A Matter of Betrayal Ch. 13

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It seemed dreadfully quiet all of a sudden, so quiet Colin swore he could hear the rain pouring and wind howling outside.

Then it was like snapping out of a hypnotic spell and Colin yelled, “Sheryl, get off me! GET OFF!”

“What’s wrong honey?”

“What’s wrong is I’m not your honey or baby or Sweet Baboo or whatever! I tried to be your friend but apparently that wasn’t good enough. From now on will you please just leave me alone?”

“But…but I love you!”

“First you loved me, then Seth, now me again? What happens tomorrow when all of a sudden you decide you love Brian, or William, or…or Moe?”

“That won’t happen, I swear it won’t! I do love you, only you! I do!” Sheryl said in tears.

“I don’t think you know what love is! I mean it Sheryl! I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore!”

“Colin, I’m sorry. I’m begging you please forgive me. I do know what love is, I do! Especially now! I was messed up before! More messed up than even you know, messed up more than I was willing to admit to myself. There are things I never told you, I…I just wasn’t ready to…but I am now. If you will only give me a chance!” there was pleading in Sheryl’s voice like he never heard before she seemed on the verge of hysteria.

Colin had more important things on his mind though. Foremost his true love that was walking down the hallway with a look of soul piercing pain that he never thought he’d get out of head. All he wanted now was to get to her and explain what happened.

“Sheryl please just get off of me. I need to get up!”

“No! We need to talk!” Sheryl said defiantly.

“Bah!” Colin grunted in disgust as he shoved Sheryl aside. He felt a twinge of guilt for treating her that way but it had to be done. She slid off the gurney then put her right hand on her left arm and bit her quivering bottom lip.

Colin slid off the bed next and went in search of his mother. He found her not too far down the hall by herself behind a curtain and leaning against another gurney, this one empty. “Mom? Are you okay?” Colin asked. She looked up at him her eyes moist and a little red. “Mom, I’m sorry you had to see that, it wasn’t what it looked like!” Colin said. “Sheryl just showed up here and caught me by surprise, she’s been acting loopy ever since she broke up with Seth I was going to have a talk with her…”

“Hush Colin, I know. I know you and I know you wouldn’t hide anything from me, just seeing you and her together like that…it was a shock and I’m ashamed to say a lot like a scene from one of my worst nightmares.”

“She’s become a nightmare of my own at this point,” Colin muttered as he put his own hand on the bed to steady himself. A gust of wind whooshed by so powerful it felt like the building moved a bit.

“Oh my baby! Your poor face!” Aileen said as she put a hand up to his swollen eyes and nose, not touching him but close enough he could feel the heat from her palm. You need to get back there and lie down! You want me to shoo the little strumpet away?”

“No, she’s my responsibility let me take care of it, just give me a minute,” Colin said.

“Okay honey.”

“I love you,”

“I love you very much!” Aileen replied.

Colin walked back to where Sheryl was still standing at his gurney. Before Colin could say anything Sheryl burst out with “Colin, please if you could only give me a chance…”

But Colin shook his head and interrupted her before she could say anything more. “It’s not about another chance, it’s over between us. I’ve moved on. We tried the friends thing but you either go towards hating me or loving me with apparently no middle ground.”

“I never hated you, that’s what I’m trying to tell you if you could just let it sink into your thick skull and let me explain!”

“Well that’s a good way to make it clear you don’t hate me,” Colin said wryly placing a hand on his gurney to find balance. Before she could start again Colin continued. “You don’t hate me, okay, and even if it’s true and even if it’s true you love me it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t love you, not anymore. I don’t know how I can make it any clearer.”

“I know I hurt you…”

“We’re history, Sheryl, I have someone else.”

“You say that but where is she? I’ve never seen her. Why isn’t she here? All I see is me and your mom!” She pointed down the hall where Aileen was and despite everything it caused Colin to inwardly smirk.

“Go home Sheryl,” Colin said.

“Not until you hear me out!”

“What’s going on here!” a nurse interjected as she came over. “Why aren’t you in bed!” she said to Colin then she looked at Sheryl. “If you’re going to bother this young man I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Sheryl looked to Colin but he only raised his hand and waved his fingers in a ‘toodle-oo’ gesture. He knew it was mean but maybe if nothing else it would finally drive the point home.

“This isn’t over,” Sheryl güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri said in a low voice then walked away.

“The doctor will be over here in a moment,” the nurse said as she helped him back into bed.

“Thank you,” Colin said. By the time he was back in bed Aileen had arrived by her son’s side. The nurse looked at Aileen and then back to Colin with a question in her eyes.

Colin grinned, “Don’t worry, she’s on my side,” Colin said indicating his mother.

“I think the problem is they’re both on your side,” the nurse said dryly. Colin was about to correct her but technically she was right. Still, maybe he should say something for appearances sake. The arrival of the doctor saved him from making the decision.

“Hello there, I’m Doctor Lowery,” the doctor said as he glanced at his chart, “and you are Colin?”

“Yes,” Colin said.

“And you are?” Doctor Lowery asked looking toward Aileen.

“Hi mother,” she said.

“Well I can’t believe that, are you sure you’re not his sister?” Colin would have rolled his eyes if they weren’t so sore.

“Could you tell me how badly my son is hurt?” Aileen said no-nonsense, now Colin wanted to just sweep her in his arms and kiss her.

“Ahem, yes well,” Doctor Lowery looked at Colin’s chart again then placed it down on the gurney next to Colin. “I doubt there is any permanent damage.”

He checked Colin’s ribs going along with the consensus that he thought they were bruised, not broken but ordered x-rays just to be sure. He checked Colin’s eyes then reset his nose which hurt like hell. There was no sign of concussion. He then informed Colin he’d be sent home with a prescription for Percocet and orders to come back if he started having dizzy spells or blurred vision. The doctor then said an orderly would be by in a few minutes to take him to x-ray and with that doctor Lowery was on to his next patient or wherever else he had to go.

Now being alone Aileen sidled closer and put her hand on his. “I’m going to murder that boy,” She said.

“Who?” Colin asked.

‘Who do you think? Your cousin!”

“How do you know it was Seth?” Colin asked. For the matter, he thought, how did Sheryl know it was Seth, and how did she know it was concern for her that lured him into the ambush? He never told the principal or the nurse or anyone it was Seth. Only he, his cousin and the idiot twins Ricky and Dan knew the whole scheme, unless you counted his two masked attackers and Jimmy Biggs Jr., but Colin was pretty sure they were staying tight lipped.

“Who else could it be?” Aileen said demonstrating it wasn’t a quantum leap in logic to come to the conclusion, but that still didn’t explain Sheryl knowing it was the thought of her being in danger that made Colin go out to the bleachers. “I’ve treated him with the patience of Job until now, but he’s gone too far this time!” Aileen continued, her face flushed with anger. “I’m going to knock some sense into that boy and maybe his father too!”

“No, you’re not,” Colin said.

“Oh, yes I am,” Aileen responded.

“No, you’re not and I mean it. I’ll take care of it.”

“Colin, I’m supposed to protect you!”

“I don’t want you to – not this way!” Colin said raising his voice.

“Why not?” Aileen asked looking hurt.

“Because,” Colin answered, his voice softening, “in this I don’t need my mother right now to protect me – I need my woman who will stand by me.”

Aileen’s posture had become rigid. Colin felt he knew her in body and mind more than he knew himself and he could tell right now that two sides of her, the woman with unshakable determination and the one utterly devoted to him, which usually fell hand in hand with each other were now at war within her. He loved both sides immensely as he did everything else about her, but it was true in this matter with Seth he had to be the one to settle it, he knew it deep in his bones, if he let his mother try and fight this battle for him instead of alongside him he would never be the man he knew he had to be, he would never be able to respect himself.

He gazed at her and tried to put all he was feeling into his expression all his need. He saw her begin to soften, he knew worry still ran deep within her but otherwise she melted toward him. She grasped his hand, leaned in and said quietly, “All right,” then even quieter in a whisper barely perceptible but no less fierce for its softness she said, “I am your woman, always, no matter what.” She kissed him gently on the lips, a kiss that held a promise of more to come.

* * *

It was close to 10pm when Aileen and Colin arrived home at their apartment that night. Colin was cold and sore and above all else tired. His clothes were covered in dried mud and there was still some caked in his hair and smeared in various places over his body. At least his ribs weren’t broken, the x-rays confirmed that. He was battered and bruised but still intact.

“Ok mister,” Aileen said as they walked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in the door of their apartment. “Strip! I don’t want you tracking mud everywhere.”

“If you want to see me naked, you don’t need an excuse, just ask,” Colin teased with a tired smile then flinched at the pain as he began to peel off his clothes.

Aileen went to the dinette to drop off on the table the quart of wonton soup they had picked up at a local Chinese restaurant. “Uh-huh, and most of the time I don’t even need to ask, you are happy to parade around here bare-assed often enough,” she said.

“What can I say? I’m a giver,” Colin replied.

“Okay Mr. Giver, why don’t you give me a break?” Aileen said as she returned to Colin by the front door.

He had managed to get his jacket, shoes, socks and pants off; he was working on his shirt taking it easy as he tried to remove it. Aileen helped him lift it over his head and then she slid her hand down his bare chest. Then she placed her hands within the waistband of his underwear and pulled those down until Colin could step out of them. As she stood up she let her hands run up the sides of Colin’s legs and then his muscled thighs.

“Ok honey,” Aileen said softly as she gathered his clothes, “off to the shower with you. I’ll get these in the laundry.”

Colin nodded his thanks and shuffled off to the bathroom.

He made it to the master bath, turned on the water in the shower and leaned on the counter while he waited for it to get hot. He glanced at himself in the mirror and was greeted by the image of a wretched looking soul. His eyes were already starting to turn black and blue, his cheeks were puffy and because it hurt to breathe out of his nose his mouth stayed open giving him a slack-jawed yokel look.

He would deal with Seth, learn what his goal was behind this latest gambit in this game he never seemed to tire of playing. But that was for later, now he just wanted to put this day behind him.

Seeing that the glass shower door had fogged up and feeling the humid heat coming from there he opened the door and stepped into the shower. He stood under the shower head and let the hot water beat down on him. He cleared his mind and didn’t let himself think of anything except how good it felt as his muscles began to loosen up and the stress of the day began to dissipate.

He must have been standing under the water for five minutes when he heard the bathroom door open and close. Then the shower door opened and a naked Aileen stepped in. “Want some company?” she asked.

“Always,” Colin said.

Aileen pressed her body up against his. He could feel her soft breasts punctuated by hard nipples rub up against his back. He also felt the cold metal of the gold chain and ring that hung around her neck. She had never taken it off since he placed it on her. Her arms slipped under his and her hands came around to be placed on his chest. She pulled herself close and rested her head against him with her cheek pressed into his shoulder.

“I love you,” she said holding him tight.

He brought his arm up to hold over her hands and replied, “I love you too.”

They stood still in this pose for a span of minutes, Colin mused if he could freeze this moment in time he’d be content to spend forever like this. However, time cannot be reckoned with, whether one tries to beg, bargain or threaten it is oblivious to the pleas of man and always marches relentlessly forward.

“We better get you cleaned up before the hot water runs out,” Aileen said providing veracity to Colin’s train of thought. She reached over for the loofah and the body soap. She soaped up the sponge and started gently lathering his back. She moved the sponge over his shoulders and down his back and then she moved it up the center of his back all the way up his neck to meet his hairline.

She glided the loofah down his back and onto his ass, then as she brought it back up again she switched it to her other hand and slid it around front to wash over his chest. As she circled the sponge around his chest her other hand slid back over his butt cheeks and then inside his crack. She rubbed her soapy fingers over his anus and when Colin spread his legs a bit farther and she slipped her middle finger in his hole, he grunted in a way that let her know it felt good.

She bent her knees and continued downward, she guided the sponge down his abdomen, around his outer thigh and then moved to his inner thigh. She moved past his aroused cock and took the soapy loofa to his balls rubbing it over them back and forth a few times. At last she moved it up to his now very aroused cock evoking an even more enthusiastic grunt from him as she captured his member between his stomach and the sponge. She rubbed the loofah up and down over his cock a bit but then to Colin’s disappointment she didn’t stay there but instead continued on to wash his inner thighs and down his legs as she lowered into a squat.

When she tapped him on his güvenilir bahis şirketleri leg he turned around and then she started rubbing the loofah up the front of each of his legs. Again there was a little disappointment when she bypassed his pelvis and went back to his chest as she stood up. Soap suds grew over his torso as she swished the sponge all over it and around his shoulders and down his arms.

She set the sponge down and ran her bare hands over his chest, abs and then his belly button. She proceeded downward until she held his cock within her hand. She squeezed it lovingly and ran her slippery hand back and forth over it. “Oh baby,” she said in an apologetic voice, “I meant to only come in here and help you massage out some of the soreness and pain. I didn’t mean to get you so hard, I just can’t help myself when it comes to you.”

Colin placed his hands on her shoulders and said, “I can’t help myself with you either, you know that. You could have been strictly business – which I don’t see possible you being such a sensual creature – but even so having a naked goddess of desire so near me I could never not respond.”

“I love you!” Aileen said releasing his cock putting her arms around him. “I know I say that too much!”

“Please don’t ever stop saying it – I love you so incredibly much!” Colin said. He drew her into a passionate kiss, his tongue dove into her mouth searching for and finding her tongue which was eager to rub against his. He twirled his tongue around hers, its point going beneath and feeling the even softer and smoother underside of her tongue, exploring the thin ridge of her frenulum then coming back to rub along her bottom teeth.

Hot water from the shower continued to pour over them, on their heads and down their faces. Water ran into their mouths mixing with saliva making for an extremely wet and steamy kiss. Colin sucked on Aileen’s upper lip before finally breaking the kiss.

They gazed into each other’s eyes. The way she looked up at him, she was his goddess but it was in her eyes he saw devotion and maybe even worship. The profound sense of wonder at his fortune washed over him as much as the water did.

The way she looked – her hair wet and plastered against her scalp, large green eyes looking upwards so full of love and trust, face clean of make-up but flushed from the heat of the shower and their bodies – it all combined to project an image of a woman who looked barely out of her teens. It didn’t matter to Colin if she was sixteen, thirty-six, or sixty-six, she was his soul mate but looking at her like this just added to how right being with her felt.

He brought up his hand to her face and cupped her cheek. His thumb ran over her cheekbone then down to her lips, her chin lifted and her mouth opened conveying her eagerness to have him place his thumb there. He did so and immediately felt enthusiastic sucking and the tender caress of her tongue as her eyes showed wanton lust. She gave tiny coos of hungry pleasure that melted his heart and sent jolts to his cock at the same time.

His hand left her face and brushed across her neck and then down her back, his fingers dancing with the beads of water and soap suds as they moved down the small of her back. His hand found her ass as shapely and soft as ever. He kneaded the flesh of her ass cheeks and then his hand slipped inside between them. Now it was his turn for a little ass play.

Using just the one hand he spread her cheeks further apart to allow more water to run between them. His middle finger ran up and down the slick crevice then perched at her anus. He slowly slid it in to the first knuckle he felt the tight hole clamp down on his finger and as it did so she pressed herself into his body with a shudder of pleasure.

His cock was now held between their stomachs, her knees bent and she started to slide down him, as she did so his finger came loose from the hole it had found. After only going to a half stoop she slid back up his body then she slid down again. Up and down she went while his cock was caught between their wet slippery bodies. It felt amazing! Especially when her belly passed over his cock and the head would pop just a bit of the way in and then out of her belly button. And her breasts! So big, so soft, with hard nipples, they rode up and down on his chest, the nipples playing over the muscles of his abdomen. It was driving him crazy!

Colin grabbed her ass to pull her up and as close against him as possible, but the way he moved caused his bruised ribs to protest in pain. He hissed in air as a wave of pain washed over him.

“Okay baby, we need to get you to bed,” Aileen said. She leaned him under the shower spray for a quick and final rinse and then turned off the water. Opening the shower door she grabbed a towel for each of them off the rack. She wrapped a hunter green towel around her so it covered her body from her chest to her thighs then wrapped one around Colin’s waist.

“I should be easing your pain, not causing you to have more of it,” she said as she led Colin to their bed.

“It’s worth it to be with you,” Colin said.

“I love you baby but it’s not worth it to me if you’re hurting,” Aileen said as she pulled down the heavy quilt and the blankets on their bed. “Climb in honey, I’ll get you your pain pills.”

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