A Night with Step Dad

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I didn’t hear my step father shout me, when he returned from work around 7pm. James had married my mother, five years ago, and now at 18 I began to see why my mother had fallen in love with him. James is six feet two, with dark brown eyes, and a square masculine jaw, with thick spongy lips. He often worked night shifts, but this week he was filling in for one of his colleagues. And mother was working tonight herself. I felt a tap on my shoulder, my stepfather was grinning down at me. I felt myself shudder as he run his hand down my back nearly touching my buttocks.

“What time is mum due home?” I asked him, turning down the volume on my iPod.

“11 pm.” He grinned at me, with wide teeth.

I carefully sat up, and James sat down beside me, putting his arm around my shoulder. Holding me closer to him, my heart began to race. He gave me a peck on the forehead.

“Do you mind doing me a cup of coffee, and small snack while I take a shower?” he asked me in a soft manner.

I huffed out loudly while he looked at me sternly.

“I’m trying to do this college work.” I pouted back.

I got up and stomped off towards the stairs.

“There is no need for that attitude young lady.” A dark tone in his voice caused me to tell him to fuck off under my breath.

He’s considerably younger than my mother; there is a ten year age gap. And although he is thirty one, he looks a lot younger. All my friends fancy him if only they knew our little secret. I heard him shut the bathroom door as I headed towards the kitchen to do as I was told. After I made what his majesty wanted, I took them into the living room and set them down on his side table. It wasn’t long before his feet came banging down the stairs and his muscular body came around the door. As usual he was only wearing his towel. I knew what this meant. As mum was home late his attention would be on me. He’d finished his supper and returned from the kitchen with a red lollipop in his hand.

“This is your treat for doing as you were told.” James said softly as he smiled.

And I smiled back, opening the sweet and popping into my mouth.

“Thank you.” I replied back with a muffled sound.

He sat down beside me. He began stroking my breast over my white lace chemise, sending tingles up my arms. Goose bumps, rising on my pale, skin.

He leant in and kissed my neck, my head began to whirl. This was wrong very wrong but felt very right. Both James and my mother’s marriage will be over. UN be known to James mother was having an affair of her own. A week ago I’d heard her talking on the phone to a work colleague telling them she loved them and she would be leaving James very soon. I wish she would so we could come out in the open.

“I want you to masturbate with your lollipop.” James whispered into my ear while he kissed and nibbled, making my heart race. güvenilir bahis

“I want to watch you rub that sticky sweet over your little pink clit.” Mumbling to me while he kissed my face and neck.

I felt excited by the thought of doing what he told me to do. I wet the red lollipop with my saliva and spread my legs, pulling my lips apart to make it easier to locate my clit. I rubbed lightly back and forth, feeling the sensations made me groan and open my mouth. James came in and pecked my mouth, as I continued doing as I was told.

“I want you to slowly slide it into your soft pink pussy.” He gently spoke to me through pecks and soft kisses.

My pussy had begun to get wet so when I positioned the sweet at the opening, it slid in with ease.

“I want to watch you lick your lolly clean after.” James kissed me deep now his tongue entering my mouth.

I retracted the sweet from my pussy. I brought it towards my lips as James pulled away and gave it a lick. He watched, as I licked and tasted my juices before I offered him some to try. He took the invite and licked the opposite side. Closing his mouth tight and sucking it hard. It turned me on even more to watch him; we had only slept together once before. He pulled the sweet out of his mouth and pressed it up against mine and drew me in to a kiss. Using our tongues and taking it in turns to lick and suck until the lollipop had been finished. James removed his towel and knelt down between my legs.

“I think I should taste more of your tight pussy Clare.” James said.

Opening my legs again, I looked down to see his big brown eyes widen. When he realised I had no panties on.

“Mmm you have shaven for your step daddy!” He looked up into my deep blue eyes as they smiled back him.

“Yes!” I giggled back.

“Then I think Clare, your step daddy should give your wet pussy a good licking.”

James took the flat of his tongue and ran it over my bare pussy; it tickled as I drew away from his tongue. James laughed and pulled me closer to him again before he repeated the action this time his tongue parting me as I felt it brush past my clit, James could taste the strawberry sweet I had used earlier and this made him groan and release hot breath on my bare skin making me moan as I caressed my right breast, squeezing it gently as James tongue found my clit.

I pulled my breast over the top of my chemise; it now slightly hung lower than the other. Pulling the huge mound of flesh up to my lips, I licked and sucked on my nipple. I could feel sensations deep in my pussy as James worked wonders with his tongue. Flicking light but fast over my harden clit, I grew wetter, I could feel my watery juices runny out and down to my arsehole. James used it to rub his thumb over to lubricate me enough so he could insert it into my hole. He thrust his thumb in time türkçe bahis with his tongue that was now vigorously working my clit. It didn’t take me long before I felt my first orgasm consume me. I’d had never achieved this before and it came as a surprise. My pelvis lifted upwards as I failed to control my body as it burst into spasms.

Once I had recovered and my breathing was back to normal James spoke out.

“You have never sucked a cock before have you?” James asked me through a big white grin.

I shook my head. James rose up from the floor and called for my hand, he pulled me up, eye level with his seven inch cock, and he placed my hand on his shaft. He instructed me to put my mouth gently around the tip of his cock. So I gently did.

“Clare. Please will you slowly suck, and lick the tip, gently. Use your hand to massage my shaft.” James, instructed me.

I did as I was instructed. I could feel his helmet harden in my mouth.

“Rotate your head and carefully suck up and down the shaft.” James mumbled through deep breathes.

I must have been doing it right as I heard James groaning in time with my movements. I soon got the gist of what James had to me to do so; I kept him wet with my saliva while I rotated my tongue in time with my mouth and hand movements. Every, now and then, taking time to glance into James’s eyes and give him a dirty grin.

“You certainly do a good job for someone who hasn’t sucked cock before Clare.”

I stopped so James could take over stroking his cock. My jaw had begun to ache and I wanted to see what it was like to lick his balls, I tickled them and teased them with my tongue as James jerked himself furiously. I could hear him grunting loudly so I licked my finger and began to flick it over my clit. Sucking one ball at a time I heard a loud groan as James’s pelvis thrust back and forth into my face. Hot cum had erupted from his huge cock and covered my red hair and some ran had down my pig tails.

“Did I do a good step daddy? Did I please you?” I asked him.

“You did a wonderful job Clare. And I am very pleased with your performance.” James still panted.

He slumped down beside me on the couch, catching his breath. I snuggled up beside him. While he recovered. I could hear his heart still beating fast.

James lay me down on the settee and lifted up my night gown gently pulling my legs apart. He rolled on a condom, and softly entered my pussy which glistened in the light, my pussy still soaked. He slid in with ease, he thrust slowly, and I closed my eyes, he kissed me. My mind starting to capture every stroke his cock took. I could feel his hard cock open up my pussy wider as he pushed a little deeper, his bell end hitting the neck of my womb. He felt so hard inside me I could barley catch my breath. I panted harder as he thrust faster and faster, warm friction güvenilir bahis siteleri made James, grunt louder as he thrust even harder into me. I could hardly contain myself, I yelped out as my second orgasm, took control of my body this time it was a lot stronger. And my juices flowed out of me, hitting James’s pelvic bone and soaking his pubic hair.

James flipped me over onto my knees and entered my now swollen pussy from behind. James leant over and pulled on one of my pigtails, tugging it hard, I yelled with pleasure as James leant over me and whispered in a quiet voice.

“Is your step daddy a good fuck?” as he powered into me with force.

“No daddy. Not yet” I could barely speak.

He pulled harder on my pig tails grabbing both at the same time and pulling my head back towards his.

“Shout it out louder I want to hear you scream my name.” He ordered me.

“NO Daddy!” I could barely speak.

He was fucking me harder now, and I could feel pain serge through my stomach but I didn’t want him to stop I wanted him to fuck me harder.

“Shout louder Clare, I want to hear you beg me to fuck you harder, naughty girls get fucked hard for fucking who they shouldn’t.”

James pumping me harder, that I could barely catch my breath. Summing up what breathe I did have left.


James pulled up my chemise over my huge arse and slapped me hard on my rump. It instantly went red; he smoothed his hand over it, and repeated it again. James still thrusting his cock hard inside me the settee had begun to move with us.

“YES, OH GOD YES!” screaming out.

The blood now rushing around my head, as it swirled with many thoughts, if only my friends knew of this, and if ever my mum were to come back home early.

“Harder please, do it harder.” I said breathlessly.

James brought his hand down one more time and slapped me with force across my stinging red buttocks.

“Now Clare I want you to ride me.” James instructed me.

James sat on the sofa so I could straddle him. His cock throbbed as I slid on top of him, he gripped my red arse tight as I leant forward and started to grind on top of him. My breasts bounced in his face. He could feel my nipples hitting his lips. When I thrust forwards again he managed to get one of my nipples in his mouth he sucked hard. I bounced up and down on his rigid cock. My whole body went cold as I fucked him faster, he was close to Cumming. Grinding faster, both of us grunting and sweating, I could feel James explode inside me his body jerking as I rode him hard. I climbed off so I could remove the condom before he went entirely soft.

“Is step daddy a good fuck?” James asked me.

“Yes he is.” I smiled back at him.

I leant down and kissed him.

“He taught me naughty step daughters get a good fucking when they fuck where they shouldn’t.”

Just then we heard the front door slam shut and the living room door open. Mother was back early from work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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