A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 02

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This is a story of mother and son incest.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.


Carol had trouble deciding what to wear for Rick’s visit. She thought about just a robe with nothing under it. Then again, maybe a light housedress. That would give her a little more flexibility.

She checked her closet and decided on a dress that buttoned down the front to the waist. It was cinched by a belt with a full skirt. The top could be unbuttoned to free her tits; they would be bare. She wouldn’t be wearing panties either. She decided on nylons and moderate heels. She knew she had nice legs.

She decided against a girdle. It might interfere with access to her pussy. After all, she was in decent condition and didn’t really need it. A garter belt would hold her hosiery up.

Carol’s pussy was wet all day. She was anxious for what was to come and wanted it more as the day wore on. In the midafternoon she showered and gave special attention to her pussy and her wild mane of pubic hair.

She dressed carefully and put on a little makeup. She used the makeup sparingly, but effectively. She checked herself in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction.

When the doorbell rang she almost ran to answer it. She stopped and composed herself before she opened the door.

“Come in, Rick,” she said.

She closed the door behind him. “We don’t need to get started right away,” she told him. “Let’s relax a few minutes first. Would you like a coke?”

Rick told her that would be nice and she told him to have a seat on the couch. She went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses filled with coke and ice.

She sat on the couch quite close to him, but not touching.

“You seem like a nice young man, Rick,” she was having trouble getting started.

“Thank you,” he replied.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, not yet.”

Carol was beating around the bush and wasn’t happy with herself for doing so.

“Maybe you should learn about girls from an older woman,” she sounded coy and just a bit husky.

Rick looked at her appraisingly. He noted how she was dressed. He remembered his mother’s lessons. He remembered, too, the huskiness in his mother’s voice when she was aroused. Carol sounded much the same

“Perhaps,” he said. “That would be nice.”

Carol opened the buttons on her bodice, she watched him as she did so. She saw him lick his lips and knew she would succeed. She pulled her dress open and set her breasts free.

She reached for Rick and pulled him close. Despite his experience with his mother he was still quite shy. He needed to be led, she thought. At least for a little while.

She brought him close and lifted a plump breast to his lips. He kissed it eagerly and fondled its soft flesh. He sucked the nipple into his mouth as he had been taught and delighted in its firmness.

He raised his head and she kissed him. A hot wet kiss, tongues danced, lips mashed. His hand was under her skirt, guided there by her. He found her bare, wet pussy. His finger slid between the lips and found her clit.

He slid from the couch, to kneel in front of her. He pushed her dress up onto her thighs. Pushed it further until it was bunched around her waist. Her legs were splayed lewdly and she pushed her butt to the front of the couch.

He looked at her beautiful cunt. The fluids of her lust glistened on the swollen labia. She was wet and ready; she had been ready all day. Her bush was full and wild, a tangled forest of dark hair.

Rick kissed her thighs and ran his tongue up the seam at the joint of her leg and hip. His fingers caressed her pussy and slid inside to circle her clit. He felt her hands on the back of his head urging him toward her hot, wet pussy.

“Yes,” her voice was still husky. “Do it, show me how it is.”

Rick’s inhaled the musky scent of her lust. His tongue flicked out to taste of the salty sweetness of her juices. He was delighted with her scent and taste. He buried his face in her hot wetness.

She came quickly. Shudders racked her body and she gasped from the orgasmic pleasure engulfing her. He didn’t stop and she came again, an even stronger orgasm. Her nylon sheathed legs closed on his head. He delighted in the friction of her hosiery against his face. Her heels drummed against his back as she cried out.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

When she could take no more she pushed him back. “That was wonderful,” she said, still short of breath. “That has never happened to me before.”

He looked up at her. “I’m glad.”

“We should move to the bedroom,” she said.

“Whatever you want,” he told her. He stood and opened his pants in front of her. He pushed them down and she could see the bulge of his cock. He was hard, it excited her.

He kicked off his shoes and then his pants. His shirt was next. He stood in front of her with only his briefs. She reached out and touched the bulge of his rock hard cock.

He held out a hand to her and helped her to her feet. He seemed to bedava bahis be taking charge. Quite a change from the shyness she had thought she detected. Carol wondered about that. Somehow she had thought that a man who would eat her pussy would be on the submissive side. She accepted his leadership, though, he seemed to know what to do.

On unsteady legs she showed him to the bedroom. She took her dress off leaving herself nude except for garter belt and nylons. She started to take them off too, but he stopped her.

“I like them,” he said. “The heels too. You look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she murmured as she lowered herself to the bed and held up her arms to him.

They laid together exchanging wet, sloppy kisses. She tasted herself on his lips and tongue. She was excited at the idea of tasting her own juices.

“This is all new to me,” she said, almost whispering.

“Just let things happen,” he told her. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Do you want me to do that to you?” She asked shyly. “What you did to me.”

“It would be nice,” he replied. “But we can do it to each other.”

“Show me how,” she murmured.

At his direction she scooted down to lie in the center of the bed. He kissed his way down her body. Her tits, her belly, her navel. He turned her onto her side and pushed his head into her pussy. She lifted her leg to give him access. He was soon eating her with lips and tongue and even his teeth, lightly nibbling at her clit.

His hard cock was pointing at her face. She knew what she should do, but it was new to her. She grasped it and stroked it. She felt his hand on the back of her head gently urging her towards the steely shaft.

Her lips parted and she let her wet mouth slide over his hard cock. Once the ice was broken she became more aware of the pleasure in her pussy. She responded, amateurishly, but avidly. As orgasms flashed through her body she sucked him vigorously. She felt him tense. She felt warm, creamy cum surge into her mouth. She was at the peak of a strong orgasm and swallowed without thinking. A sense of joy overtook her as she did so. She felt happy that she had made him cum. She had never felt that way before. Not when married; when her husband would cum in her pussy.

As he softened she milked his cock for more of his seed. They separated. He turned to lie facing her.

“I didn’t know if I could do that,” she told him her voice was soft, she felt a great deal of affection for this boy.

“It was wonderful,” Rick told her. “I’m glad you enjoyed it so much.”

“I did,” Carol said.

“I’d like you inside me, but I can’t risk it,” Carol said.

“I understand,” he told her.

There was more lovemaking that evening. Carol sat on his face. She had a several glorious orgasms and smeared her cum juices over him. They reversed positions. He straddled her and fucked her face. Once again she felt the heat of his cum as he filled her mouth. Once again she felt the thrills of pleasing him.

Carol was finding that she liked a hard cock in her mouth. There was something about the feel of her lips on it. The sensation she felt when she played her tongue over its hardness; when she pressed her teeth against it. She realized that what she had thought of as disgusting was actually very pleasurable for her. The hot slickness of his cum when it gushed into her mouth was a delightful new experience; the taste unusual and erotic.

He kissed her before she swallowed. She was surprised; she still had his cum in her mouth, after all. She kept her mouth shut until he pushed his tongue between her lips to twist with hers. Her lips parted then to let his juices flow between them. She kissed him back, hard. She was happy, content. More so than in years of life as a widow. Years she had suppressed her desires because of the fear of pregnancy.

“Will you come to visit me again?” She asked as he was leaving.

“Yes, but you’ll have to do something for me.”

“What is that?”

“You need to tell at least one other woman about what I did for you and how much you enjoyed it. At least one other,” he repeated. “But not more than three. And they have to be discrete women.”

He was doing as his mother had told him to do. He was letting the word out. She agreed, a little reluctantly, to do as he asked.

They kissed warmly and he left. She would have kept him all night, but that wasn’t possible.

Edna was waiting for Rick when he got home. She sat on the couch with him and kissed him soundly. She could taste Carol’s juices on him and it gave her a thrill. She licked his face clean savoring her friend’s essence. She found herself kissing him, with her tongue probing his mouth, in search of more Carol flavor. She sucked his tongue and found yet more traces of the hot woman he had been with. She made him tell her all that had happened. She shivered with excitement and kissed him again, still searching for the taste of lady cum.

The next day was a school day and Rick needed his rest. She led him bedava bonus upstairs to the bedroom and Rick was soon asleep. Edna lay awake for a long time. She kept tasting Carol on her tongue. She found it strangely erotic. At last she fell asleep with visions of Rick on top fucking her. It would happen soon.


Carol slept a little late the next morning. She woke up and stretched languidly. She recalled her tryst with Rick and smiled. She hoped it wouldn’t harm her friendship with Edna, but Carol was not stupid. She had easily figured out that Edna had maneuvered her into seducing Rick. What she did not know was why?

She recalled her promise to tell another woman, or more, about Rick’s willingness to eat pussy. She remembered, too, her promise to be careful about who she mentioned it to.

There were two women that came to mind immediately. She would have to wait a little while before telling one of them. The other she didn’t know very well, but she would be the perfect one to pass the information on to. She had no doubt the lady would keep her silence.

The question was how to do it. She finally decided on an anonymous letter. She got out some plain stationary and a cheap plain envelope. She printed the words with her left hand.

Did you know that one of your employees, Rick, likes to eat women’s pussies? He’s very good.

I won’t tell anyone else, but I thought you’d like to know.

She addressed the letter to Mrs. Gaffney’s home. Later that day she drove to the post office and dropped it in the mailbox.

Rick had to work Wednesday. He was planning to visit Carol again Thursday, but Edna put her foot down.

“You must take care of your school work first, Rick. No other option is acceptable. You must not miss your chance at college.”

Rick had already been accepted into the state college, He would be taking a two year course in agriculture. Edna hoped he would take the farm back over when he graduated. Rick liked the idea of farming. He had gotten a job with the farmer who rented their land for the summer. He would start work there after graduation.

Rick reluctantly agreed that study would come first. Edna was happy with his display of responsibility. In bed that night she fondled his cock until it was hard. It really didn’t take much; he was rock hard quickly and she took him in her mouth to reward him with a blow job. She exulted in the taste of his hot cum when he filled her mouth. She came herself, just from the thrill of his cumming, her body quivered as the thrills raced through her.

Rick worked Friday evening. Mrs. Gaffney was on the floor a lot more than usual and took several opportunities to talk to Rick. After work he and Edna had dinner. Edna insisted he study for a while. She read a novel as he studied his text books and wrote a report.

She was horny when they went to bed, but it was still the middle of her period. She would have to wait. She pulled him to her tits and held him while he sucked them. She stroked his hard cock until his cum gushed from him and flowed over her hand. She kissed him goodnight and he soon fell asleep. She lay awake next to him and sucked his cum from her hand.

Saturday was another work day. Edna kissed him when he left for work with a promise.

“Only a couple of more days, Baby. We’ll have fun then.”

Rick was just finishing lunch when one of the clerks came into the lunchroom and told him Mrs. Gaffney would like to see him in the office. Rick couldn’t think of why, but he went upstairs and knocked on the office door.

Mrs. Gaffney called out for him to come in and he pushed the door open.

“Rick,” she said. “I wonder if you could help me. I need to get my yard ready for spring and the man who used to do it has moved. Could you go to my house and do it for me? Pick up any sticks or twigs and things like that.”

“Yes Ma’am,” he answered.

Rick left and walked to Mrs. Gaffney’s house, it wasn’t far.

At the house he surveyed the yard. It certainly didn’t look like it needed much work. He shrugged and looked for where to start. It was then that Mrs. Gaffney pulled into the driveway.

She waved at him and he walked over to see what she wanted.

“Rick, while you’re here I’d like to get some furniture moved. Can you help me with that first?”

He followed Mrs. Gaffney into the house. She told him to have a seat in the living room, that she would be right back.

Rick looked after her as she went upstairs. She was about sixty, but still trim and shapely. She had a pleasant face and a medium bosom. Rick sometimes stole looks at her butt in the store. He thought it was especially nice, for a lady her age.

Mrs. Gaffney came back downstairs in a few minutes. Rick was surprised to see her dressed in a robe. She walked up to Rick and told him, “I have something for you.”

She opened the robe to show him her naked body.

“It’s yours, Rick. I know what you like. It’s something I like too.”

Rick felt himself get instantly deneme bonusu hard. Mrs. Gaffney might be older, but Rick had always looked up to her. In fact she was something of a mother figure. Rick, of course, had acquired a different view of mothers than before.

It was her full bush that Rick’s attention focused on. He only glanced at her, surprisingly nice, tits, or her slight belly. Her bush, her cunt nestled between her slightly parted thighs; nothing else mattered. He slid from the chair onto his knees in front of her. His arms encircled her hips and he pushed his face into her mound. His tongue probed for her pussy and he rubbed his face on the tangle of her pubic hair. He inhaled the musky scent of her pussy, of the juices flowing from her.

Mrs. Gaffney pressed his head into her mound. She smiled and thanked whoever had sent the anonymous note.

“Let’s get undressed, Rick.” She said softly.

Rick stood and started to unbutton his shirt. He slid it off his shoulders and pulled his tee shirt over his head. Mrs. Gaffney opened his belt buckle and his pants. The pants fell to the floor. He kicked off his shoes then his pants. She left his briefs on him, but she looked at the tent of his hard cock with salacious interest.

She led him to her couch. She kissed him again while standing in front of it. No words were needed. Rick had already shown his desire to eat her when he had fallen to his knees and rubbed his face on her vulva.

She sat and lewdly opened her legs to him. He fell to his knees again and pushed his face into her hot, wet cunt. He used every lesson his mother had taught him. He drank of her juices. Her sucked at her clit. He pushed his tongue deep into her vagina.

Her hands twisted his hair. She pulled him tight against her pussy until he could hardly breathe. Her thighs pressed against his head holding him at her garden.

He gloried in her tastes. In the musky scent of her flowing juices. In the rasp of her pubic hair against his face. In her gasps and moans and her wild cries as one orgasm after another tore through her body.

She could take no more, she pushed his head back. He looked up at her, his face shiny with her juices. She smiled down at him.

“Thank you, Rick. That was wonderful, so very wonderful.”

“I’m glad, Mrs. Gaffney.”

“Oh, not Mrs. Gaffney to you, My Dear. I’m Cynthia to my lover. You can call me Mrs. Gaffney in public, but never in private.”

“OK, Cynthia,” he grinned at her. “I’m still glad.”

Cynthia laughed. “Let’s go to my bedroom, Rick.”

In the bedroom Cynthia dropped her robe to the floor. She lay on the bed and Rick laid with her. They kissed. Wet, hot, openmouthed, sloppy, mindless kisses. There was only passion, not thought.

Rick turned and buried his face in Cynthia’s wet cunt yet again. His cock was hard and in front of her. She did not hesitate to slide her lips over it. They rolled over so that she was on top. Then again to put him on top. They went back to their sides. That is the way they were when Rick’s cum exploded into an orgasming Cynthia. She had been experiencing continuous orgasms. It had been a wonderful experience, so far. It was a long time since she had last had someone eat her cunt. She must make sure that this darling boy didn’t get away.

Rick had to leave before long. Cynthia put a dress over her nakedness. She kissed hin hard and told him to get in her car. She drove him home. As he was getting out of the car she put her hand on his thigh.

“I do hope we can get together again, Rick, she told him in a sultry voice. “There is so much more we can experience, I promise.”

“I hope so too, Cynthia,” he answered.

Back home she sat at her table with a glass of wine, thinking. Rick had been a wonderful experience. She definitely wanted more of him. Someone had taught him, who? He had always been shy, he still was. But he was starting to exhibit a little more self-confidence.

And who had written the letter? She decided to find out. She didn’t know how just yet. Maybe Rick would let something slip.

When Rick got home Edna had dinner almost ready. He sat at the table and told Edna about the events with Mrs. Gaffney.

“Oh, Rick that’s wonderful. I told you it would happen.” Edna told him happily.

She ran to Rick, sat on his lap and threw her arms around his neck. She covered his face with kisses, once again tasting the juices of the woman whose cunt he had eaten.

“I’m so happy for you,” she cried out.

She kissed him again. She pushed her tongue deep into his mouth searching for tastes of his latest lover. She licked his face savoring the taste of a woman cumming. She sensed something in the women’s juices. She couldn’t decide what it was. Not a taste, or flavor. A trait of the woman maybe? The essence of the woman’s being. Her spirit? She didn’t know where those thoughts came from. She set them aside. They would become clear in time.

They had dinner and sat in the living room for a couple of hours, Rick studied while she read a magazine.

They went to bed together. Edna checked her pad. There was still a little color, but she was almost ready for her son. She told him that tomorrow would probably be the day. They were both excited at the idea and had trouble getting to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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