A Most Forbidden Dream

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Jimmy came home dead tired after another long day of school followed by a six hour shift at the carwash. He had just turned 18 this past month and prayed the last 6 weeks of school would fly by. The school, and then off to work routine, was killing him. He had been doing this 4x a week since just before Christmas, and as it was now mid-April, he was damn sick and tired of it.

He was also sick and tired of his mother being a fat, lazy, useless slob. He was sick of her defining what “white trash” was all about. They lived in a crappy double wide trailer on the east side of Des Moines, Iowa.

“Does it get any worse than this?” Jimmy wearily thought as he entered the filthy trailer. He glanced at her as she sat in what passed as the living room. His mother didn’t even bother to acknowledge that he was home.

“What a waste of life,” he thought bitterly as he slammed his books onto the kitchen counter.

This was indeed a harsh judgment of his mother, but one that fit. Since his dad had died, she had went downhill fast. She spent most days sitting in a drunken stupor in front of the TV, like a mindless zombie stuffing her face with junk food and drinking whiskey, until she passed out.

Then the next day the whole thing would start all over again. She ignored his pleas to get her life together only telling him, “Yeah right someday but for now I need to have my mourning time.” So far her mourning time had lasted for nearly three years and counting.

It was left up to Jimmy to be the primary care giver to his two younger brothers, Frank who was 7, and Thomas who was 5. So in all reality, his day was not over after he got home from school and work, but instead he would have to make his younger brothers something to eat, before washing them up and putting them to bed.

It had been another typical shitty day as Jimmy wearily made his way upstairs to his bedroom. It was almost 10:30pm, and his mom was passed out on the couch with a half empty whiskey bottle at her side. Now with his mom passed out and his younger brothers tucked away for the night, it was his turn to enjoy a little peace and quiet and maybe something a bit more, if only it arrived in the mail today.

He hurriedly put his shoes on to go check the mailbox. It should arrive today, or tomorrow at the latest, as it had been about a month since he had received his latest copy of Hot Asian Honeys. This soft core porno magazine, delivered monthly, was about the only vice/excitement Jimmy had in an otherwise dreary life. As he made his way to the mailbox, he fervently hoped that the special Hot Asian Honeys MILF issue would be there in its innocuous brown paper wrapping.

He had three excellent reasons for hoping the magazine was waiting in the mailbox for him. Number one, it was Friday night, which meant he could actually sleep in a bit tomorrow morning, so if he wanted to stay up later than usual and gazing lovingly at the latest batch of hot Oriental dolls from the Far East he could. And number two, the annual MILF issue, according to last month’s sneak preview, promised to deliver a whole host of hot, mature Asian honeys.

Jimmy could hardly wait as, in his mind, there was nothing hotter than a sexy, mature Asian woman. And then there was his final reason for so desperately hoping the magazine was there. It was a long shot at best, actually more like impossible maybe, as such things could not exist, but still the old lady was convincing and seemed so sure of herself so maybe, just maybe…

Nearly three weeks ago, after his boss at the car wash decided to let him go home early since it was a slow night at work, Jimmy had wandered by a traveling fair/festival that was in town for the week. It was still early and his mother would probably be in her “mean drunk” stage right about now. He had a few bucks in his pocket so he thought he would kill an hour or two horsing around at the fair.

Once inside, Jimmy wandered around to the far back side of the fair and soon found himself standing in front of a garishly colored tent that advertised Fortunes Told, Dreams Realized.

Curious he went inside, where he was met by an old woman dressed in a costume from the sixteen hundreds maybe. The lady, who called herself Madame Kat, piqued his curiosity though, so even if it was bullshit, he plucked down his 7 dollars and decided to let her read his palm.

After reading his palm, Madame Kat announced, “Young man, your future is full of dark, forbidden dreams that may go unfulfilled,” she said with a serious frown.

Jimmy shifted uneasily in the cheap, black folding chair as they sat across from each other at a battered old table. The old woman then broke into a sardonic smile before adding, “But then again maybe not… if you show just a little courage a reward may be at hand to make your dreams come true.”

He was wondering just what the hell that meant, when all of a sudden a young, tough looking teenage boy came bursting past the tent flaps, and into the illegal bahis small room. Madame Kat seemed unfazed, while Jimmy nearly jumped out of his skin, at the young hoodlum’s sudden appearance.

“Gimmie your money you old bitch or I will cut you!!” the punk barked while flashing a switchblade knife.

“But of course,” Madame Kat said quite calmly to the kid. As she said this, surprisingly, her focus did not appear to be on the looming threat of the young punk with the knife, but instead on Jimmy. He noticed how rather oddly she was staring at him with a somewhat bemused look on the face as the drama of the attempted robbery was unfolding.

She coolly reached down under the table, producing a small cigar box that Jimmy could see was stuffed with cash. There seemed to be a various assortment of bills sticking out of all sides of the cigar box. Enough so where the young wanna be thug attention was quickly drawn to the cigar box stuffed with cash. The fact was he was paying very little heed to Jimmy. Madame Kat handed the box over to the robber with a look of expectation on her old haggard face. But her look was not directed at the threat the tough looking kid supposedly presented in the form of his menacing grin and evil looking knife, but instead at Jimmy.

“She expects me to do something and if I don’t I am going to look like a chicken shit coward,” Jimmy thinks to himself. He was many things but a coward was not one of them. Without really giving it a second thought he sprang up from his chair, and in one fluid motion turned and throw a punch at the kid. His punch found its mark. Doubtless helped supremely by the element of surprise, Jimmy’s punch landed squarely on the left cheek of the thugs face. He staggered and fell as Jimmy, his adrenaline pumping now, rained several more blows on top of his head.

Meanwhile, Madame Kat went outside and was hollering for a security guard. Less than a minute later, the “would be” robber was being led away by two big burly security guards.

Madame Kat thanked Jimmy with a warm smile and then offered, as a small token of her gratitude, to make the fore mentioned dark forbidden dreams of his come true.

She handed him a small vial telling him it contained a powerful potion to make dreams come true, if only for a night. Her instructions were brief and to the point.

“Focus your entire mind and soul upon that of which you desire my dear boy. Think long and hard, construct the outlines of a perfect fantasy in your mind, and then let it flow to your heart. Once your heart longs for the fantasy so badly it actually pains you, swallow the potion down in one quick drink. Lay back in bed and relax letting your mind wander back to your fantasy. Keep your forbidden dream that you so yearn to dream that night simple as the potion will fill in all the necessary details for you. Soon you will feel your eyes getting heavy and sleep will come bringing with it an escape into a realm few ever have the joy of visiting.”

With a slight gleam in her eye, the old lady had told Jimmy all this in one long non-stop diatribe, which left him wondering if the crazy old bat really believes this herself.

She finally pauses and looks at him seriously saying. “Do your trust Madame Kat Jimmie Turner.”

“Y-yes… but how did you know my name I never told you.”

She waves her hand distractedly saying “Madame Katchamund needs no formal introductions. Things come to me as they may. Now this thing comes to you. Powerfully wicked it is and rarer even than a four leaf clover my dear boy. Take it, trust it and your forbidden dreams shall be realized. This is your reward for being brave and helping me.”

Jimmy did not come right out and say it but he was beginning to think this old lady was bat shit crazy. But yet, there was something about the ultra-sincere way she told him all this, that made him hopeful that there might be a kernel of truth in what she said. After all, she was spot on about two things. The first being Jimmy did indeed have dark forbidden dreams, and the second she did know his name without being told so just maybe…

As he drove home that night, the small vial of “dream potion” tucked away deep inside his jean’s pocket, he wondered if he should test the potion right away. By the time he arrived home he had decided it would be best to wait a little bit anyway; like until the annual MILF issue of Hot Asian Honeys arrived.

The next few weeks went by slowly while he waited for his magazine to arrive. He had plenty of time to construct his perfect fantasy. It would, of course, involve a girl, no make that a woman, a mature woman. A woman that could be a nice substitute for his own worthless mother. Even before his father’s untimely death, Jimmy’s mother had been nothing to write home about but since the death of his father she had been utterly hopeless. As was Jimmy’s luck with girls.

He was all the things girls said they wanted: sweet, sensitive, caring, and most of all illegal bahis siteleri romantic, but all that was trumped by the fact he lived at home with his drunken mother and was a high school loser. Oh yeah and he worked part-time in a car wash, which just set all the girls’ hearts to fluttering, as did his puny sized 5 inch dick. Above all else poor Jimmy lacked confidence in great abundance.

Jimmie, as much as he tried, simply could not put that night at the fair out of his mind. He was desperately curious to try Madame Kat’s magical potion. All he needed was his magazine to arrive. A magazine that contained all of his forbidden desires and dreams. And then maybe he would have a kind, caring and most sexy mom for once in his life, for that more than anything, was what his fantasy, his forbidden dream, would be about, if the damn potion worked.

He opens the mail box and feels his heart start to beat rapidly as he spies the plain brown wrapping. Once back inside his bedroom, he quickly showers and brushes his teeth, before settling down in his bed with the magazine in one hand and the vial of dream potion in the other.

He says a short prayer, ironically to a God he sure hates him, that Madame Kat is telling the truth, and that he would have a wild night of forbidden dreams waiting for him. Dreams fueled by the pictures of these hot Asian MILF’s he was about to gaze so lovingly at. He briefly wondered if he might lose his virginity, finally, in his forbidden dream. Being a virgin still was a closely guarded secret of his.

Maybe if he wasn’t so busy with school, work and taking care of his fat ugly mom, and his two bratty younger brothers, he might have had time to NOT be a virgin, despite his smallness down there. “I must remember to concentrate on being well endowed as part of my dream package,” Jimmy keeps reminding himself as he was showering, and his puny dick was there in all its small glory.

His mind wanders for a moment before he begins to concentrate on the contents of the magazine. The fact his mom is so physically unappealing, and mean to boot, only makes him wish all the more fervently that one of these beautiful older women on the pages of this magazine would be his mom. His hot, sexy and sweet mommy that would seduce him, and give his most forbidden of dreams credence, if only for a night.

He thumbed to the table of contents wondering which one it would be. She should be perfect as possible to fuel the fires of his imagination. He must choose carefully. He decides he will just start at the beginning of the magazine and quickly thumb his way through all the pictures until one of them whispers, “I am the one.”

There is some nice ladies for sure at the beginning of the magazine but starting on page 22, there was a pictorial of a mature Chinese woman named Lini Lu, which sends his heart trip hammering inside his chest. As Jimmy flipped through the eight pages of her photo spread, it became more and more evident that she was making a strong case to be the one he would dream of tonight.

On pages 25-26 there was two full page pictures of her that seal the deal. First on page 25, she was standing in a kitchen, a soft, pretty smile on her face, her dark almond shaped eyes have a look of mirth in them, her head is tilted to one side, almost like when someone looks at a cute puppy dog and says “Ahhhhhhhh.”

Jimmy imagined Lini was looking at him, her very own son, instead of a puppy dog, and saying “Ahhh,” while thinking what a cute, sweet boy he really was.

His cock starts to stir just looking at her exquisitely pretty and mature face. She looks to be in her early to mid-thirties but with Asian women, who always aged so damn well, you could never really tell. If anything she was probably older.

While her age may have been a mystery, there was something else that surely was not. That was her tits. It was no mystery they were fucking huge. This was self-evident despite the fact Hot Asian Honeys did not feature full frontal nudity. Implied nudity was their game as it was a soft core tease magazine that showed a lot of skin, but left just enough covered to leave their audience wanting more.

Lini was wearing a skin tight pink nightshirt that was practically see through. It looked to be at least one size too small, as her immense tits were obviously straining against the sheer pink material of the nightshirt. The shirt went down to just past the middle of her thighs, which were creamy white and near perfect. Also perfect, was her incredibility long dark and shiny hair that, as she tilted her head to one side, fell all the way down past her ass to about the middle of her calf.

“Jesus, I wish my mom looked like that,” Jimmy thought as his eyes flickered up and down the photo before finally settling on those big tits of hers. Her dark nipples were clearly visible under the sheer pink material of her nightshirt and just begging to be stared at.

In his mind he dreamed that she was in the canlı bahis siteleri kitchen making him breakfast when she turned around to ask him a question. Maybe did he want his eggs over easy or hard? He notes how she emphasizes the word hard. Finally, he tears his eyes off page 25 and looks at page 26.

The next page is at least equal to, if not better, than the prior one. She is leaning back against the fridge while thrusting those large tits of hers out; seemingly for his eyes to enjoy. And enjoy them they do as her pink nightshirt is completely unbuttoned in this picture. Her shirt is hanging open as to expose a rather sizable portion of those giant tits of hers. But at the same time, the pink nightshirt was closed just enough to, by the barest of margins, to cover those delicious nipples of hers.

She has a subtle smile on her face as she is intently stares straight ahead, maybe watching her young son eat the breakfast she has so lovingly prepared just for him. Maybe she undid her shirt because she was hot, or maybe she just likes to show off for her son. Either way, it heaven for his eyes.

The dream of Lini being his mother has reached his heart and made it ache, just as Madame Kat had foretold. Now was the time. He wanted this woman to be his sweet dear mother, maybe more than anything he had ever wanted in this world. There was no need to search in further within the magazine. Lini was the one!!

“Imagine coming home from school every day to that beautiful creature!!” Jimmy thinks as his small cock literally throbs with untold hardness inside his boxers. He reaches over and scoops up the vial in one hand, and is about to down the potion in one large gulp, despite the fact he still harbors doubts that it will work.

No sooner had these doubts crept into his mind than his cell phone, laying on the nightstand next to the bed, begins to ring.

“Who the hell would be calling this late at night?” he thinks before quickly snatching up the phone. Glancing at the caller ID it says “MK.”

Could it be her? But how? And what timing if it is. “H-hello” he answers his voice shaking with apprehension.

“Just a courtesy call Jimmy. I can’t have you downing that vial with doubts on your mind.”

“Jesus how did you know. I mean I was just… just about to… “

“Yes I know drink it down when I called. As I said Madame Kay knows what she knows and often just in time. Best not to question these things.”

“The power of this woman must be immense,” is the paramount thought that springs fourth in Jimmy’s now feverish mind.

“My power is beyond your grasp young Jimmy. It is trust me on that. But let me make this quick as you are so very anxious to get to that Asian sweet treat you have on tonight’s menu. So some advice to set your mind at ease. First, the dream you shall have won’t be your typical disjointed, fuzzy weird feeling dream that most people usually have. It will be very vivid, very real. As real as reality I suppose.” She pauses to let what she just said sink in to Jimmy knowing this is a lot to handle at once.

“Second, usually when you are dreaming people can be easily awoken and the dream disrupted or they sense somehow it’s a dream and wake themselves up. Neither will be the case for you. I have checked your future and it’s clear for the next nine hours which is how long you will sleep undisturbed.” She pauses once again to let this new information settle into Jimmy’s mind.

Both of these things had crossed Jimmy’s mind, much as it seems Madame Kat knew it would. His mind now at ease he tells her to go on.

“Finally what is actually happening after you take the potion is not for you to understand or try to make sense of… It’s our ancient secret but let’s just say you are not so much as dreaming as visiting another realm, another plane of existence if you will. This realm will duplicate ours in a sense. You will be the same person there as you are here, but only in your new, ahh upgraded circumstances shall I say. Your memories of a lifetime lived there will be wholly intact. You will know by sheer instinct what to do, what to say, where everything is at, and so on… well you get my drift I would think as you are a most clever boy.”

“I-I am.” Jimmy is not used to hearing nice things being said about him.

“Yes I would think so. Clever enough to not toss my potion aside and write me off as a crack pot of an old lady,” she lets out a soft cackle while saying this.

Jimmy hears all of this and, of course has more than a few questions, but he dares not ask any of them. He suspects that the old woman does not care to be questioned, so he simply says “Wow that is really awesome.”

“OK I will grant one single question Jimmy.”

He shakes his head again at her amazing powers of perception. He quickly decides to ask the one real burning question that had just crossed his mind, “When I am in this other realm, will I remember my life here. I mean will I know that I really belong here and not there?”

“Not an easy question to answer but I will do my best. You shall remember your life here much as one remembers a good movie or in your case a bad movie they were forced to watch over and over again. More I cannot say.”

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