A Mother and Son Escape Ch. 03

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Thank you to everyone who responded. Your kind words have given this story hope and inspiration. They make me want to bring the characters as alive as I can make them. As always, constructive criticism is welcome. Thank you for reading! As long as you keep reading I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


50…60…70…I watched closely as the speedometer slowly rose. We were weaving in between cars and different lanes. Mom sat in the passenger seat with her hands in her lap. She hadn’t spoken a word since we peeled out of the parking lot of the hotel. I wanted to talk to her and get her to open up, but I knew that she needed time. The instant she read the text from Dad her face was nothing but terror. She had no color left in it and she was visibly trembling.

I kept driving down the interstate. I had no clue where we were going. I suppose I was leaving it in the hands of fate. All I knew is that we had to find somewhere to go. Going to another hotel wasn’t an option and going back home certainly wasn’t an option. My eyes remained on the road as I made the occasional glance over at mom. I softly placed my hand on her thigh trying to calm her and reassure her that I was there. She immediately flinched and a nervous lump formed in my throat.

“Ummm…Mom, please talk to me and tell me what’s going on inside that head. What are you thinking?”

From the corner of my eye I could see her glance in my direction and then a soft sigh escaped her lips. “I’m sorry, Honey, I’m just scared and nervous and don’t know what to do.”

There was a tremble in her voice and I could tell that she was on the verge of tears. Honestly, I was surprised that she hadn’t already broken down.

“Sweetheart, there are just so many things going on inside my head right now that I can’t think straight. I can’t stop thinking about your father and I can’t stop thinking about what we did last night.”

That was when she really lost it and the tears began to flow as her face became red and splotchy. My mind couldn’t stop thinking. It was spinning out of control. “Is she upset about what happened last night? Is she afraid of Dad? Worst of all, is she afraid of me?” My stomach began to churn and tumble at the thought of me being the cause of her tears. I was supposed to protect her and not make her cry.

I just kept driving trying not to show the turmoil inside me on my face. I knew that she needed me to be the strong one right now. I didn’t know where I was going and I was just driving down the highway aimlessly.

“Look Mom, we need to think of something to do. We need somewhere to go. Where would you feel most comfortable?”

Mom opened the glove box and pulled out a napkin. She softly wiped her eyes and then her nose. I could tell that she was trying to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. Eventually she was able to talk to me. “My sisters, we can go see my sister Emily. She’ll take us in.”

I didn’t really know my aunt Emily. I had met her a few times growing up, but Dad never really approved of anyone on her side of the family. I never knew why and had always thought it best not to ask. I knew that Mom and aunt Emily were only a couple of years apart in age and that I had a cousin, but that’s about it.

“Mom, do you even know where she lives,” I asked curiously. I was confused and honestly kinda surprised.

Through the occasional sniffle Mom was able to respond. “Yes, Sweetie. Her and I have kept in touch over the years secretly. She never liked your Dad even a little bit and has been trying to get me away for years now. I’m sorry that I kept this a secret from you.”

This sudden revelation had me in shock. I had no clue that Mom was keeping secrets from Dad. I couldn’t believe that she hadn’t told me, but at the same time I understood. I placed my hand on her thigh again. This time she didn’t flinch. I gave it a light squeeze just letting her know that I was there. It was an unspoken communication that just told her that I would always be there for her.

The drive seemed forever. The fact that Mom barely spoke only made matters worse. The tension would continue to build with each passing awkward silence. Any time I tried talking with her I only received one or two word answers. I knew that she was upset and scared and I tried not to take it personally. I really wanted to discuss last night, but I knew that now wasn’t the time. I didn’t want to push her or pressure her or cause her any more stress.

In between thoughts of Dad all I could think about was Mom and our experience. I could still feel her warm and soft hand wrapped around my shaft. I could still hear her moans echoing in my head. The memory of the smell of her sex only turned me on. My pants were beginning to tent and my heart was racing. The more I thought about it the hornier I got. My palms were sweating and my grip on the steering wheel was causing my knuckles to turn white. About an hour later I turned slightly towards Mom.

“Look, Mom, we need to talk about last night. I know you have a lot on your mind, but so do I. We can’t sweep this under the rug.”

Mom nodded her halkalı escort head and softly stated that she knew, but that she didn’t know how to approach the subject. It was apparent that the butterflies in her stomach were going crazy, but at least she wasn’t crying anymore.

“Honey…I don’t know what to say. Last night was amazing and I really needed it, but I can’t help but feel it was wrong.”

I thought I was going to throw up. The one response I didn’t want is the one response she gave me. “Does she really think it was wrong? Does she seriously think that what we did was a mistake?” I thought to myself. I took her hand in mind and I was surprised that she didn’t pull away. She was shaking like a leaf and her hand was sweaty. I interlocked our fingers together as I continued to drive. Mom pointed to an exit up ahead and I took it.

After getting off of the interstate I found a rest area about a couple of miles down the road. I immediately pulled in. We had to talk. We had to have a serious talk. I knew that once we got to aunt Emily’s house we wouldn’t have a chance. I put the car in park and turned to Mom. She looked like she was on the verge of tears again. My hands found both of hers. She stared at me for a moment. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the emotion written on her face. Was it nerves? Was it regret? Was it anger? I started to speak, but she raised her finger to stop me.

“Jason, Sweetheart, you’re my only son and I love you. Last night was amazing. You made me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time, but I don’t know what came over me. It was wrong and it’s something I can never take back.”

I started to speak and tell her that I don’t want her to take it back. I wanted to tell her so many things, but she held up her finger again. I wiped a tear from her face with my thumb. I could tell that she was fighting with herself and it broke my heart.

“Listen Honey, I needed a connection last night. I needed…something. I don’t know how to explain it. I needed to be held and be loved. It was something that I had craved for so long, but I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you.”

This time I cut her off. I wanted to grab her and kiss her and make her forget all of those thoughts, but even though I didn’t have much experience with girls I knew that that only happened in the movies. “Mom, you didn’t take advantage of me. I’m eighteen. I could’ve stopped it, but I didn’t want to. We’re both consenting adults. I don’t regret it for a minute. I want it, Mom. You just said yourself that it was amazing. It could be even more amazing.”

She squeezed my hands as they say in her lap. I was on the verge of tears and my head was pounding from trying to hold them back. She was staring at our hands intently as we sat there in the empty parking lot of the deserted rest area.

“Honey, what do you expect? Are you thinking we can actually have a future together? Sweetheart, I’m forty years old. You have your whole life ahead of you. I will always love you no matter what. I’m grateful for how you’re taking care of me, but this is reality. This isn’t some fairytale.”

It was my turn to interrupt up her. “Stop Mom, just stop, please. I know that I am not a ladies man and don’t have a lot of experience, but I know that it wasn’t a mistake and I know that deep down you don’t think it was one either.” I swallowed away that nervous lump in my throat. I tried to hide my trembling from her but since she was holding my hands I knew that it was impossible. I took a deep breath and stared out the window for a moment trying to figure out what to say next. “What happened, Mom? This morning you were fine with it and seemed excited and seemed happy. I thought that maybe I was the one to make you that happy after last night.”

“Darling, you did make me happy last night and this morning, but then I saw that text from your father and I snapped back to reality. Do you have to make it harder than it already is? Why can’t we just forget that last night ever happened?”

She put her head down again. I still don’t know if it was from shame or to just avoid looking at me. Her soft thumbs were rubbing lightly across the back of my hands. I reached up and wiped away another tear before returning my hand to hers in her lap. My thoughts were spinning out of control once again. “How do I change her mind? She can’t be serious. There’s no way we can forget it happened and go back to normal. What is normal?” All of these thoughts were driving me crazy. I was getting frustrated and trying not to show it on my face.

Not knowing what else to do I mustered up all of my courage and pushed all of my fears aside. My hands found her cheeks and then my lips found hers. Her lips were soft and wet and warm. For a moment she put up a struggle, but a second later she gave up. Her lips parted allowing my tongue inside. Our tongues began to dance and mingle. I lightly sucked and nibbled on her bottom lip. By the soft sigh that I heard I could tell that she was enjoying it. My cock was rock hard and about to break taksim escort through my pants. She pulled away from me and stared into my eyes. She sat there quietly catching her breath. Her mouth was red and her tears had stopped. I could almost see the angel and devil battling it out on each shoulder. Her blue eyes slowly moved from my eyes to my lips. Taking a deep breath she grabbed my shirt and pulled me to her. This time she forced her tongue into my mouth. Goosebumps began to cover my body as every nerve in my body lit up. Her sighs turned into moans and her aggression became stronger. Her slender fingers began to lightly tug on my hair and I was becoming more turned on and aroused with each passing moment. My heart was about to leap out of my chest. We pulled apart and again Mom stared at me.

“Jason, Honey, what are we doing? I can’t say that I don’t want this and I can’t say that I don’t want you.” Once again she stared down at her legs. He fingers began to fiddle with her jeans as she sat quietly. A small smile crossed her face. “Honey, are you sure you want this? Are you sure you want me? This isn’t going to be easy.”

I had won. I had pulled her to my side. I had convinced her that what we did wasn’t wrong and that what we have isn’t wrong. I was so surprised that I was lost for words. With nervous, trembling and sweating hands I gently caressed the side of her face. A small smile crosses my lips.

“Mom, nothing amazing is ever easy. If it were easy then it wouldn’t be as special as it is.”

Another tear fell down her face as she listened quietly to me speak. I knew that what was happening was taboo and sure to be condemned, but at that moment I didn’t care. At that moment I just wanted to protect and cherish and love my mother. She kissed me softly.

“Sweetheart, I need you to be patient with me. I’ve closed a part of myself off and locked it away from your father. There are a lot of secrets that nobody knows. It’s going to take a while for me to work through all of these thoughts and feelings.”

During our kissing I had briefly forgotten about Dad and what was happening. For those few moments it was just her and I in this world. I sat back in the driver’s seat with a raging hard on and sighed nervously.

“Mom, you’re special to me. There has always been an unusually strong bond between us,” I stated flatly. My stomach was in knots again. “I’ve been in love with you for years now. I know at least since I was 15 and broke my leg at summer camp.”

My trembling had intensified and all I could think was “Am I seriously confessing this to her? I hope she doesn’t freak out.”

All Mom did was smile. She knew that I was nervous and scared saying those things and still put my own thoughts and feelings ahead of her own. She gently stroked my leg and smiled as I continued to tell her that for the last three years she has been all I could think about or dream about. I unloaded three years of confessions on my feelings. By the time I was done I was drained of energy and I too was crying. I was ashamed that she was comforting me when I should have been comforting her. She just sat silently until I finished.

“Jason, you have saved my life, Sweetie. You’re my hero. You’re my knight in shining armor. I knew that you had unnatural feelings for me, but I just assumed it was teenage boy hormones. I didn’t know it was all of this.” She continued to smile and softly stroke and pat my leg. “To be completely honest with you I have been looking at you differently lately as well, but never wanted to admit it to myself. I suppose that last night was a way for me to let out those feelings and desires and use what’s going on with your father as an excuse.”

We had been sitting there for over an hour in that dead parking lot. It only seemed like a few minutes. With no sleep and have drained all of my energy just now I could feel myself fading fast. “Mom, we should probably get going.” She leaned over and kissed me again before we continued our drive to Aunt Emily’s.

The back roads that we were now on were a lot less busier than the interstate. Mom and I continued to talk about what was to come. We talked about our future and we talked about Dad. We talked more about our feelings, but not as in depth. She soon commented that we were about an hour away from her sisters. I was glad that we were getting close and we would be able to rest, but I knew that we would have to keep our relationship hidden and I wasn’t looking forward to the stress of that.

When we turned onto an old dirt road I couldn’t help but think that my aunt lived out in the sticks. I was beginning to wonder if they even lived near civilization. It was an old country road and we were all alone. When I felt Moms small hand on my crotch I about jumped out of my seat. Her touch wasn’t unwelcome, but it certainly wasn’t expected. She lowered my fly and fished my quickly hardening cock out of my pants. She had a huge smile on her face. “Holy shit, is Mom fixing to give me road head,” I thought to myself. I began to moan as her hand slid up and down my raging knob. My şişli escort swollen purple head was beginning to throb. My cock would twitch every time my heart beat. A few moments later Moms shorts and panties were around her ankles. She was stroking me and fingering herself. I wanted so badly to watch her diddle her hairless pussy, but kept my eyes on the road. My left hand was on the wheel and I was leaning towards the center of the car to give her better access. I had no clue how fast I was going and at that moment I didn’t care. Sounds of pleasure began to come from the passenger seat. With my free hand I reached over and begin to squeeze and fondle her perfect tits. Even through her bra I could feel that her nipples were rock hard. I would give almost anything to see her now but didn’t look. I just let her stroke me. Mom knew what she was doing. This handjob felt as good as the one in the hotel room. It was in this instant that I wished I had a truck with bench seats instead of a small sedan with bucket seats.

“You have a gorgeous cock, Honey. Do you know how hot it is that it got this hard for me? I love how soft the skin is, but how hard it is at the same time.”

All I could do was moan in response. Her angelic voice was very breathy and highly arousing. This side of my Mom is something that would never get old.

“I’ll give you forever to stop, Mom. God yes, your hand feels amazing on my dick. Please don’t stop, Mom. Please don’t stop!”

Sweat was beginning to bead up on my forehead and I could feel my chest becoming damp. My breathing was getting deeper and deeper as I felt the pressure build. Mom could sense that I was getting close and backed off. She angled herself to me as much as she could and dipped her finger into her pussy. She moaned as her hand grazes her clit. The next thing I knew that same finger was in my mouth. She tasted heavenly. I had never tasted anything like it in my life. A huge drop of precum oozed down the head of my cock.

“Do you like the taste of Mommy’s pussy, Baby? That’s where you came from. It wants you back, Sweetheart. It needs you back.”

When I reached for my own dick Mom swatted my hand away. “No sir, young man. That’s for Mommy to play with.”

Hearing her say Mommy was really weird at first, but soon became kind of a turn on. If she liked it I decided to go with it and not question. All I knew was that I needed to cum and I knew that when I did I was going to cum like a shotgun blast.

I grabbed her hand and put her finger back in my mouth. She began to giggle as her other hand resumed jacking me off. “I think someone likes the taste of his mother’s pussy. He’s a bad boy sucking off his Mom’s pussy juice like that.” With a mouthful of fingers all I could do was not and moan as her hand worked my steel like rod. She slowly pulled her fingers from my lips.

“I love the way my Mom tastes. I want to taste her straight from the source. I want to make Mom cum on my face.”

Mom laughed again and she began to furiously finger fuck herself. Her giggles became deep moans and sighs. I could tell that she was getting close and moments later she released a gutteral moan as her orgasm began to hit her.

“Oh god Jason!!! Here I cum! Here I cum! Ooooohhhh Baby, Mommy is gonna cuuuuummmmm!!!!!!! Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhh!!!! God yes, Honey!”

Mom crashed back into the seat as her orgasm began to fade. Somehow her hand never left my dick. Somehow through that orgasm she was able to keep her mind on making me cum as well. Her breathing was labored, but she never stopped working my cock. Precum was seeping liberally now providing the perfect amount of lube as Moms hand flew up and down my cock. From the corner of my eye I could see an intense look of determination on her face. She was gonna make me cum if it was the last thing she did. I felt my balls begin to tingle and tighten. It was that tell tale sign of my impending orgasm.

“Oh god, Mom! Your hand feels amazing. Don’t stop, Mom. Don’t stop. Don’t stop! I’m almost there, Mom. I’m almost there!”

In an instant she had leaned over the center console and emergency brake and had engulfed my rigid cock in her mouth. I had never felt anything so amazing. It was a pure state of bliss and ecstasy that I was experiencing. Her warm and velvety mouth began to slob my knob in earnest. She was giving it all she had. Even though I had no basis for comparison I knew that this had to be one of the best blowjobs ever. My fingers grabbed her blond locks and I shoved her face down as I jumped up into her. She had taken me all the way into her mouth. In that instant my body exploded!

“Fuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkk!!!! Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhh!!! Oh god, Mom!! I fucking love your mouth!!!”

My orgasm was like a shotgun. Spurt after spurt erupted from the swollen and bulbous head as my cum flooded her mouth. As soon as she would swallow her mouth would immediately become full again. I had never cum that hard in my entire life. Trying to keep my eyes on the road I crashed back into the seat. I could barely breathe. I had no clue how hard it was to drive while a mind blowing orgasm wracked your body until that moment. I almost had to pull over. I glanced down to see Mom cleaning my softening member. When she sat up she wiped her mouth with her thumb and licked it clean. I’m sure that I looked like an idiot with that stupid grin on my face, but I didn’t care one bit. A few moments later I came back to reality.

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