A New Experience Ch. 02

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“I can’t help it, Sarah’s clothes have me rock hard here and you are teasing me, and you fucking know it.”

I nodded at him.

“Too fucking right Murray and what should we do about it?”

Murray looked at me for a moment and then lifted his hand back towards mine which was still in Sarah’s bra and cupped it and squeezed my hand like it was a Sarah’s tit. His palm pressed against my hand and then his fingers and thumb pinched my finger tips.

The feeling of his hand touching mine through my wife’s lacy bra was electric and my cock quickly hardened, straining inside my trousers.

“You like the feeling Murray?”

“Yes I really do, you hand feels amazing in the lacy bra cup, and I can only imagine what Sarah’s tits must feel like for real. They look big and round, full and heavy.”

“Would you like to feel Sarah for real?” I asked. All the time Murray was fondling my hand through the bra.

“God yes… I really would.”

As Murray talked about Sarah my cock was twitching away like something demented, seeming to have a life all of its own.

I reached across the bed and lifted the red lacy panties and brought them up towards my face and then brushed them against my lips.

Murray watched, his eyes transfixed on the red lacy panties, but his hand kept groping mine through the bra.

I reached out towards Murray’s face, offering the panties to him. His head dipped forward a little towards my hand and stopped just short of the material. I extended my finger through the lace and let my finger tip touch Murray’s cheek.

As the lace touched his skin I felt him tense and he let out a little sigh, his finger and thumb pinched my hand like a nipple through the bra cup.

My finger traced a small circle on Murray’s cheek, the lace dragging lightly across his skin, Then, ever so slowly, my finger tip moved down towards his mouth. Murray’s hand on the bra cup froze as he sat there still and waiting.

The lace panties moved towards Murray’s mouth as my finger directed the panties, my finger tip reached his mouth and then dragged ever so lightly along his lips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Murray let out a long sigh,

My finger then move back across his lips but stopped halfway on sarıyer escort it’s journey.

“Open up Murray.”

At that his lips parted ever so slightly and my finger tip slid between his lips into his warm and wet mouth taking the red lace panties with it. When my finger knuckle reached his lips I felt them close and then I felt light pressure.

Murray was sucking on my finger while it was wrapped in Sarah’s panties! It was so erotic my cock felt like it might burst.

I felt his tongue starting to work on it, sliding along the length and then dancing on my finger tip. So I decided to help him out, and started to slide my finger out of his mouth and then just before it popped out I slid it back in.


I glanced across the bedroom and caught our reflection in the mirror. It showed me sitting next to my brother in law on our bed, he was gripping my left hand which was wrapped in Sarah’s bra and I was finger fucking his mouth with Sarah’s panties with my right hand.

The reflection also clearly showed that we both had raging hard-ons in our trousers. I couldn’t help myself but stare at the obvious bulge that he had.

I pulled my finger out of his mouth and looked at the soaking wet panties. Murray flicked his tongue out between his lips and caught my finger tip.

“You like?” I asked.

“Yes, please don’t stop, it is so horny sucking on your wifes undies. Let me taste her bra too.”

“You want to suckle her bra?”

“Fuck yes please.”

“Ok, let me see what I can do to help.”

I pulled my hand from his, freeing the red lacy bra from his grip. His eyes closed and his mouth opened expecting his prize. After about a minute or so his tongue flicked out but didn’t hit anything and he sighed in slight disappointment. His eyes opened and he looked at me, fearing I had changed my mind.

“What the fuck?” exclaimed Murray.

“You wanted to suck her bra Murray, so suck on it.”

While his eyes had been closed I had slipped off my tee shirt and had slid my arms through the bra straps so that it was hanging across my chest. I hadn’t been able to do it up, the clasp was behind my back and esenyurt escort far too difficult to do myself, but the effect was the same in so far as I looked like I was wearing it.

He looked at me and then nodded.

Murray moved across the bed a little so that he was closer to me and leaned his head down towards my chest and Sarah’s bra. His mouth reached the lacy material and I felt his warm breath on my skin. His lips parted and came to rest on the bra material and against me, the lips closed a little and he sucked.

At first it pulled the material and some of my skin into his mouth and it felt wonderful, He then shifted position and little and moved his mouth slightly and sucked again. This time however he found my left nipple and sucked on it.

“Wow…yes…suck it Murray” I let out

Murray started to suck and lick at my nipple through Sarah’s bra cup and then his lips closed on to it and he gently chewed it; I had never felt anything like it before.

“Suck on my tits Murray.”

He nodded while keeping my nipple between his lips which pulled it up and down, the sensation almost made me cum. He moved one of his hands to the other bra cup and pushed his fingers inside the cup. The feeling of his skin on mine was electric and he grabbed my nipple between his finger and thumb and started to roll it around.

I was in heaven, he was sucking my one nipple through Sarah’s bra and tweaking the other quite hard.

He lifted his mouth away for a moment.

“You dirty fucker, you are enjoying this a lot aren’t you?”

“Shut up and get back to work Murray.”

He moved forward and clamped his mouth back onto the bra cup and started sucking as hard as he could. My hand lifted and moved to the back of his head to hold him tight to me.

“That’s a good boy Murray, suck on my tits.”

As I spoke he pinched my other nipple making me jump a little but it felt devine.

“Oh yes, do it again.”

He pinched again and then pulled on my nipple.

I felt his head push back against my hand as he pulled his mouth away.

“I love playing with nipples, Angela’s are so sensitive she won’t let me use them like I want to.”

“What a bitch” I laughed.

“Yes” avrupa yakası escort said Murray laughing a little.

“Well feel free now Murray.”

With that he pulled my nipple hard.

“You like that?”

“Oh YES!”

“Now who’s the bitch?”

“Me” I laughed.

“You said it.”

He pulled my nipple harder and then lent forward and sucked on my other one as hard as he could, pulling the bra cup and my nipple deep into his mouth.

As I sat there with Murray working both of my nipples I felt so dirty, Sarah would be disgusted by it all but I didn’t care.

Murray sat up and looked at me for a moment. His hands moved to my shoulders and then moved down my arms and around my back. I felt his hands fumbling and then realised he was doing up Sarah’s bra.

“If you are going to put it on you should put it on properly.”

I nodded, if felt a little strange having the bra on properly and it was also a little tight but it was making me feel even more horny. Murray looked at me and smiled.

“That’s better bitch. Why don’t you show me how you like playing with your tits.” He leaned back to give me a little space.

Without hesitation my hands moved to the bra and I started to grope and play with myself through the red lacy material. I could feel my nipples were both hard, they were nothing like Sarah’s in size but still they jutted out and I could easily feel them through the material.

Murray nodded approvingly.

“You look great doing that. Does Sarah play with herself too?”

I nodded.

“What a lovely vision. Your wife, her bra, her tits and her hands…”

As he talked about Sarah I found my hands were working my own “tits” a little harder. Murray noticed it too.

“You like me talking about Sarah?”

“It is such a turn on Murray.”

“You look pretty good in her bra though” he added.

“Thanks, I feel so fucking turned on right now.”

“Me too.”

I smiled at him and let one hand move from my chest back to the bed, I picked up the lacy red panties.

“I am in her bra Murray, I think it is only fair…” I held out the panties to him.

“Can I?”


His hand reached out nervously and took the panties from me. My hand returned to my chest and I was tweaking both nipples as I looked at him.

He slowly stood and his hands moved to his belt and undid it, then the button on his trousers was open.

I watched, in fact stared at him.

Ziiiippppppppppp he started to open his trousers.

To be continued

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