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They had known each other since junior high, went out off and on but nothing serious came of it. Celeste had always liked if not loved Kyle, but everyone could see that he needed to grow up a bit before he was ready for a real relationship. And Celeste, for the most part, was content to wait for him. Only, Kyle didn’t seem to feel the need to wait, and his numbers kept rising, by the time they graduated high school he had “gone out” with about 30-odd girls. All of which in Celeste’s opinion didn’t deserve him. But still Celeste waited. She waited and waited, watched and admired him from, not the role of girlfriend (which she greatly desired) but that of friend. Celeste was beginning to despise that word, “friend”. It seems that it was time for drastic measures. One day, about six months after graduation, things just got to be too much for Celeste. She just had to do something to attract Kyle’s attention. But first let me tell you a little bit of what they looked like. Celeste was a pleasantly rounded 5’7″, 36 D chest, long wavy honey blonde hair and deep dark blue eyes, Kyle on the other hand was 5’9″ muscular (with out being over powering or too much), short light brown hair and hazel eyes.

So, back to the story, Celeste needed to attract Kyle’s attention, so she thought up a plan. A dangerous, exciting and if pulled off and incredibly satisfying plan. It was time to seduce him. And what better time than the holiday season? She knew she couldn’t pull it off alone so she enlisted some friends to help her with the details. As it turned out a close friend of hers, Marie (a very good friend with a body like a vixen from the 20’s) was going out of town to visit family for a couple of days and offered Celeste the use of her apartment while she was away. This helped Celeste’s plan immensely, seeing as both Kyle and she still lived at (their respective) homes. So she had the place, all she had to do now was to get Kyle’s interest hooked. Then get him there and naked. Time to put the plan into action. To start she wrote notes.

Notes to tantalize, tease, seduce, ensnare and intrigue the senses and mind. She wrote,


“I yearn to feel your touch against my fevered skin. I long to taste your lips clinging to mine. I’ve wished to savor the delights your body hints at. I dream of you and me.”

<3 A little forward, but it works. Anyway, the notes, she sent five each more suggestive and revealing than the last. But never did she sign them with her name. Not even the sixth note. The final note, K. “Its time, its time to end these feverish desires and act on long awaited fantasies. Here is what you need to do. Drive to the address on the other slip of paper; use the key to let yourself in. Take off your coat and shoes and make yourself comfortable. Then put the blindfold on and wait. “ <3 Celeste named a time and date, stuck it all in an envelope and left if where she left all the other notes. The windshield of his car. After accomplishing this Celeste decided to do some shopping for the next part of her plan. Stopping at the “adult toy shop” first, she found exactly what she was looking for, a blue satin half-mask for herself. Then one her way home she decided to stop at a very reputable lingerie store (no names needed here) and found the perfect ice blue silk and lace teddy, it was on the expensive side, but she figured it was all for the cause. Finally the day arrived, the day she had been waiting for for so long. She took extra care in bathing and dressing that night, using her good bath salts and shampoo, all of which smelled like heavenly strawberries. Combed and took a blow dryer to her hair, buffed and polished her fingernails and toenails, smoothed strawberry lotion into every inch of skin, making her soft and silky. Basically making sure everything was perfect so nothing went wrong. She drove to the apartment complex, automatically scanning the parking lot for Kyle’s car. When she saw it sitting there she felt and intense burst of panic followed poker oyna by a quick rush of lust making her wet just from the sheer excitement of the situation. Climbing out of her car she checked one last time to make sure her mask was still in place. Then climbing the stairs and letting herself into the apartment she called out in a low voice.

“Are you wearing the blindfold?”

Kyle’s answer came floating across the room to her, his tone equally hushed. “Why don’t you come in and find out?”

So she entered, walking into the living room area she sees that he is indeed wearing the blindfold, also he had made himself quite comfortable. Kyle was sitting relaxed in a black leather recliner, blindfold in place, hands folded loosely in his lap barely covering the fact that he had undone the top button on his dark-wash jeans. Celeste could see his hard-on straining against the zipper, and licked her lips in anticipation of the night’s events.

“Are you ready for me?” She asked, keeping her voice low incase he recognized it. “After those notes you sent how could I not be?” He replied, lifting his hands in mock query. Conveniently giving Celeste an excellent view of his crotch.

Throughout the short conversation she had walked across the room and was standing directly in front of Kyle, barely half a foot away. So close she couldn’t resist running her hand down the side of his face past his neck and all the way down his chest. Stopping to rest on his stomach before slipping underneath his black cotton t-shirt and lifting it up.

Caressing his chest drew moans from both their throats at the same time, which caused Celeste to giggle and some of the tension seeped out of the room, relaxing her enough so that she sat astride his sturdy lap for better access. Slipping both of her hands beneath his shirt she lifted and kept lifting until he was forced to raise his arms so she could remove it altogether. Which she did with great joy. Throwing it across the room, she leaned forward and started placing long lingering kisses on his chest, from just above his right nipple up past his collarbone, ending just below his ear. Where she teased and licked drawing another groan from his throat.

“Higher or lower, but babe you have to pick soon.” Kyle ground out between clenched teeth.


*Let’s see what he does about this! * Celeste thought to herself. She leaned back just far enough to let her hand reach down between them to the zipper of his pants, as she eased it down she could hear his breathing pick up pace and turn ragged. When she finished the task, she caressed him one more time through his boxers, running her fingers over the tip of him, which was peaking out of the front panel, before abruptly letting go. Leaning forward and placing her lips on his softly at first, just savoring the simple contact, when she felt his hands at the back of her head and neck bringing her closer to deepen the kiss. Lips met with almost bruising force, tongues dueled fighting for control until Celeste couldn’t take it anymore and just gave in to the sensation and let him lead…for now.

Both were breathing hard when she broke the kiss. She got up off his lap and walked across the room under the ruse of turning on music, but in reality she needed to gain some of her control back. Kyle was confused by her sudden withdrawal until he heard the faint strains of music floating across the room.

“Are you coming back here anytime soon?” He asked when, after a few moments he still hadn’t felt her touch. Little did he know she was stripping out of her jeans and t-shirt and into a short black robe over her ice blue teddy. Loosely belting the robe as she walked around the back of the chair, trailing the fingertips of one hand across his chest and up his neck to land in his hair. Pulling slightly she tipped his head back and took his mouth from the side. Slipping her tongue into his mouth and taking over, teasing and stroking his tongue before releasing his mouth so she could travel the rest of the way canlı poker oyna around the chair to kneel between his splayed legs.

Celeste ran her hands up and down his thighs, feeling through his jeans the muscles bunching and tightening. Reaching his waistband again she urged him to lift his hips away from the chair, hooking her fingers in the waistbands of both his boxers and jeans she slid them down his legs to puddle at his feet. Watching hungrily as his erection sprang free. Kneeling up to run her hands on his chest because she couldn’t resist, she felt him kick away his pants, as her hair tickled and brushed against his upper thighs.

“I hope I won’t be needing those anytime soon.” Kyle inquired out loud and Celeste could see one eyebrow rise over the top of the blindfold.

“Well if you really want those back it can be arranged.” She answered with a sly smirk that she knew he couldn’t see. “No, that’s alright, I REALLY want to see where this is going.” Satisfied with his answer Celeste leaned forward again and ran her hands through his hair down his neck to his chest where she stopped briefly to tweak his nipples and watch him jerk from the pleasure of it before continuing her decent. Grazing her fingers over his abdomen, lower and lower until she reached the spot she had dreamed about so much.

Celeste heard Kyle suck in a harsh breath as she let herself loosely grasp him, her fingertips just barely over-lapping and ran her hand up and down his 8-inch length. She took a quick glance up to assure herself that his blindfold was still on before she leaned forward and placed her lips against the crown of his erect member in a feather light kiss. Her hair formed a golden curtain around her, moving her lips up and down his shaft in caressing light movements before slipping her lips over his engorged purple head and sucking him lightly into her mouth. She softly ran her teeth over him, then using her tongue she licked him all around like a lollipop. Making sure to remember the ultra-sensitive spot on the underside of him. Kyle’s deep groan was music to Celeste’s ears as she drew him deeper into her mouth sucking and licking his member as far down the shaft as she could go, and using her hand to fondle his balls, softly scrapping her nails along his skin.

Celeste was so engrossed in what she was doing that she barely noticed Kyle sliding his hands into her hair, until he started tugging her up and off of him. Bringing her back up to face level until he could capture her mouth in a fierce kiss. Releasing his hold on the back of her head he slid his hands down, one to rest on her neck to tilt her head to grant him better access to her mouth. The other hand he slid even further down to her knee, where he hooked it and brought it up and over his. Switching hands he did the same with the other hand until she was sitting astride him once again.

Temporarily satisfied he let his hands rest on her naked thighs while he probed the depths of her mouth with his tongue. Celeste was on fire from the feel of his exposed organ pressed against her stomach. She pulled away from the kiss gasping and trying to catch her breath. Twisting her upper body sideways to reach the table set next to the chair she fumbled around until she found what she was searching for. The little foil packet. She turned back to face Kyle once again and was surprised to see that he had removed the blindfold and was staring at her intently with fire burning in his eyes.

“OH!” Kyle didn’t say anything in response to her shocked gasp, just looked her in the eyes, placed a soft lingering kiss on her already plump lips and slipped the condom from her hand. “No way, let me do that.” She said as she broke the kiss.

“Alright by me.” Was the last thing he said as he slipped her robe down and off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. Moving on to stripping her of her teddy before it even hit the floor. By the time this task was accomplished Celeste had the condom out of its wrapper and rolled halfway down his length.

By internet casino the time she was finished not a sound could be heard over the noise of their breathing. She was wet and ready for him as he brushed his fingers over her mound and down to her crease. Slipping between her flushed and swollen folds, he pushed a finger inside making her gasp in pleasure and grab onto his shoulders to keep her balance. Satisfied with what he found he grabbed her plump backside and lifted her up till her opening was poised over him. Using her hands on his shoulders for leverage she slowly lowered herself until just the tip of him was inside her.

“Oh God!” and Please more” Where the only words spoken and neither knew which of them were saying them.

She teased him, making him wait, and with a growl of frustration he pushed up into her until he was totally sheathed by her clasping velvet smooth walls, making them both moan from the sheer pleasure of the feeling. She could feel the restrained power radiated form inside her, felt consumed and infused with it. Celeste arched her back and offered her breast up to him, which he gladly accepted, taking its knotted peak into his mouth and sucking in time to her thrusts down onto him, making her gasp and pull his head closer. Taking one last swipe with his tongue to assure that it was perfectly ripe he moved to the other side and began anew. She kept moving, lifting herself up until only the head of him remained in her before lowering back down upon him until he was all the way seated inside her again. She continued at this slow even pace until Kyle could take it now more and started lifting in time with her.

They were both grunting and panting like animals while Kyle was gradually taking over until he was in charge once again. Thrusting in and out faster and faster as she brought his hand from her hip around to the front to place it one her mound in a silent plea for more. So he did, he delved a finger down to her nub and rubbed in time to their thrusts. Soon they were pounding and grinding together faster and on the brink, his hand a blur of movement between them until they both shouted out.

“KYLE!” (from Celeste) “UNGAHHHHHHHHH!” (from Kyle)

Crying and gasping their simultanious release, the world exploding around them. Both saw fireworks bursting before their eyes, white-hot fire raced along their veins and chills ran down their spines. With one last thrust Celeste slumped onto Kyle’s chest in glorious satisfaction while Kyle kissed the top of her head and ran his hands up and down her back, both fighting to regain their breath.

When she was able to breathe again Celeste moved up and cuddled off to the side and rested her head against Kyle’s shoulder. When he heard her sigh he nudged her chin so he could look into her eyes while he placed a delicate and sweet kiss on her swollen lips.

“Why the big sigh Celeste?”

Celeste sat straight up in shock “How’d you know it was me?” she asked as she tried to think. “You really want to know?” at her nod yes he told her.

“Since the first note. I realized about a month ago, what my feelings for you were, and I thought about everything over the years, between you and I that is, and I realized how incredibly stupid and clueless I have been. But I knew that if I tried to come on to you now that you would think I was joking or that I couldn’t be serious, so I waited. Hoping you would make a move, and just when I was starting to get restless and worried, your note showed up. And I knew it was from you because I recognized your writing style from all the other signed notes you had sent to me over the years. So I just waited to see where you would go with it, and Voila! Here we are.”

Celeste could do nothing more than stare into Kyle’s eyes, seeing for herself the truth of his words reflected in their depths. “Well, It’s about damn time!” She yelled right before she flung her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. Conveying all her love and passion to him in that one kiss.

“I love you.” She whispered against his lips. “I love you too.” He whispered right before he kissed her again. And they proceeded to show each other how much for the rest of the weekend, and so on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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