A Woman’s Fantasy

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It happened 2 years ago, I never planned it, it just happened. I was 38 years back then and had been married since I turned 18. I’ve never had an extra marital affair before but of course have considered it many times. I never strayed outside my marriage and I consider myself to be a great wife, mother and an excellent consultant.

Sometimes in my line of work, my travels take me to remote areas of the country and on occasion, overnight stays are required. It was on such a trip that I ended up in Hurricane Mills Tennessee. Not very much there except for a motel, a gas station and restaurant/truck stop type place and a few odd small factories. It was seven in the evening and after a long day of travel and meeting with my client at one of those small factories for most of the day that I finally checked into the motel. As if it was such a great gesture on the motel’s behalf, they included a coupon for one free drink at the bar for each night of stay. It really wasn’t that great of a place but for the sake of not driving too far in the mornings, I chose to stay in Hurricane Mills. Before having diner, I thought I’d take advantage of my free drink at the bar.

Needless to say the bar was empty except for another woman who I assumed was another guest, the bartender, and myself. After a few minutes at the bar, the other woman struck up a conversation with me and we exchanged small talk. She was in town on business as well and as a medical auditor for the state she explained, she travels extensively for her job. She was here to inspect the medical procedures at the local state penitentiary. She introduced herself as Julie and came across as very pleasant and well spoken. She looked to be in pretty good shape, rather tall and slender, with jet-black hair and a killer smile. We munched on finger foods and chatted until around 9 or so then we said our good nights and I retired to my room.

It was the next evening that changed my life. Again I arrived back at the motel around 7 pm and thought I’d stop by the bar and have that free daily drink again before going to diner. Julie was there when I arrived she greeted me and motioned me over to join her. We each ordered a glass of wine and just sort of continued our chat from last night. By 7:30 we decided that we should have diner together since both of had not eaten yet. There was an Italian family owned restaurant just half a block away and we decided that would do, the street was well lit and we wouldn’t have to drive. As we walked over, I was thinking it was nice, not to have diner alone for a change. It never fails, when a single woman on business goes into a restaurant or bar by herself, every swinging dick in the place figures she’s out there to get laid. So tonight, I didn’t mind the company.

The restaurant was nicer inside than we expected. Once seated, we noticed all the tables covered with white linen and full silverware settings neatly laid out. The room was dimly lit with soft background music playing that added a rather nice romantic touch to it. We ordered a bottle of Chablis with our diner and clicked our glasses together before taking a sip. Julie and I talked about our husbands, kids, work, and health etc. I told I was 38 years old and she told me she was 45. It surprised since she looked much younger, I had her pegged canlı bahis at around 38-40, we woman do that all the time. It was incredible just how well we got along. We had the same views on such topics as abortion and child rearing. It was like we had been friends for years. We talked and had eaten a lot that night throwing our diets to the wind and we realized we had consumed all of the Chablis. We were on our second bottle when our entrée’ arrived. I was having the veal Marcella and Julie chose the seafood Italiano.

Now I’m somewhat outgoing but Julie was defiantly an extrovert. She had a way of drawing you in when she speaks to you and her mannerism makes one feel comfortable being around her. By the time we were done with our meals, Julie was awfully giddy and I was feeling no pain. The wine had played its tricks on us and we agreed that we were both a little shit faced. This was definitely weird. After diner we walked or should I say stumbled back to the motel. Lord knows we both needed the walk after a meal like that. We arrived, and discovered the small bar was closed for the night. It was rather odd since it was only 10:30 pm. What the hell! We said. What’s going on? Julie suggested we go to her room, she had a couple of those little wine bottles that you get from airlines chilling in the fridge. Her room came with a small fridge and a microwave. I was a little tired but since it was only 10:30, I thought it was a good idea for half an hour or so. On the way to her room, we joked about how some guys can be such pigs all the while making pig grunt noises and we giggled like a couple of drinking college girls all the way to her room.

Once in her room, I plopped down on the bed and put my feet up while she busied herself searching and opening those two cute little airlines wine bottles. We joked about their size. Julie poured each of them out into a glass handed me one. We held them up and said “cheers” and took a sip. As late as it was and realizing that I just a little too much to drink, I stretched further down against the back of the headboard, adjusted my skirt so it didn’t ride high up my thighs and kicked off my shoes, “my feet are killing me” I said as I kicked my heels off. She turned slightly and said “if you don’t mind, I’m going to get out of these things. I’ve been bound up in this monkey suit since 7 this morning. I didn’t give her action a second thought since I myself was in the same situation not taking the time to change out of my work attire.

Julie was wearing a dark blue skirt and jacket with a plain white blouse. It was a typical woman’s business suit. She wore her skirt above the knees more on the short side, a little snug around her hips and thighs but still tastefully conservative and business looking. It looked great on her and she looked very professional. With her back to me, she began to strip and change into a robe. After she removed her jacket, skirt and blouse and was standing there in her panties and bra, I couldn’t help but steal a peak and then scolded myself quietly for doing so. Julie was quite shapely for her age. She had little if any sags, and was very firm. I told her she’s doing a good job of looking after herself because she looked great! and apologized for peaking. As she was putting on her robe with her back to me, she turned her bahis siteleri head to face me and smiled. “I wish I could look that good!” I commented. “You look pretty good yourself, what are you talking about?” she said. I responded, “no way babe, you’ve been drinking!” “No really, your very pretty and your body looks fantastic.” she said. I responded by saying “it’s amazing how well clothing can cover up all the flaws.” We both laughed.

Maybe it was the wine that we had plowed back during diner but with her comment, I felt myself go flush. I felt butterflies in my stomach and felt that familiar wet warm feeling in my pussy. I knew we were a little wasted but I thought it odd for her to casually go ahead and change in front of me like that, we hardly knew each other. I think she caught me checking her out her out while she was changing but I wasn’t worried about it. All I saw was the outline shape of her firm tight butt cheeks underneath her bikini panties. Was she flirting with me?, or is she a little too tipsy from drinking? I thought. Am I reading this right or am I just a little too drunk? Until this moment, I had never given a second thought about perhaps another woman coming on to me. Oh sure I’ve fantasized on many occasions that I was being eaten out by a woman while making love to my husband, but heck I never considered it to ever be a possibility. My thoughts were interrupted when she said, “you look real good Rose as she continued the conversation. You wear your clothes well and most woman would be envious.” I was feeling strange by her comments, almost flirty if I could describe it. My mind began to wonder what it would be like to caress another woman, what would it feel like to kiss Julie. Crazy, sexy, and absurd thoughts were going through my mind a mile a minute and I guess I justified them as the effects of too tired and too much wine.

Julie walked over to the other side of the bed, placed her glass on the end table and laid down on her left side facing me propping her head up with left her hand and elbow. She starred at me, I looked at her quizzically and smiled, “what?” I asked. She commented how nice my perfume was….”was it Claiborne?” she asked? I said, “Yes, you like it?” she shifted her body a little closer to get a better sniff and I noticed her bare breasts exposed from within her loose fitting robe. Her left breast was practically fully exposed in her attempt to shift closer. She must have slipped the bra off after putting her robe on. I was trembling at the site of her semi exposed breasts and now her face was just inches away from mine as she took a sniff of my neck to catch another scent of my perfume. “Mmm I love Claiborne,” she said “it’s one of my favorite” She started to tell me how much she enjoyed our diner together and how pleased she was to have made my friendship. “I never felt so at ease with another person after such a short period of time” she explained and I told her I felt the same way. Now more relaxed, I shifted to my right side supporting my head up with my hand and elbow to face her.

She leaned over to me again, placed her arm on my shoulder and gave me a hug. I felt her breasts pressing slightly against my arm and my heart was throbbing a mile a minute. I could feel my soaked panties from my dripping pussy. Not believing of what might bahis şirketleri be happening I surmised it was just a sisterly type hug, but then her lips touched my neck as she commented something about my perfume again. I heard her say something but my mind did not comprehend. Still with her arm on my shoulder and her face just inches away from mine, Julie asked if she could kiss me. Surprised and excited, I froze as I was unsure how to react to this newly found emotion. I was in a daze. I tried to say yes but couldn’t. Julie gently kissed me full on the lips and for a moment I remained dazed unable to respond. My free hand went to her waist and we pulled each other in to tighten our embrace. She kissed me and held me tight and trance like, I responded. By now I was beside myself enjoying this forbidden encounter. Julie broke the kiss off first and said “I’ve wanted to kiss you from the first moment I saw you Rose.” She had never done this before and had been wanting to play out her fantasy for years” she explained “if I’ve offended you” she said, “please forgive me”. “No not at all” I expressed, I feel flattered and excited.”

Julie placed her hand on my breast and we kissed, a deep passionate kiss as I moved my arms around her waist and tried to pull her even closer. Our kiss lingered and she began to undress me, slowly at first then I helped her. She removed her robe and we both lay on the bed with only our panties on. We were almost fully naked side by side rubbing our bodies together in boiling lust. Julie was a gentle aggressor as she moved her hand tenderly down to my now soaking wet pussy and began rubbing my clit through the panties with her fingers. She said “you’re really wet down there” and with that we removed our panties. She took my hand and placed it on her drenched pussy. I glided my fingers in and out of soaking wet cunt, as we lay side-by-side with our tongues lashing furiously in and out of each others mouth. I came first. I had never cum that fast in my life and with such intensity. I rarely have orgasms!

Julie came right after me and as she came, I sucked on her breasts feeling rather smug with myself that I actually got her off! We caressed and held each other for what seemed to be an eternity and she asked me if my husband ever goes down on me. I replied “yes, but not as often as I’d like him to” with that Julie began to suck on my breasts, kiss my stomach and lick my navel. She placed her mouth on my pussy and began to lick me there. I was screaming in delight as she paused and asked if she was as good as her husband. It was nothing like how my husband ever did it! I felt like I was being eaten for the first time! I came again and again with such intensity that I felt almost faint. It was amazing. She eventually let me eat her and by now I wanted to so badly. We spent that entire night eating each other out, holding, kissing, caressing and fist fucking each other till early dawn. Unfortunately the next day was a travel day for both of us and we had to part our ways. On my flight home, I couldn’t help but notice how sore my poor little pussy and how pretty the stewardess were.

We have phoned each other several times since then and got each other off over the phone but have never been able to get together. I look at woman now in a whole new way but I haven’t perused any. I’m thinking of trying to seduce someone on my next business trip but in the meantime, it has spruced up my sex life with my husband and of course he doesn’t know anything about it.

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