Adventures of a Sales Executive Ch. 01

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Jane is a very successful sales executive. She sells food products for her company whose customers consist of catering outlets such as Pubs and Restaurants.

A very attractive girl Jane is 5feet 9 inches and a size 10 dress. She regularly works out and her body is lean and firm. She has very long legs and usually wears short skirts to accentuate them.

It was Wednesday and almost one in the afternoon. She had been very busy that morning opening two new accounts, and she was feeling hungry.

‘I know of a good little bakery shop near here where I can grab a bite to eat.’ She thought.

As she approached the shop she saw a woman about to put a closed sign in the window.

Jane ran to the door, the woman opened it a fraction.

‘I’m sorry I am about to close for the afternoon.’

‘Oh no, I just wanted a sandwich for my lunch.’

‘Sorry we sold out. I only make a small amount as Wednesday is my half day off.’

Pam, the owner looked at the attractive girl, noting her crisp white blouse and tan short skirt. Disappointment was clouding her otherwise flawless features. She smiled at Jane.

‘Look, I am just about to go to my apartment above the shop. I have a ham salad prepared. There is plenty enough for two?’

Jane’s eyes lit up.

‘Yes please, that is so kind of you.’

Pam opened the door and as Jane entered she purposely brushed against Pam’s thigh.

‘Was that deliberate or am I imagining it?’

She led the way through the shop and upstairs. Jane was ogling this woman’s shapely legs and tight ass. Pam was wearing a t-shirt and a loose summer skirt.

Jane was a fully fledged Lesbian, and always had an eye for an attractive girl. Jane was 25 years old and guessed Pam to be late thirties.

‘It is such a beautiful afternoon I was going to put my feet up and relax in the roof garden, so if you go up the next stair I’ll join you in a moment.’

‘Is there anything I can help with?’

Jane stroked Pam’s arm.

‘No it’s already prepared.’

Blushing she took her leave. In the kitchen she found her hand was shaking.

‘Get a grip what is going on? This girl is making me feel like a love sick schoolgirl. When she touched me I felt myself tingle in my panties. I have never even looked at a female before. This is ridiculous I’m 37 and this girl is affecting me in a new and strange way.’

When Pam came out carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses, she noticed Jane had made herself comfortable on a lounger with a foot rest. Her short skirt had ridden up exposing her long legs and thighs.

‘It’s not often I get company for lunch, so, will you join me?’

She offered a glass of wine.

‘Wow that is so good of you. I’m Jane.’


‘I’m Pam. Pleased to meet you.’

Blushing furiously she passed the wine. Jane held Pam’s wrist pretending to steady her hosts hand and held it longer than necessary she stroked the wrist. Pam snatched her hand away and sat opposite her guest. She took a gulp of wine, and surreptitiously stole a glance at Jane’s legs.

‘Oh I just saw her panties again. She is so beautiful. What am I thinking?’

‘This is a nice surprise enjoying a glass of wine and lunch with such an attractive girl to share it with.’

‘I’m hardly a girl I’m 37.’

‘I’m 25 do you like younger girls?’

‘I don’t like girls the way I think you mean.’

Jane knew the effect she was having on Pam. She liked to tease. So she crossed and uncrossed her legs a couple of times, causing Pam to blush even more. Pam could not stop güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri herself from looking. She was feeling very uncomfortable, her pussy twitched, causing her to squirm on her seat.

‘Are you feeling hungry, want to eat me?’

Jane licked her lips suggestively.

‘Oh, yes the food. I won’t be a moment.’

She dashed out of the terrace.

Jane grinned to herself. In the kitchen Pam leant against the wall. She was hot and flustered.

‘Don’t know what’s come over me I’m in a state




Must get her to stop?

Yes, No.

Oh god what do I want?

Must try and have a normal conversation.’

Returning with the food Pam tried to focus on Jane’s face.

‘How long do you have for lunch?’

Jane stretched lazily, raising her arms over her head; she thrust out her chest suggestively.

‘Well, I have reached my sales target so I can treat myself to a little time off and enjoy you. Do you live here alone?’

‘Yes I’m divorced. We had to sell our house and I bought the shop and the apartment with my share of the proceeds, so I think I came out of it pretty well all things considered.’

‘What happened?’

‘The usual, he was a lecturer at a college, ran off with an 18 year old student.’

‘So, whose in your life at the moment, boy, girl, lover?’

‘No one I am quite happy.’ Blushing furiously she concentrated on her food. The two girls enjoyed their lunch.

‘This is a great suntrap up here on the terrace Pam.’

‘Yes, I often sunbathe nude.’

‘Oh god what made me say that? I am just encouraging her which I don’t want to do, or do I?’

‘Mmm I can just visualise that.’

Jane purred seductively, grinning at Pam. She bent one leg giving a clear site of her thighs.

‘Do you like the view?’

Jane brazenly opened her legs.

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Pam decided to ignore the tingling this girl was making her feel. She stood up blushing bright red.

‘Yes do come and look at the view.’

She tried to make out she had misinterpreted Jane’s remark, and covering her embarrassment walked to the edge of the balcony.

‘I find this girl so alluring and sexy I almost want her to wrap me in her arms. I must stop these thoughts.’

Jane smiled to herself and joined Pam. They stood side by side, Jane edging her thigh so it was touching the other girls. She felt Pam tense. Then she moved her hand to lightly brush her arm. Pam shivered. Jane leaned in and whispered in her ear.

‘Did you like the other view?’

The feeling of her breath and her close proximity rendered her helpless. She nodded blushing again.

‘Say it.’

‘Y yes.’

Jane moved behind her new conquest and lightly kissed her cheek, and neck. She began nibbling her ear gently, and seductively. Pam melted. Gasping, she involuntarily relaxed scooping her bottom into Jane’s crotch.

‘Is that good, did you like it?’

‘You know I did.’

Jane turned Pam around, locking eyes with her; she held her face with both hands and kissed her lips teasing for an entrance. Pam opened her mouth and welcomed the intrusion. Their tongues danced together. The kisses grew intense, until both were hungrily devouring each other’s mouths and tongues.

Pam pushed Jane away from her, breathing heavily.

‘I can’t.’ She stammered. ‘It’s not right.’

Jane cupped Pam’s chin, lifting her face up so their eyes met.

‘You say that but your body is betraying how you feel isn’t it? Have you ever güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri been with a girl before?’

Pam shook her head.

‘I’ve been divorced 5 years now, not been with anyone since.’

‘Do you find me attractive?’

Jane butterfly kissed her face and neck.

‘God yes when you touch me and kiss me I just melt.’

Tears welled up in her eyes.

‘I don’t know what’s come over me, I’ve got goose bumps, and I ‘m shivering, yet I’m hot and flustered.’

Jane kissed her again, running her hands up and down Pam’s body. She grabbed her ass pulling the woman into her, kissing more urgently now, and caressing her buttocks. She lifted Pam’s top and she helped Jane remove it. Jane kissed the tops of the breasts covered in a lacy bra. Jane undid the clasp and slipped it off. With her breasts fully exposed Jane sucked a breast into her mouth and let her teeth graze the nipple. Pam gasped, and moaned with pleasure. Jane bit lightly on the nipple and switched to the other breast. She could feel Pam tremble.

‘Would you like to taste me?’

Pam nodded. Jane took off her blouse and bra. Holding Pam’s hands she placed them on her breasts. Pam stroked both nipples.

‘Oh my God they are so beautiful.’

She began kissing and licking following the example Jane had set. Jane threw her head back.

‘Yes I love it bite them.’

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Pam was revelling in her newly found sexual experience.

‘I can’t believe I am kissing another girls body like this.’

Jane undid the clasp on Pam’s skirt, and let it drop to the ground. She stroked her backside. Moving her hand round to squeeze the other girl’s sex, she gently ran her fingers over Pam’s quivering pussy feeling her through the material of her now damp panties. Pam shuddered.

‘Oh my god, If you do that I won’t be able to stop myself from coming.’

‘Just relax and let it all happen.’

Jane slipped her hand inside the panties caressing her buttocks. She wet a finger and slid it between Pam’s unsuspecting ass cheeks and teased the puckered hole.

‘Gasp! No one has ever touched me there not even my husband.’

Jane slipped the panties over her thighs, and down to her ankles, she held Pam whilst she stepped out of them. She resumed playing with her ass, and gently slipped a finger inside, while the other hand pushed two fingers into the sopping wet cunt. She slowly and sensually finger fucked both her ass and her pussy. Pam writhed and bucked. She let out a long moan, she could not control herself.

‘Uh uh, can’t stop it.’

Biting down on her lip to stop herself from screaming out, she shuddered, out of control completely at the mercy of her orgasm.

Holding on to Jane for support as her legs went weak. Jane kept her fingers busy until she felt her lover begin to calm down.

‘Ayah I’m sorry it was so powerful I couldn’t stop myself.’

Pam blushed furiously.

‘Don’t worry sweetie it gets better.’

Jane grinned.

She guided Pam to a lounger, moving the foot rest away; she pulled Pam to the edge of the seat, and knelt down. Jane prised Pam’s pussy lips open and marvelled at the glistening sight of a hot virgin pussy for a female tongue. She blew gently into the wet folds. Pam bucked involuntarily; she had never felt so aroused.

Jane ran her tongue up and down the exposed pussy lips and pushed her tongue inside. She could feel Pam spasm again. Slipping two fingers inside she began to explore the walls of her pussy, her tongue lapping at Pam’s clit. Panting, and güvenilir bahis şirketleri gasping, Pam was experiencing feelings she had never known before. Jane sucked her clit into her mouth, now pumping her pussy with a third finger, it pushed Pam over the edge again and she exploded. Her head rolled back she moaned with ecstasy.

‘Yes oh yes Ah mm.’

Jane sat next to her cuddling her and caressing her face, stroking her hair until she had calmed down and stopped shaking.

‘That was the best ever. I’m not sure I will be very good at it but I want to try and give you some of the pleasure you gave me. Not out here though can we go to my bedroom?’

‘Whatever you want is good for me.’

Pam led the way feeling very wanton knowing she was completely naked. Jane playfully slapped her ass watching her cheeks wobble sexily.

Pam stood by the bed.

‘Can I undress the rest of you while we kiss please?’

‘Go for it.’ Jane grinned.

She undid Jane’s skirt, letting it fall.

‘God your body is amazing.’

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She ran her hands over Jane’s ass and touched her pussy. Squeezing she pushed the panties into Jane’s welcoming slit, which drew a sigh of contentment from her. She removed the panties.

‘Darling lay on the bed on your back.’

Jane lay down, Pam straddled her.

‘I want to discover every inch of you.’

She started kissing Jane’s neck and breasts moving down her body. She had never felt so excited; Jane ran her hands through Pam’s hair encouraging her. Pam’s confidence grew as she saw the effect she was having on this gorgeous girl. She reached Jane’s shaved pussy and decided to copy what had been done to her. She ran her tongue up and down Jane’s pussy and found the smell of her arousal, and the taste of her juices was intoxicating.

Pam found Jane’s clit and sucked on it. Pushing two fingers inside, she finger fucked her while paying homage to her clit. Jane began writhing on the bed as Pam increased the pace of her fingers and tongue. She could feel the first waves of her impending orgasm.

‘Harder fuck me harder.’

Pam found this highly erotic, never having had control of anybody before. She pumped and sucked as hard as she could. Jane gave in to the sensations and climaxed. Shuddering, she gave herself to Pam. She flooded her face and fingers. Pulling Pam up, she licked and kissed her juices from her new lover.

They lay there basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. After a while they showered together, soaping each other and fingering, both of them enjoying another climax. They recovered their clothes, and prepared to part. Jane had a two hour journey home. Pam walked Jane to the back door.

‘If you turn right there is an alleyway to the side that will lead you to the front of the shop. Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon and for helping me to discover my true self. You have woken all sorts of feelings and desires in me. Remember I always close on Wednesday afternoon.’

She giggled.

‘Yes honey, but I have such a large area to cover, I’m not sure when I can get back, but I will.’

Jane could see the disappointment in her face and her heart melted.

She pushed Pam up against the wall, and holding both hands above her head she lifted Pam’s skirt. Pushing her panties to the side, she started to stroke her pussy. Soon Pam was moaning, and breathing heavily. Jane pushed three fingers into her dripping hole. Kissing her passionately she fucked her to another shattering orgasm. She clung on to Jane until she had stopped shaking and had regained her composure.

‘You make me weak at the knees; if you hadn’t held me up I would have slid down the wall and ended in a heap on the floor.’

They both giggled. They kissed again, and promised not to leave it too long before they saw each other again. They parted, until next time.


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