A Wild Night Of Passion

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Joanne was feeling betrayed, she had been dating frank for 4 months and was falling for him in a big way but there was one problem and that was Amy.

Franks girlfriend of several years and one son, she was desperate to find out who frank was sleeping with and when she found out, she would take care of this woman once and for all. Little did she know that the woman her boyfriend was sleeping with was the girlfriend of her ex-husband Robert.

“talk about a small world” Amy thought to herself when she saw frank and Joanne walking down central avenue holding hands. She knew that her ex-husband worked down the street and decided to put her plan for revenge into action.

Bobby had been working at the TV repair shop for 11 years and hardly ever missed a day of work. He lived by a motto his father had instilled in him and that was “you never have too much money” and his job was even more important to him now that he was raising 4 children on his own because him and Joanne had split up going on 18 months now and most of his time was spent raising the children and working which did not leave much time for any thing else.

Amy entered the TV shop and saw bobby waiting on a perspective customer and she waited patiently until he was through before walking up to the counter and giving bob a tell-tale smile.

“what’s up?” Amy asked as bobby finished ringing up his sale and putting the money from the sale into the register. “nothing much” bobby said quietly, wondering why all of the sudden his ex wife was in his place of business after he hadn’t seen or talked to her in several years.

“why do I get the feeling this is not a social call?” bobby asked with curiosity. “well it is and it isn’t. .” Amy replied with a low voice.

“I was wondering if you had seen frank around lately?” Amy asked. “yeah, I have seen him recently” bobby said “I saw him with my ex -girlfriend yesterday bobby exclaimed.

So!, she is fucking frank!! Amy thought to herself

“well we will see about that!.”

Amy asked bobby to do her a favor and meet her back here in front of the store at 6 pm to which bobby replied “sure, what did you have in mind?”

I, m going to get even with frank in a big way! Amy said with anger in her voice and with that she walked out of the shop and climbed in her car and sped away leaving bobby wondering what Amy was up to. Amy returned at about a quarter to 6 and waited for bobby to close up shop. Just as bobby was about to close up the store, Joanne (his ex and the mother of his children) and bahis firmaları Frank came walking up to the door and knocked on it. Bobby unlocked it and let them in knowing Amy was in the back of the shop using the bathroom.

“this ought to be good ” bobby thought to himself as Amy returned from the bathroom and glared silently at the couple standing in the middle of the showroom.

Well, well, well!! Amy exclaimed: what have we here?

. Frank was speechless and scared, scared because he knew that both Amy and Joanne had tempers and had no qualms about punching a man like frank in his face. “what are you doing here?” Joanne asked in surprise. “oh I was just wondering if you knew what what was really going on with Frankie here? Amy exclaimed with growing anger in her voice. “why what is going on? Joanne asked, looking back at frank inquisitively and smelling a rat in the process. Amy whipped out a stack of letters and handed them to Joanne. “I just thought you would like to know what is really going on here with mr dickhead” Amy scowled.

There was several moments of silence while Joanne quickly fingered through the letters that were written to Amy… The most recent being just 3 days ago. “what the hell?” Joanne hollered in anger, all the while glaring at frank. “you were planning to leave me tomorrow and go back to Amy?

Joanne yelled as she walked towards frank. Bobby knew that look all tto well.. He had lived with Joanne for 11 years before the break-up and he could see the storm building on the horizon. “y-y-yes” frank stuttered nervously, knowing he was standing in deep shit!!. Amy looked at Joanne and said “you can, t trust him Joanne, he leads through life with his dick instead of his brain” Amy declared with authority in her voice sounding like the detective who just solved the big case and had the suspect cornered with no where to go.

“I oughta kick your ass frank” Joanne said as tears of anger welled up in her eyes, “but i, m not going to because your not worth it” Joanne re-iterated. Frank was speechless as Joanne turned to leave the shop but Amy had other ideas as she walked up to frank and smacked him hard across the face, sending his glasses flying across the showroom. “I don, t ever want to see you near my house agian you bastard” Amy declared and walked away leaving frank speechless and humiliated, her revenge was complete.. Or was it. She suddenly found herself thinking what Joanne would be like in the sack.. After all, Amy was bi-sexual and so was Joanne and Amy knew it. “what better way to kaçak iddaa really rub frank’s nose in shit then to sleep with his girl?” Amy thought to herself and a devilish smile came across her face. When all parties involved were outside in front of the store, bobby locked it up and started to take the daily walk home when suddenly Amy asked “hey bobby, why don, t you and Joanne come over to my house for dinner tonight?” bobby did not have any other plans fror the evening, the only problem bobby had was finding a babysitter for the kids.

After some lengthy discussion between the 3 parties, it was decided that bobby, s friend paul would watch the kids for the night and bobby and Joanne would stay at Amy’s house overnight. This pleased bobby because the prospect of screwing the 2 women in his life that had meant the most to him was more than he could possibly hope for… And at the same time too.

But Amy had other ideas.. She had no intention of allowing bobby into her bed that night, but every intention of sleeping with Joanne if she played her cards right. For you see… She wanted to rub bobby’s face in it (shit) too just to be spiteful and because she knew she could.

Together the trio took off in Amy, s car, leaving frankstanding dazed and confused and very upset with himself for allowing himself to become entangled in such a mess. The 3 then went to bobby’s house and picked up the kids and dropped them off at paul and kathy’s before heading off to Amy’s house. Amy licked her lips in anticipation of what was to come… If everything went her way, she would have Joanne, s face between her legs before the night was thru and she also smiled quietly to herself as she thought about the little surprise she had in store for Joanne once she got her alone in her bedroom.

At Amy’s house, Joanne and bobby and herself sat at Amy’s kitchen table passing around a few joints and laughing about the day’s events.

The pot had a powerful effect on bobby as he had not eaten all day and had worked 11 hours that day as well and soon bobby fell fast asleep at the kitchen table. Upon seeing this, Amy suggested that her and Joanne go into her room and close the door where they could talk more in private and to her surprise and delight, Joanne quickly agreed and skipped into Amy’s room ahead of her.

Amy had a smile of victory on her face as she closed the bedroom door behind her… And locked it.

A short time later, bobby awoke to find himself alone at the kitchen table and his mind was somewhat foggy from the grass they kaçak bahis had smoked.

It took a few seconds before bobby realized that Joanne and Amy were not there. As he sat there wondering what had happened, he suddenly heard moaning coming from Amy’s bedroom and quietly tip toed to the door and pressed his ear against it.

What he heard next made his cock come to life in the cinfines if his jeans. “oh Joanne” he heard Amy cry out “lick me right there’, oh god!!, yes, yes, right there.” It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on, after all,,, Joanne and Amy were both bi-sexuals and bobby knew this to be true.

“I, ve got to know what is going on in there” bobby said to himself as he made his way through Amy’s apartment and down the hall stairs and down the alley outside and up the fire escape to Amy’s bedroom window and once he got there he was pleased to see that the window was open about 5 inches and the curtains were parted just enough to be able to get a clear view of the entire bedroom. Luckily, the fire escape was concealed from the streetlights by a huge tree that towered up along the back of the building so bobby was easily concealed in the darkness. When bobby peeked in through the open window, his cock was rock-hard and his breathing came fast as he watched the scene taking place on Amy’s queen-sized bed. Joanne’s head was buried and bobbing between Amy’s wide-spread thighs which were pulled up towards her breasts and spread wide, allowing Joanne easy access to her steaming pussy which was pulsing against Joanne’s mouth, lips and tongue. Joanne. S hands were on Amy’s thighs just behind her knees, thus keeping them spread wide open. Amy’s pussy was spread open before Joanne like a blooming flower and Joanne would alternately lick it up and down and then fuck her tongue deep in Amy’s cuntal opening causing Amy to raise her hips and mash her steAmy twat into Joanne’s receptive face all the while cupping Joanne’s rapidly bobbing head and trapping it firmly against her pussy.

Amy’s head thrashed wildly from side to side, her face contorted in ecstasy and feelings of intense pleasure being created by Joanne’s lips and tongue

Sliding and sucking on her hot, humid cunt.

She intensified her grip on her lover’s wildly rotating head and twirled her fingers in Joanne’s hair as she shot her pelvis up in a rapid up and down motion as she fucked Joanne’s receptive face causing Joanne’s serpent-like tongue to spear deeper into the warm recesses of her pussy.

Suddenly and without warning, Amy reached around the back of Joanne’s head and interlocked her fingers as she spread her thighs and pulled them back as far as she could and began a vigorous piston like motion into Joanne’s juice-covered face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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