess I am a sort of… a voyeur. The details of your long distance courtship with Calvin excited me. I would often pleasure myself as Calvin related what the two of you had shared. He would read me the e-mail you sent.”

Doris paused to let this sink in a bit. I wasn’t sure how to feel. I started at the fresh scotch in my hand. She reached and took my free hand in hers.

“I know this sounds salacious, and an invasion of privacy.” Doris said. “It started innocently though. No one knew if you and Cal would ever consummate your affair, not at the beginning. I know Calvin was as surprised as I was when this little indelicate habit formed.”

This was quite true. I was very curious as to where this was going.

Cal spoke. “Baby, I hope that you don’t take this as a betrayal. I would never do anything to hurt you. When you booked your flight down here, Doris and I agreed to stop this. We also agreed that it was very important that we tell you about it at the first chance.”

Doris jumped in. “Please, tell us what you think.”

I blew air and puffed my cheeks. “I’m blindsided, but I trust Cal.” I started. “We’re all mature adults. I can’t find anything wrong with the situation. It’s not something I would have predicted.”

“Good,” Doris said with relief. “Now comes the big question. Can we continue, you know, to share things?”

I looked at Cal. He put his hand on my thigh and stroked. My cock jumped.

“Does it embarrass you baby?” He asked.

He loves this, I thought. Cal has set me up again!

“Ohhhhh yes.” I said, with a wry smile and a sidelong glance at Cal.

Doris clapped her hands and relaxed back into her chair. The she bounced back and questioned me. “So,” she said, “HAVE you consummated?”

“Ohhhhh yes,” I repeated.

“What did you do?” Doris asked eagerly.

“Pretty much everything,” I said ruefully. and smiled.

Doris sat back in her chair and crossed her lovely tanned legs. The gauzy summer dress she wore rode up over her knees. I found güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her very alluring and sexy.

Doris half smiled and said, “Tell me about it.”

I sat back too, cradling my drink in my hands. “You already know everything that we did. You don’t know exactly how it all went down, but you know the clinical details.”

Doris was silent, but she was observing me through half lidded eyes.

I continued talking. “What you don’t know is what this affair has done to me. It has certainly changed me, and changed how I look at myself.”

Cal had scooted closer to me, he had already been close. Now he put an arm protectively, or possessively around my shoulder, twiddled his fingers in my hair above my collar. His other hand moved up my thigh, very close to the growing erection hidden by my jeans.

I was speaking to Doris, but also to Cal when I said, “Our sex has been mind-blowing… life changing. The emotional content of a higher order than I’ve ever experienced. Cal has led me through it all.

Doris had raised her right leg and rested her bare foot on the cushion of the chair. She had gathered her dress gracefully, I could see lots of her sexy leg… but nothing else. Not even a fleeting glimpse of her undergarments.

Cal was kissing the side of my face. He was breathing in my ear. Then, he was kissing my neck. All of these were small wet kisses. His other hand had moved up to caress my hard cock through the denim.

Cal turned my face toward his, and we began kissing. The kisses went to full throttle immediately. His tongue invaded my mouth, owning it. I surrendered to the passion at once.

Cal whispered in my ear. “Baby, I need you to suck me. I want to feel your hot wet mouth on my cock. Do you want my cock baby? Tell me you want to suck me.”

I did want to suck him. I wanted to be his cocksucker again.

“Cal, I need to suck your dick. I want to feel your power. I need your gorgeous, glorious penis.”

Cal stood. I leaned forward and lowered the zipper on his pants. His dress pants were loose fitting, and I reached in and freed his urgent hardon. I looked up into his smiling face and locked eyes with him. I teased his organ with the lightest of touches from my fingers. His precum dripped in a string.

I began to narrate the blowjob I was performing on Cal. I was speaking to him, but I wanted Doris to know how I felt.

“I kissed the head of Cal’s cock, then said, “Your precum tastes familiar to me, it reminds me all the fun we have together.” I pointed his rod to the ceiling, and nuzzled the length of him. His fat cock was shaved and obscenely hard. I turned my head so that I could kiss where his hardness met the softness of his scrotum. I teased that place with the tip of my nose. I breathed in his scent. I could smell and taste his musk. Holding his penis lovingly, I sniffed all around his thick pubic hair. I pushed my nose and mouth into his open fly and inhaled deeply.

As I exhaled, I looked up at Cal and said, “ahhhhhhh yessssss. Your scent makes me hot. The smell of your crotch makes me want you. It makes me want to do every naughty thing we can think of.”

I pulled back and enveloped his penis in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around him and pulled slowly back as I sucked. I reached my left hand around to the back of Cal’s thigh to steady myself and give me some leverage. I relaxed my throat and pulled my face on to Cal’s penis. I held there, moving my throat muscles to give Cal a fresh sensation.

Cal took my face in both his hands firmly. He held my head still, and said, “Sloooow baby. Suck me gently. I want to experience your affection for me, as well as your sweet mouth.”

Cal continued speaking.

“Scotty, look at me.”

I let him turn my face up toward his. He was still holding my head still, with his cock about two thirds of the way in.

“I know you trust me, you’ve proven that over and over. I know how much you like exploring your homosexuality. You show me respect and genuine affection. This is sooooo sexy.”

Cal paused for a moment, looking down at me. His tone had been smooth and confident. He didn’t stammer or fumble for words. He was eloquent.

I was on my knees in front güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of him, holding his cock in my mouth. I was totally under his spell. My submission to Cal was an overpowering urge, not a decision. I believed it would be foolish of me to behave in any other way.

Doris… ohmigod, I’d forgotten about her completely. I shifted my eyes to look at her. She was wide eyed and had a hand demurely over her mouth which was open. Her other hand was between her legs, hidden by the folds of her dress. She was obviously fingering herself.

Cal was celebrating our connection verbally, concisely and explicitly. And, he was doing it in front of a witness.

He wasn’t done.

“When you get embarrassed and ashamed, it is so cute!. It’s very obvious when you’re feeling that way. You do what I ask, but you get very quiet. I find this so very attractive. When it happens, I have to kiss you, eat you and fuck you. It’s overpowering.”

He paused smiling, caressing my face as he held me on his cock.

“But,” he continued. “This is not quite total submission. You have these feelings because you have not released your hold on your manhood. You are a submissive bottom. You were born this way. You need to let go of your old self. It’s just a projection of who other people wanted you to be.”

I could see Doris in my periphery. She was still masturbating and her other hand had moved to the middle of her chest above her breasts.

Cal’s words were causing my universe to invert. I was light headed, AND, I was holding his cock in my mouth.

Cal was as good as mind fucking as he was at the regular kind. He pulled me to my feet and held my arms at my side. He looked in my eyes for a long moment. The he guided me to wrap my arms around his neck. He tilted his head and said, “kiss me Scotty.”

I dove into a soul kiss with Cal. I plunged into the warmth and safety of it… lost. I was weightless.

Cal sucked my tongue into his mouth and sucked on it. He held us locked together that way while he reached down and opened my pants. Then he spun me around holding me tight to his body, my back to his chest.

“Drop your pants, Scotty.”

I did.

“Panties.” Cal declared. “Aren’t you embarrassed to wear panties in front of a woman? Are you ashamed of yourself?

I was breathing through my mouth, my eyes half closed. I was dazed, and hypnotized.

Cal seemed not to need a response from me. He slid his hand into my panties and pulled my rock hard cock out, and held it on display.

“Look how hard you are! You’re soooooo turned on by this! This is the kind of sex you were built for.” Cal pronounced.

He pulled my panties down then dropped to his knees. He ran his hands over my smooth globes. He kissed all over my butt cheeks.

My face was burning. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. All of this in front of Doris!

Cal directed me. “Put your hands on your knees, and arch your back.”

My cock jutted out obscenely as I complied with Cal’s wishes. My feelings were jumbled, but I was lost in lust and desire.

Cal spread my cheeks and admired me.

“Ahhh yes, your shaved pussy. So lovely, so vulnerable, and it’s all mine. Your pussy belongs to me, doesn’t it baby?”

I could tell that this required and answer. I said simply, “yes.”

Cal wasn’t going to let me off easily. “What did you say baby?”

“Yessssss, daddy,” I said. But I knew this would not be enough. I finished. “Yes daddy, my pussy belongs to you.”

So gay. So embarrassing. Woman watching. I was sinking into the earth. And yet, I was incredibly agitated.

“Nice baby, very nice. Would you like me to eat your pussy? Do you want to feel my kisses on your pussy lips?”

“ahhhhhhrrrrrr,” I growled, so embarrassed and silly feeling. “Yes Cal, please lick me. Make me wet for you. Make my pussy ready for your cock.”

Cal chuckled indulgently. He knew he had me. I felt his five o’clock beard rasp the inside of my cheeks as he wiggled his face into my cleft. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Cal was humming as he moved his face from side to side, smearing saliva everywhere.

“I love your shaved pussy. I’m glad you agreed to do that just for me.”

I glanced at güvenilir bahis şirketleri Doris, but I shouldn’t have. She was staring at my face, with a bemused smile on her own. Her hand was still moving slowly hidden by her dress.

Cal was kissing the length of my cleft. He would stop at my opening and kiss me there gently, maddeningly softy, affectionately, fuck… lovingly.

As a result, I felt loose and open, body and mind. Cal could bring me up with aggression or affection, and he mixed the two masterfully.

Cal took a deep breath and spread my ass cheeks wide and zeroed in exactly on my pucker. He tongued me deeply and repeatedly. He did this knowing the effect it would have on me. He knew he could make me want his cock more than breath.

Doris whimpered, and I opened my eyes to look at her. Her hand, still hidden by her dress was moving faster.

I was whimpering too. Cal’s talented and experienced rimming was having the intended effect. His tongue probed me. He was muttering between kisses. “Oh baby, your taste makes me crazy. I love licking your pussy, getting you all ready for my fat cock”.

Cal’s enthusiasm was genuine. I could feel his need and his affection as he pleasured me. With every poke of his plunging tongue I felt more adored. I was overwhelmed by his passion. I needed to return it.

My confident lover stopped prepping me, pulled me up and wrapped his arms across my chest. I could feel his naked penis against my naked bottom as he jutted out from his open fly. I twisted my neck back to receive his wet kiss. He tasted like sex.

I brazenly reached back to pull my ass cheeks open. Cal artfully found my opening with his cock, slippery from my sloppy blowjob.

I moaned with relief, my hungry ass finally getting what it wanted.

Doris gasped and clapped her free hand to her mouth when she saw me look at her. Her hidden hand jigged up and down beneath her dress.

Just when I thought that I couldn’t be any more stimulated, Cal reached around and grasped my cock. He wrapped his hand around top quarter of my penis and began to stroke and twist. He kept his hand closed and mirrored the corkscrew motion to the rhythm of our fucking.

I was being fucked to within an inch of my life. I looked at Doris, and for a moment I imagined what she was seeing. I was mostly standing, my back arched to receive my lover. I was mostly dressed. My pants were around my knees, and my panties were pulled down and lodged below my buns.

I was the co-star of a live, gay, sex show. I sunk into a wave of embarrassment and humiliation, but just for a moment. it passed quickly. I leaned back into Cal, and let my head fall back onto his shoulder. Cal slowed down a bit and we kissed. He didn’t stop the purposeful twisting of the end of my penis, but he did stop thrusting into me. Cal pushed toward me, into me. I moved my hips searching for the optimum angle to allow Cal the deepest penetration.

I exhaled and willfully relaxed myself. I was rewarded with another measure of Cal’s length.

I was blissful. I was in the middle of a perfect fuck. My world was perfectly carnal. I was impaled and imprisoned by the passion of a gay love god.

Fucking Cal… he knew exactly what I was feeling. He paused our kiss, and half whispered into my mouth, “That’s the way boy, (he’d never called me that before) I know, I know, it’s confusing.” Cal continued, “But just accept it. You’re a sex loving gay male. So am I.”

Cal’s attention to my cock resumed. He twisted a little harder. He said, “Cum for me baby.”

I did.

Cal gave me a blinding orgasm. The ubiquitous fireworks went off in my brain. My sperm didn’t shoot far, because Cal kept his hand closed around my know. After the first, second and then third spurt he squeezed his hand up and off my cock. He also pulled his cock out of me, and turned us both face to face. Cal wiped my copious cum all over my face. Then he kissed me some more, Licking my spunk and presenting his tongue in my mouth for me to suck.

I did.

He broke our kiss abruptly and took a step back from me, causing me to stumble a bit.

“We are not done Scotty. Pull your pants up and let’s go home.” Cal moved toward the front door, tucking his cock away as he did.

I realized Doris was gone. When had she left? I didn’t care. Not a bit.

My pussy (still have a hard time calling my main sex organ a pussy) was wet. My ass cheeks moved velvety, slick with the residue of our lovemaking.

I followed Cal toward the door. I would follow him anywhere.

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