All She Wanted

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Rodney thrust his hips back and forth in time with Jackie rocking her body up and down. His cock pounded into her slick, hairy cunt. Her ample buttocks, thick thighs, saggy tits bounced and swayed as they fucked. The long, black hairs in her armpits moistened with sweat. Jackie moaned into a pillow her face buried in the soft cushion as she knelt doggy, fucking harder and harder, faster and faster. She started cumming, squirting her slimy juices all over his pistoning cock and hairy ball sack as his nuts bounced against her big, exposed clit, splayed open outer and grasping, rippling inner lips and hole, his stiff tool digging into her hot chasm. All 7 ½” of his full 5″ around rod plowed her gushy quim. Jackie leaned forward, arched her head and shoulders up, her lower back and ass down, pulling Rod’s shaft out of her twat with an audible, juicy plop. Rod’s dick twitched up and down slinging his pre-cum and her cum onto her big, hairy butt, into the crack of her hirsute cleft. Her cum oozed down the insides of her fat legs and dripped onto the sheet.

She spit into her palms, reached between their splayed legs with both hands, one cupping his balls, the other encircling the root of his enflamed, darkened pole. She brought the tumescent head to her puckered, furry asshole. Smearing her saliva, cum and his pre-cum onto his mushroom crown, flared and aching, she painted her anus with their juices. She pushed back against the blunt point of his throbbing member. It penetrated her crinkled star, ovaling it, opening it for his entry. She released his perabet cock and balls, opened a bottle of poppers and took a deep sniff in one nostril, the other one. “Mnnnnnh,” she moaned and impaled herself on his cock in her ass, all the way until his pubic hairs crushed into her open, hairy butt crack, his wet scrotum smushed against her gaping cunt lips, touched her tingling clit, unhooded, sticking out, her thumb-sized penis. “Fuck me,” she hissed. “Fuck my ass. Fuck me good. Drive your big cock in me. Make me cum again.”

Fuck her hairy, fat ass he did. He pulled his cock back slowly. She moved forward. They stopped as the rim of his thick knob reached the edge of her stretched hole. They moved with each other, first driving his shaft back into her rectum, then withdrawing it to the edge again. Slowly at first, then faster, they moved in unison, her oversized udders swaying again, big buttocks jiggling, the fat on her thighs shaking. Faster and faster, they crammed his cock back and forth in her pulsing, rippling channel. A tannish liquid started oozing around his pummelling rod, slithering down her flabby inner legs. The lips of the slit in the end of his rod opened and closed, leaking more lubricating pre-cum. His big dick reddened a deeper color, gripped almost painfully by her tight bum. His balls drew up in their sack. A bolt of cum shot into her bowels as he buried himself deep into her. “Squish, squish, squish,” the thick, white globs shooting into her filled her quivering rectum. She loosed a flow of girl cum again, almost, perabet giriş maybe even peeing from her pussy, wetting his ball sack, both his hairy legs, hers too, and the sheets beneath them.

Rod kept fucking her hairy ass, reveling in the tingling at the end of his cock, the funny feeling in his lower body, the palpitations of her ass channel on his throbbing, cum shooting cock. She screamed as orgasm after orgasm washed over her, as she thrummed her long, thick, engorged clit with one hand and massaged her floppy tits with her other hand.

Finally, Rod was drained of cum, only a thin stream of clear juice squirted into her asshole, then just oozed. His cock relaxed. Jackie moved forward, pulling his cock from her ass, again with a juicy plop emanating from the diameter of his thick tool and the contrasting tightness of her tiny asshole, though well fucked by this time. She rolled over onto her side, moved down, and moved Rod to his side. She took his cock in her mouth and cleaned their musky mess off his shaft. She licked his scrotum, and legs, like a cat laving off all the sweat, cum, spit and tanner juice. He moved into a 69 position with her and ate his cum, some of the tan liquid from her pulsing, still open hole. He slurped up the sweat, cum, spit and juice out of her hairy crack, off her thick thighs. He licked her hairy ass and twat, swabbed her clit with his tongue. She sucked his cock.

When he was hard again, he fucked her ass one more time. Finishing each other with their mouths again, he reeled off the perabet güvenilir mi bed as she splayed out on the softness of their sleeping place. “I’ve got to go to work,” he said. “I have my first flight student of today in about an hour.”

“Ummnh,” she moaned, seeming to slip into a freshly and well-fucked sleep. Sweat matted the hairs on her body; cum glazed her furry pussy and asshole. He showered, dressed and went to work. During the course of the day he instructed four students in the fine art of maneuvering an airplane, mostly in advanced aerobatics. When he returned home at the end of the day, tired from the exertions of withstanding high “G” forces and looking forward to another fuck with Jackie, another go at her asshole, as well as her cunt, since that morning was the first time they had buttfucked, she was gone. All her stuff was off his boat; everything gone.

Was that all she had wanted from him over the past two years since they had met through a flying club after his recent divorce from his wife, just a good fuck in her hairy ass?

[I may be able to continue this story theme with some further details about how Jackie and Rod met, how their sex life progressed as they drank heavily, what happened after their first day of buttfucking. There is more, much more; like the time she was drugged in a bar by another woman and the two of them were led into a four-way, then group sex with strangers; smoking weed, doing coke, and some other shit, such as lots of peeing, smooth-shaved cunts, skinny bitches, and fat, hairy women like Jackie. The rest of the story includes lesbian and gay sex, freeloving with others, and lots of hot times between just the two of them. Let me know if you enjoyed this story, and what do you want to hear about the further adventures of Jackie and Rod.]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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