A Sales Call

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I knew that this morning was going to be interested but I didn’t know that I was going to have my first lesbian experience.

I’m 23 and have always had a nice fit body. My breasts developed at an early age and I’ve taken advantage of them since. I’m 5’ 8” all of which are legs. My breasts are 34 D and I wear around a size 3. I love to dress sexy and show my legs off in mini skirts. Since my breast are still pretty perky I sometimes go braless. And believe me – in my line of work that always helps.

I’m a sales rep for a local radio station. My job is to call on businesses and get them to advertise for our radio station. I’ve been a top sales woman for over two years. I love my job which gives me the opportunity to flirt and show myself off.

This morning I was particularly horny. I went to my closet and got out my sexiest business coat and matching mini skirt – black of course. And since the morning looked to be a really nice sunny day I decided to wear stockings with no panties. I put on my front clasp shear white bra and pulled my coat over it. Although the jacket has a high cut you see practically the whole front half of my bra. Looking in the mirror I got instantly wet. “What a slut,” I said to myself. “Today I’m going to make lots of sales.”

I had a meeting with a new fitness gym in the afternoon and figured this get up would help close the deal. It was very exciting to be walking around half naked. I was constantly getting looks and smiles from guys. I kept getting more and more horny.

Finally it was time for my big pitch at the gym. When I walked into the office the little 18 year old pretty girl at the counter looked me up and down then smiled and asked if she could help me. I told her I was here to meet Sam. She had me follow her to the office. As I walked behind her I couldn’t help but notice the prettiest ass I’ve ever seen. She had on really tight workout shorts that were pink. Her tan legs were beautiful. I was watching her sway her hips back and forth and noticed that my pussy was beginning to tingle. When we go to the door she knocked then opened it. She stood in the doorway with door open for me and invited me in. As I walked by her I brushed up against her firm young breast. Looking back at her as I entered I noticed that her nipples were sticking out of her small workout top. She smiled güvenilir bahis and told me she’d see me later. I was shocked at how turned on I was by her.

I turned to introduce myself to Sam when I got another shock. Sam was a woman. And not just a woman – but an incredible piece of fitness work. She was the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen. And her body – oh my God! She was muscular but not gross looking. As she stood there introducing herself I couldn’t help but stare at her mid-section. Her stomach was completely flat and ripped. She was wearing a Nike workout top with a zipper undone about three quarters of the way. Her gigantic breasts were popping out – like her top was two sizes too small. She too was wearing really tight and very short shorts. I practically had to shake my head to snap out of the state that I was in.

“You were expecting a man?” she commented realizing that I was not really paying attention to her.

“No, I ah…”

“That’s OK, I get it a lot. From the looks of your outfit I assuming you were looking to score some points. Maybe shake your stuff and get the owner to buy into your advertising. Am I correct?” She made her way from her desk and stood in front of me.

“I was… I mean…”

“Don’t worry, honey, you’re still on track. I may not have been the “MAN” you were hoping to find but believe me I’m just as interested in woman and any man would be.” She gave me a wicked smile then lowered her eyes right to my cleavage.

I was in even more shock. Not just because of what she was telling me, but at how turned on I was getting. My heart was beating faster and I was feeling flush. Images of her started flashing through my mind – what would it be like to kiss her; what would it be like to put my mouth around her breasts; to taste her pussy; stick my fingers deep inside her and have her cum all over my face. My head was spinning.

“Well?” She said looking back up at me. “What do you have planned?” I just froze – staring back into her seductive blue eyes. “Aren’t you going to SELL me?” I licked my lips about ready to speak when she reached out and opened up my jacket. I took a deep breath. Her hands started to caress my chest. When she got to my breast I was already panting. I closed my eyes as she moved her hands over my bra. Instantly my nipples got hard and ached to be türkçe bahis touched. She slowly cupped my breast in her hand while her other unbuttoned my jacket.

I could feel my jacket slip off my shoulders. I was completely in her control. She moved in and began kissing my neck. Her lips were so soft. They felt incredible moving all over my neck and up to my ears. The closer she got to my lips the more I needed to kiss her. I grabbed her head and kissed her hard. I was melting in her arms. We kissed passionately for what seemed like hours. Finally she broke the kiss and pulled my hair back lifting up my neck. Her tongue made a trail down the front of my neck down to my cleavage. She then undid the clasp and pulled back my bra – exposing my breasts to her. They ached to be sucked and she knew it. Within seconds she had her mouth around my breast and was sucking hard at my erect nipple. She sucked every inch of my breasts – going back and forth from one to the other. I almost came just from her flicking my nipples with her tongue.

I felt her hand move down my side to the front of my mini skirt then up and underneath it. She moaned in approval when she found I wasn’t wearing any panties. She rubbed her hand gently over my pubic hair – teasing me. I wanted her to touch my burning pussy and let me cum – but she wasn’t going to. She played with my thighs, my stomach and pubic hair until I was just about to scream. Then she dropped to her knees, lifted my skirt and looked up at me. “Do you want me to lick your pussy?” She asked with an evil grin.

“YES!” I screamed grabbing the back of her head and shoving it into my crotch. “Make me cum!”

I was nearly knocked off my feet when her mouth hit my pussy. I spread my legs apart so she could get as much access to my dripping wet pussy. She first licked the entire length tasting every inch of me. I grabbed her hair tight as my orgasm was nearing. She worked her tongue into my slit and then up inside of me. I began to grind my hips onto her face. When she touched my swollen clit I couldn’t hold back any longer – I screamed out with the most intense orgasm that I’ve ever had. As I bucked on her face I held her head tight underneath me. I could hear my screams echoing through the room.

Finally my orgasm subsided and I was brought back to earth. She slowly licked my juices and güvenilir bahis siteleri then got to her feet. She had my juices all over her pretty little face and I just had to taste it. I grabbed her and kissed her like never before. My hands started to rubber her body and without even thinking about it I placed them on her breasts. She moaned in my mouth and that was all I needed. I had to suck them.

I pushed her back against her desk. She lifted herself and sat on the edge. Pulling her top over her head I was stunned at how large her tits were. I took a step back to admire them. They were magnificent! Her areolas where the size of golf balls and dark pink. Her nipples suck out about a quarter inch. I lowered my head within inches from them. I could smell her perfume. It was exiting – probably the most exited I’ve ever been. Here I was about to suck another women’s breast.

I opened my mouth and with my tongue lightly touched the tip of her nipple. She gasped. “Yes, please suck my tits. Please I need you!” With that I lowered my entire mouth around as much of her breast as I could. She moaned and started rubbing her hands in my hair. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I started sucking and licking the same way she had done with me. It was like I too was a lesbian and was totally worshiping her breasts. Instantly my hand went to my pussy and started fingering myself. God this felt good – and completely natural.

I could tell that she wanted more. She wanted me to eat her out. To stick MY tongue deep in her pussy and to lick up all of HER juices. I slowly kissed my way down her wash-board stomach to her shorts. I could smell her sex. It was intoxicating. I lowered her shorts and found myself face to face with another woman’s pussy. It was completely shaved, very wet and her clit was very large. I took one final look up at her before diving into her soaking pussy. The second my tongue meet her juices I knew that this was heaven. She let out a loud moan and forced my head deep between her legs. She wrapped them around me and held me tight. I was a crazy woman. Licking, sucking, fucking and drinking her entirely. My tongue explored every inch of her pussy. I couldn’t get enough of it. And then she exploded. She came all over my face and at the same time I came again.

After she came down from her orgasm she slipped off the table and we fell to the floor. Rolling around kissing, playing with each others breasts and fingering our still aching pussies.

I left about 2 hours later after about a dozen orgasms. And oh yeah, a years advertising contract.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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