A Mountain Escape Ch. 02

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Hey everyone thanks for all the feedback on Ch. 1! Glad some people enjoyed it. Hopefully this one isn’t as sloppy as the last. Enjoy!

A few weeks had passed by and both Finn and Lyla had continued talking but they were mostly busy with training. They had learned how to ski and snowboard even better and learning tons of techniques to effectively teach. Finally, after two weeks of training, it was over and all the new hires were able to relax.

To celebrate, Finn and his quickly becoming new best friend Andrew were planning a party at Andrew’s cabin. This wasn’t some dank, cold, and out of date cabin in the woods though. Andrew and his dad had built it some ten years ago and after Finn had seen it, he knew he would be spending a lot of time there. Which was fine with Andrew who was getting lonely living by himself there all the time.

“So what should we do tomorrow night?” Andrew asked Finn in the locker room after they had had their lessons for the day.

“Well we need to invite people first man! You go ask whoever you know and I’ll do the same. Deal?” Finn asked.

“Deal.” Andrew responded. And they went their separate ways to find some potential partygoers.

“Any luck man? Everyone I asked said they felt weird going to a cabin in the woods with two dudes they don’t really know that well. I think everyone’s just gonna stay on the mountain and go out to the bars again.” Finn told Andrew. “What the hell, who wouldn’t wanna hang out at a sweet ass cabin and drink beer in a hot tub while it’s snowing?!”

“I don’t know, but I didn’t have any luck either. You can’t think of anyone else to ask?” Andrew said desperately. “The cabin needs people in it! Such a waste, if they would just go they’d see how perfect it is.”

“Well, there is one person I haven’t asked…” Finn had been avoiding Lyla mostly because he was terrified to ask her to come with him. “Would it be cool if I invited Lyla?”

“Dude, if she’ll come, by all means. Better lock that down while you can man.” He said with a sly grin. “There aren’t that many girls on the mountain and there’s a whole lot of sausage if you know what I mean.”

That thought only made Finn more nervous. Why would an amazing girl like that be interested in him? He had to try though, if he didn’t he’d regret it the rest of his life, and he definitely wasn’t interested in that.

Just as they were packing up their boots and snowboards, Lyla walked into the locker room. How could someone make the bright blue uniform and helmet hair look that good? It wasn’t even real, it couldn’t be. Andrew had to elbow Finn in the side to get him to stop staring and told him, “I swear to God if you bitch out you’re never allowed back to the cabin again. ”

“Shut up, I’ll ask her when we walk back to the apartments. I’ll catch up with you later and tell you when we’re coming over tomorrow.” Finn said trying to sound more confident than he felt. What was wrong with him? He was always Mr. Confident, not some kid who stumbled over his words and was nervous to ask a girl to a party. “Ain’t no thang.” Finn mumbled to himself.

“That’s the spirit buddy! Call me later. I’m gonna go get a beer, twenty dollar tips for days, woohoo!” Andrew yelled as he left the locker room.

After stalling for a little bit, Finn saw Lyla getting ready to leave so he quickly threw his snowboard boots on the dryers and laced up his regular boots just as she left. Trying not to seem too eager he strolled out of the locker room and then raced up the steps to chase Lyla down without her realizing. That didn’t work out to well as he nearly body checked her to the ground when rounding the corner at the top of the stairs.

“Oh shit Lyla! I’m so sorry, are you ok?!”He frantically helped, looked her over to see if he had hurt her. Rather she just gave him that signature smile.

“I’m totally fine, but if it happens again you’re getting pushed down those stairs!” She teased. Finn helped her pick up her skis and their hands touched as they both reached for them. They felt electricity course through their hands and throughout their entire bodies. However, neither knew whether to acknowledge it or not.

“Yeah, you have my permission to do that.” He hesitated and started stuttering a little.

“Was there anything else Finn?” She asked sweetly. She could tell he güvenilir bahis wanted to ask her something and she was getting excited herself. Lyla wanted to see if he would make the first move again.

“Yeah, so my good friend Andrew, he has this cabin at the bottom of the mountain. Well we’ve been trying to get people to come down and hang out, drink some beer you know. Oh and there’s a hot tub! The stars should be excellent tonight too, you won’t wanna miss it. I promise you’ll have a good time!” Finn stammered, he didn’t have to wait long for her answer.

Almost immediately, Lyla beamed at him and all but yelled, “Yes! That sounds like an awesome time! Is it just gonna be you and Andrew? Should I bring beer? Can I have a ride?” She was so excited she was spitting questions out like bullets. “Sorry, I’m just excited to get off this mountain and hang out with you two, you’re my two favorite people here!”

Finn was sure his knees were gonna give out with that last part. Her favorite people? “Yeah, umm, yeah! I can give you a ride. We should have plenty to drink since it’ll just be us three. We’ve got Yuengling and Sam Adams. Or you like Woodchuck?”

“Woodchuck’s my absolute favorite!” Lyla squealed with excitement.

“Perfect, well after work tomorrow I’ll come get you at your place if that’s fine. Don’t forget a swimsuit for the hot tub. I’m excited now!” Finn told her.

“Ok definitely, and me too! Want to walk with me Finn?” She asked innocently, accompanied by a smile.

“Nothing would make me happier.” He replied genuinely, returning her smile.


As Lyla and Finn pulled up to Andrew’s cabin Lyla was pleasantly surprised. The cabin was at the top of a treacherous driveway that had a foot of snow on it, but it made for a solitary, serene feeling. Strings of lights were hung across the top of the porch illuminating a fire pit, a ring of chairs, and two big glass doors that opened up into a beautiful living area. The space was simple and just rustic enough. A wood burning stove brought a welcoming warmth to the place accompanied by the familiar smell of burning pine. The cabin was made out of cedar, which made the whole place smell like a perfect mixture of Christmas, winter, nature, and familiarity. There were giant, soft couches wrapped around an impressive television with a stereo system hooked up to it. But the windows that stretched from the floor to the ceiling were still Finn’s favorite feature. They offered an immaculate view of the surrounding forest that was currently covered in a foot of snow that was still gently falling. Andrew, led Lyla upstairs to complete the tour and showed her the master bedroom with a giant king sized bed with a welcoming down comforter and equally inviting pillows. In the loft there were two twin size beds with tree branch bedposts that were usually reserved for Andrew’s little sisters but were up for grabs to anyone who wanted now.

“Andrew, this place is… amazing…” Lyla said starry eyed.

“I know! I don’t know why nobody would come. I don’t want to kill anyone; I just want to share this place with everyone! My dad and me built this place from the ground up. We would camp before the roof and everything was done. He’s an amazing guy.” Andrew proudly said.

“He must be to build such a beautiful home. Thank you so much for letting me come Andrew.” Lyla said in her sincere tone that Finn loved so much. “So where’s the beer?”

Over the next few hours the three discussed how their first few weeks had gone and exchanged stories of nightmare lessons and runaway kids. Finn had a kid get going down the hill who had freaked out and forgot how to stop and ran smack dab into a wooden fence so hard he broke one of his skis in half. That story won so far for worst lesson experience. A few beers deep, they were all laughing hysterically.

“I say we get our hot tub on.” Finn suggested and the other two agreed. Finn was right about the stars being good tonight. Good would be an understatement. Above the hot tub was an opening in the trees that allowed them all to gaze at the Milky Way, shooting starts, and all the constellations they could name.

For a while, nobody said much besides “Oh, make a wish!” or the occasional “Whoa…” After about an hour of this Andrew said he was going to go dry off and pick out a movie türkçe bahis for them to watch. Finn and Lyla decided to hang back for a while longer.

“Suit yourself, you’re only delaying the inevitable of having to walk through all this snow barefoot to get to the warmth of the cabin. ” Andrew said with a devilish laugh. “Don’t forget to put the top on he yelled back after high stepping up the stairs into the inviting cabin.

The warm water, pulsing jets, the stars, gently falling snow, and an amazing guy sitting next to Lyla overwhelmed her and she realized how happy she was. She was happy with right now. Not what might come in the future or with things that had already happened, but incredibly satisfied with right now. She always thought it sad how most people are never happy in their current circumstance. Lyla could tell that Finn was extremely happy in his “now” as well and she loved that he didn’t feel the need to have to talk, but rather just sit and appreciate or contemplate the beauty around them. He was one of the most intriguing men she had ever met and found herself forgetting the beauty of the stars the more she thought about him. As these feelings welled up inside her she slide over to Finn and laid her head on the space between his shoulder and under his chin. With his heart pounding in his chest, Finn wrapped his arm around her and rested his chin on top of her head.

Lyla looked up at Finn and he stared back into her eyes with what looked like complete understanding and caring. “Finn, you’re really great. I’m just, I don’t know. I didn’t expect to find… you. Here. I’m really glad I did though.” She said barely above a whisper.

“I know exactly what you mean Lyla, I know we haven’t known each other for a long time yet but I truly feel I’ve finally found someone special. I’ve never met anyone like you. You just, you get it. You never worry about the things that don’t matter and you take the time to appreciate the things that do. You know, it still amazes me how many things had to happen for us to meet. I mean, I had never even heard of Snowshoe until a couple months ago and I applied here as an afterthought. Now, I don’t even want to imagine not coming here. Not meeting you…” He told her, intently staring back at her, not wanting the moment to ever end.

“Finn, I know exactly what you mean. I was thinking the same exact thing. It’s like everything that’s happened up to this point in our lives prepared us for this moment. I wouldn’t change anything.” Lyla whispered as she lightly stroked his chest. She couldn’t ever remember feeling this safe. Not with any of her exes, friends, no one. He had a way of calming her down and reminding her what was important in life. She never wanted that arm to leave her.

“Tell me a story Finn. Please.” She asked him.

He chuckled. “About what?”

“Anything really, I just want to learn more about who Finn is and where he comes from.”

Over the next two hours the two told stories back and forth, making each other laugh and sad at times. But neither had ever shared this much about themselves to anyone before, much less this quickly. But it was so easy for them to talk to each other. They each genuinely cared about what the other was saying and after a while Finn realized how late it had gotten.

“Damn, I guess we left Andrew hanging on the movie.” Finn said, “Maybe we should call it a night, we do both work tomorrow. Bright and early!” He said with sarcastic enthusiasm.

They threw the cover over the hot tub as quickly as possible and ran inside; as they were both certain they had frostbite.

“Ahhh geez Louise I’m fffffucking freezing.” Lyla stammered through chattering teeth.

Andrew had gone to bed and the stove’s fire was about to go out. “I’ll get the fire going and we’ll warm up in a second, I promise.” Fin assured her. “In the meantime, you go change and this should be going shortly.” He said as he grabbed a couple logs.

Lyla went upstairs and put a pair of running shorts on with a comfy sweater and some thick wool socks. As she returned downstairs Finn was putting the finishing touches to the fire before lighting it. She watched as he deftly assembled the logs and got a newspaper to light. Within minutes, he had an inferno going and they were both huddling around the stove for warmth.

“Quite güvenilir bahis siteleri impressive sir. Nothing like creating fire and warmth to impress a girl.” Lyla said half seriously with a shaky chuckle.

Finn wrapped his blanket around her and said, “Well I’ve had some practice, I did kind of walk across the country. I may or may not have made a couple fires along the way.” He said. The scent of her hair filled his nostrils as she nestled into him once again as they stared into the fire. Again, neither had to say anything. They were perfectly content just being close to each other.

After they had warmed up considerably and the cabin was starting to heat up Finn asked Lyla if she was ready for bed as he noticed her stifling a yawn. Not wanting to move but also silently begging for sleep, the two reluctantly got up and headed to the upstairs. Something about picking up little kids in skis and riding all over the mountain all day, everyday really makes you tired.

The few steps leading upstairs provided enough time for the butterflies to return back in Finn’s stomach as he was trying to figure out how bed arrangements were going to work. Before he could think about it too long, however, Lyla sleepily asked him, “Hey Finn, it’s still really cold up here. Would you mind sleeping by me tonight? If it makes you feel weird then it’s totally fine. But… I’d really like you to.”

“Literally nothing would make me happier Lyla. Thank you for trusting me.” He lightly kissed her forehead sending chills through Lyla all the way down to her toes giving warmth to her body no fire could ever provide.

She took his hand in hers and led him to one of the twin beds. She crawled under the plush down comforter and Finn slipped in behind her. The moonlight cast a calming blue over the room and both knew this was exactly where they wanted to be, in each other’s arms. Lyla snuggled back into Finn’s chest as his arms tightened around her.

Finn had never felt this with any girl, plain and simple. For the first time in his life he wasn’t chasing “the next big thing.” Lyla was literally all he wanted, and he had no intentions of losing her. There were no clouded thoughts of lust, only love. Or at least what Finn assumed the beginnings of what love is. “Goodnight Lyla, thank you so much for being amazing.”

She turned her face towards his and saw the moonlight glint in his deep green eyes. “Finn, you’re the most perfect guy for me I’ve ever met. I feel like things are moving so fast, but I don’t want it to stop at all. I actually can’t wait to see where we go.” They paused as what she said sank in.

“I couldn’t agree more sweetheart, I’m quickly falling in love with you. Hard.” He held her face with his left hand, softly stroking her cheek with his thumb and slowly pulled her into the most perfect kiss either one had ever experienced. Lyla could feel the breath from his nose and his masculine scent overtook her senses. All that existed was their connection; his fingers intertwining in her hair, the feel of his chest and arms sent Lyla into bliss.

Lyla’s tongue snaked out to gently taste his lips. His tongue met hers soon after and the two timidly began to explore each other’s mouth. Their tongues began a slow, passionate salsa dance with Finn leading her around the dance floor, then Lyla would take over for a moment. Both were quickly becoming aroused, but before things escalated Finn broke off the kiss and took Lyla’s face in both hands. “Lyla, I really, really care about you. I don’t want my desire to infest my feelings about you before we even get to start this thing.”

Lyla looked confused and a little hurt. “Sweetheart, this isn’t because I don’t desperately want you, it’s because I know you’re worth waiting for. If we wait and grow, and really get to know one another, everything will be so much better. I promise.” Finn gave her another kiss before she answered.

No one had ever talked to her like this. Every ex-boyfriend she had ever had slept with her as soon as she “let” them. This was different and the thought made her tear up slightly.

“Baby please don’t cry, I’m so sorry.” Finn started to say.

Lyla cut him short, “No, it’s not that. I just can’t believe you would do that for me. Thank you so much Finn, you’ve treated me better than anyone has in my entire life.” She pulled him down into another passionate kiss and the two finally untangled their bodies and settled in for bed. Lyla pressed back into Finn’s firm chest once again with his arms wrapped tightly around her. She had never felt so protected or loved.

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