A Midnight Woman Ch. 7

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Brian was in the middle of a dream. He was floating naked on a cloud, typing effortlessly on an article that would surely win him a Pulitzer. It was about the effects of incestuous relationships between brothers and sisters and to his complete amazement, the discussions he was involved in were totally understanding and accepting of the situation.

He was submitting the article to a panel that included amongst others; his boss, his father and several stunning looking women he did not recognize. They were all applauding the scholarly approach of his article; despite the fact that the women on the panel were sitting naked with their legs spread open under the table, visible to Brian’s eyes only. He could not see the women’s faces as they were obscured in the shadows of the darkened room.

One of the panelists asked Brian to describe the first time he had realized his lusty attitude toward his sister. He was about to answer when the panelist leaned forward, out of the shadows and it became imminently clear to him that the questioner was his mother. Brian began to sweat, unwilling to answer his mother’s questions about his relationship with Dee. His mother’s tone was insistent when she said, “Brian, honey, this is not what I meant when I asked you to take care of your little sister.”

Brian awoke with a start, and bolted upright in the bed, perspiration covering his chest and face. His head ached miserably. He looked to his right and saw the gentle rise and fall of Deanna’s breathing. His panic began to subside as he realized that they were alone in his bed, his apartment. He realized that his mother had been dead for years and that it was just a dream. It was nonetheless a nightmare.

Brian pulled the covers back off his naked torso and moved to his closet. He slipped into a robe and then made his way to the bedroom door. He looked back at the bed to see if Deanna had awakened. She had not.

Ten minutes later, he was sipping the strong black coffee he had made, trying to get the cobwebs out of his head. He sat staring out the window trying to recall all of the events of the previous night.

“Man,” he thought, “I must have had more of that champagne than I thought.”

He remembered most of the evening up until they got out of the limo and then things became kind of a blur. He had fleeting glimpses of watching the elevator numbers and then of Deanna undressing in front of him, but after that…nothing. He wondered if Dee felt as awful as he did.

Brian looked at the clock on the microwave, and it was 10:30. “I never sleep this late,” he told himself, “that stuff really hit me hard.”

At that moment, Deanna walked into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. “Morning,” she yawned. She stood on tiptoes and reached up into the cabinet to grab a coffee cup. Brian’s old football jersey she had thrown on rode up her back, revealing the perfect semi-globes of her ass. Brian was amazed at how quickly just the sight of her body could arouse him. His pushed his rising erection back down between his legs.

Deanna poured herself some coffee, dumped in several large spoons full of sugar and took a sip. “Mmmmmm, that’s nice.” Her bare feet scraped the tile of the kitchen floor as she came around and took the stool next to Brian. She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“You look a little pale, Bri, you alright?”

“Got a hell of a hangover, I can tell you that! How much champagne did we have last night?”

“Well, brother dear, I told you to slow down a little, but, well I think it was that double shot of Grand Marnier you drank that did you in.” She pointed to the snifter she had used the night before, resting on the counter.

“Grand Marnier? I don’t remember that at all. Wow.”

“I’m not surprised, Bri.” Deanna sipped her coffee to keep from smiling too much.

“You feel okay?” Brian asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just a little tired. This guy I was with gave me quite a workout last night.” She smiled mischievously at him and Brian lowered his eyes.

“Sorry, I don’t remember it all, Dee.”

“Well, I wouldn’t expect you to, Brian. Don’t worry, I enjoyed the entire night.” She put her hand inside his robe and ran her fingers up the inside of his thigh, causing instant goose-bumps on the back of his neck.

Deanna felt his hardening cock brush against the back of her hand. “Ooh, I wondered if I could get a rise out of you this morning, big brother. And I do mean big!” She gave him one of her wicked smiles. She grabbed hold of his cock, and setting her coffee cup down, pulled him off the stool. Using his cock like a leash, she led him into the living room. The sun was shining in the big bay window and the carpet was warm under their feet. She stopped in the middle of the room and with her free hand, she nudged the robe off his shoulders. She kneeled down and watched as her stroking hand brought a glistening drop of pre-cum to the end of his hard-on.

Looking up into Brian’s eyes, she said, “Excuse me for a moment, please Brian, this needs some immediate attention.” Brian just closed his eyes and let the sensations move through him.

Deanna continued to stroke him with one hand güvenilir bahis while the other moved under to grab his balls, squeezing and pulling on them. She snaked her tongue out and flicked at the tip of his manhood. Then, holding his dick at its base, she pointed it at his chin and began to lick up the underside in slow sensuous movements, as if she were savoring every millimeter of it. When her tongue got to the head, she swirled it around the rim and then descended back down the shaft, leaving a trail of saliva. She began to lightly rake the fingernails of her other hand across his sensitive balls and the skin behind them. Brian groaned. She made several more passes up and down his shaft, each time seeing more and more of his clear fluid appearing on the tip of his cock. She released his balls and with her middle finger she spread the liquid over the crown as well as her fingertip. Then she removed the finger and looking up at his face, she watched his expression as she pushed the moistened fingertip into his anus. She knew the grimace she saw there was one of excruciating pleasure, not pain. She smiled to herself and then she returned her mouth to the end of his cock, while searching inside him for the spot she knew would intensify his feelings. She located the walnut sized swelling of his prostate gland and began to stroke it as she slowly slid his entire cock into her mouth. His audible groan told her she had hit the spot! She removed her hand from his cock and began to stroke him around his belly as her mouth slid smoothly up and down his length.

“Mmmmmm,” she hummed.

“Ahhhhh,” he answered.

She pulled nearly all the way off, until just the crown was in her mouth and then, very lightly, used her teeth to circle the head. She felt Brian squirm at the torture. As she continued to stroke her finger in and out of his ass, she smoothly grabbed his balls and squeezing a little tighter than before, she slowly pulled them away from the base of his cock. She could feel them beginning to swell as his anal ring spasmed around her finger and his cock throbbed into a purple-headed monster in her mouth. Brian began to buck his hips into her face as she powerfully sucked him in and out. And then all at once, Brian saw stars on the back of his closed eyelids, as his balls contracted, sending a huge load of creamy white semen, the very essence of his being, shooting up the length of his cock toward the warmth of Deanna’s awaiting mouth. Sensing the moment, she grabbed both cheeks of his ass and digging her fingernails into his flesh, pulled him fiercely to her. She slid her mouth down the length to the very root until her face was pressing against his belly, and the tip of his cock was at the entrance to her throat. And there she held him as she felt the hot jets of cum shoot down her gullet. It came in torrents, shot after shot. Brian strained to push his cock as far down her throat as he could get. Pulsing, shooting, pulsing, shooting, trying to fill her with his sperm. And then he groaned. A guttural moan that was unmistakable in its message. “Ohhhhhhhh.” He clutched Deanna’s hair into his fingers and she held him tight as the last of the spasms quaked. All the while, Deanna continued to swallow every drop of his precious gift.

Several minutes later, she felt his fingers relax in her hair and the tension in his ass muscles diminished. She continued to hold him a moment longer, allowing his softening cock to remain in the warm, wet caress of her mouth. Finally, she released her grip on his ass and slowly slipped her lips off the length of his shaft, until, reaching the very tip, she licked the last remains of his orgasm onto her tongue. Then she stood and putting her hands behind Brian’s neck, pulled his mouth onto hers. He opened his lips and her tongue snaked its way inside, carrying a small deposit of him with it. Brian tasted the saltiness as her tongue swirled around his own. “Oh my god,” he thought, “my sister, my wonderful sister. Does she ever get enough? God, I hope not!”

Brian finally pulled himself away and said, “Dee, that was unbelievable. Now, all I want to do is go back to sleep. Let’s take a little nap. Okay?”

“Perfect, Bri, I’m a little tired myself. You go crawl back in bed, and I’ll be right there.”

Brian kissed her on the forehead and moved toward the bedroom.

Deanna waited until she was sure Brian was in the bedroom and then pulled her phone from her bag. She dialed a number and waited for the answer.

“Hello,” came the voice in a slight Italian accent.

“Anthony, it’s Deanna. How are you today?”

“I feel great, Miss.”

“Anthony, I want you to call me Deanna from now on. I think after last night, Miss is a little formal, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Miss, I mean Deanna. Last night was very, how you say, interesting.”

“I agree with you, Anthony. Now I have a request. I want you to be at the Men’s Fragrance counter at Nordstrom’s, this afternoon at 4:00. Can you do that?”

“Yes, Deanna, I can do that. I have the night off, so I do not have to go into work.”

“Wonderful. And Anthony, I would like you to bring Cathy with you. Do you think that would be possible?”

“Yes, türkçe bahis I think she would like to meet you, Deanna. Would you like Amanda to come also? We usually spend Sundays together.”

“Certainly, if she would like. Now, here’s the thing, Anthony; I will be with Brian, my date from last night. I don’t want him to know we talked. I just want to run into you, and I will take it from there. Don’t tell Cathy or Amanda we are meeting either. It will be more fun if they don’t know. Do you understand, Anthony?”

“Yes, Deanna, completely.” “Okay, then, I’ll see you at 4, and act surprised to see us.”

“You can count on me, Deanna.”

“I am, Anthony, I am.” Deanna hung up the phone. Another of her plans was coming together.

She moved into the bedroom and crawled under the covers with Brian. In a matter of moments, brother and sister were both sleeping soundly.


Deanna felt Brian’s arm go around her waist and his hand slide up to cup one of her breasts as her eyes opened from the much-needed nap. She liked the feeling of his fingers rolling and pinching her nipples. She was just about to turn into his embrace when she looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was quarter to three. She would have to hustle to get Brian to Nordstrom’s by four.

“Oooh, that feels so nice, Brian. But, you know what I’d like to do right now?”

“Anything you want, Dee, just name it.”

“I’d like to go shopping for something slinky to wear with you tonight. I know you like how I look in your jersey here, but I’d like to really show you how I look in black lace. Would you like that, Bri?”

“Oh yeah, Dee, but it’s kind of late for a Sunday, isn’t it?”

“Not if we hurry. The stores are open ’til five. We can go somewhere for a drink and something to eat after.”

“Not too sure about the drinks, Dee, but the rest sounds good. I better shower first, though.”

“Now, you’re talking, Bri. Come on we’ll take it together to save time. And it’s strictly a shower, huh, Bri?”

“Right, Dee,” he laughed.


An hour later, Brian sat in the ladies lingerie section at Nordstrom’s, as Deanna tried on several pieces of extremely skimpy black lace undergarments. She would pop the door to the dressing booth open to show him what she was modeling. One black lace thong in particular got his attention. Brian waited patiently as Deanna paid with her credit card and then she said, “Let’s go down to the perfume counter, and smell what’s new.”

Moments later, at a little after 4:00, they were spraying perfume mists into the air with Brian telling Deanna what he thought of each.

“Let’s see what they have new for men, Bri.” She took his hand and pulled him to the men’s fragrance department. And there, as she expected was Anthony, busy sniffing scents with two girls. “Look, Bri, isn’t that Anthony, our waiter from last night?”

“Yeah, I guess it is,” said Brian, his memory of last night still a little foggy.

“Anthony,” called Dee, pulling Brian toward the threesome.

“Good afternoon, De…, uh Miss,” he almost made a slip. “Good afternoon, Sir.”

“Anthony, not so formal, call me Dee and this is Brian.”

“Well, nice to see you two again. This is my girlfriend Cathy and our friend Amanda.”

“Hello,” the girls said in unison.

Cathy was a striking blonde, about 5’8″ with spectacular legs extending from a skin-tight miniskirt and luscious breasts barely disguised by the form fitting knit top. She had sparkling blue eyes and her lips were full and pouting. Deanna thought she had that ‘Please fuck me look.’ Amanda, on the other hand, was a little smaller, maybe 5’5″ with auburn hair and brown eyes. Her clothing was more loose-fitting than Cathy’s, but Dee could see potential there, too.

Brian, on the other hand, could not take his eyes off Cathy, Dee noticed. He seemed to be tongue-tied.

After some small talk, Dee said, “Hey, Brian and I were just going for a drink, why don’t the three of you come along?”

“Sounds good to me, what do you think girls,” said Anthony. Cathy quickly agreed and Amanda nodded shyly.

“Great, where should we go?” asked Dee.

“How about the Blue Lounge, just up the street?” said Anthony.

“The Blue Lounge it is,” replied Deanna and they all moved out onto the street and walked as a group toward the bar. Deanna put her arm through Brian’s and pulled his head near to her. “Did you see the body on that Cathy, Bri? Wouldn’t you love to slip between those thighs? And don’t you wonder how Amanda would look out of those pants? Oh yeah, and how about that bulge of Anthony’s?”

“Dee! Don’t say stuff like that.” Brian was a little taken aback by his sister’s comment, although he realized she did have a point. The minute he saw Cathy, he wondered what it would be like to suck on those giant nipples projecting through her top.

Inside the Blue Lounge, Deanna steered them all to a circular booth and pushed Brian in first. She slid in next to him as Cathy moved in on his other side. Anthony sat next to Cathy and Amanda sat on the end opposite Dee. Deanna ordered martini’s straight-up for all of them, including güvenilir bahis siteleri Brian who had suddenly forgotten his hangover in the heat of the moment. He felt Dee’s hand move onto his thigh as they all engaged in conversation, which basically consisted of each introducing themselves.

Brian squirmed a little as he felt Dee’s hand creep toward his crotch. And then, as he spoke to Anthony about his job at the paper, he suddenly felt Dee’s hand pull his zipper down and her soft warm palm slipped inside his fly, surrounding his quickly hardening cock. He gulped a little as he looked at Cathy who was smiling directly at him. He felt a small bead of sweat form instantly on his forehead, as he felt Cathy’s soft thigh brush against his leg. Cathy’s eyes shifted for a moment to Dee as if acknowledging that she knew what was going on under the table. Dee smiled at Cathy and nodded almost imperceptibly. Cathy smiled and licked her lips. Brian was swooning. Then almost like magic, Dee had unbuttoned his belt and opened the top of his pants, her hand ministering to his cock and balls. Brian groaned. Cathy chuckled. Deanna smiled.

“Something, wrong, Brian,” asked Anthony, as he winked at Deanna. He had a feeling he knew what the problem was too.

Brian continued to try to talk normally, but it became increasingly hard, so to speak.

On the end of the table, Amanda sipped at her drink and watched the look on Brian’ face. She also had a pretty good idea what was going on. She wondered what it would be like to crawl under the table and help Deanna, but of course, she could never do that in public, although, there was that one time ….

Anthony slipped his arms around Cathy’s and Amanda’s shoulders. They laid their heads against his chest and just watched Brian’s face.

Brian was growing close to the point of no return when Dee suddenly pulled her hand from his cock and said, “Anybody hungry?”

Both girls, again in unison, said, “Oh yes!” looking right at Brian.

It was Anthony who picked up the hint and suggested that they all go to his place and order some pizza. He said he had plenty of beer and some great new jazz cd’s they could listen to. And just like that, they were all up and moving toward the door. All that is except Brian, who needed a moment to compose himself and to stuff his now burgeoning cock back into his pants and zip up.


They all ate pizza, drank beer, and listened to music while sitting cross-legged on the floor of Anthony’s apartment. When the pizza was gone and the floor was strewn with empty beer cans, Anthony even brought out a couple of joints which they all passed around. The buzz took its effect and soon, all five were having a good time and becoming very comfortable with each other.

“Where is your bathroom, Anthony?” asked Brian, “I have really got to get rid of some of this beer.”

“I’ll show you,” said Cathy, jumping up and leading Brian down the hallway and through a dark bedroom. She reached in a doorway and flicked on a light. “There you go, Brian.”

“Thanks,” he said as she backed out of the room. He unbuckled his pants and dropped them around his thighs, pulling his semi-firm cock out. Holding it in one hand, he leaned his head back, closed his eyes and felt the immediate relief as he began to pee. He was nearly finished when, unbelievably, he felt a second hand on his cock. He almost jumped out of his skin.

“Let me do this,” Cathy said, “I always wondered what it was like for you guys to have to shake it off at the end.” He let go of himself as she firmly held his cock and lightly shook it up and down. “Is this right?” she asked. “Oh yeah,” answered Brian, “that’s just fine.”

“Is it done now?” she asked, almost innocently.

“Yeah, I think that about does it,” he sighed.

“Too bad, I was just getting to like the feel of it in my hand.” Still holding his now stiffening cock, she pulled him around to face her. She reached behind her and flicked off the light. Then pulling him close, she put her mouth to his, parting his lips with her searching tongue, all the while working her hand up and down his shaft.

“God, Cathy ,what about the others?” Brian asked as he pulled his face away from hers, panting.

“Don’t worry about them, Brian. They can take care of themselves. I want to fuck you right now. You do want to fuck me, don’t you Brian?”

“Oh my god yes, I do, but I, well, what about Anthony?”

“Well,” she looked up into his eyes and winked, “you can fuck him later, but it’s my time now. Come on.”

Brian was stunned at her remark, but went with her anyway as she maneuvered him into the bedroom, his pants still around his knees. Cathy pushed him down on the bed. She pulled his sweater and shirt over his head and then grabbed his pants and underwear, practically tearing them off of him. She closed the bedroom door as he sat naked on the bed, except for his shoes and socks, which he proceeded to kick off himself. Then he watched in the near darkness as Cathy stripped off her clothing, what little there was of it. When she was done, he just stared at her. She was unbelievable. Her breasts were much larger than Dee’s, full and round, with no sag as they stood proudly away from her chest. The nipples were long and dark. As his eyes traveled lower, he noticed she was a natural blonde, marveling at the perfectly trimmed triangle of hair above her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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