A Masked Ball Surprise

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It was on a Monday morning that the invitation came, it was a gold envelope with calligraphy on the front. To Miss Sarah Wells. It was the invitation to the annual masked ball at her work, they held one every year and everyone had to hire costumes and masks, it would be the second she would attend and was very much looking forward to it

All she hoped now was that matt would be there, Matt was one of her colleagues at work, she had worked with him for the two years she had been there but not once had the courage to ask him out, he was good looking and very funny, she liked a man who could make her laugh and he did that well, he also made her wet when ever she spent any time with him, in fact! He was a complete distraction. Unless something happened between them soon she would have to take matters into her own hands.

It was Wednesday before she got the time to go to the costume hire shop to try on her dress for the ball, she choose a very low cut long black and dark green dress with lots of layers and a hoped skirt, a Victorian type dress but with a more daring neckline which showed her round firm breasts off to perfection. She choose a black mask to go with it and flaunted herself in front of the mirror thinking about Matt slowly unbuttoning the pearls of the bodice and slipping it off her shoulders as he kissed his way down her back. She shook herself back to reality and went to pay for the items, but the dampness between her legs was growing with anticipation of Friday night.

At work on Friday she had to team up with Matt and all day they laughed and giggled at each others jokes, there was defiantly an attraction there, and a strong one too, but would she have the courage to do anything tonight? Would she recognise him in his mask, it was a rule that no one was allowed to unmask the whole evening, so she would have to guess who she was talking to by voice. Well that shouldn’t be too difficult she thought to herself while he rambled on about profit and loss margins, he has the most gorgeous voice I have ever heard, I should have no trouble!

After work she made her way home quickly to allow herself maximum time to get ready, her outfit was laid out on the bed as she had left it from that morning, the dress the mask and her very special underwear, black lace bra, thong and suspenders. A pair of high black stilettos completed the outfit along with elbow length black lace gloves, what she was hoping that was if Matt actually undressed her that night he would find her all wrapped in black expensive lace.

She ran herself a bath and relaxed as the warm water caressed her body, she trickled water down her cleavage with her sponge and as the water touched her firm belly it made he nipples stand hard. Tiny waves of pleasure where being sent to her pussy, it must have been thinking of Matt all day she said to herself, she gently caressed her nipples, pink little buds standing out of large firm breasts, as she ran her fingers over her nipples her other hand slowly slipped down under the water to stroke her thigh, she started making her way closer and closer to her pussy lips teasing herself as she did so. Pinching her nipples harder and harder as her hand found her sensitive clit.

She lightly touched her bud and shockwaves racked her body, one of her fingers slid inside her soaking hole and the warmth of the water made the pleasure so much more intense. Her thumb circled her clit and her finger explore inside her, she was moaning now and the water was splashing over her tanned skin, her fingers still working on her hard nipple as her other hand was now a blur between her legs, she had sped up the rhythm on her clit and it wouldn’t be long before she had her orgasm she transferred her fingers from her nipple to her bum and circled the tight entrance a couple of times before gently easing a finger into her hole, it only took a couple of strokes before she was moaning loudly and her pussy muscles were spas Ming round her fingers. Her hips wiggled from side to side as her orgasm hit her and water splashed her face bringing her back to the real world, all the time she had been pleasuring herself she had been thinking of Matt, how he would touch her, how he would kiss her, how he would make sweet love to her at the ball tonight.

She quickly washed her hair and body and wrapped herself in a towel to dry; she was still incredibly horny and wanted so badly to show her horniness with him tonight. After drying she put on her special underwear and then her corset, this pulled her bust up high so it perched on the top of the neckline of the dress perfectly, she slipped into the dress and buttoned pendik escort the pearls that kept it closed, got into her shoes and after putting on her makeup and fixing her hair slid the mask into place, it wasn’t a full ace mask, just covered her eyes, she had chosen this type in the hope that if Matt wanted to know it was her it wouldn’t take much guessing, I’m sure he could tell by my breasts alone she thought, he spends enough time looking at them.

It was 8.30pm by the time the taxi pulled up at the hotel doors, she steeped out and paid the driver, he gave her a bit of a funny smile when he saw what she was wearing but she didn’t care, she thought she looked fantastic and was sure other people at the ball would think so too.

As she walked across the marble tiles in the reception her heels clinked on the hard floor, which strangely seemed to give her a lot of confidence. She smiled at the reception clerk who pointed her through to a big pair of double doors, one of which was open and she could hear the band playing inside and the sound of people laughing and chatting, she hoped there would be someone she knew and recognised soon as she didn’t want to be on her own all evening.

She entered and a few people nodded their heads in approval at her presence, she made her way to the drinks table and ordered champagne, all the time looking around for a familiar body. She was of course looking for Matt, she was sure she would spot him a mile off, those broad shoulders and that wicked smile. It seemed most of the men were wearing full masks so it would be harder to spot him, she would have to go talk to a few people and see if she could find him.

She did the mingle thing and saw a few people from accounts and a few from marketing, Todd seemed very pleased to see her and insisted she danced with him, she tried to refuse politely but ended up on the dance floor after downing another champagne at lightning speed. His hands were all over body and he was desperately trying to steal a kiss but she was saving herself for someone special so made her excuses and left him stranded on the floor. He looked a bit surprised but she didn’t care, it was Matt she was after. It was about 10 o clock before she found the girls from her department and the first thing that came out of her mouth was whether they had seen Matt or not? All of them shook their heads in a no gesture and her heart sank, he had to be here! He couldn’t of not come, she was here for him and wanted him so badly, she would do anything to have him tonight, anything!

Feeling disheartened she made her way to the ladies room, which was upstairs a long narrow staircase, she found it difficult to climb the stairs in her dress and heels, that and the amount of champagne she had drank made it almost seem like a never ending staircase, at the top she found the room and pushed the door open… after powdering her nose and fixing her hair she adjusted her mask and left, teetering down the stairs holding on the rail for support she came across someone making their way up the stairs, he had a blue outfit on with a white ruff shirt and looked very handsome indeed, even though she couldn’t see all of his face she knew he must be good looking as he had such a good figure. She gathered up her skirts and made way for him to pass and carried on down the stairs.

After thinking for a while, she thought she would go for a walk outside to try to clear her head a bit before re entering the ball, her pussy was throbbing and the alcohol was making her dizzy with lust, all she could think about was Matt, but yet she wasn’t even sure he was here. She walked across the gardens and down to the lake where the bandstand was, perching on the edge of one of the benches she lent forward and rested her head in her hands. Why had she got so worked up about someone when she didn’t even know if he liked her, sure he liked her, but did he like her in the way she liked him.

The throbbing between her legs and the tingles in her pussy were too much to resist as she sat there thinking about Matt, she was very drunk and she looked around to make sure she was alone before reaching underneath her skirts and running her hand up to the top of the lace stockings she had on, she thought to herself if she couldn’t have Matt tonight she would have to pleasure herself.

She gently grazed her nails over the lace that kept her wet pussy contained and out of reach from her, slowly rubbing her fingertips over her lips and down to her bum and back again, her face and breasts were flushed from passion and champagne and she knew she must looked fantastic kartal escort in the moonlight. She was so turned on now she wasn’t even thinking about getting caught, She didn’t care.

One of her fingers delicately slipped under the lace to find her hot wet sticky hole waiting for her, she was soaking and so were her panties, the other hand was on the outside of her lace thong rubbing her orgasmic bud, the friction of the lace felt fantastic and she pulled them tight against her fleshy folds as she rubbed herself.

Her fingers were deep inside her working their way further and further towards her orgasm, her head was thrown back and little murmurs were coming from her lips, a small amount of sweat was forming on her forehead, she was so hot and turned on and was so close to coming that when she heard voices in the distance she didn’t worry, she was too far gone to stop now. Her hands worked faster and faster between her legs and the voices got louder and louder. As she was almost coming one of the voices tailed off, but a pair of footsteps could still be heard. As those footsteps got closer and closer so did her orgasm, and she couldn’t stop it now even if she wanted to, her body was taken over by pure desire to come and she wasn’t stopping for anyone. Then it hit her, waves and waves of pure lustful orgasmic pleasure, she bit down on her lip to stifle the scream that was omitted from her lips, but it was too late, whoever it was, was standing behind her, he had seen the whole thing, her pleasuring herself outdoors with only the moon lighting her face and she didn’t care.

Her breathing was heavy and as she tried to get her breath back the stranger walked round in front of her; she looked up at him and smiled. “Oh dear” was all she managed to say before she spotted the huge erection bulging at the front of his velvet breeches trying to escape. He saw her looking and the smile on her face at what she saw so he knelt in front of her and took her hand, saying nothing he planted a kiss on the back of her hand, she giggled and he took this as permission to continue.

His kisses moved up her hand, up her arm to her swelling bosom, which was now heaving to be released from the corset which contained it so tightly, his kisses were light and gentle and she was so intrigued as to who was here with her she reached down to remove his mask. He pulled back sharply and shook his head, but said nothing. She nodded in agreement and he went back to kissing her, he made his way across her shoulder and up one side of her neck, his breathing was heavy near her ear and as he made his way up to her face she bent forward and met his hungry lips.

Their lips locked in an instant and he was passionate in the way he kissed her, not rough, but just as if he longed to have her, his hands were now round her shoulders encouraging her towards him and onto the grass, as she moved down onto the soft grass he moved on top of her, his tongue still exploring her mouth his hands still round her back. She moaned lightly as she felt his huge cock press into her stomach through the ruffles in her dress. She longed him she wanted him, but she didn’t even know him, was it so wrong? She couldn’t stop now the feeling inside her was so strong, and he was burning up fires in her pussy like nothing she had experienced before.

He broke the kiss and smiled down at her, his hands quickly found the pearl buttons on her dress and started to undo them, faced with the corset he untied the ribbon and let her big firm breasts free, dipping to kiss each nipple before taking one in his mouth and suckling on it, her mind was all over the place as she reached down between them to feel the huge bulge that was present in his trousers, as her hand made contact it jerked at her touch, a small moan escaped his lips and he bit gently on her nipple.

She unzipped his velvet breeches and sliding her small hand inside to get the first touch of his rock hard cock, it was hot and hard and longing for some action, rubbing it slowly along its length she used one hand to gently squeeze his balls and the other to rub him, it felt as if he would come any moment so she motioned for him to pull his breeches off, which he did in less than three seconds, as he came back to her he made his way down her body. Lifting the many petticoats of her skirt and disappearing underneath them.

He started off by placing small kisses over her calf’s, kissing all the way to the top of her stockings, she was so turned on she could smell her wetness and was sure he could too. He was now sliding his fingers over the lace at the top of maltepe escort the stockings and nibbling at the flesh that was exposed there, she could feel his breathe inches away from her pussy and was dying to feel his tongue there.

He slowly and succulently made his way further and further up her legs until he was just above her pussy. He held off for what seemed like ages and she couldn’t help but let out a small whimper when he finally allowed his lips to come into contact with the wet lace that was now clinging to her fleshy swollen lips. She moved her hips forward to meet his mouth and this seemed to be all the encouragement he needed, gently and smoothly he slipped her drenched thong away from her sex to reveal her bald shiny pussy, his fingers parted her sex and found her juicy hole.

He lent forward and gently licked all around her sticky entrance, moans where coming from her lips and the words “ make love to me” were uttered. He ignored her plea and carried on running his tongue around her sweet entrance, she loved to be teased but she was so desperate to feel him inside her she started whimpering at each touch of his tongue.

He slid a finger into her and she gasped out loud, he eased another finger inside her and started to move them in and out of her, while doing this he lent forward to take her clit into his mouth, sucking hard on the fleshy bud and using his fingers as a cock soon brought her to an orgasm which made her scream loudly.

He eased himself up her body and covered her mouth with his to silence the scream. Her head was buzzing from the alcohol and her body ached from the lust she felt for this man she had never even seen before. His hand, still working on her clit, and the other on her nipple seemed to bring her to frenzy, and just when she thought she could take it no longer he eased his hips forward and slide his huge hard cock into her.

His cock stretched her hole wide as he entered her and she threw her legs around his back to allow him maximum penetration, he slid into her forcefully with great power, almost taking his cock out of her with each stroke, it was a slow fuck, but it was filled with passion and hot lust, her hands were around his neck and her mouth was now locked onto his in a deep kiss, one of his hands still was on her breast, the other working on her electric bud between her legs.

Her hands roamed over his body, all over his back and under his shirt, over his firm arse and down to where his tight hole was, she gently ran her finger around the puckered entrance and he seemed to push against her with each thrust into her, she rubbed the entrance and he gasped out loud when she slipped a finger inside him, loud moans came from deep within him as she gently and slowly matched her penetrations with his fucking.

He started to speed up his actions, and became more aggressive in his strokes, each time he withdrew from her a moan came from him as her finger stroked inside of him. She was so turned o and knew her body wouldn’t hold out much longer. She increased the pace of her thrusting, which in turn made him slide in and out of her quicker, she felt the familiar feeling in her tummy as her orgasm approached and moaned in delight as another one ripped through her body, she cried out as wave after wave hit her and her pussy clamped round his cock. He sensed she was coming and that put him over the edge, as he thrust into her a few last times his hole clenched tight around her finger and his cock spurted a hot load of sticky come into her, he thrust up with each spurt and held her hips to bring her closer to him, finally he calmed down his thrusts and laid panting on top of her, he leaned up and kissed her deeply, she smiled back down at him and was just about to speak when he held a finger to her lips to silence her. So she said nothing but just lay there on the cool grass, he slipped out of her and lay beside her.

She must have dozed off for a minute because when she awoke he was no where to be seen, she was saddened but at the same time excited that she didn’t even know him, the man who had given her great sex, and she didn’t know his name, maybe it was better that way? She dressed and rejoined the party after visiting the ladies room to straighten herself out. She spent the rest of the evening looking for Matt until one of her colleagues informed her that he want present, no one had seen him all evening.

It was about 3 am before everyone had left and as she lay in bed thinking about what had happened that evening, thoughts of Matt where still with her, she felt guilty about having wild sex with someone she didn’t know, and never would, but at the same time it turned her on so much.

Monday morning as she arrived into work early, she walked to her desk to find a huge bunch of red roses with a card… a card that said great night, must do it again sometime which was signed with an M and three kisses!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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