A Sinner’s Love Ch. 02

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Chapter Two


Damn, that man was sexy! My cheeks flushed as I looked up at him.

“Hey,” Jarred said in that sensual voice. Through his sexiness I noticed something; this bastard is in my secret spot. How the hell did he find this spot?

“Hi…” I said incredulously.

“Um…mind if I sit?”

“Nope,” I curled up into a smaller ball and continued enjoying my book. He sat close enough for me to feel the heat radiating off him.

“So what are you still doing here?” Jarred asked

“What do you mean?” I said in a slightly offended tone and with my eyebrow arched. Did this sexy man think that just because I’m small, I don’t know how to get around? Oh fuck no!

“What I mean is that don’t you have to go clubbing with that Camille girl? And it’s pretty late now.” Jarred said, seeming to catch on to my pissed – off ness. I looked outside and checked my phone — it was, indeed, late.

“Oh well I better get going,” I said, flashing my least cute smile and my most sexy one. Now he was the one perabet flushing. I strutted off, then turned and asked, “Hey you wanna come with us?” Jarred looked kind of flabbergasted.

“U…um…s…sure!” he stuttered.

“So what’s your address?” I asked with a pout. Playing with him was fun. It felt good not to be the one blushing all the time. He took out a piece of paper and scribbled some instructions down.

“Hey what’s your name?” Jarred asked, obviously ashamed of the fact that he didn’t know. I took out a marker and wrote December on his arm in playful script.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I know your name’s Jarred,” I whispered into his ear. I reveled in the delicious shiver that traveled through him. Though Jarred was about a foot taller than me, I felt superior. I kissed his cheek then sashayed off, leaving him shocked and disheveled. That was fuckin amusing!

I looked hot. I had on my favorite leather pants that hung treacherously low on my waist, my favorite shirt that was black and red striped and perabet giriş hung off my shoulder; and I had on my favorite black and slightly beat up doc martens with a pair of fingerless driving gloves. Did I say I looked hot, though most would say I’m cute? There was a knock on my door.

“It’s open!” I yelled. Camille came swaggering in with a black denim romper. A romper wouldn’t seem racy, but you didn’t see Camille’s. The shorts part was short enough to show the ends of her butt cheeks. The top part was duel buttoned and she had enough of them unbuttoned to show off her fire truck red, lacy bra. With this she had on a pair of knee high heeled boots (again with the insanely high heels?) and fingerless driving gloves. Her hair was tied up in a sleek ponytail. Can’t lie that she looked sexy.

“So ready for your makeup?” Camille asked.

“Cami, darling, what makeup?” I said.

“Derf, the eyeliner!”

“That’s not considered makeup, more like an accentuator, ri ri.”

“Oh whatever!”

“I win, you perabet güvenilir mi lose.”

“Okay, sit your ass down before I dropkick you.”

“Vicious much?”

Camille narrowed her eyes. I sat down and let her apply the makeup (I mean accentuator) onto my eyes. Did I mention how hot we looked?

“One thing….” Camille said

“What?” I said, confused

“‘The hell is that?” she said pointing to the bike chain around my waist that had a huge padlock on it. It was tight enough to hang slanted on my waist. “December, honey, how the hell are you supposed to hook up with that on you?”

“It’s fake,” I said. I pressed the lock and it opened. Then I clasped it back together. “SoyoureadytogoandJarrediscomingtoo!” I said unintelligibly.

“Que?” Camille said. “Speak our language darlin'”

“Okay… Jarred is coming,”

“YES!!!!!! You got him my little flirt! You are sooo gonna hook up!”

I flushed. “Okay let’s hop on our motorcycles and go,”

Jarred opened his door to me and Camille. What I saw, words couldn’t comprehend. Jarred was soaking wet with only a towel on that hung low on his waist; his hair (that was wet and wavy at the moment) and body smelled of peaches and strawberries. Oh god, I could have died and gone to heaven right then and there.

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