A Weekend Together Ch. 01

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I would like to thank angel love for her help in volunteering to edit this story for me.


You arrive at my house to meet me for our dinner date. You look stunning in your little black dress which shows off your tits beautifully. Underneath is a black silk bra with matching thong and garter belt with seamed black stockings. On your shapely legs are a pair of knee high, stiletto heeled boots. I’m dressed in my best suit. We kiss and then I hand you a glass of champagne and a little wrapped gift.

You take your drink and open the package. Initially you look puzzled, but I pull a small remote control from my pocket and whisper in your ear that it controls the vibrating love egg I’ve given you. I lead you into my lounge and you sit on the sofa. I put my hands on your knees and push them apart, kneeling between your legs. You lift your bottom up and I hitch up your dress.

I start to kiss your knee at the top of your left boot. I work my way to your thigh, where the stocking top is gently indenting the skin. I lick across the naked flesh to your thong. I gently kiss your pussy lips through the silk. I take the top of you thong in my left hand and pull it up tight, making your lips bulge around either side and then start kissing your right knee. My thumb slips inside your thong and slides gently over your swollen clit. As my tongue makes its way over your thigh I pull your thong completely to the side revealing your shaved pussy. I suck your clit between my lips as two of my fingers slide into your soaking hole.

Your hand presses the back of my head further down into your crotch. I slip in a third then a fourth finger and fuck you hard with my hand. In a matter of seconds your thighs start to spasm as your legs clamp around my head and you squirt onto my face as you cum harder than you ever have before. You start to whimper loudly as I continue to lick your clit and slide my tongue into your sodden pussy. You can’t take any more and force my head away. I look up and grin, your sticky juices over my face and beard. I slip the love egg into your swollen pussy and pull your thong back into place.

As I stand you notice the large bulge in my trousers and you can’t resist leaning forwards and stroking my dick through the material. You expertly open my trousers and slip them down with my boxers in one swift move. My cock springs up free and bobs gently. You grasp it with your beautifully manicured fingers. You wank me slowly as you lean in towards me and lick the swollen head. You stretch your mouth round the throbbing end; it feels hot and hard in your mouth.

I moan gently as you give me the best blow-job you’ve ever given. My balls start to twitch and I fill your mouth with so much spunk it dribbles from the side of your lips. As you stand to kiss me we taste ourselves on each other and quickly clean up as the taxi horn beeps. We grab our coats and run out of the house.

I open the door to the taxi for you, and you slide in elegantly. I slide in beside you and slip my arm around you telling the driver where to go. I lean in and nibble your ear and start to whisper to you. I tell you that you are going to have the sexiest night of your life. You are my little sex-slave and I am going to fuck you senseless for the whole evening. I reach into my pocket and set your egg on one. It throbs gently and sends tingling shocks up your spine. Your thong is getting damp already. Your hand rests on my stiffening cock as I tell you that whilst I expect you to be polite – flirting with other men this evening will be “punished” as you are mine alone.

We’re soon at the restaurant; I wink at you and kiss your beautiful lips. I can taste my cum on your mouth. Being the perfect gentleman I assist you from the taxi and open the restaurant door for you. You’re finding it quite difficult to walk with the little vibe throbbing away inside of you.

We wait for our table at the bar, and I order a bottle of champagne for us. It’s obvious the barman fancies you, and I can’t blame him; you look fantastic. He starts to chat to you; I grin and turn your egg up to two. The throbbing becomes more intense and you clamp your thighs together. You glance over at me and I smile. You grin and start to flirt outrageously with the barman. I have no choice but to turn up the egg to three.

Your beautiful arse clenches as it vibrates hard. I can almost smell your pussy, as it is so hot and wet. You are on the verge of cumming when the waiter arrives. I turn the egg off and you flash me a look of despair as I leave you on the edge of an orgasm. Your legs are like jelly as we are led over to our table. As the waiter pulls out your chair I turn the egg to four – its maximum setting.

Waves of pleasure flood through you body and your cunt spasms as you complete your orgasm. You whimper gently and the waiter asks if anything is wrong. You stammer that you are fine as your face flushes a lovely red. Your nipples are rock hard and the waiter can’t take his eyes off your lovely boobs. I put you out of your güvenilir bahis misery and turn the egg off. You almost slump into your seat and reach for your champagne as we peruse the menus.

We grin at each other wickedly at our little secret and when the waiter arrives with our starter I reset the egg to one. The food is lovely and when the waiter comes to collect the crockery I hand you a little gold envelope. The note inside says:


You jump to your feet and snatch your mobile from the table. As you hurry towards the toilet I turn the egg up to three. You race to the cubicle and snatch down your dress, releasing your tits from the confines of your bra. You stroke your boobs gently sending waves of goose pimples across your tingling skin. You pinch your bullet hard nipples with your left hand whilst fiddling with the camera function on your phone with your right. Your pussy is starting to dribble you are so horny. You manage to take a photo of your tongue caressing your left nipple and send it to me. You can’t stop playing with your nipples as you get my return message. The egg speeds up to four as you open the text:


It is only a few seconds of you twisting your own nipples before your legs start to quiver and your cunt gushes as you have your third orgasm of the evening and its only eight o’clock. You text me that you have cum, and the egg is getting to the brink of uncomfortable. It suddenly goes off as you receive the message:


You slip your mounds back into your bra and pull up your dress. You look exhausted as you make your way back to our table. The waiter arrives with our food as you take your seat. There is an obvious glow to your skin as we sit and eat our food. As we finish the egg goes back to one and I hand you another gold envelope.


You blow me a kiss as you stand up, grab your phone and march back to the toilet. By the time you are at the cubicle the egg is back up to four. You hitch up your dress and sit on the toilet. You brace your legs against the door as your fingers start to stroke your pussy lips through your thong. You pull the thong to the side with your right thumb and stroke your swollen clit. You can hardly contain your moans as you slip 3 fingers into your dripping pussy. You are stretched wide with the egg and your fingers and you take a photo as commanded. You are moaning like a whore as you cum harder than you ever have before, and have already spent yourself by the time you receive my order to cum. I reply as the egg goes off again:


As you leave the cubicle a middle-aged lady asks if you are alright. You reply that you are having the most fantastic fuck of your life, wink at her and leave. You stick your tongue out at me as you take your seat and I grin at you. You slowly suck your fingers clean, much to the amusement of the waiter who has arrived to take our dessert order. We have dessert and finish our champagne. I pay and we leave hand in hand. I lead you round the corner into the alley by the side of the restaurant. We’re kissing each other hard – I love teasing your tongue with mine.

“Time for your punishment darling,” I whisper into your ear, nibbling at it as I do so.

I bend you over forwards and you place your hand against the wall. I squat behind you and lift your dress. I bite your lovely round buttocks – leaving a series of love bites. I yank down your thong and you step out of the material – your boot heels making a lovely clicking sound on the cobblestones of the alley. I stuff your thong into my jacket pocket; you are not going to need it again tonight.

I spread your buttocks and my tongue starts slithering over your bum. You gasp as the tip of my tongue starts lapping at your tight little arse-hole. Tingles spread up your spine, it is a fantastic feeling, me licking and drooling over your ring piece. I slowly insert my right index finger into your bum as I turn off the egg and ease it from your sopping minge.

You are moaning loudly again as I force another finger into your bum. You gasp as I stretch your ring piece slightly and present the egg to your bum hole. Deftly I swap the egg for my fingers and your arse contracts swallowing the egg – leaving just the retrieval string hanging out – as I turn it up to four. I unleash my throbbing cock and you moan like a banshee as I ram your pussy hard with it. The feeling of my dick in your pussy and the egg in your arse makes you cum instantly, squirting all over my cock and the floor. You look over your shoulder and see the barman and waiter in the shadows, wanking and watching you getting the türkçe bahis fucking of your life.

You are so fantastic I soon shoot my load into your sticky hot twat. There is sooo much spunk it dribbles out everywhere. I slide out from you and you turn round. We kiss and you taste your own arse on my tongue. You squat down and suck my cock clean, then kiss me again so I can share the taste. I put my cock away and we turn to leave. You get a round of applause from your fans and give them a playful wave as we set off for the next part of our evening.

We leave the alley and flag down a black cab. The car pulls up and I open the door for you. As you step into the car you feel the warm trickle of my spunk escaping your pussy and running down your inner thigh. As I get in the car beside you, you point this out to me. I stroke your fleshy thigh and scoop some up onto my finger. I offer my finger to your mouth and you hungrily suck off my cum. Your tongue fellates my finger as your hand moves over my rapidly stiffening prick.

“Fucking hell,” exclaims the cabby.

I slide my finger free, reach my arms around your waist and effortlessly lift you onto my knee. The car nearly crashes as I slide up your dress to reveal your dripping, shaven pussy. My cock presses hard against your bum as I nibble on your neck and ears. My left arm reaches under your leg and stretch your labia apart with my thumb and fingers whilst my right alternately cups your boobs and twists your stiffening nipples.

“I’m sure he’d love to see you finger yourself darling,” I whisper in your ear.

Slowly and seductively you start to suck the middle finger of your left hand whilst, in almost painful slow motion your middle finger of your right hand passes over your hard, swollen clit and slides into your greasy cunt. The car pulls over and stops. The cabbie turns round kneeling on his chair. He drools over you from behind the Perspex screen separating him and us. As he struggles to free his cock from his trousers, I reach into my pocket and turn the egg up to four.

You convulse with pleasure as your arse goes into spasm and you slide your three remaining fingers into your soaking gash. I change the position of my left hand such that my middle finger grazes your clit. This is all too much for you, your legs start to quiver and you bite your bottom lip hard to avoid squealing as you come yet again, squirting like a fountain as you do so.

I move my legs apart and lower you slowly to the floor. You turn round onto your hands and knees, your face in front of my crotch, staring at the impressive bulge in my trousers. I turn off the egg as you unzip me and manage to free my cock from its confines. The cabbie grunts loudly as he comes. Your tongue is rolled into a point, and starts tracing a lazy line from the base of my dick to the swollen purple head. You pull back my foreskin hard and lick the tender skin underneath. You gently kiss up and down my shaft as you grip tightly lower down and start to wank me. Your tongue teases my japs-eye as sticky pre-cum starts to ooze out. This is the best cock-sucking I’ve ever received! Your hand grasps even tighter as your mouth devours my dick. My swollen purple head slides to your tonsils as you start to deep-throat me with sublime ease. My legs stiffen and my balls contract up as I shoot my load into your mouth. You hungrily devour the lot, kiss my cock a couple of times then return it to my trousers. I pick you up and cuddle you onto my knee as the cabbie turns around and sets off again.

We pull up outside a trendy little city bar. The cabbie waivers his fee after the show you put on for him. The air con in the bar is on max and it is icy cold in there, your nipples stand to attention for all to see. We get some drinks and find a secluded little booth to sit in. After our first bottle of wine, you stand to go to the bar. I grab your wrist and hand you another gold envelope. You smile as you open it.


You raise your eyebrows and cock your head to one side, a show of dissent I punish by turning the egg onto three. You jump to your feet and run off as fast as your ultra sexy boots will allow. Taking pity I turn it back down to one. Ten minutes pass until you return with another bottle of wine and a beautiful girl in tow. She is a cute brunette, looking very much like Kate Beckinsale, wearing a white silk blouse under a charcoal grey trouser suit finished off with a pair of black 5″ stilettos.

You introduce her as Lucy and we sit and chat over the wine you have bought. After a few glasses you change position and sit on my knee with your arm around my neck. You explain to Lucy that it is my birthday and that you want to make one of my fantasies come true – namely seeing you kiss another girl.

Lucy smiles, puts down her glass and moves towards you. Your lips touch beautifully and simultaneously you slip your tongues into each other’s mouths. I watch transfixed as you two snog and I stroke my güvenilir bahis siteleri hand up your right leg, from the pointy tip of your boot up to the bare area of thigh above your stocking. Your legs begin to part as I stroke the naked flesh beneath my hand.

Lucy follows suit – sliding her hand up your thigh. Simultaneously we force four fingers in to your pussy each. You whimper as we piston in and out, her thumb stroking your clit at the same time. You cum in a matter of seconds and pull away as your pussy has been so abused it is raw. You suck your own juices off her fingers and kiss her again. She tells us she has to go, but isn’t doing anything tomorrow and leaves you with her mobile number. We have to wait for your legs to stop trembling before we get up and leave, heading back to my house for the conclusion of our evening…

We return to my house, and I let you into the kitchen. My arms snake around your waist and I nibble on your neck. You turn round to face me and we kiss, long hard and passionately. You taste wonderful. I start to fondle your gorgeous bottom, and trace the lines of your garter with my fingers. I bend down and scoop you over my shoulder –fireman’s lift style and playfully spank your arse.

I carry you over to my large American-style fridge, open it and ask you to grab another bottle of champagne and the two glasses in there. I open the freezer part and take out a brown paper bag. I climb the first set of stairs with you over my shoulder and we enter the bathroom. I slide my hand across your bottom until I find the cord of the egg. I gently start to pull as you relax your anus, allowing the egg to distend your arsehole. It suddenly pops out, which brings you a sudden twinge of pain and then an uncomfortable empty feeling. I toss the egg aside and we move upstairs to my loft bedroom.

I let you off my shoulder and tell you that if you are a good little slave then I will let your greatest fantasy come true. I go over to my bedside cabinet and produce a black silk blindfold. I walk over behind you and after kissing you gently on the cheek, proceed to tie the blindfold over your eyes. I command you to slip off your dress and I admire you semi clad body.

I take a couple of photos of you from front and behind, and then I undress myself. I stand in front of you, my semi-hard cock pressing into your lower tummy. I unclip your bra and allow it to fall away. Your breasts are magnificent; large, pert and with beautiful erect nipples. I pour you a glass of ice-cold champagne and order you to drink it. You find it hard as it’s so cold it burns your mouth slightly.

Without warning I throw my glass over your exposed chest. You gasp as the icy alcohol runs over your sensitive flesh, and goose bumps spread over your entire body, but like a good slave you don’t flinch. I step forward and kiss and lick the champagne off your breasts. I obviously pay special attention to your beautiful nipples, which I suck deep into my mouth and bite gently. You start to moan gently and so I stop.

I command you to finish your glass, which you dutifully do. I take your glass from you and you sense that I walk away. I creep up behind you and whip your perfect buttocks with my flogger. The pain is exquisite and intense but only momentary. I point out that you are being punished for allowing Lucy to finger you – you were only supposed to kiss her. I flog you a further six times, each time the pleasure sting lasts a fraction of a second longer.

Your pussy juice is running down the inside of your legs as I drop the flogger and smooth the palm of my hand over your reddened bottom. I spank you gently, wipe my hand over your sopping cunt and spank you again. You are enjoying your punishment too much. I lead you over to the bed and have you kneel on all fours on the edge.

I intermittently stroke and slap your red buttocks. I kiss and bite at the flesh. I lick around your arsehole then plunge my tongue deep inside, licking the inside of your anus. I trail down until my tongue fucks in and out of your sore overused pussy. You start to moan with delight as I stroke your clit whilst my tongue wanders indiscriminately between ass and pussy. I bring you to the verge of your umpteenth orgasm and then stop, teasingly spanking your bum again and telling you you’ve had too many already.

You hear rustling as I fiddle with the paper bag I brought up stairs. The next thing you feel is my lubed up left thumb forcing its way up your arse and I use that hold to grip you tight. The fingers of my left hand dig into the soft flesh at the top of your buttocks. You’re certainly not expecting the next sensation. I actually had a kiddie’s ice lolly in the bag and, holding onto the stick, plunge the icy treat right into your hot sore pussy.

Your reaction is amazing. The icy cold filling your hot swollen pussy is the most amazing catalyst and your entire body undergoes the biggest orgasm of your life. I have to pull my thumb out, to avoid it being broken, as your body spasms in ecstasy. The lolly has all but melted as I pull out the stick and ram my red-hot knob into you. The feeling is incredible; it’s like fucking a snow-woman. My fingers grab into your hips as I ram myself harder and deeper inside you again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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