A Quick Forest Tryst

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I knock on your front door. You move sleepily from your bed and open it, in nothing but those sexy boxer shorts. I stand invitingly at the entranceway, long blonde hair in a ponytail, green sundress on, shiny balm on my luscious lips. I jangle the car keys to the red convertible in the driveway.

“Get dressed. We’re escaping the world today. I’m going to lead you astray.” My eyebrows lift, mischievously, and we stare deliciously into each other’s eyes. I run my finger down your arm, and place the keys in your palm.

Within minutes, we are speeding along the winding road. The cool breeze is blowing through our hair, the sun is warm on our faces, our smiles are wide, and my hand is on your thigh, stroking and squeezing.

When we come to some traffic lights, I reach over and nuzzle at your neck, sliding my hand up your thigh to your crotch. I can feel you stiffening under my touch.

A truck pulls up alongside. Two younger guys glance over, admiring the car. Their expressions change when they notice my hand working on you through your shorts. I pull the neckline of my dress aside to reveal a naked tit, and bite my lower lip.

“Fuck yeah, baby!” They call out. But you plant your foot and leave them to eat our dust as we race off.

“Are you still wearing panties?” You ask, your eyes running poker oyna up my thighs. I nod. “That’s a problem. Take them off now,” you command. I do as I am told, hooking my thumbs into the lacy sides, and sliding them down to the floor.

“Here,” you signal. I reach down and hand them to you. You sniff the crotch, then toss them into the air. They fall to the bitumen behind us. “You’re available to me now, when I want you, where I want you, how I want you.”

Your hand slides up my skirt and your finger strokes at my pussy lips. You can feel my body is responding. You remove your finger and place it at my mouth. I open my lips and accept it in, sucking gently. “That’s not all you’re going to be sucking on today, sweet thing.”

Within minutes, we pull into a carpark at the base of a hiking trail. Tall trees greet us. Our playfulness in the car has left my pussy aching to be filled, my nipples longing to be feasted upon.

Hand in hand, we trek through the forest, dappled light falling around us. I pull you away from the track and venture through some dense bush and undergrowth, to a spot behind a large tree, that reaches to the sky.

I lean seductively against the tree, and we start to kiss. Your hands grip my dress, and pull it off my arms down to my waist, then you grope forcefully at canlı poker oyna my tits. I grip your ass, squeezing feverishly, moaning loudly as you start sucking hard on a nipple and pinch and twist the other. I want you so badly, I need to fuck now in this beautiful forest.

You drop your pants, place your hands on my shoulders, and I obediently drop to my knees, hungry for you. I take control at first, as you stand there, softly groaning as my mouth pleases you. Then you push me back so my head is against the tree, and you start to grind your pelvis into my face. I am deepthroating you, and the sexy slurping and gagging sounds over-ride the bird calls and the strong breeze in the trees above.

When you let me up, I am talking dirty like a woman possessed, a she-devil. I cannot help myself. You have stirred this awakening in me.

“I need you to fuck me. Ram that horny cock up hard into my soft, wet, warm pussy. Make me feel like a woman. Control me like you want to. Fuck me until I am sore.”

You grab me roughly by the arm and push me against a fallen tree, bending me over, and hitching my dress up to my waist.

“Oh, my God,” I breathlessly mutter, as you push one leg up along the horizontal trunk, leaving the other to support my weight on the ground. I am spread wide for you, and you internet casino can see my pussy is very wet, ready for a drilling.

You are super hard, needing relief. With no hesitation, you push deep into my tightness, holding my hips as I groan at your size, and grip the tree trunk tightly.

It is a slow deep fucking rhythm at first, to savour the sensation of cock filling and abusing a pussy. But the sounds of a small group of young hikers coming down the track, suddenly raises your excitement.

One of your hands moves to cover my mouth, to dull the sound of my feminine grunts as you forcefully push the breath from me with each powerful thrust. The other hand grabs my blonde ponytail and pulls my neck back so my tits hang and swing back and forth for you to see.

The hikers are closer. You increase the speed of your fucking to a frenzied moment, your pelvis slapping hard against my body, the tree trunk threatening to move with each determined thrust.

They pass by, and you start to slap my ass with your open hand. I squeal with pain, and my muscles tense around your cock even more, squeezing, milking you, as I cry out loudly.

We both cry out loudly, as you spray my womb with your potent cum, grunting and jerking inside me like an animal possessed. The birds startle, fluttering around in the trees above.

We throw our clothes back on, and stumble, weak-kneed, back to the car. Naturally, I fall asleep on the ride back to your place, fully satisfied with our day of adventure, a broad smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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