A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 36

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I woke up this morning and made my usual trip into the bathroom to pee before I went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. My ass was feeling tender after the workout that Lucinda gave it last night. I wondered if Melinda was feeling the same way, or if your sphincter gets accustomed to being fucked after a few times. Either way, I enjoyed recalling the events of the previous evening and I felt sure that it would happen again.

Ralph certainly had a hole-in-one celebration to remember. I’m sure that we gave him the wildest night of sex that he had ever had. I wondered if Tracy would be asking for him again or if she was satisfied with living the fantasy that she had shared with me involving Ralph. She had done way more than just expose herself to him! And she knew that he had loved every minute of it.

And I thought about how much we enjoyed having found Carol to plan our wedding. And how well she fit into our lifestyle and circle of friends.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and another one for Trish. I took them back into the bedroom. The bed was empty so I took her cup into the bathroom. She was already in the shower. I put the mugs down and joined her. We kissed and stood embracing under the hot spray. It felt soothing on my shoulders.

‘How’s your butt this morning?’ Trish asked.

‘A little tender.’ I replied. ‘But it was worth it. That was fun last night.’

‘What are your plans for today?’

‘I’m playing golf at nine, and having lunch at the club afterwards. Do you have a full schedule?’

‘I’m not sure. I know I have a nine o’clock to start the day and I think I had some openings around lunchtime. Maybe I’ll call Rhonda and we can go out to lunch and I’ll give her a trim.’

‘Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?’

‘That would be nice.’

‘Shall we make it a private date, or should we bring the girls?’

‘Let’s make it a party.’ Trish answered. ‘I’ll tell Tracy and Teri to ask a friend. Should we invite Ralph to come with us? He said Sandi won’t be home for a few days.’

I think we may have worn him out last night, but I’ll ask him. He’s playing with us this morning.’

We got out of the shower and toweled off. As I stood at the mirror and shaved, I had a thought cross my mind.

‘Why don’t you ask Rhonda and Joe to come to dinner with us? And they can bring Tammi. And ask Tom and Dawn too and make sure that they bring Amy. I have a surprise for them.’

‘What’s the surprise?’ Trish asked

‘Let’s let it be a surprise for you too.’ I smiled.

Trish sneered at me. She hates it when I keep a secret from her. She’d rather not know anything at all. But now I had her curiosity raised.

I was feeling good as I got dressed. I picked out a new shirt and a pair of linen shorts. I even put on a new pair of boxer shorts underneath.

Tracy was in the kitchen when I went to refill my coffee. She was naked and I stood and admired her cute young body for a moment. Her tan skin and perky breasts looked so clean and healthy. And her firm little butt made me stir.

‘Good morning Rob. Did you sleep well?’

‘Like a baby. How about you?’

‘Once I finally got to sleep. I laid in bed and jilled myself thinking about the way Lucinda gave you that strap on. Did it hurt?’

‘Just for a moment at first, but she was gentle enough. Then once she had it in me I got really turned on. Of course Melinda made it pretty comfortable on the front side. What made you suggest that whole thing anyway?’

‘Tammi and I were talking about all of the things that you can do with a strap on. And I know that you enjoy anal sex, so I figured, why not? Maybe someday I’ll get a chance to use it on you. Would you like that?’

‘Trace, I love anything that we can do together. You are like a dream come true in my life. So did you make yourself cum while you thought about me?’

‘Of course! It was almost as good as having you in bed with me!’

Listen Tracy,’ I changed the subject, ‘I want to go out for dinner tonight. Will you call Tammi and invite her and her parents? And have Teri invite Amy and her folks too, OK? I told Trish to invite them all, but maybe you can take care of it for her. She’s got to get to work.’

‘Sure Rob. What’s the occasion?’

‘I have some news that I want to share with everyone, that’s all.’

‘OK, but will you do one thing for me first?’

“Sure Trace, what’s that?’

‘Give me a hug?’

Her face was beaming and I melted in the warmth of her smile. She stretched out her arms and I gathered her into mine. She looked up into my eyes and we kissed. I held the cheek of her ass in my hand while we traded spit. Her body was so warm and soft. I could have stood there with her forever.

‘Hey! What’s going on? I want some of that too!’ I heard Trish’s voice behind me. Tracy and I broke our kiss and allowed Trish to join in the three-way hug and smooch. I told Trish that Tracy was going to handle the dinner invitations and Trish thanked us both. We kissed again and Trish said goodbye as poker oyna she headed out to the garage.

I finished my coffee and drove down to the club. As I was pulling into the parking lot, my friend and golf partner Sue was pulling in beside me. I got out of the car and walked around to her door. She opened it and swung around on the seat. She leaned over to kiss me and spread her legs apart. I put my hand on her thigh and she moved towards me causing my hand to slip up into her bare pussy.

‘Mmm, oh yeah. Put your fingers right in there.’ She cooed as we kissed a warm good morning kiss. She was wet and slippery and I let my fingers linger inside her for a moment. ‘Oh Rob, I could be talked into skipping golf today if you’d just massage me like that for the next four hours.’

‘Let me see…sex? Golf? That’s a tough decision. Why don’t we discuss it over breakfast?’

‘OK, but don’t let go of me just yet.’ I let my fingers flutter inside the warmth of her pussy before I slowly withdrew them. I brought them to my mouth and sucked on the tasty cum. Sue grabbed my hand and licked what was left of her juices from between my fingers.

As she stepped down from the seat of her Navigator, she kissed me and we walked into the clubhouse together. We took a table in the dining room and ordered breakfast. I couldn’t resist brushing my fingers under my nose to inhale the aroma of Sue’s sweet pussy. Sue noticed and grinned.

‘There’s more of that left if you need a refresher.’ She told me.

Ralph appeared at the hostess’ station and spotted us. We waved for him to join us and he did. We now had three of our foursome present. Sue had invited a new member to join us. I saw a new face appear in the doorway and Sue waved to her. We all stood up so Sue could introduce us.

‘Rob and Ralph, say hello to Candi.’

She reached her hand out and I took it. She had a strong grip for a girl. I guessed her to be in her late thirties. Her frosted blonde hair was cut short and her eyes sparkled. She wore a pair of rather large diamond stud earrings and a simple diamond pendant around her neck. Her hand felt soft and smooth and her nails were nicely manicured. She’s the kind of woman that I would classify as attractive but not necessarily beautiful. She was slender and athletic. Sue had already told me that she was a good golfer and carries a twelve handicap.

‘Hi Ralph. Hi Rob. It’s nice to meet you. This is the friendliest club I’ve ever seen. Sue and I played with the ladies group this week and I met so many wonderful people. But this is a first, to be invited to play with two guys in my first week as a member.’

‘Well the word about you is that you’re a good golfer and fun to be with.’ I told her. ‘And, I might add, easy on the eyes. It’s always nice to meet a pretty lady.’

Candi blushed and accepted my compliment. Our waitress reappeared and Candi and Ralph ordered breakfast. We learned that Candi was recently widowed and had moved to Sedona to begin her new life. Her husband had left her a sizeable estate and she is in the process of building a rather large new home. Her profile is not unusual for our area except perhaps that she is younger than most widows. I could tell though that she would have no trouble making friends and fitting in to the laid back Arizona lifestyle. It’s always interesting to compare the folks who choose Sedona over the faster paced upscale areas like Scottsdale. There’s a more genuine quality up here. No pretenses. Just a love for life.

We finished our breakfast and went outside to get on with the business of the day…golf. I won’t bore you with the details about the game, but I have to say it was probably the most fun I ever had on a golf course! Candi is totally delightful. She is secure about herself and confident in everything that she does. And she loves to joke around. I’ve always thought that Sue was like ‘one of the guys’ because she is. Well so is Candi.

By the time we got to the ninth hole it was like we had known each other forever. All barriers were down. The jokes got raunchier and it became clear that sex play was a very real possibility. Sue must have briefed her about me and Trish and how we are so open, and I guess she probably explained something about Ralph and Sandi too, because Candi just seemed to know what she could say and do, and to who.

And she is sexy and seductive. I couldn’t help but be attracted to her and she was turning me on. Somehow the subject of massage came up and we decided that after lunch we would go back to Sue’s house and Sue and I would give her a tandem massage. Ralph had made an appointment with a contractor at his house so he would have to miss the fun, but I think it was probably better that way anyhow.

We finished the game and had lunch together and then said good bye to Ralph and headed for Sue’s place.

We arrived at Sue’s in a caravan of our three cars, but when we got inside we were all on the same wave.

‘All right, I’m ready to let you two have your way with my body.’ Candi said as she pulled canlı poker oyna her shirt over her head. She was wearing a sport bra and I could tell that her breasts were small but firm. And her belly was solid. Not six pack solid, but flat and strong. She carried her shirt in her hand as Sue led us to her casita and the massage table. ‘Wow Sue, you have a beautiful home.’ She commented as we walked through the house and patio area.

Inside the casita I prepared the table with a fresh pad and sheet while Sue adjusted the lighting and put on some music. Candi shamelessly undressed and when I finished prepping the table she was standing there naked at my side. I took her hand and assisted her up onto the table where she sat while we chatted about the massage. I went through my usual pre session routine.

‘How long since your last massage?’

‘About two months, I guess.’

‘Any past injuries we should know about?’


‘Any sore or tender spots today?’

‘Just right here.’ She said as she parted her legs and touched her pussy, ‘It doesn’t hurt, but it’s feeling hot. Can we get on with this?’

I looked down between her legs and noticed that she was shaved bare, and that she had a clit ring very much like the one that Trish has. I recalled the very first time that I massaged Trish and what that ring had led to.

‘Can I admire your jewelry?’ I asked as she swung her legs up and reclined on the table. She answered me by opening her legs and using her fingers to part her vaginal lips and expose her clit to my view.

Sue was standing on the opposite side of the table and got her first view of the gold ring. ‘Wow Rob, that looks vaguely familiar.’ She said.

‘Do you have one too?’ Candi asked.

‘No, I don’t, but Rob’s fiancée, Trish, does.’

‘Mmm, does she go nuts when you play with it?’

‘I think I can honestly say that it enhances sex for both of us.’ I answered.

‘My husband loved it too. And I find it helps get me off faster when I jill myself.’ Candi told us. I was impressed by her totally open attitude. I was getting excited about having her meet Trish. It was like they were cut from the same mold.

Sue and I had our hands on Candi now and we slowly began to move them together. Our touch made Candi relax and soon we were stroking her together and the conversation ceased.

Candi closed her eyes. I followed Sue’s lead as we worked our way down her legs to her feet and then back up again. We skipped over her hips and on to her belly. We worked up her ribs and gently massaged her breasts. I did her arms separately while Sue massaged Candi’s face and scalp. Then we came back down to her breasts and did a more stimulating massage. We tweaked her nipples and pulled on them lightly. I felt it hardening between my fingers and we knew we were making her feel good by the low moan that we heard. It was almost like a cat purring.

With our free hands we began to massage Candi’s vaginal area. She was receptive and let her legs fall open wider. Together we pulled her labia open and as we sensed her juices flowing I inserted a finger. Then as I withdrew it Sue put one in. We alternated our penetration for a minute or two. Candi was beginning to slowly thrust herself towards our invasive fingers. Then we changed the pace slightly and inserted our fingers together. E wiggled them gently inside her as we gave her a tandem two finger fuck.

Now Candi was rocking to the motion and we kept up our playful twisting on her nipples.

‘Oh yes! Mmm. Oh that feels so good!’ she moaned as we added another finger each. She now had four fingers in her pussy and the squishy noise added to the excitement of the moment.

Candi’s legs were spread wide open and her knees were bent and the back of my hand rubbed against Sue’s as our pace quickened.

‘Oh yes! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! Ohh. Ohh yeah!’ Candi cried out as I felt the first waves of her orgasm rolling through her pussy. Her juices were dripping into the palm of my hand. I used my thumb to rotate the ring in her clit. She went wild.

‘Oh God yes! Uuh! Mmm. Oh yeah! Yes! Yes! Yes!’

I looked at Sue and we smiled at each other knowing that we were bringing so much pleasure to our new friend. Candi’s orgasm kept on coming and we kept up our fingering until she finally began to slow down. As we withdrew our fingers Sue moved her hand up to Candi’s mouth and let her lick her own cum from her fingers. I bent down and lightly kissed and licked the remaining cum and sweet juice from Candi’s pussy. I brought her to a secondary orgasm when I pulled on the clit ring with my teeth. Sue replaced her fingers with her mouth and shared a hot wet juicy kiss with Candi while we gently brought her back down from her orgasmic high. The aroma of sex filled my nostrils and I cleaned Candi’s bare pussy completely before I finally looked u and we all smiled that sweet smile of total satisfaction.

I know that I get as much pleasure from getting someone else off as I do from being pampered by my partners. internet casino And I think Sue is the same way. Neither one of us had cum of course, but we both were thrilled by what we had done.

Candi was catching her breath and quietly calming herself down before she spoke again.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever had a massage quite like that before. In fact I’m not sure if I’ve ever cum quite like that before. Could I book another appointment for next week? Or maybe a series?’

We all laughed.

‘I mean seriously, do you guys give massages like that all the time?’

Sue and I looked at each other and smirked. Sue replied, ‘Only for our special friends. And of course, every massage is different. But I’ll look forward to the next time we can get together like this.’

‘What about you Rob? Have you guys done this to Trish before?’

I admitted, ‘Yes we have, and you know she loves it. I can’t wait for you to meet her. You both have a lot of the same qualities.’

‘Like what?’ Candi asked.

‘You’re both beautiful…from the inside out. You’re sexy. You wear the same jewelry in the exact same place… Do you have any children?’

Candi’s eyes reflected a note of sadness. ‘No. I always wanted to have a daughter. But my husband was so busy all the time, he was afraid to make a commitment that he knew would change our lives so much. He was content to work hard and provide a nice home and life just for the two of us. Now it’s just me. ‘

‘Well that’s all the more reason for you to meet Trish. She has two wonderful daughters and I know that they will love you too. She won’t be willing to part with them, but you’ll find out that Trish is more than willing to share all of the wonderful bits of her life with people that she loves. And I have no doubt that she will fall totally in love with you.’

I changed the subject slightly by asking them both, ‘Do either of you have plans for dinner tomorrow?’

Sue and Candi exchanged blank looks.

‘I’d like to have you both come over to our house tomorrow and we’ll cook dinner outside. It’ll be a perfect way for us to get to know each other even better.’ I had considered adding them to our party for tonight, but I knew that it would be too busy and hectic and I really want to allow for a more intimate meeting for Trish and Candi. There will be plenty of other times to introduce her to some of our other friends.

Again Sue and Candi looked at each other, but now they were smiling and nodding their heads.

‘Sure. That sounds good.’ They said together.

‘OK then let’s plan on supper tomorrow around five thirty.’

‘What can I bring?’ Candi asked.

‘Just an appetite for food and fun.’ I told her.

Sue and I helped her sit up again on the table and we all kissed. Sue brought Candi’s clothes over to her and she casually dressed herself.

‘This has been such a great day!’ she said. ‘I never could have imagined it in my wildest dreams when I woke up this morning! Is every day in Sedona like this?’

Sue and I grinned. ‘We never know.’ Sue said, ‘That’s part of what it makes it all so exciting. Everyday is a mystery until it unfolds and becomes an adventure. I hope that you’ll be a regular player in our daily lives. You have a great spirit and we can all share a lot of love. I think you’re going to love living here.’

We all hugged and kissed and as we strolled back out to the driveway, we all agreed that this was just the first of what would surely be many happy days together.

As I drove home I thought about what a wonderful girl Candi is, and how anxious I was for her to meet Trish. Once I was home, I could barely contain my excitement and fortunately Trish understood and told me that she would look forward to tomorrow.

‘But,’ she confessed, ‘I’ve been wondering all day what you’re going to surprise us with tonight. Please tell me.’ She begged.

I thought for a moment and realized that my surprise was going to be a gift from the two of us after all, so I took her arm and led her into the bedroom. I wanted to share it with her, away from where the girls might hear.

‘Trish,’ I said, ‘I’m so excited about our wedding and it seems to be coming up so fast now. And I know how much you’re anticipating it too. So when it happens, I want to make the party and celebration last. So I’ve chartered a boat in the Caribbean. It’s a big boat. It’s got twelve staterooms, so we can take up to twenty of our friends with us. I know that we have to take Tom and Dawn and Joe and Rhonda and the girls, and that’s what we can surprise them all with tonight. They’ll need to make arrangements to be away for two weeks after the wedding. And we’ll have to decide who else we want to bring with us. We need to let everyone know ASAP so they can do the same.’

Trish’s eyes were wild with excitement as my words began to sink in. I could see that she had lots of questions to ask, but she was overwhelmed at the same time. All she really could do was hug me and kiss me while she was jumping up and down with joy.

‘Oh Rob! That’s fantastic! Do you have any brochures or stuff that I can see? Oh God! I can’t believe this! Oh Rob, I love you so much. This is like a dream! My life is like a dream everyday with you! Oh God! Just kiss me!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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