A Massage with My Sister

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Things were going pretty well. I had a beautiful girlfriend and I had graduated uni with a sports science degree. I had even just been accepted onto a new job at our local premiership rugby club as part of the injuries and rehab team. It was a dream job for me. Relatively well paid for a first job out of university and I was really happy.

I had moved back in with my family after finishing university. My Mum had said that I could stay with her and my sister until I was able to find and afford my own place, which should hopefully be no more than a few months. I liked being back at home. My little sister and I got on really well and it was great to hang out with her again. She was 18 and had just finished her A-levels doing really well in all of them and got a place at her first choice uni, so she would be leaving herself in a few months too.

My sister was a sports nut too. She played football in the local league and was planning on playing at her university. Unless you play at one of the huge top clubs, as a woman unfortunately there isn’t much chance of making a career in football. But I think that she wanted to pursue it at the top level as a semi-pro. She was very good and I went to watch her play whenever I could. Her team, largely due to her own skill, had got to the local play-off finals for promotion to one of the higher leagues and performing well in this game was a big deal for her. She knew that there was a good chance that there could be the coach from her uni team or even professional scouts there looking for new talent.

I was watching my new team playing rugby on the TV and eating my dinner when my sister, Jen, came home. She was in her footie kit and hobbling a bit.

“Hey, Sis.” I looked up and saw her limp. “What’s up? Training accident?”

“Hi, fart-breath. Yeah, this little bitch decided that she didn’t like me making her look bad. I think I have strained my groin. Fuck. I can’t be out for the big game. It’s tomorrow and I need to rest it up. I’m going to bed and watching Netflix.”

“Well, you take it easy. Keep it high on some pillows or something. I’ve got some good painkillers in my kit bag. I’ll bring them up to you in a bit.”

“That would be great. Thanks.” She said, heading straight up the stairs to her room. She was obviously upset about it.

“Are you hungry?” I shouted after her.

“Yeah.” She replied before I heard her shut her bedroom door harder than she usually does.

I turned the game off, we were going to win by a big margin anyway, and quickly cooked her a bacon sandwich. Plenty of brown sauce and plenty of bacon between fresh thick cut white bread. I tidied the kitchen up but left the pots to wash up later and took it up to her, picking her up a couple of tablets from my room on the way. I knocked on her door.

“Yup, yup.” She said to me.

I opened the door and entered, bearing the gifts for her. She was lying on her bed in her nightie with her leg on a couple of pillows as I had suggested staring at the ceiling. I went over and sat on the side of the bed.

“Here you go. Bacon sandwich with lots of bacon and lots of brown sauce. Just how you like it. I even picked up the bread fresh today from that new artisan bakery place at the end of the road.” I said handing the plate to her.

She took the plate, sat herself up on the bed and took a huge bite out of it.

“You’ll be fine for the match tomorrow and you know I’ll be there cheering you on.” I tried to reassure her.

“Thanks, Jerry.” She said looking at me, trying not to spit out half a mouthful of crumbs at my face. She smiled and giggled at the bacon sandwich spray.

“And thank you for that…” I said, wiping the bits from my face in an over exaggerated way. “Where does it hurt?”

“My groin. The top of my left leg on the inside, right at the top of the muscle. Kind of important for the whole running thing that I would need to do.”

“How bad is it?”

“It’s not too bad. I can walk on it just about alright. But it feels really tight. I’d be scared of making it worse.”

“At least it sounds like it’s not torn. It’s probably just a mild strain. It sounds like you’ve pulled it a little bit. Here…” I handed her the two pills I fetched for her “…let me get you a glass of water.”

I went into her ensuite shower room (the room used to be mine before I went to university, and now I’m left with her old room) and poured a glass of water for her.

“Wash the tablets down with this. They are pretty strong through. They’ll take away the pain, but might make you a little groggy.”

“That’s ok. I’m planning on having an early night tonight anyway. I’ve got to be at the ground for ten in the morning. A good night sleep is a good idea.”

Jen quickly finished the sandwich and swallowed the pills. “Any other advice for me? If I was one of your players at your new job, what would you recommend?”

“Probably a good massage to loosen the muscle up and get some blood into it to help heal it up. You’ll probably feel like the rest of your body is quite tense too?”

“Definitely. canlı bahis My entire body feels more tense than a conjugated verb. Probably nerves as much as anything.”

“You want a massage? It’ll help, for sure.” I offered.

“Why not. That would be awesome.” She looked at me with a smirk. “But don’t try anything, pervert.”

“Yeah, like anyone would try something with you.” I quipped back. “Right then, I’ll go and get some massage oil. You need to get you clothes off and be on your front when I get back. Just throw the duvet on the floor.”

I stood up to leave when she said “Ok then. But this had better be the best massage of all time. If you don’t make me feel amazing, I’m going to punch you.”

I left her in the room on her own to go and get my oil from my kit bag. I was thinking that it was good to be able to get some practice like this. I would be faced with this kind of thing on an almost daily basis, I would imagine. Rugby training at the premiership level, let alone the games themselves, can be very gruelling. I washed my hands in quite hot water to make sure that they were warmed up and clean. I also changed out my jeans and rugby shirt into some light shorts and a vest top.

I went back into her room and saw her lying on her bed, face down. The only thing covering her was a towel she had placed over her bum. The main light was turned off and she had lit a half dozen candles on her bedside table and her dressing table that filled the room with a low glow.

It struck me in an instant just how beautiful she was. Her naked body lying on the bed showed all of her toned, muscular limbs and back. Her arms were up above her head, her head to the side flat on the mattress with her eyes closed. Her long blonde hair flowing over the mattress like a cascade of gold. She was tall, probably nearly 6 foot, with long, supple legs. Her smooth skin glowing in the candle light. The edge of her small, pert breasts visible from the side of her chest. She looked like a goddess.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. “I thought you had got lost.”

“Candles?” I asked surprised by her choice.

“I want to relax.” She replied closing her eyes again. “Be gentle with me. I’m all yours.”

I walked over to her and gently touched her back with my left hand. “The oil might be a little cold, I didn’t have time to warm it up.”

“Ok.” She whispered, trying to get herself to relax.

I flicked the cap off on the bottle and poured some into my hands before placing the bottle on the bedside table. I rubbed my hands together and then placed them on her back. She flinched a little at the cold oil, but very quickly relaxed again. I rubbed her back up and down, trying to loosen her muscles from the bottom right up to her shoulders. I massaged all of her muscles in her back and I could physically feel Jen loosening up and relaxing at my touch. The feel of her smooth, delicate skin and the tough, strong muscles of her back was sublime. She was the embodiment of both strength and softness. I gently picked her arms up and guided them down to her sides so that I could massage them up and down as well, from finger-tip to shoulder.

I was in heaven. I think that Jen was enjoying it too. There wasn’t a clock anywhere that I could see and I was lost in the moment. I could have been there massaging her back and arms for a few minutes or a few hours. I honestly couldn’t say. I was lost in her beautiful body. She hadn’t opened her eyes once and her face looked peaceful. I was realising how pretty she was.

I wasn’t blind. I obviously knew that my sister was beautiful, but more from a purely factual sense. Aesthetically, she was a true beauty. But sexually, it just hadn’t registered. Until now. She was extremely pretty. While massaging her back and arms, I was looking at her cheeks and jaw line framing her face perfectly with her little chin and delicate eyes. Her pouting lips looked perfect to kiss. But I had to move on. Her leg was what hurt and I couldn’t stay on her back forever.

“I’m moving down to your leg now. I’ll be gentle, but if anything hurts, just let me know.”

“Ok, big brother.” She whispered back to me.

I poured more oil into my hands and started on massaging her right leg from the bottom. From her calf muscle, right up her leg to the top of her thigh. I massaged her right leg for a few minutes and then moved to her left leg, with her pulled muscle. I repeated the same process with pouring more oil in my hands and then massage my way up her leg. When I got up to her thigh, I could feel the muscle that she had pulled. It was tight and I could feel her tense a bit when I massaged it. The groin muscle group goes right up the inside of her leg and it was these that I had to concentrate on.

The towel that she had placed to cover her ass went a short way down her thigh as well. As I massaged up her thigh, I gently pushed up the towel so that I could access further up her leg. I slowly lifted the towel and lifted it up her cute, little firm bum to show that she was wearing a tiny little string thong. Her ass looked amazing. bahis siteleri The string from the thong disappearing between the perfect round globes of her peach of a bum. The material covered her pussy as it reappeared from her ass cheeks. She obviously kept herself shaved and smooth.

I massaged both her legs, alternating from one to the other, but keeping more attention on her left thigh. I massage right from her feet, massaging the sole of both her feet, her toes and then moving up one leg to the top of her thigh and then down her other leg, massaging her other foot, before moving my attention back around again.

I couldn’t stop myself, but with each occasion I reached her bum, I became more adventurous. I moved my hands further up her ass each time, repeatedly moving the towel further and further up her bum, until it was just bunched up in a slim band at the top of her ass. My hands also got closer and closer to her pussy each time I massaged up her thighs. Each time, my boldness growing with her lack of reaction. She just lay there and let me move my hands over her ass as I started to massage oil into her round ass cheeks. I started to pay a lot more attention to them, squeezing and massaging them apart, showing me her thong string as it passed over her tight little pink ass hole. It was hiding nothing. It was a tiny string and it went straight over the top of the most beautiful, tight little ass hole that I had ever seen. Jen was just keeping perfectly still. The same relaxed smile of contentment on her face as she had had the entire time.

It had occurred to me that my back was starting to really ache now. Beds are not a good height to give a massage on. They are far too low to do this and force you to bed over at a terrible level and cause your back to strain hard over a prolonged period of time. And I wanted to get more comfortable myself with her. I gently pulled both of her legs so that they moved apart a little and she complied with my direction, spreading her legs for me. With her legs now spread apart, I could get a much better access to the top of her thighs and also a much better view of her ass and pussy. Having spread her legs apart slowly and gently, I eased myself down between her legs so that I was kneeling between them on the mattress. She said nor moved at all in resistance to this.

I continued to kneed and massage her bum and the top of her thighs. She was flinching less and less each time I touched her painful muscle on her left thigh. With this, I started to move my hands further up the inside of her legs with each massage movement. I was getting within a couple of inches of her pussy. It looked so beautiful. It was covered by the smallest piece of material, exactly enough to just cover her pussy, but I could see the outline of her pussy lips. I don’t know if I was seeing something that I wanted to see especially in the low light of the candles or whether it could be the oils running down her ass, but I was positive that her thong was very wet.

I kept massaging her legs and ass, the oil making her skin feel heavenly. I kept edging closer and closer to her pussy, right up to the very top of her thigh, squeezing her muscles in my palm. My fingers started to brush right up to the edge of her pussy, massaging the oil up to the very edge of her thong. As well as massaging her thighs, I was massaging her ass more and more, my fingers getting deeper and deeper between her ass cheeks right up to her cute little hole.

I was at the point of no return. I could feel how much it was turning me on. My cock was getting pretty hard showing how much I loved what I was seeing by pushing my shorts out. I knew that I had to either go for it or give it up, and I didn’t want to just leave it at that. I wanted to feel her pussy and ass hole. I wanted to run my fingers over them more than breathing itself right at that moment.

So, I did it. I massaged her bum in my palms, pulling her cheeks apart like I had been for ages, but this time I moved deeper. I ran my fingers right down between her cheeks along the string of her thong, over her asshole and to her perineum. I started to massage her hole and perineum with my fingers on my left hand, pulling her cheeks apart with my right hand. I was amazed that she didn’t even flinch. She stayed completely still, the same cute smile on her face as she had had all the time. I continued to massage her tight asshole with my fingers, pushing them up against her little pink hole and feeling how tight she must be. I pulled her thong string to one side and rubbed her hole harder and stronger without the material being in the way. It looked so beautiful and sexy.

I continued to massage her asshole and right around her pussy, rubbing my oily fingers right down her perineum to the edge of her pussy for what seemed like hours. My cock was getting harder and harder all the time. I wanted to push my cock into her perfect little pink asshole and fuck her ass so much, but I was also loving exploring her entire body. But it was only her back I was massaging. I thought that it was time I upped the anti again.

I bahis şirketleri gave both her bum cheeks a good squeeze and pulled them apart nice and hard, opening up her holes to me and then said “Right, Jen. You need to roll over onto your back so I can massage your front.”

I lifted my hands up and pushed away slightly. Not for a second did she open her eyes, but she slowly and carefully rolled over onto her back, swapping her legs over in front of me whilst I was still kneeling between them on the bed. She settled back again on her back, the towel now left in a pile next to her on the bed sheet and her legs swapped either side of me, spread again as before if not a little more. She lay with her head to one side again, her eyes closed and the same slight smile of contentment and relaxation.

She looked even more magnificent on her back. Her pert little breasts falling slightly to the sides of her chest, her nipples small but hard and erect in perfect proportion to her breasts. She had beautiful six pack abs that showed that her muscle tone was all over. She must do hundreds of sit ups and work out seemingly endlessly to achieve body perfection as she had. Her waist was pronounced and very slim. It curved in under her rib cage and then out to her hips, the edge of her hip bone markedly sticking out, but not too pronounced. Her smooth skin from her flat stomach running straight down to the top of her thong only just above her public mound. I could see the muscles of her thighs outlined by her soft skin. Her legs spread wide enough to see all of her pussy through the material of her thong.

I poured some more oil into my palms again and started massaging her from my kneeling position between her legs. I started at her calves again and moved up her body slowly and purposefully. I ran my hands up her thighs, right over her pussy and massaged her public area and hips. Using even more oil, I continued to massage my way up her stomach, feeling her amazing abs and squeezing her little waist. I massaged right up to her breasts, running my hands around the outside of them, outlining them in oil.

Slowly, I moved to her breasts, squeezing and massaging them with my palms. Squeezing them with the oil and rubbing my hands over them Jen moaned for the first time. I felt how hard her nipples were, sticking out erect from her breasts. I squeezed them between my fingers and rubbed them both in a circular motion, playing and tickling them with my finger-tips. Jen continued to moan very quietly. Almost inaudibly. I carried on massaging and squeezing her breasts, playing with her nipples and making them even harder than they were before. I didn’t ignore the rest of her body. I massaged the muscles in her shoulders and then her arms, making sure that her entire body was relaxed and had my attention. I massaged up her arms and then onto her shoulders. Pulling the tension away from the muscles in shoulders, I moved my hands right up to her neck. I massaged my hands up her neck and felt all of the muscles and tendons under my fingers. I wrapped my hands around her neck, moving her head to face straight up but she still never opened her eyes. I wrapped my fingers around her neck, my thumbs crossing over each other and my fingers wrapping right around behind her neck to her hair line. I very gently squeezed on her neck making her open her mouth and gasp a little, the corners of her lips curling up in a big cheeky smile. She closed her mouth again, smiling more than she had done to this point and moaned gently again. I massaged down and then back up her neck again, squeezing it a little harder this time making her gasp again a little.

I moved my hands back down her neck, letting her head fall to the side again. My fingers running down her chest and I massaged and squeezed her breasts again. I pinched and pulled on her oily nipples, twisting them slightly, making her body start to squirm and move a little now. I was positive that she was enjoying it and wanted me to continue.

I massaged down her stomach again, over her public area and slowly, gently ran my fingers over the material on her pussy. I felt her soft pussy lips through her thong and ran my finger-tips down the length of her slit. She was very obviously wet. Very wet. And that turned me on so much. Thinking how much what I was doing to her was turning her on this much. I rubbed her pussy up and down very slowly a few times, tracing the outline of her thong with my fingers and feeling her body react ever so slightly with little flinches and squirms at my touch.

I heard a whisper of a voice “T… … off.” She said so quietly, almost as though her voice had left her.

“Mmmm?” I replied quietly.

“Take them off.” She repeated only slightly louder.

Without saying anything, I hooked my fingers round the waist band of her tiniest of underwear and gently and slowly pulled them down her bum. She lifted her legs up into the air and brought them closer together in front of me so that I could pull them off over her feet. I dropped them down the side of the bed and looked at the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my entire life. She had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, glistening wet with her excitement. Her labia showing where her hole was and a tiny little red clit standing out at the top point of her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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