A New Place, A New Time, A New Life Ch. 2

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**Fast-forward 18 months from the end of the first episode of New…**


I’ve had some ups and downs in the last year and a half since I hired on with The McManus Group. The last thing that any tenured attorney wanted was some snot nosed recent grad to come in and act like a hot shot, or get paid like one. I won most of the other attorneys over really quickly, just by being myself. I am good, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t need to blow my own horn. I am the lead attorney in what is referred to as Acquisitions, a department that Jason McManus, the senior V.P. of the firm, created especially for me. My job was to go in on corporate buyouts and negotiate the takeover, usually handling the tedious contracts and wording of documents, etcetera. Jason had wanted to get into that field for quite some time; I just guess that I was the right guy at the right time. The firm normally feed the corporations a certain percentage of the buying price, and then I got a percentage of that percentage. Big fucking bucks.

“Beer after work, Ian?” Trevor poked his head into my office and asked.

“I can, yeah, sure.” I responded. “Actually, I am out of here in about 15, that cool with you?”

“I’ll go grab my keys!” He gave me a wink and bounded towards his office.

Trevor was one of the lone holdouts on the Ian bandwagon. He is the 21st century Arnie Becker, a stud divorce attorney who wouldn’t think of wearing a suit that was less than five grand. He was an eternal bachelor and loved it; office rumors had him shagging well over half of his clients. He recently did the divorce of a well known celebrity couple and not only did it make every paper across the country, it brought in a little over seven figures for the company. Of course, Trevor let every one know it too. He was a major braggart, but I really liked him.

I phoned home to let Janie know that I would be a little late. The answering machine picked up and I left a brief message, telling her to call my cell if she needed me. Another major factor in everyone’s initial prejudice of me was the relationship that my girl, my mother, had with the boss’s wife.

“Let’s go, Hotshot!” Trevor hustled by.


I got back to my place about two hours later, and I could hear the shower running. I walked upstairs to the bathroom and mom was in the shower. I crept up to the door and threw it open.

“AAAHHHHH!!!” Mom screamed in terror. “Shit! You fucking scared me!”

She looked absolutely fabulous. She seemed to have gotten more beautiful and sexy, and appeared younger since we moved here almost two years ago. I always tell her it is the air; she could literally pass for a twenty-something, even though her 48th is right around the corner. She and Kat, my boss’s wife, were nearly inseparable since she finally moved in with me, doing nearly everything together. They both work out with personal trainers, and it really shows in her physique. She is just a hair away from six foot tall with no shoes on, naturally platinum blonde, and a big 36DD chest. I watched her rinse off, eyeing her nearly flawless body as water cascaded down her tanned flesh. My eyes worshipped her tits that still defied gravity and her pale pink areolas that ended in tiny, super sensitive corn kernel sized nipples. I was sporting a huge boner. Since starting her workout regime with Kat, she has changed her body type, going from ‘pin-up girl’ style curvy to a little hard body. As she turned in the shower, I could see the faint traces of her six-pack abs evident beneath her tanned skin.


My skin tingled as I spoke to Ian while I was showering. I was really turned on by him standing there, ogling my naked body while he had that wicked little boy grin on his face.

I reached over and grabbed the bulge that had formed in his slacks.

“Ooh, for me?” I coyly inquired.

“Every inch, my love!”

I went to my knees and fumbled briefly at his belt buckle, almost tearing the fabric as I threw down his zipper. I pulled his massive member out of his boxers and nearly inhaled it in my hungry mouth.

“Oh geez, yes!” He moaned, feeling my oral copulation of his thick, nine inches.

Oral was my specialty, and he couldn’t ever last long when I really went at it. I pulled on his heavy balls and jacked him lightly while he stood in the open shower door. Within a few moments I heard him grunt, then he spewed a massive load down my slick throat. He always amazed me when he came, as he always would shoot a geyser, no matter how many times that we fucked. I stood up, swallowing the last of his thick, creamy gift.

“May I finish my shower now, sir?”


I was sprawled out on the couch about fifteen minutes later, thinking back on the whirlwind that was my life. Since mom and I had become lovers, she sold the house back in Texas and we bought this awesome condo on South Beach. We would go out clubbin’ at least once a week and she and Kat would hit Ladies Night another night. On top of that, she was insatiable, we fucked at least güvenilir bahis twice a day, every day, and she was down for whatever, whenever, wherever. I once asked her what she thought Dad would think.

“He’s in Heaven, happy, Ian. Happy for the both of us. He would want us to be happy and in love, which we are!”

I could hear the CLIP-CLOP of Moms high heels coming down our marble staircase. I held my breath in anticipation of what she would be wearing, as she and Kat always tried to outdo each other. This particular evening was no exception. Janie was wearing three inch heels that strapped at her ankle bone and across the top of her gorgeous toes, a thigh hugging short mini skirt, her muscular, tanned, smooth calves leading to the sweep of her thigh muscles. The mini skirt itself was low rise, like most of her jeans that she owned, but this was some sort of clingy material that hugged her buns like a second skin, really accentuating her outstanding ass. Her shirt, or lack thereof, was something to behold. I don’t know the name of the style of shirt, but it hung down her front in folds, exposing the middle of her chest nearly down to her belly button, her back was bare and the only thing that held the shirt down was a clear plastic strap that went around her back and clasped the two sides together. With her back turned towards me I just thought that she was walking around topless like she likes to do. The sides of her breasts next to her ribcage were exposed, and when she turned around to give me her ‘TA-DA’, I could clearly make out the hardness of her tiny nipples underneath the slinky top.

“WWWWWW-Wow! You are incredible! You are going to get mobbed tonight, my love.” I gave her a lusty wolf whistle.

“You are sweet, Ian. Aha, there is Kat!” She said as the doorbell rang.

In typical Katarina McManus fashion, she rang the doorbell as she pushed open the front door, letting herself in.

Kat was very young, just a few years younger than me, and she definitely was a ‘Kept Woman’. She met Jason McManus when she interned at the law firm while she was in college, and I guess that she fucked him real nice, he married her. Her day now consists of a session with the personal trainer, elegant lunch, an afternoon of shopping, and then a spa treatment, followed by a five star restaurant for dinner then the club scene until two, and then repeat. Whatever she wished for, he gave her.

She strode in to the main living room and I swear, if I didn’t know her, I would bet my life savings that she was a porn star. She looked like Lacy Chabert in an alternate universe. Her huge, fake tits overwhelmed her tiny 5’4″ frame, and, on this particular evening, she had on some ultra low-rise jeans, 5-inch stripper heels, and her shirt, wow! It was a vest type made of shiny leather that barely could conceal her massive cleavage, the two sides were held together by straps of leather that tied in two places across her ample chest, showing mass amounts of boob. Rounding off the ensemble were her impeccably done French tips on her slender fingers and toes.

“Jason lets you out of the house looking like that?” I grinned at her.

“Oh, honey,” She posed, sticking her hip out and placing her hands on her sides, “He is the one that demands that I wear this stuff!”

Don’t be misunderstood; I think that Kat is great. I love her vibrant personality, her zest for life, and that she keeps Janie on her toes. That is the one misgiving that I have about her too.

“You ladies be careful, and remember, you are BOTH taken!”

Kat grabbed Janie’s hand and bounded out the door, the both of them giggling.


The Cuban music in the club pumped loudly from the multitude of speakers that surrounded the club we were in. Kat and I met some of her high society friends there and we were at a table, right in the middle of all of the action. I was kind of amazed, I never, repeat, never would have thought about going out if I were still back in Texas, it just wasn’t me. I was also amazed at all of these women who were with us, who were stunningly gorgeous, the Luis Vitton and Bulgari club, if you know the type. It was near closing time and we were all pretty drunk and having a blast. We would go out on the dance floor and grind against each other and every eye in the club was on us, especially the male eyes, I don’t think that any of us bought our own drinks that night at all. It made me happy that I was a good quarter century older than probably even the oldest of these girls, and in my own humble opinion, I held my own just fine with them.

Kat and I were out dancing together and one guy, a darkly handsome man, I would guess of Hispanic descent, was really hitting on me, and he had been most of the night.

“At least dance with me, Bonita,” He asked me, “I did buy you some drinks!”

Kat nodded at me and I got up to go with him.

I swear that this guy was an octopus, his hands were everywhere, on my hips, my sides, and he brushed my ass with his hands, and then tried to embrace me tightly. türkçe bahis Before I knew it, Kat was plying her way between us, not being rude, just saving me from the pawing that I was enduring. She moved behind me and ran her hands along my thighs as his eyes grew large in their sockets. I thrust my ass into her crotch and ground myself into her as her hands rubbed my stomach. My little friend was really enjoying the show. Kat pulled my head back into her shoulder and kissed my neck as her hand went under my shirt, cupping my bare breast. I froze slightly as she tweaked my nipples between her fingers. I whirled about to face her and she hugged me close.

“She is mine, sweetie,” She said to my near assailant, “I am WAY too good for her to like cock!”

She giggled and took my hand as we ran back to the table.

“What was that?” I asked her, not at all pissed off.

“It got him away from you, right?”

We were only there for a little while longer before we got up to leave, but in the meantime, Kat had her hand on my thigh, and I was very cognizant of it. I had never had a woman touch me like that before, and it wasn’t unpleasant.


I had dozed off to sleep in front of the tube while watching some ’80’s B grade horror movie, and the phones ring shattered the silence. Groggily I reached for it.

“Hey, champ!” An all too familiar voice buzzed in my ear.


“Hey, hey! Nearly two years can’t make you forget, huh?”

“Never, buddy, never! What’s the good word?” I asked him, sitting upright on the couch.

“Lots, man. I went to Officer Candidate School, and I am now a commissioned officer, and…I have four days to get to Georgia for school, so I thought that I would drop in on my best friend!”

“An officer! Badass, dude!” I was really happy for him. “When will I get this great pleasure?”

“I can fly in the day after tomorrow and we can tear up Miami on the weekend before I have to report, cool?”

“I have a light case load, I can get a few days off, no problem.” My mind went into overdrive as I thought about my current situation. Rob’s next comment compounded it.

“How is your mom? Do you talk to her much?”

I grinned broadly.

“She moved here when I got on with this law firm, so yeah, I talk to her a lot, in fact, we still live together.”

“That’s awesome! Hey, listen! I gotta run, I have a hot little number wanting some of Daddy. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

The phone went to a dial tone before I could say anything at all.

What now? Screw it, I’ll deal in the morning, right now, I was tired and going to bed.


We were riding in the car headed back to my place, and Kat had her head on my shoulder. She was such a pretty girl, I thought to myself. She stirred and looked at me in the eye. I felt almost as if I had been caught doing something bad. Wordlessly, she leaned in close to me and softly put her lips against mine. I felt my heart leap into my throat as her hand brushed my cheek. Her tongue darted out and licked my pursed lips as her hand found my breast.

“I love your tits!” She breathed into my ear.

She leaned into me for another kiss and this time I reciprocated. Our tongues found each other as she put her hand inside my shirt for the second time, massaging the flesh that was aching for her. Our kiss turned hungrier and hungrier, and Kat pulled my barely there top to the side, revealing my entire orb.

“So beautiful!” She breathed, and I could feel her hot breath against my willing skin.

I felt her lips enclose over my taut nipple and a rush of electricity dashed up my spine, causing my back to arch. I hissed out loud.

Kat pushed me back into the limo seat and straddled me, removing my top, then she began to work in earnest on both of my hard love buds, nearly causing me to orgasm right then and there. Her hand found the heat between my legs as she reached under my skirt and rubbed the trace of fabric that covered my sopping wet pussy, her nimble fingers found my clit and she focused on that, causing me to moan out loud as she made lazy circles over the top of it with her index finger, then she stopped.

“Get dressed, Love, we are nearly at your place.”

She slid over to the far door as I put my top back on and smoothed my skirt. Her demeanor was as if nothing had even happened, whereas I looked like I had been through a wrestling match.

I was flushed and horny as Hell, and even a little embarrassed.

“Do you want to go soak in your hot tub, darling?” Kat looked sidelong at me with a smirk on her face.

“Yeah.” I couldn’t wait.

We passed the concierge’s desk and Rick was on duty.

“Good evening, Ms. Wilkes.” He said to me as we passed.

“To you also, Rick.”

Kat winked at him and waved as we passed, then she reached back and grabbed a healthy handful of my ass in her hand and she giggled like a little child. Embarrassed, I looked back and saw Rick staring at us with his jaw hanging open, transfixed.

“Be quiet, güvenilir bahis siteleri Ian is sleeping!” I whispered to her as we both took off our shoes at the door and padded barefoot to the kitchen. Kat opened the door to the refrigerator and kneeled down, causing a good inch and a half of her ass crack to become exposed. She looked over her shoulder at me.

“See something you like?” She teased.


She stood up and walked to me, mashing her firm breasts into my belly, and looked up at me.

“Do you have any liquor?” She had a wry grin on her face.

“Umm…yeah.” I was flustered. “I have some lick her, er, uh, liquor around here somewhere.”

“You are so funny, Janine. I like you…a lot.” Kat put her fingertip at the hollow of my throat and gently traced her way down to my navel. Gooseflesh broke out all over my body. She broke away from me and jumped up on the countertop, crossing her legs seductively.

“Tell me about your and Ian’s sex life!” She ran the top of her bare foot slowly up and down my inner thigh. My heart was beating one hundred miles per hour.

“You are very nosy, my dear.” I tried to remain aloof, but I was sure that she saw through my façade.

“Jason is slowing way down, Janine, I still need it, and he can go once a week, maybe, if I am lucky. I have needs, Janine.” She pulled me to where I was between her legs and she wrapped her legs around me and hooked her ankles in. I shuddered.

Her plump red lips mesmerized me as Kat leaned in towards me and kissed me tenderly. I began to return her kiss and she turned it up several notches, letting her hands roam over my quivering form as her tongue probed deep into my mouth. I was so hot that my forehead began to perspire. She broke from our union and licked my neck and ran her tongue over my lips.

“I guess that I had better go to sleep, may I crash in your spare room?”

Flushed and flustered, I leaned against the counter.

“You are such a tease, Kat McManus!”

“I guess that you will have to wake up your man and take it out on him, then Janine.”

I paused, and then broke into an impish grin.


What caused me to awaken was the gentle pressure on my cock. I could feel the warm wetness embrace my rapidly hardening shaft, and my eyes popped open, revealing my mothers nude form, on her knees between my legs, my hard cock poking out of the hole in my boxers and that same cock was being gobbled by her rabid lips.

“What a way to wake up!” I grinned, looking down at her beauty as she worked on my now throbbing member as I slipped off my shorts, laying back now completely nude.

She just grunted and kept on, working over my iron rod like she was possessed. Mom always gave the wettest, sloppiest blowjobs, and this was by far the best. Her hands worked my cock from base to head, squeezing and jerking it to perfection.

My shaft was dripping with her saliva and when she rose up on me and mounted me reverse cowgirl style, positioning my flesh piston at the opening of her tight little asshole.

I felt the tightness of her sphincter as my rod disappeared into her nether region, and I felt my penis bottom out inside her. I placed my hands on her hips to hold her as she leaned back into me and began a thrusting motion with her hips, rising up to where my cock head was barely in there and ever so slowly lowering her pelvis down to where I was all of the way inside her. She began to quicken the pace, breathing heavily.

“OHHHH! OOHHHH! I’m coming already! Damnit! Fuck my ass!” Janie bellowed. She was always a loud fuck, but she was really pouring it on now.

I don’t know why, but I felt a presence in the room, all that I could see was mom’s back muscles bunching and releasing from the effort, but it was like someone was there. Just then, I felt a pressure on the foot of the bed.

“Ian, I never imagined that your cock was this huge!” Kat’s unmistakable voice rang out in the room.

I positioned mother to the side and she didn’t stop her motion, she just kept fucking away. My eyes were used to the dimly lit room, and I could make out every inch of Kat’s naked form. Her enormous tits defied gravity and were capped by raspberry red areola that were large, half dollar size at least. Her nipples were long and stiff. She had a perfect hourglass figure and her pussy was shaved, save for a small, trim landing strip.

“Oh my Lord.” I uttered.


It didn’t take much persuasion to get Kat to join me in fucking Ian. I knew that she was there, in the shadows, watching me initially, and I was so turned on. She was now there, kneeling between his legs as his big cock churned in my asshole. She reached down and fondled his oversized balls. I heard him groan beneath me and that only spurned me on. Kat bent her head down and licked his nuts, picking them up in her soft hands and lavishing them with her tongue, then, she turned her attention to my dripping wet pussy.

“Ahhh shit!” I moaned as I could feel her tongue invade me.

Kat rapidly found my burgeoning clit and proceeded to work it over like she was a hungry infant on its mothers’ nipple. I was on the cusp of yet another orgasm when Kat bit down on my love nub; I had never experienced that in all of my years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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