Airport Part

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It starts off with a few ground rules being set:
1) When you meet me at the airport you will wear only what I say,
2) From when we both set foot outside the airport, you are completely in my control.
3) You will call me Sir in private,
4) The code word for you to say stop is “RED”
5) I will not hurt you physically, nor will I hurt your feelings.

I tell you to wear the white blouse, the black skirt, the black stockings and garter belt, and the shoes – No underwear. You must be fresh for my arrival, no stale odours (not that there would be), and a nice light perfume. Hair left loose, but smart in appearance. Jewellery is a must (including underneath) – Earrings, bracelet and Necklace. I tell you that you must walk and talk like a true lady. I want to see your head held high, shoulders out, breasts thrust forward, and you walking one foot in front of the other like a model. You must be holding a card that you will get produced that says our codeword in big red letters at the arrivals exit.

Lastly I tell you to bring one or two things:
– flavoured lubricant,
– your favourite dildo and vibrator,
– nipple clamps (both types)

You agree. You comply with my wishes.

On the night of my arrival, I wear a short-sleeved shirt, black sweats, jogger’s shorts, and deck shoes. No underwear.

I walk through the arrivals area and see you standing there.

I walk over and smile at you. You smile back. I take the card from your hand, drop my hand luggage and place the card on top. I place my arm around your waist and run my other hand down the side of your face. I kiss you intimately. I suck on your tongue with eyes closed, smelling you perfume. You look and smell gorgeous.

I break the kiss, and ask you how you are. My heart is beating fast. I can hear it beating in my ears. You reply dreamily that you are more than fine. You lean over to kiss me, but I hold my finger to you lips. Plenty of that later I say. I take out a gift for you. It’s a very expensive diamond necklace. You look imploring at me, wanting to kiss me. I merely say that you must look professional. You agree, smiling you beautiful smile.

I pick up my baggage and you walk me towards the exit of the airport. You turn to me, looking worried. I sense this and touch your shoulder – “Relax, I will not harm you”.

You walk me out of the airport, walking in your obedient manner. We arrive at your car (In the fantasy its a hatch back). You have parked the car with the boot facing a brick wall. No one is around. You open the boot expecting me to put my luggage in. “You do it”, I say.

Nervously you lift my suitcase to the back of the boot (trunk as you say). Your body is stretched and bent over. I tell you to hold that position and make yourself comfortable. You calm yourself to be more comfortable. I slide a hand from your left hip till it is under your arm. I move it inwards towards your breast. I feel your hard nipple and no bra.

You please me with you not wearing a bra, I say. I twist your nipple gently, making it swell. I twist harder until you begin to breath heavy.

I withdraw my hand and begin to walk behind you. I place my hands on you waist and slide them down till I fell you stockings in both hands. I move them up and under your skirt. I feel your stockings stop and your smooth thighs start. By this point your skirt is uncovering you bottom. I take in the sight before me. I move my hands higher until your skirt is over your hips.

You bottom is completely bare apart from your garter belt straps that hold up your stockings. I remove my hands and place them behind each knee. I pull your legs apart slightly and tell you to arch your back. You stick your bottom out, and your pussy emerges from its hiding place. I look intently at you. The illumination from the lights in the car park is more than enough to see you, but the cars keep us hidden.

I can see your anus winching in excitement. You pussy is glistening with your wetness. I move my face closer. I take a deep breath, breathing in you smell. You smell delightful. I extend my tongue and slide it slowly into you pussy hole, making sure I don’t touch your clit. You taste very fresh. I withdraw my tongue and slide it up to your anus. I push against your resistance, and the tip of my tongue enters you. I can tell you have been very careful to clean yourself. I remove my tongue. I run my hands over your cheeks, lightly squeezing them in the process.

“You have done exceedingly well Jessica”, I say. You thank me remembering to say Sir. “Very good”, I say. I ask you to turn over and sit on the edge of your car. You comply. I easy your legs up and you canlı bahis şirketleri fall back onto your hands. You flick all your hair onto your right shoulder and lean you head to the right. You start a grin that becomes a lovely smile.

“Such a lovely smile my lover”, I say to you. You go a shade of red.

I open your legs so that I can see you properly. Your smile fades to one of lust. I leave your legs so that they are hanging in the air. You let you feet drop from the knee. I move my hands to your skirt. I unzip it from the side and begin to pull them off. You put your feet on the edge of the car trunk, and lift your bottom up, pressing your knees together. I pull your skirt to your knees and you sit back down. I pull it off your legs and you assume to position again. I run my hands down your inner thighs to wards your pussy, but then move them up to the bottom of your blouse. I start to unbutton it, until your blouse is undone, but still closed. I leave it like that. You smile back at me, your face flushed with the heat of our lust. I pull you bottom till it overhangs your cars trunk. I push your legs all the way back, till they are nearly touching your shoulders. I spread them further. You are now completely open to me. I tell you to leave them there. You obey. I stand up and look at you. Beautiful, I say.
I run my fingers lightly over your labia lips and your pussy opens to my touch. I find you back of equipment I ask you to bring and find the lubricant. I douse your groin in it, sometimes running the sticky goo over your blouse. You are practically dripping. I easy my finger, slowly, into your pussy.

Curling it up after an inch has gone in to find your g spot. I find the familiar gap and press. You roll your eyes to my pressure. I slip it out and place it at your anus. I douse my finger in lube and begin to slide it in. It goes in very easily.

I begin to slowly pull my finger in and out. A slight sucking sound can be heard as my finger is pulled out completely. You flush a shade of red, more than before. Do you like this, I ask. All you can do is nod your head.

I continue. My rhythm is faster now. My finger pumping your ass. You become very lubricated, so I place another finger inside you. Again I start slow and then work up to the similar rhythm as before. I take more lube and squirt another generous amount on your groan, coating your pussy and inner thighs with it. It runs between your thighs and over your anus and my fingers before finally dripping off you and landing in a puddle on the floor.

I take out my fingers and bring them up to your pussy. Using my entire palm, I begin to rub the lube into your pussy. You begin to moan now, as my slippery hand glides over your mons with ease. I smile down at you as you close your eyes and begin to build your orgasm. I sense this and slow down my actions. Teasing you to your climax. I sense your impending climax and stop my actions, and lift my hand off your pussy. You open your eyes groggily and look at me imploringly.

“Not yet”, I say. “Not until I have eaten you. Then I want you to cum in my mouth”. This puts a smile back on your pink, glossy lips (much better).

I look at your sodden blouse. Your nipples can be seen through the, now see-thru, blouse. I take a nipple in each hand and squeeze gently. Your smile broadens then you close your eyes as I begin to twist and pull. You smile fades to a slight grin as I become rougher. I give a sharp twist of your left nipple making you gasp my name. I look at you.

“What did u call me?” I ask. You start to apologise deliberately ending with sir. I lift your legs back again so that your bottom is there…. waiting…tensed.
SMACK! I slap your bottom hard. I look for any signs of forgiveness. There is none. “Not hard enough eh?” I ask and proceed to land a further 4 smacks on your bottom. It turns a nice glowing red. A red that matches your face.
“So I hear an apology?” I ask. You blurt out an apology looking for forgiveness. This time you do not miss calling me Sir.

“I think one more will serve you”. With that I part your legs and smack your pussy. It wasn’t a powerful slap, but one that would sting. Your eyes go wide, and a short, but loud gasp comes from your lips. No sooner have you reacted to the last smack, you calm down.

You say that you have learnt and will not do it again. I say that I am pleased. I take up my nipple twisting position again and re-start the ritual. As the seconds go by, I try to find your pains thresh hold, but you do not say the CODEWORD. I stop to look at your long nipples that protrude thru the blouse material. I can feel their heat from my abuse.
“You canlı kaçak iddaa have tough nipples, Jessica”. I say as I move the material away from your left breast. I squirt yet more lube on your chest. It literally is covering your breast. I start to knead your breast. They are slippery. I use my left hand to rub between your legs. You are still supporting yourself with your hands. I ask you to lie back and place your hands way behind your head. You do so and as you do, you pull your breasts taught. The only thing that points upwards, now, are your nipples.

I uncover your right breast and begin to knee that one as well.

You look down to see my cruel hands pulling on your nipples. You smile at me, which makes me pull harder. I stop my attention to your nipples and ask you to get up. Rather unhappy of this current change, you stand up. Goo dripping off as you do. I ask you to stand with your feet apart and to bend over at the waist, not forgetting to arch your back.

You do so, and I squat behind you. I take two fingers and easy them into your sopping pussy. You are very hot in there, and your juices are making your labia a contrasting coolness. Gloop starts to slide down your thighs as I pump my fingers into you. A mixture of your wetness and the lube. With my other hand I fiddle around in your equipment bag to find your vibrator.

It is not wide, but long. I turn the black cock on. It vibrates fiercely. I slip it into your ass at the most resonant speed. It glides in easily with all the lube around and inside your anus. It goes all the way in so that the twist switch is nearly covered. I take my hand out of your pussy and watch as your contract onto the vibrating cock. “Bet that feels good,” I say. A sharp breath is all you can muster. I decide to eat you whilst you convulse on the long cock. I place a hand on each of your cheeks and, with my thumbs on either side of your vulva; I ease your cheeks apart. Above the hum of the cock, I can hear your lips making a noise as they part their sticky relationship. You are completely exposed. I move in. I take my tongue and push it inside you taking the flavoured lube and your musky flavour. You squirm on my tongue saying that you will cum soon.

I break off to say that you must not cum until I say so. You give a whimpering agreement. I ask you to hold your cheeks open whilst I devour you. You steady yourself some more and pull your cheeks even wider than I had done. I put both hands thru your spread legs and begin to pull on our nipples. I tongue you some more, using the flat of my tongue on your clit. I start to do a rhythmic circling on your rock hard bud. I know that you are aching to cum so I pull harder and am greeted with a little of your juice. i lap it up greedily. I push my face full into your pussy, my nose pushing at your vibrating cock. You start to gyrate your hips up and down making you slide your pussy up and down my face, coating me with your cream.

I can feel your orgasm building. Again I stop just in time to halt it. You let out a long groan and a whimper. Not long now, and if you carry on like that I’ll give you nothing but a sore pussy. I scold you with more harsh promises of smacking your bottom red. You nod your head in agreement and begin to whimper louder.
I pull you up and knee before you. You look down at me smiling, asking to make you cum. I say that you must cum in my mouth to please me. I take out the buzzing cock from your ass and look at your now stretched anus. Slide myself between you legs and move closer to you. I lick the rim of your anus, tickling you. You shudder and shake a little, but regain your posture. I move to your pussy. I suck and fuck you with my tongue, darting across your pussy in flashes of deep pink. I know you are ready to cum when a small stream of your love juice splashes the back of my throat. I clamp my mouth on your pussy and suck. You moan loudly, enough to alert anyone on the same floor of the car park to our activities. You cum torrents into my mouth. I gulp it down as you arch your back in pleasure. I keep the pressure up on your pussy until you nearly fall backwards with exhaustion.

I get up and help you to the boot of your car. You are hot and sweaty, with goo and lube covering most of your lower body. You look to me through weary eyes and thank me.

I look into your eyes and say “I’m not finished with your yet”
With that I pull my top off and place one knee next to you on the floor of the trunk. Suck my nipples I say. You do so but weakly. Harder I say loudly. You concentrate your mind on sucking harder. It is not enough. I twist on of your nipples hard. You snap out of you post-cum daze and try canlı kaçak bahis your hardest to suck. Bite it I say through hissed teeth. You comply, making my cock nearly burst out of my shorts. Whilst you are biting me, I pull my cock out of my shorts and begin to rub the head over your stomach, covering it with lube. I pull away from you and stand in font of you. Suck me I say. You place your slick, glossy mouth over the head of my cock and begin to slide them up and down my hard cock. You automatically grab the base of my cock and twist your hand in circular motions whilst doing opposite twists with your head as you suck me. Your free hand goes for my balls, playing with them, splitting them up from each other in their shrunken sack, making them separate.

You press your index finger into my g-spot in-between my balls and my anus. I groan my approval and begin to thrust into your mouth. You concentrate hard on the job at hand, and start to speed up.

I tell you that you are a good nymphet and that you will be rewarded very soon. I can feel my cum boil inside my balls, and I unleash it all into your mouth. There is more than enough to fill you. I have purposely not cum for three weeks. It oozes out of your mouth and runs down your chin. You pull away as my cock spits more cum over your face. You swallow my cum in your mouth and messily lick my still shooting cock.

After what seems like minutes, I stop cumming and you try your best to lick me clean. You slide the rest of the cum on your face into your mouth and wipe the excess off with your blouse. I ask you to pump my cock with your hand, as I need further pleasure. You start your pumping and very shortly I am sporting another rock hard on. I pull you up to face me and spin you round. You are about to bend over when I lift you by your needs so that they are brought up to your chest. I hug you tightly to me. Put my cock in your ass I demand. You reach below you and take my cock. You place it to the slackened entrance to your ass and I let you fall slightly to push it in. You gasp and let your head fall back onto my right shoulder. From here I can see your expression. I lift you up and drop you down on to my cock. Your forehead becomes wrinkled and short sharp breaths come from your delicious mouth. I increase pace and soon I’m feeling the boiling of my cum in my balls. The feeling of your ass gliding over my cock turns me on, and I unleash a less gloopy load into your ass. I release your legs and let you sit down. Again I ask you to pump my cock with your hand. You do so, and your feel your wetness, the lube and my cum on it.
When at full mast once again, I pull you up and lie down on the trunks floor. You know what to do and clamber onto me as I grab your ass cheeks. You guide my cock into your pussy and start to pump up and down. I sit up slightly and take you slippery nipples into my mouth. I nibble and suck on them. Making sure that they are completely erect. After many minutes of pumping your clamp on my cock and you come over my groan. The sound of soggy wetness fills the car and I can feel you cum over my balls as it starts to run down between my ass cheeks. I suck hard, lifting my left hand to your clit and pulling on it in a tugging manner. You gasp for air as I tug harder. You bud is very slippery and I loose my hold of it from time to time, making you jerk spasmodically.

You still pump as your final orgasm approaches. You literally flood my groin with your cum as you orgasm hard. I feel this and get turned on and start to ram my cock HARD into you. I cum buckets of watery cum into you that mingles with your own. I carry on pumping until I have spent. You fall on top of me, as we both are exhausted. I lift you off my still hard cock and lie you next to me. I kiss you full on the lips, holding your head with my left hand. I stroke a few wisps of cum soaked hair from your face, and gaze into your eyes.

You have pleased me tonight with your abilities. I shall reward you later on tonight before we go to bed. You smile up at me dreamily. I gaze longingly into those eyes of beauty. Now you must take me to your home. You may put on your skirt again, but that it all. I get up and dress. You rather slide more than anything out of the trunk and locate your skirt. You don it and tidy yourself up as much as you dare and open the passenger door for me. I get in and you close it. You walk around back and close the trunk. Cum oozes from your groan in long warm flows. You smile to yourself as you open your door and sit inside. I can see you smiling and a smile back.

“Home Jessica, and make it snappy.” I say as you start your car. I slip a hand under your skirt and proceed to slip my fingers into your cum drenched pussy whilst you drive home. To your relief, the car park attendant is too busy watching a program on his portable to notice you soaking state. We drive off into the night. Into town. Towards your Home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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