A Nudist Family Reunion Ch. 02

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In her bed, alone in the guest room, Hannah turned from one side to the other, then back again. She thought about her favorite band, her favorite TV show. She tried thinking about nothing. She turned to lay on her back and, giving up, she lay with her eyes open staring at the patterns on the ceiling. Someone, somewhere in the house was snoring, but this is not what kept her awake.

The memories of the previous day pursued her myriad bedtime thoughts. The memories infiltrated transitory dreams in shallow sleep that crept up on her but fled quickly when she realized she was dreaming about her brother’s fingers inside her and her eyes opened with a start.

The memory jolted her and set her heart to racing as she lay still and alone–the memory of inviting her brother’s touch–the memory of her mischievous pleasure. She could feel her heart beat hard in her chest, chasing sleep away, though she lay unmoving. Then, the excited memories of one moment turned to horror the next—horror at the thought of what she had led her brother to do with her and could never take back—horror at the memory of her father’s startled gaze at her bald sex glistening wetly in the sunlight! Her heart beat even harder, defeating sleep completely.

Finally, she surrendered and let her fingers find their way into her panties. She tried to keep her thoughts on the pleasurable memories. She tried not to think of the judgments of others. She closed her eyes as her fingertips found her pleasure-point.

She concentrated her mind on the memory of Paul’s fingers playing naively inside of her. She remembered her excitement as she taught him to finger fuck her properly—her exhilaration at the sudden pleasure of it and the thrill of her depravity.

Alone in the night, her fingers found their way inside herself in an auto-erotic imitation of what her brother had done to her earlier. She breathed heavily as she sank into her own pleasure, but, in the night, Hannah’s mind was not her own, and in the midst of her erotic reverie, her mind returned to her meeting with her father, standing naked before him, wet with her own sex, and her thigh smeared with her brother’s semen. Now, with this more troubled memory, Hannah continued to pleasure herself, surprising herself with her own enjoyment.

She pleasured herself even harder in the night, now thinking about her father staring blankly at her naked sex. He had stood and stared at her bare labia. He must have seen how wet she was where Paul had smeared her wetness all around her smooth mound. What could her father possibly have been thinking as he stared at her there? Was it her imagination, or had she felt a stirring in him when he held her naked body so tight against him in their embrace? She let her fingers play magic on herself as she contemplated her wayward thoughts. And in spite of her initial horror, she came to realize that she also found something unexpectedly delightful about what, at the time, had seemed like a most embarrassing moment.

Hannah turned over on her stomach and put her weight on her clit, grinding herself against her fingers, her eyes closed, and her thoughts on her father, her brother. She let her mind wander unhindered on deviant and sinful things. Secretly in the night, Hannah became an explorer following a strange twisting path into the primeval wilderness of her own desire just because she wanted to see where it would go.

Spent and gratified, no longer troubled by worry, Hannah finally slipped into unawareness.

She opened her eyes thinking no time had passed and was surprised to find it was morning. She hadn’t moved in sleep and her palm was still pinned under her pelvis. Sunlight peeked through the curtains. She heard soft voices from another room. The smell of cooking food tickled her hunger.

Sitting, Hannah felt energy and life return quickly. She deliberated, picking through her clothes. She remembered her secret delight and embarrassment at her solitary exposure the day before. She didn’t want to be the only naked person in the room this time but it didn’t really make sense to get dressed in a nudist community.

She settled on making her entrance as she was, in night-shirt and panties.

Stepping into the kitchen, she entered a world of comfort and warmth. Flowers bloomed in the window. The colors in the room were warm and earthy. A broad swath of sun lit the room barely resisted by the translucent curtains.

Aunt Lana was there, and Dad, in a dance of food preparation, clinking bowls, and skillful movement. Their bodies moved comfortably through the space and around each other. Each turned and smiled at Hannah. Lana chattered pleasant things toward her as she cut mushrooms.

Hannah smiled and said she slept well even though it was not completely true.

Hannah was struck by how comfortable her dad and aunt seemed together and with their nudity. They looked so relaxed and normal going about their pleasant morning tasks. There was no avoidance or aversion. Arthur’s hand patted his sister’s hips, skin on skin, as he brushed by her curvaceous form to drop egg shells güvenilir bahis in the garbage. There was no care taken by her father on his return trip to avoid brushing against Lana’s generous bare bosoms, nor did Lana seem to mind.

Lana noticed Hannah’s gaze and smiled at her, asked her what she would like in her omelet.

Hannah offered to help, but Lana would not allow it, insisting that Arthur is the omelet master.

Hannah did her best to avoid looking down despite the magnetic draw of naked flesh. Her aunt’s curves and her sizeable blond bush were hard to avoid, but what disturbed Hannah the most was her father’s bare genitals. She couldn’t help but be fascinated and repulsed simultaneously. Hannah hoped she didn’t look as shocked as she felt. She had never seen a dick like her father’s. It was extraordinarily long even in his limp state. It hung and swung as he moved around. He let it come to rest carelessly against the edge of the counter. Aunt Lana paid it no mind. Behind her father’s long dick hung an equally oversized sack slung low with heavy testicles.

Hannah felt uneasy and wanted to leave, but she couldn’t possibly allow herself to give the impression that she was less than okay with the naked human body in the middle of a nudist community. She did her best to keep a poker face and summoned her self-discipline to keep from staring at her father’s odd genitalia.

Hannah looked at the flowers in the window as she pondered how huge her dad’s cock must get when he has an erection.

Lana, done with cutting vegetables, approached Hannah and offered to take her laundry.

Hannah looked at her, confused for a moment, and then realized she meant the clothes she was wearing. Hannah went with it and pulled off her oversized t-shirt, handing it to Lana.

She felt her father’s gaze turn to her. He couldn’t remember what she wanted in her omelet.

“Whatever you’re making, Dad, I don’t care,” she replied, feeling self conscious about her bare chest.

“Do you still hate mushrooms?” he asked, watching, as she pulled down her panties.

“Mushrooms are fine, Dad. I’m not a little girl anymore.” She handed her underwear to her aunt and looked at her father. She saw her father doing it again—he was staring absently at her newly exposed pubis, and Hannah was again filled with regret that she had shaved herself bald.

“I know Sweetie,” he said, his gaze still on her sex, as if he was talking to her genitals, “I just wasn’t sure.”

“I like a lot of things now that I didn’t use to. I’ve changed a lot since you saw me last time.” Hannah wondered if her father was even aware that he was so blatantly staring at her pussy, or if he just didn’t care. Remembering her fantasies in the night, she started to feel aroused by his errant stare.

“Yeah,” he agreed, his gaze finally working up her body to make eye contact. “It’s been a long time. We have a lot of catching up to do. You’ve not only changed, you’ve grown up while I wasn’t looking.”

Hannah smiled at him. She jumped with a start when her aunt patted her bare ass.

“Put that cute little rump to work and go wake your brother up,” Lana directed, “Tell him that if he doesn’t get his butt out here, he’s going to miss breakfast.”

Hannah was relieved to have an excuse to leave. Her father’s freakish dick, his staring at her pussy, it all made her feel uneasy. She left the room with the odd feeling, like she had the day before, that her dad was looking at her naked ass, but this time, she decided he probably was.

Her father’s misplaced attention made her wonder. Whether he meant it that way or not, it felt sexual to her. Now that she had stepped out on that path into uncharted and unwholesome desires, she could not go back, and she felt a little twinge of sexual excitement.

She found her brother on a couch in the study, sleeping soundly under a thin sheet.

She stood silently over his naked body a moment. He was naked except for his sheet. The sound of his breath was rhythmic and relaxing. Her own nudity still felt strange and unnatural, but his eyes were closed in sleep and she was without worry.

She looked down at his resting form and thought about the strangeness of their relationship. She remembered the boy who had been her brother. They were naked here before when they were kids. He had been her big brother who sometimes she worshiped and other times she hated.

Now a man lay in front of her with a man’s body. Was this her brother? The years of their separation divided the boy from the man and they did not seem like the same person to her even though she could see them both together in his face.

Hannah carefully pulled the loose sheet from her brother’s supine body exposing his nakedness.

She looked at his face. He was serene in sleep. He had a boyish beauty but the morning growth of beard marked him as a man. His chest was smooth and undeveloped like an androgynous angel, but below he had a man’s penis, relaxed now in a nest of light brown pubic hair resting on a pair of fleshy eggs. He was not absurdly türkçe bahis long like Arthur but substantial. Though his mannish organ was strangely fascinating to her, he was still her brother, her big brother from a long ago time.

Hannah, feeling daring, gently touched her palm to brother’s abdomen, just above his pubes. Her heart skipped. She felt his warmth, the slow movements of his breathing.

What was she doing? She wondered, but had no answer. She was drawn to this man who used to be her big brother, but she could not tell herself why. There was something, but what?

Her fingers found the tangles of his nether hair and were soon entwined in the brown curls.

She admired his confidence, envied his travels, pitied his bleak love life, and aside from all that, there was something else. He was attractive, but who is attracted to her own brother?

She circled her hand around the warm flesh of his manhood. She grasped his sex, his power, his pleasure. He was soft in sleep. She felt depraved, but she found that she liked the feeling. She had given her brother some his first sexual pleasures. The idea of being his first grew on her. She couldn’t remember being this turned on by anyone else before. Not ever.

Dick in hand connected brother and sister—a touch of pleasure. Hannah wondered if he was feeling it in his dreams as she messaged his dormant member. She squeezed the head of his dick.

She smiled as she felt him start to harden in her hand. She loved that part, feeling his gradual and relentless arousal.

“Paul,” she whispered while stroking his lengthening cock.

He did not move or respond.

She tightened her grip on his strengthening flesh and stroked from tip to base, quickening her rhythm as she felt his sex organ come alive in her hand.

“Paul,” she said a little louder this time.

He stirred, but his eyes were still closed.

Sticky moisture began to leak and clung to her fingers. She let go of him for a moment—he stood straight and tall now—and turned her attention to herself. She tweaked her clit for a tiny thrill, smearing herself with her brother’s stickiness, then found her opening and felt how wet she was.

Hannah looked at her glistening fingers and realized that she was enjoying herself. She returned to his cock and affectionately rubbed her moisture on him where it mingled with his.

“Paul,” she said again, a little more insistent this time.

He shifted and stirred.

Hannah dropped her brother’s cock and stepped toward his yawning face. She stood facing him, her smooth sex inches from his slowly awakening visage. She wiped her wet fingers across his mouth. A self-amused smile broke out on her own face as she looked down at Paul’s dawning awareness of what he was waking to.

“Huh?” His eyes peaked open but unfocused and disoriented.

Hannah slipped a sticky finger into his mouth when he opened it. “Good morning, Paul. You’re totally hard. Were you dreaming of me?”

He pulled his mouth away from her finger, a puzzled look on his face, “I thought you were . . . were you . . .?” His eyes focused on her looming bump as he licked the stickiness around his mouth.

“What? I wasn’t doing anything to you. I just came in to tell you breakfast is ready. It’s not my fault you have a hard-on.”

“I guess I was dreaming . . .”

“Of me?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess I was.”

Hannah’s smile got even bigger. “Why are you staring at my cunt lips, Paul?”

“‘Cause you’re standing there with it in my face!”

“It’s not nice to stare. Do you want to taste it?”

Paul blinked up at her.

“Just for a second,” she said. “You just licked pussy off my finger. You can lick it from my pussy lips if you want.” She smiled sweetly as she could.

Paul licked his mouth again and looked up at her quizzically.

“Go ahead, hurry up. Dad and Lana made breakfast. They’re waiting. Just lick me, quick.”

Tentatively, Paul moved his face toward her. He sniffed at her.

“Go on!” Her voice quivered slightly. She moved her hips forward, the tip of her sleek vulva touching his lips.

His tongue finally darted out and flicked wetly on her pussy. He started licking in quick light movements of his tongue like a cat lapping at a water dish.

Hannah reached down and pulled her lips forward toward her brother’s mouth. She spread her folds with her fingers, now wet with his saliva. “Do you feel my clit?” she whispered.

Paul’s tongue pressed and lapped against her aroused nub in response. He didn’t feel tentative any more. He licked at her with growing enthusiasm and ardor, his hand finding her ass cheek and squeezing.

Hannah giggled. “Suck me,” she whispered insistently, “suck my clit.”

Her brother did as she told him and pursed his lips wetly around her humming pleasure button. He suckled at her with a slurping noise.

Hannah heard the door behind her and instantly jumped back from her brother’s mouth, almost falling over in the process.

“What’s taking so long?” Aunt Lana inquired.

Hannah turned güvenilir bahis siteleri and smiled. She hoped it was an innocent smile. “He’s . . . he’s not getting up. I think he was dreaming about stuff, I mean, like, I think he’s having a wet dream. See?” She gestured to her brother’s naked hard-on. “I’m trying to wake him up but he doesn’t want to end his sex dream, I guess.”

Lana glanced at her nephew’s erection, and seemed to hunt for words.

“Shut up, Hannah,” Paul interjected, “I’m getting up.” He fumbled, trying and failing to cover his long hard-on with one hand and groping for the sheet with his other.

“Let him have some privacy, Hannah,” Lana said without suspicion, “he can come out when he’s ready.”

“But that’s not fair,” Hannah said with feigned anger, “you and Dad made breakfast and it will get cold if he doesn’t get up.” She pulled the sheet away from Paul’s reach as he continued to fumble with his stiff cock, trying to push it down and cover it with his hand.

“Come-on Hannah,” Lana directed.

“You better get up!” Hannah looked back at her naked brother as she started out of the room. “No one cares about your stupid boner. Just get your lazy ass out of bed and get out here.”

“Don’t talk to your brother that way,” Lana said coolly, and then to Paul, “It’s up to you. You can sleep in if you want, but we’d love to see you at breakfast, and don’t worry about that, really. I’ve seen plenty of those things. It happens around here all the time, trust me. Life doesn’t have to end every time you start feeling eager, does it Paul?”

Hannah thought she saw the faint hint of a smile on her aunt’s face. Hannah smirked to herself.

Hannah sat down at the table as her father finished bringing food from the kitchen. She was still humming with excitement after her morning fun and it shifted her view of things.

Arthur asked about Paul as he poured juice into Hannah’s glass, his long sex organ dangling inches from her. She stared at her father’s dick unabashedly, this time, but she had to look away when laughter threatened to break out of her. She felt her face flush.

Lana responded to the question, “He’s embarrassed by his erection, right now. He’ll have to get over that soon.”

“Morning wood, eh,” Arthur smiled and shook his head. “Get out here, Paul!” he shouted over Hannah, his unnaturally long dick swinging, threatening to slap her arm, “your food’s getting cold!”

Hannah leaned away from her father’s flailing genital. He either didn’t see or didn’t care about her reaction and finished setting the table before he finally sat down.

Lana mused about how nice it is that they are all together again. It had been so long. They had changed so much. “We need to plan our time out together. We should make the most of our time. Is there anything you want to do while you’re here, Hannah?”

Hannah gave a non-committal look and shrugged, taking a bite from her omelet. It was savory and sticky with melted cheese.

“We have to go visit the Solvie beach at least,” Lana continued. “It’s beautiful. There are so many nice places to go around here. Do you like to hike or ride bikes?”

“Sure.” Hannah shrugged again. She cut off a piece of waffle and put it on her plate. She placed several firm looking strawberries on top of it and added a wad of whipped cream.

“Oh, the art show! I just remembered, the Art and Wine Festival is coming up next weekend. There are quite a few very good artists in Solvie. Maybe you would like that?”

Hannah nodded politely.

“I need to get to work, soon,” Arthur said. “I intended to make some progress on my writing for once, so I will be bowing out. I trust you will have fun without me.”

The three at the table turned and looked when Paul wandered into the room. He stood, timid, looking at the table. Hannah noted that her brother’s dick was still engorged but no longer completely erect. He hung swollen and longer then usual. She smirked at him, pleased with her work.

Lana got up and steered him to his chair, her hand rubbing his bare back. “Do you want a cup of coffee, Paul?”

Paul nodded, sitting next to his sister. He glanced at her for a second. Hannah thought he was giving her a dirty look, but she also noticed him sneaking a quick look at her bare chest before he looked away to focus on filling his plate.

Hannah still felt very bizarre sitting naked between her father and her brother, their respective dicks reclining casually across their laps. She wanted to feel comfortable with it, but for now she strained to maintain herself. She felt embarrassed of her own nakedness and realized she was stooped over her plate, trying to make herself small between the two naked men as they talked to each other across her.

Lana poured coffee round the table.

Hannah made herself sit up straight, what she thought was a normal posture, but it made her feel like her boobs were jutting out from her chest, on display. She watched her dad sheepishly and, sure enough, he glanced down at her chest as he spoke about a past writing assignment in Italy. Hannah squirmed in her seat, trying to get comfortable. Her crotch was wet with her brother’s saliva and her labia peeled tackily from vinyl of the chair. She felt herself blush even though no one could have noticed.

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