A Pee Fantasy

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The pressure was becoming unbearable.

My hands were clasped out of sight above my head, and my feet were strapped to the side of the bed. Punishment for attacking an orderly the day before. It wasn’t my fault, but here I lay. Naked.

It was morning and I had been this way all night. I was beyond being cramped. I was numb. I was cold. I was lonely. I was hard.

Even through this, I still woke up with a morning pee hard-on.

The pressure was indeed becoming more intolerable. I could not reach the buzzer. I began to think they had done that on purpose. What choice did I have?

I released the hold I had placed on my bladder, and nothing happened. I could feel the passage way opening up, and ah, here it comes. My piss forcefully surged up my hard cock and splashed onto my belly. I controlled it so it would not get onto my face. Holding back just enough pressure to get the satisfaction of release, while at the same time controlling the flow.

I admired my hard 8 inches as my piss flowed from it. Not an angle one sees very often, I don’t imagine. Most people pee standing up, not laying down: let alone while strapped to a bed. It was erotic in a strange sense. To see my piss drain out of my own hard cock, as I lay on my back is extraordinary. It is met but the feeling of the warmth it delivers as it lands on my skin. It pools slightly and then runs down and around my chest. Tickling the skin on the halkalı escort side of my body. I play with it a bit, slow it down, aiming for my belly button. Hole in one. I aim for my nipples. That will take some practice. I carefully try not to get my face, but my chest, neck, sides are soaked. I can feel the piss pooling up under me. It cooled quickly but still felt pleasant.

Suddenly the door burst open. I was still pissing all over my chest as Rick, the orderly I had ‘assaulted’ yesterday, appears and stands over me. He had a smirk o his face that reminded me of pain and amusement at the same time.

“What the Fuck are you doing?” He finally blurted out after watching for a second as my flow subsided. His eyes moved back down my body and watched my twitching cock, which still, defiantly, stood hard. It now required a different release. I never realized pissing on myself could be such a turn on. Maybe being naked, and performing such a private and taboo act could also have had something to do with my growing horniness.

“You sick freak!” Rick declared. “You are sick in the head, gave you a boner and everything – It’s really got you going, don’t it?”

What could I say? I lay there, silent and afraid. Rick was usually the strong, silent type. Strong being the literally accurate description. He was built solid from the ground up, with muscles everywhere. I don’t know what taksim escort I was thinking yesterday, to even try messing around with someone that big.

“You know who will have to clean this fucking mess up, bitch, don’t you?” he continued his rant as he loosened the straps holding my hands over my head.

As soon as my hands were free, I urgently tried to cover my cock, and try to achieve some sense of modesty. Mmmmmm, that felt good too. I would have loved to be alone tight then to jerk myself off into a mind-blowing orgasm.

My legs were now free, and as Rick stood up from beside the bed, he noticed my hands.

“Get your hands away from there!” He shouted. That was the loudest I had ever heard him speak. “I don’t need to see you jerking off too.” Right then, he stopped.

“I know how to fix this.” He pulled me to my feet, and directed me to the washroom.

“Get in.” he instructed, pointing at the tub. I looked at it, and then at him, puzzled as to his intentions. He tilted his head as if to say “Do it or else.” I put one foot into the cold, white, fiberglass tub and heard a curious sound behind me. As I raised my next foot over the edge of the tub, I heard Rick’s pants fall to the floor. I turned and saw that he had lowered his pants and was aiming his cock not at the toilet, but at the tub. He was aiming at me, more specifically.

If my cock had been going soft, şişli escort it just became harder again. However, it wasn’t going soft – but it did get harder. I was being turned on by this? I was uncertain how this was gong to proceed, but I lay myself done on the floor of the tub, and Rick moved closer.

His eyes were not angry anymore. There definitely was no ‘love’ in them, but I think he was excited by what he was about to do. His flaccid cock loomed above me. He had a good couple of inches on me so I figured he had to be six inches long in his current state. I did not have much time to admire my newfound diversion, because unexpectedly piss came shooting out of his cock. It sprayed on my chest. He aimed it at each of my nipples and it felt electric. It was so stimulating. I instinctively closed my eyes. My back arched as his piss moved back and forth between each of my nipples. Then, I felt the warm spray travel down my chest and silently urged him to hit my rigid cock with his warm stream. My cock needed and was demanding attention.

Oh my gawd. Amazing, his piss masturbated me. When the stream hit my cockhead, I moaned aloud. He used the flow like a tongue. Up and down my shaft. I was in heaven. It felt incredible. The sensations ran up my spine, and made me feel like a virgin, learning the new feeling of fucking for the first time. He continued pissing on my cock, shifting it perfectly up and down my cock. I could feel myself begin to cum. I couldn’t stop it if I tired. I did not want to stop my self. Suddenly, my cum pulsed out of me. It shot up my chest, mixing with our piss which soaked my body. It was an intense but easy orgasm. One similar to perfect lovemaking. It felt natural. Relaxing. Refreshing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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