Alicia’s Mistress Ch. 01

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Hi, I’m Alicia, and this is my story about being trained in the art of submission.

My Mistress, Autumn, has been my best friend for years. We met at a lesbian bar in San Francisco; she was with her then-girlfriend, a cute Japanese immigrant named Sakura. I was a shy college freshman, I’d just escaped from my conservative, homophobic parents in Kansas.

I remember when I first heard Sakura call Autumn “Mistress”. I was startled and slightly horrified, being a sheltered little girl who’d only just lost my virginity. Mistress Autumn had laughed, explaining the whole thing to me. Sakura and Mistress Autumn eventually broke up, and Autumn and I became best girlfriends, always hanging out, bitching about our respective girlfriends. To be honest, if we hadn’t been lesbian, we would just be like any other girl.

Six months ago, I’d just broken up with my girlfriend. I came crying to Mistress Autumn, and she held me tight, comforting me.

“But why did güvenilir bahis you two break up, sweetheart?”, she’d asked.

“Well,” I’d said, tears in my eyes, “I wanted things she… didn’t…” I was too embarrassed to tell the whole story. Truth was, I’d asked my ex to dominate me, and she’d been disgusted.

After Mistress Autumn had begged me to tell more, it finally came out, the whole thing.

And then she gave me The Offer:

“Well, Alicia, if you want to, I could, um, be your domme. I have experience with training new subs, so…”

My eyes widening, I asked:

“So we’d be, like, fuckbuddies, then?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” She grinned.

And well, now we’re here, perfectly comfortable in our friendly D/s power exchange relationship.

I should probably tell you readers more about us, though. Mistress is a tall, beautiful woman. Her skin is the colour of dark chocolate, she’s wonderfully curvy, and she has nice D-cup breasts. türkçe bahis She wears her thick, curly hair in braids, not bothering to straighten it, unlike lots of black women I know. She tends to wear masculine clothing; fitted dress shirts, ties, suit pants, horn-rimmed glasses. She also likes corsets and boots, though – in the bedroom.

Me, I guess I’m more of a tomboy femme. I’m pretty short, and I wear my reddish-blonde hair in a bob cut. I have small, firm boobs, and I tend towards wearing stuff like ripped jeans and punk T-shirts. When I’m with Mistress, though, she likes me to wear slutty clothes like mini-skirts and stilettos – and I’m happy to oblige her. I love being sexy and feminine for my Mistress.

The one rule Mistress first introduced me to was; “Sluts don’t wear panties”. And since I was going to be her submissive pussyslut, I wasn’t allowed to wear them. I could wear a corset or a push-up bra, but other than that, no underwear, unless Mistress güvenilir bahis siteleri specifically requested that I wore a pair of panties. I felt so incredibly slutty and exposed the first time I went outside without panties. To prepare me for the humiliation I was about to recieve, I was wearing slutty clothes – a miniskirt, a see-through, cut-off skirt, a lacy push-up bra, and high heels. I felt so exposed, especially when I was riding the train, and I felt a woman’s lustful eyes on me.

That day, when I got home to Mistress (we’re living together, for the sake of convenience) I was so horny, so desperate to be touched, because my pussy had gotten so fucking wet. Mistress Autumn groped my pussy, feeling my juices.

“You’re such a bad, bad girl, Alicia.”, she hissed. “Just going out without underwear makes your pretty little cunt all wet. I bet you wished for those women staring at your pussy to touch you.” She slapped my ass. “But they can’t. Your holes belong to me. I fucking own you, whore.”

And then she finger-fucked me furiously, giving me the release I’d been aching for.


More sexiness in the next chapter!

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