Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 04

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Gus made his way back into the city and parked on the street about a block away from his house. He enjoyed the contrast between his urban day-to-day and his naked weekends out in nature; for him this was the essence of balance. Making his way up the steps to his house he nodded at his neighbors who were out sitting on their front porches, enjoying the pleasant Sunday evening.

“How many did you catch this weekend, Gus?” His neighbor, John, asked.

“Nineteen smallies and one big flathead, John, it was a good trip! You’re welcome to join me one of these weekends if you like. Open invite.”

“I’m planning to take you up on that sometime, Gus. I’ll let you know. And 20 fish, that’s awesome,” John replied.

Gus nodded and headed into his house, grabbing Friday and Saturday’s mail out of the mailbox by his front door. The weekend was nearing its end. Gus stored his rods, tackle box, mats and tent, threw his barely worn clothes in the hamper, and stepped into his walk in steam shower to wash off the weekend. Even though it had almost been a full day since he had Bill’s ass in his mouth, he could still smell the remnants of his scent drifting out from his beard as he showered. Gus lathered his entire body head to toe with body wash; his fur acting as a diffusing sponge, holding lots of suds. As he rinsed the weekend off he used the soapy lather to stroke his 7.5inch cock, spraying a load of cum onto the tile wall of his shower. One final deep breath, and Gus put his latest adventure to rest. After each of his trips, Gus had a habit of releasing the adventure from his body and mind to place himself in the the right state for the work week.

Gus crawled into bed naked and reached over for his phone. He opened the message from Jake which read:

Gus, wow, I don’t even know what to say. This weekend was one of the best of my life. After Bill and I left your campsite, we chatted like teenage school girls for a couple hours, about our lives, and all we had just experienced with you. I told him that you and I knew each other from college and it wasn’t just a chance meeting, as you had told me where you would be. He said he kind of figured that, and had a faint idea that he had seen your picture on social media before and knew of you, though he couldn’t place it. He wasn’t upset. In fact, as canlı bahis şirketleri we sat there chatting, I couldn’t think of a time in Bill and my ten year friendship that I had ever seen him so relaxed. I guess you had just what he needed, and what I needed too. We were up really early and made our way downriver and back to the burbs before the afternoon to get back to it. Thanks again, bud! Until next time (and I hope there’s a next time!) – Your friend, Jake

Gus smiled, and switched screens over to the friend request from Bill. In his profile picture Bill had on a golf shirt, stretched to follow the contours of his stocky muscular frame, and a pair of khaki shorts, also short and rather tight, hugging his meaty legs. Gus knew what was hidden behind that zipper. “Accept,” Gus clicked, and fell off to sleep.

The week proceeded in run of the mill fashion and Gus was productive. On Thursday evening after work, Gus drove out to the suburbs to the Bass Pro Shop to grab a few supplies for the next weekend. He had found a secluded cabin on a small mountain stream up the Appalachians about 5 hours outside of town, and booked it back at the beginning of the year, and he needed to get some supplies to re-rig his fly rod and pick out a few flies for the brook and brown trout he was after. Gus always enjoyed wandering through Bass Pro Shop, or the man mall, as he called it. You couldn’t turn a corner without bumping into some nice eye candy. Gus made his way to the back corner of the store to the fly fishing section and was looking at row of pre-tied flies when a man spoke to him.

“Whatcha fishin’ for?” the man asked. Gus looked up and saw a handsome, bearded middle aged man looking at him.

“Just grabbing a couple flies for some brookies and browns,” Gus said

“Headed up to the mountains I guess?” the man asked.

“Yep, taking off tomorrow at noon to try out a new stream this weekend, hoping for tight lines a plenty.” Gus replied.

The man stared into Gus’ eyes and Gus’ stared back at him. He felt the same type of conflict in this man’s eyes and stare as he did when he first saw Bill looking at him. The man broke the stare, and looked down, almost embarrassed, and said, “Well good luck bud! I wish I could get away for fishing trips more often.”

Gus let his eyes take in canlı kaçak iddaa the handsome man in front of him. His light brown hair was trimmed high and tight and he was starting to bald up top. His face was oval shaped with a pronounced jawline. His eyes were a deep blue and his beard was close-trimmed and full, the same light brown as his hair. He had a solid build about him and was a couple inches shorter than Gus. The bottom third of a tattoo creeped out his right sleeve, and Gus recognized the the Semper Fi anchor curving around the southern hemisphere. The man held one hand in his left jean pocket, to hide his growing member, his wedding ring, or both, Gus assumed.?

“Thanks, bud,” Gus said, as he nonchalantly adjusted himself and put his eyes back on the flies in front of him. The man’s eyes widened as he could see the outline of Gus’ cut cock starting to bulge in his jeans. He turned and headed out of the fly fishing section and disappeared back into the man mall.

Gus grabbed a few choice flies that mimicked the insects he knew were in season, and made his way toward the check out counter. On his way back through the store, he caught sight of the Marine standing between some clothes racks near one of the fitting rooms, his eyes locked on Gus. Gus, nonchalantly walked toward the man, and grabbed a fishing shirt off one of the racks on his way. He didn’t say a word, walked past the man, nodded, and then entered the changing room, leaving the door slightly cracked. Gus removed his shirt and could see them man staring through the crack of the door, his mouth gaped open at the sight of Gus’ pelt. The man started toward the door, and before Gus knew it he had a companion in the fitting room and the door was closed.

Gus was happy that the doors at the man mall went all the way to the floor, it was less likely the two men would be seen by any roving store employee this way. Gus, bare-chested, looked into the man’s eyes, as the man brought his hands up and ran them through his fur. “Shhhh,” Gus mouthed as he noticed the wedding ring on the man’s finger and the bulge in his pants, he had been right on both counts.

The man fumbled with Gus’ belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Gus, commando as usual, flopped out in half-weighted glory, and the man consumed his cock to the base without hesitation. canlı kaçak bahis Gus, arched his back and looked up at the ceiling as the marine ravaged his quickly growing meat. “He’s definitely not a first-timer,” Gus thought as the man expertly used the combined motion of his mouth, tongue and hand to bring Gus close to eruption after only about a minute. Gus locked his fingers around the back of the man’s head and shoved his cock all the way down his throat through the gag reflex and spilled five pumps of semen directly into the man’s stomach. He caught his breath as the man arose from his knees, wiping his eyes and mouth. The marine kissed Gus on the mouth, and quickly exited the fitting room, shutting the door completely as he left.

Gus collected himself, smiled, and put his t-shirt back on. Locking beards had felt good, and he wished the kiss would have lasted a bit longer. He left the fishing shirt hanging in the fitting room, and once he was fully soft again, exited and went to one of the check out lanes. No one in the store had the slightest clue, except for the Marine Gus had just pumped full of cum.

“Gus Wolfe, how the hell are ya, man?” Gus heard the voice and felt the hand on his should at the same time and turned around. “Tommy! Hey buddy,” Gus replied, “It’s been a long time.”

Gus noticed the marine out of the corner of his eye in the next check out lane, looking discreetly over at him. “What’s up, how ya been, caught any good fish lately?” Tommy continued. Tommy was a former co-worker of Gus’ from his first job right out of college. The two had worked together for a couple years, and had become friends, often sharing conversations about their love for fishing and trading tips. Gus hadn’t seen Tommy in over five years and it was nice to say hey, even for a brief minute in the check out line.

“Great to see you, Tommy, we should catch up soon and grab a beer or something,” Gus said as he handed his credit card to the cashier. “Let’s definitely do it,” Tommy said, and shook Gus’ hand as Gus took his bag and exited the store. Gus’ mind was still twirling about the hoovering he’d received from the Marine just moments prior and he looked back to see the man finishing his check out and following him out the door of the store. Gus made his way to his truck and got in. His phone buzzed, one new friend request from Aaron Green, Gus clicked on the picture and smiled, it was the Marine, who must have heard Tommy use Gus’ name. Gus let it sit there, and drove home to get his gear ready for his next naked fishing adventure.

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